Thursday, 25 June 2020

Thursday Throwback Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

Phew what a scorcher!!! Yesterday ended up being just too hot to craft, after Paul left for work I went into my craft room but it was just too hot, I think that the heat exacerbated the symptoms of my AF, I was struggling to breathe comfortably even when sitting.  It's a really warm room, it has too windows on opposite walls that let the sun pour in, there wasn't any breeze coming in the windows either, I went and fetched a fan but that was just recirculating the hot air, so I ended up stripping off and laying on my bed with the fan on me for a couple of hours......Bliss!

So for todays post I have rewound a couple of years (3 to be exact) to share this Hexagon card, it's one of the few cards of mine that I look back on and love, although I do wish I had added a few more flowers to the top right to balance the look a bit more! Oh the luxury of hindsight! 

Here's the Description from that day too:

''I recently had the urge to make different shape cards, to challenge myself and do something different, so I order a set of Sizzix Thinlets Plus Hexagon dies, I then spotted that Sue Wilson's Pacific die range had a Hexagonal theme to so I ordered the Bora Bora die (well and the striped Nasturtiums but that's another story)! The two die sets work perfectly together, so I have been itching to make a card with them, so last night after tea was sorted I retreated to my craft room and the above card is the result. 
I basically used one of the larger Hexagons to die cut a card base (I just use an 8x8 white card), I then cut a blue Matt, then. Slightly smaller white one, I die cut the Bora Bora die background in blue, the detail part in white, another blue frame, the centre from Pat's Tahiti die and then my stamped Sentiment. 
I then cut out my flower box and my glue gun and arranged some flowers on the side and a small spray on the opposite side for balance.
I really hope you like it.''

I think that we will all be having a take it slow day today, please take it easy ladies,

Sending you love and hugs,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a gorgeous card. Could you try to re-create the same card maybe? Just a thought.

    It was very warm here yesterday even with the sea breeze. Today’s temperature is going to be even higher. I have a training session on “Leadership Skills “ this morning (9-12:30) then a Managers Meeting from 1-5pm both are on the other hospital site do I have a long day ahead of me. I’m taking a hand held fan with me as I’m struggling with Hot flushes -not great in this weather when you need to concentrate!


    1. Much to hot for meetings Michele. But I hope they both went well.

  2. Morning Everyone
    Oh SANDRA I love love love that shape. In fact it's really one of my favourite shapes.
    I love MICHELE's idea of re-creating it and think that would be a good Challenge. Find one of our favourite cards we have made from sometime ago and re-create it. Just an idea.

    We too had a very hot day yesterday.I managed to get a couple of the jobs done and hopefully another today if the heat lets me. I do have to photograph my CCs even if nothing else.

    Has anyone been watching the 'Great British Sewing Bee'? It was the final last night and I sat glued.Wonderful watching and yes for once the winner was my favourite. They all have loads and loads of creativity.

    The CAFE is OPEN and the freezer has been replenished with ices.HUGS are on their way to you all. TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFExxxx

    1. I watched it and have been thoroughly hooked all series Clare was my favourite too but wasn’t Mark’s made to measure fabulous
      Learnt a lot this series like butterfly sleeves (Imelda Marcos) and bows on bras!

  3. Beautiful card SANDRA and I don’t think it needs extra flowers It looks balanced to me Great idea for a challenge- to re-create a card we have made a while ago
    Yesterday was far too hot for me I was quite lucky in that we have windows one end of living room and french doors the other and there was a breeze Craft room was definitely a “no go” area
    Is today meant to be hotter? I hope not
    OH is already sunbathing So we won’t be doing anything too taxing
    Take care all xx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I remember this card and still think it is gorgeous. The whole card works so well together, and it has one of your signature floral embellishments that you are so talented at doing. I don’t think it looks unbalanced but we are all our own worst critics aren’t we! I agree with the others that recreating an older card would make a great challenge. I know I have lots of cards that I look at and think “If only I had done this or that differently” Maybe you could have a “Lucky dip” list of challenges that you could dip into on the Fridays when you can’t decide hi how challenge you set for us? I hope you don’t struggle too much with the AF in today’s heat my lovely xx
    I hope you all manage to stay as cool as possible whatever you are up to. I have a couple of cards to start at least so that’s my plan for today. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  5. Hi ladies.
    Love your card Sandra and for me it looks perfect.Like the shape very much and must have a new look at my dies. Hope the AF is not so bad today but it is another very warm day so take care.
    As you know I never like my cards much so have actually decided to pick some up/rip up ,maybe make them in a different colour could work or maybe not.
    Michele- take care, hopefully the meetings not too long.
    Meeting up with neighbour for a coffee later sitting in her garden under the pergola ? I think it's called 😊
    Wishing you all a nice day, stay cool and drink plenty (something I have hard to do) big hugs to you all and extras for Lynda and Margaret 💕 xx

  6. Hi everyone.
    Gorgeous card Sandra, I love the flowers, they look perfect.
    Hope everyone is coping in this heat. Work was unbearable again this morning, so glad to get home and change into a skirt and vest top. Got mother in law visiting in a bit, but not sure how long she will stay as it’s so hot.
    Take care everyone. Hugs to all xxx

  7. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely card today and I remember seeing it as well. Much to hot to do anything today. Hope you AF is a bit better Sandra as Paul had opened the windows and set a fan going. Had a lovely afternoon with friends yesterday. Just deciding what I could have for tea. Would like to have a salad but as I’d need to go to the shops to by salad stuff that’s not going to happen. I have one green tomato on my plants. Karen bought some cherries town for me earlier that she’d picked off of her tree.

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    I have just lost my comment so this will be short and sweet as my arm aches Sandra your card is gorgeous I love everything about it.
    MICHELE i hope you are relaxing after your busy day.
    Hope everyone has also coold down it was hot today very muggy
    I have to sign off now
    Love and Hugs Lynda xxxx ❤️

  9. Hi, sorry forgot to come in earlier, blame it on the heat.

    Love that card Sandra,

    It was too hot to do anything today, so just watched the tennis,

    We had a few drops of rain, but no storms like they forecast, need it to clear this heavy air. Goodnight, Lilian