Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Beautiful Get Well card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well,  shame about the weather, I didn't think a couple of weeks ago that we would be even considering having the heating on in June!! We have had it on a couple of times since the weekend, the house seems to get cold so quick. I did get washing on the line yesterday though, well Paul did but you know what I mean! I will need airing off I think but at least I won't have the clothes on the airer in front of the Aga all day.

Today's card is just so bright and vibrant and looks so 3D, the flowers have been so cleverly coloured by our Lilian that they honestly look 3 dimensional, the centres look so realistic, it's one of those cards that you keep picking up and stroking, just to make sure that your eyes are deceiving you.
We are hardly getting any mail at the moment, if we do it's either junk or rubbish, so when Paul said 'there is an envelope  for you here my eye's lit up!  
Thank you so much Lilian you card really did lift my spirits, I truly feel so blessed to have such an amazing group of kind and caring friends. xxx

Lilian I felt a little envious of you yesterday, oh my how desperately I would love to hire a skip and get rid of all the junk from our garage/shed/garden, it would need to be a big one mind!  it's a tough life being married to a man that hates parting with things!!!  I hope the job went smoothly and you didn't exhaust yourself too much. xx

Lynda it was lovely to see you pop in yesterday, I hope your pain eases sweetheart, I am so desperate to see your first card of 2020!  Sending you huge healing hugs xxx

Michele I hope you enjoy working from home xxx

I hope that you all have an enjoyable day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lilian-that is an absolutely beautiful card you sent to Sandra. The colours are so real & lifelike.

    I’m feeling a bit strange about working from home, just hope I can concentrate as I received a phone call late yesterday evening from my cousins wife to say they’d had to phone for an ambulance as my Uncle was quite poorly. When they left him, he was starting IV antibiotics so hopefully that will help. Not sure what the visiting policy is at the Royal Berkshire Hospital as we’re not allowing any visitors but that’s changing from Monday for our hospital.


    1. I hope your uncle is ok Michele and the antibiotics are beginning to work there magic. I hope you enjoyed working from home regardless of your news.

    2. Hi Michele. I hope your uncle is ok. And I bet you will get lots of work paperwork, emails etc. done today x

    3. Sending special wishes for you uncle to get better.
      Hope working from home is fine, take care x

    4. Hi Michele
      I hope you're uncle gets some improvement when antibiotics start working sending him some healing Hugs
      Hope you're working from home is OK My daughter said working from is more tyring she said she has to sign in & out still
      She has got used to it now

  2. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card Lilian, your colouring is outstanding. Such a lovely surprise for you Sandra.
    Just sitting down for a cuppa, after doing some housework, then going to start crafting. I have to admit that while in Tesco yesterday I did buy 2 male cards, I really couldn’t face the thought of deciding what to do! 🙃
    Michele, I hope your Uncle is ok and the antibiotics help xx
    Have a good day everyone. Hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Sonia. Enjoy your time off. It’s better to buy a card rather than to not enjoying making them. Now you will hopefully enjoy some crafting without pressure x

    2. Enjoy your days at home and happy crafting. Some toppers on cards are fine for the men so I get some bought ones too to use sometimes. much easier :>) x

  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely card from Lilian today. It does look as if it alive doesn’t it.
    Dull here today and not too warm either. I do have the back door open but might just have to shut it in a minute. I’ve read on facebook that zoos will now be allowed to open on Monday. If it’s true common sense has prevailed.
    I did go over to Craig’s yesterday, the sun was out most of the time, but then the grey clouds cane over and it turned a bit chilly. I came home about 7.30 as it was getting too chilly to sit outside.
    Take dare and stay safe.

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Wow, what a fabulous card to receive. The flowers really do look real, I’m not surprised you need to touch them. I hope you are continuing to feel better each day my lovely xx
    Lilian your card for Sandra is stunning. Your talent at painting/ colouring is outstanding. Good luck filling the skip. Just think how good you will feel once it is full. I wonder if you will end up with at least part of a bed in the skip? We often notice that no matter where you see one it will have a bed/ mattress in it, often dumped without permission of the person hiring the skip! Take it steady x
    Lynda, I’m sorry you are still struggling so much. How is the colouring going? And how is Terry coping? You are both always in my thoughts, and I know Mum is the same. Big hugs are on the way to you both xx
    It’s a grey day here at the moment and a little chilly with the windows and door open so will be closing some once I finish this.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Sue thank you so much for the extra Hug's xx
      Hug's for mum'

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies,
    wow, what a gorgeous card you received from our Lilian. The colouring is beautiful and it look a bit 3D, Love it.
    How many of us had to put the heating back on for some hours just to get the chill out ? I hope all who are not well soon feeling better and I'm sending hugs to you all and hope your day is fine.
    I didn't get much sleep last night so feeling annoyed and grumpy about everything, it's raining, it's dark and I can't seem to manage to do anything.
    Big hugs for you all, xxx

    1. MARIA i can't imagine you being grumpy 😡😠 as your always smiling when I see you. LOVELY MARIA
      Sending some Happy HUG'S x😃xx

  6. Hello all, drizzly here today, and a bit chilly but have not put the heating on.

    Can’t believe how slow the post is, Sandra was much better by the time the card arrived. Found using pencils the outlines on the digi print.

    Skip full to the very top, although they bought us a larger one than we ordered. Feeling very glad after a good clear, didn’t get to the loft, but now the recycling centre is open for all stuff.

    Going to have a sit down this afternoon, feeling every bone is aching, might have a look at Tracy’s last class. Hugs to all Lilian

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies
    LILIAN your card is stunning no wonder Sandra loved it. I hope you don't do to much filling the skip take it easy.
    I've commented on the way down
    Sending HUG'S to you all
    Love Lynda xx

  8. Wow I’m late today No particular reason except work was very busy
    I hope you got on OK working from home MICHELE and your uncle improves being in iv antibiotics
    I love your card LILIAN I wish you could give me a lesson in colouring in Mine never works whatever medium I try
    Haven’t achieved much in the way of crafting today Tried to do some stamping which went completely wrong and I need to give a doll I have made a haircut but am nervous at cutting it too short! It’s only wool but ...
    Sewing Bee tonight Yay!