Sunday, 21 June 2020

Your Festive TicTacToe Challenge Cards

Good Morning Ladies, 

Welcome to your favourite day of the week, it's my favourite as I get to share your amazing designs. 
I know that Christmas is just about 3 days short of being 6 month away but we do need to make a start on the cards as its the one occasion that we send 20/30 + cards, although I do buy some cards now for people that don't really understand the time and love that goes into hand making a card, which helps.  I hope that you enjoyed the challenge,  I know I did.

Here are your amazing Challenge cards....


Brenda has created the only Birthday card of this weeks challenge and I love it ! Such a lovely design and I really like that embossing folder! 

Brenda's Description:

I picked Blue, White and dry embossing
The EF I used is from Crafter’s Companion - can’t remember what it’s called.
I cut strips of card in my chosen colours, sellotaping them together then embossed the joined together card.
In wrapped some twine around covering the joins (ribbon looked naff)
Cut a few flowers using Tim Holtz dies then added a sentiment."

Thanks so much Brenda, I really love your card XXX


Karen has used one of Sue Wilson’s original Festive dies,  I love this one, I can't remember if I have it or whether I used Pat's,  either way I really love it. Especially in this colour way!

Karen's Description:

"Here’s a cc which covers quite a few of the tic tac toe 
White - Snow - Dry embossing 
Blue -White - Dry embossing etc etc
SW die cut and embossing folder"

Thanks Karen, such a fantastic Christmas card XXX


Two fantastic Christmas cards from Michele for this weeks challenge. 

Michele's Description:

2 challenge cards. First one made using a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder (snowflake)+ gems. Blue/embossing /snow . Second card made using a topper from Hunky-dory Festive furry Friends book. Snow/white/ribbon (on the presents) which is cheating a bit but I lost my enthusiasm last night!

Thanks so much Michele for two lovely Challenge cards XXX 


Sonia has designed some amazing Christmas cards for this weeks Festive TicTacToe Challenge, I really love the wreath design of the first card, the cours you have used are just perfect,  such a lovely red. 
A lovely snowflake themed card , that paper is lovely and perfect for that style of card.
Now onto the third card, I love this design Sonia, so different,  I really love how you have left it black and white too, a perfect clean and simple card.  

Sonia's Description:

My first card is red and green. I used the Memory Box Catalina Wreath die, and Britannia Dies poinsettia. The sentiment is from LOTV.
My second card is dry embossing, snow and blue. The main snowflake is the Crystal Snowflake from Britannia Dies, the others are from a couple of Memory Box dies. The sentiment is from Inkylicious.
My third card is clean and simple. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I got the stamp from, but found it whilst rummaging through my Christmas stash. I also can’t remember where the star die is from but it came in a set and think I bought it from Hobbycraft. The sentiment is from LOTV

Thanks so much Sonia for your amazing Challenge cards XXX 


Cheryl rediscovered an old Hunkydory Christmas Card Kit and used it to create her challenge card, I had a couple of their kits, they are lovely quality and I love the style of yours Cheryl. The good thing about them was that you got everything you needed apart from adhesive,  so you could get on with some batch card making.
I really like the different colour of these particular cards
Categories: Snow/Decorative papers/Red &Green


Janet has pulled out all the stops for this weeks challenge, making two lovely cards and a beautiful cracker style gift box.
I have the same magazine freebie that you used for your first card Janet,  it stamps really well, I used it on vellum too and it gave a great image.
Your second card would really make someone's day and that gift box is just stunning! 

Janet's Description:

My first card this week was made using stamps which were free with a C.mag a couple of years ago (I think).
I used Red/Green/coloured with markers/White

My second card I made using a die which was free with Tonic's C.mag last year.
I used Red/Green/Clean and Simple

For  my last offering this week I made the cracker using a Tonic die bought a couple of years ago.
I used blue/'White/Ribbon"

Thank you so much Janet for your amazing projects for this weeks challenge. 


Three amazing Christmas cards from Maria for our Festive TicTacToe Challenge this week.
Maria's first card is a traditional Santa decoupage, such a lovely design.
Maria's second card is made with some lovely special effect paper, giving a lovely snowy look to the card.
Maria's third and final card is made with an absolutely gorgeous Decorative paper, those little robins are so cute, Maria has finished the card with a pretty ribbon and a lovely foiled tag.

The categories Maria used are:

Papers/ Green-Red/ Snow
Snowflake/ Embossed/ Blue
Ribbon/ Red-Green/ Paper

Thank you so much Maria, your cards are so lovely XXX


Lilian has used one of Sue Wilson’s Stained glass effect dies for her card for this weeks Challenge.
Lilian has coloured the image with pens and then added glossy accents(I think) to give the real stained glass effect.
Lilian used Categories: 

Red&Green/Coloured with pens/Sparkle

Thanks so much Lilian for such a lovely Challenge card XXX


Thanks so much Ladies, I know it seend odd to be making Christmas cards on a a warm June day, you have made some incredible challenge cards.

I hope that you all have an enjoyable Sunday,  we will be making sure that Paul has an amazing,  relaxing day! 

Sending love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Morning Everyone
    Oh I love Sunday mornings to see all our crafty Challenge Cards.They start my day beautifully.

    Well I had my first visit to the 'outside'world yesterday morning after 12wks.Up to now I have just been down the back garden path. I went to M&S foodhall. We were protected with masks/gloves etc. I have to say that they have really done everything they can using one door for in and another for out/markings on the floor etc and staff to help at the doors and instore. We were there before half eight so the number of people in store were few. We were back home well before ten. I must say that a quiet afternoon was needed.

    The CAFE is OPEN and yes the brolly bin is by the door again as it's raining this morning and again totally unlike yesterday when we had the most glorious weather.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Have a good day whatever you all have planned.TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  2. Lovely lovely cards ladies
    I love seeing everyone’s take on the challenge and what I like most is seeing how people have used stash that I may have used in ways I hadn’t thought of eg the paper on SONIA’s card, the die on LILIAN’s card and the dies on BRENDA’s card
    We were hoping to go for a walk with daughter and grandchildren but the weather has put paid to that It is so wet here
    I’ll be carrying on with a “mile a minute” blanket I started over 5 years ago! OH found it whilst having a clear out It’s in 4ply knitting machine yarn that used to come in huge cones (don’t ask - yes another stash!) Fortunately I’d left the right size crochet hook with it!
    Have a good day everyone xx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Wow-what an amazing selection of challenge cards today. Congrats to Brenda on being the only person who made a birthday card.

    Janet-Glad to hear your trip into the outside world felt ok.

    Housework this morning then hopefully I’ll get some time in my craft room. We did have sunshine but it’s clouded over now, still breezy though.


    1. Hi Michele.
      I hope you have some good news about your uncle soon.

    2. Just had a message from my cousins wife-she phoned the hospital & he’s less confused. CT scan didn’t show anything. He’s able to walk about, they’re treating him with yet more antibiotics but no real answers.


    3. Glad you heard about your Uncle. Fingers crossed the antibiotics help xx

    4. Hi Michele great cards from you today.
      Hope you get some good news regarding your uncle fingers crossed xx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Wow what a stunning selection of cards on show today ladies. I love them all. Very breezy and not much sun. The ground was wet when I got up this morning so it must have rained. Fingers crossed we have no more today. I might go up and do some more crafting as I’d finished Groovi Shac 3 awhile ago. Groovi Shac 10 was published on Friday. As there’s no retreat at the moment each design member is putting project on for us to do. Barbara Grey is also doing colouring sessions daily but I’m not doing those. Hardly any non essential shops have opened in Witney. Although the council are cordoning off the high street so people can social distance while shopping. I won’t be doing that any time soon though.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.

  5. Hello, it’s supposed to be dry here, just when you put the washing on line another shower comes along.

    Fabulous cards again this week, my card is thanks to Karen who kindly die cut some Christmas cuts. Glossy accents seem to change the colours, never had that happen before. Really don’t like doing Christmas cards so early, although I can see the benefit.

    House work this morning, and then the afternoon will depend on the weather, outside if dry, tidy craft room if wet, I start off with a lovely clear desk, but end up with a space about 6inches left.

    Turkey drumstick for dinner tonight, one of Rs favourite roasts.
    Have a good day all, Lilian

  6. Afternoon everyone.
    Love all the season cards, Janet's little cute cracker(good you took care going shopping).
    Lilian- when you told us about wanting to test if it was dry yet, I can understand as I am the same ☺ too impatient.
    Brenda- very nice Birthday card.
    I must have a look through my dies and stamps one day to see if any could go that I'm not using any more. Many are from the magazines over the years.
    Had a lot of rain during the night but now it's better so hope the washing can go outside on the line. 3 miles walk done and now need some food but not too much. Son is getting a Chinese in for tonight mmmm looking forward to that.
    Have a wonderful day whoever you spend it ladies and many hugs are sent for you all, Maria xxx

  7. Hi everyone.
    Wow, a fantastic selection of beautiful cards today. Sorry, just realised I didn’t actually use the tic tac toe part of the challenge, doh 🙄🙄! It’s been a long week 😂
    Actually worked this morning due to a colleague not able to go in due to personal reasons, but it was pretty quiet, and I’ll have an extra day off in the week.
    Will be popping over to see mum and dad this afternoon - didn’t get there yesterday as thought it looked like rain, so will chance it this afternoon.
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I started to comment just after lunch, then had a call are we free to Zoom?
    It was lovely all the Essex based family were together, they ring very often but to see them as well was great. Not long after our other daughter called, she and Ciara were coming down, I quickly put the cushions out on the garden furniture and we sat outside it was lovely. We really have had quite a full afternoon.
    Unfortunately the comment I started had vanished.
    Ladies your challenge cards are lovely, such a wide selection all totally inspiring. BUT What a dumbo am I making a BIrthday card. When I did get around to making my challenge card I went back to last Friday’s blog and looked at the choices, unfortunately I didn’t read any further. There is a lesson learnt there, I blame my age!!! I’ve had fun using this design anyway I recently made an anniversary card and a birthday card is in a similar format.
    Hope you ladies have all had a good day and some sunshine.
    Take care and stay safe love Brenda XXX

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. A great line up today. You have all come up with something different. All of them are lovely and that includes your beautiful birthday card Brenda. I hope it’s ok to make my own version of it as it perfect for so many occasions.
    Sandra, I hope you have had a nice weekend with Paul. How are the girls getting on back at work? Xx
    Michele, glad to hear your uncle is improving x
    Karen so sad that rain stoped your family walk X
    Brenda, lovely that you had a lovely family afternoon x
    Maria, I hope your back isn’t so sore now. Wasp stings are the worst, put some vinegar on it if it still hurts. I am intending to do the same sort out with my dies and stamps. I hope you will share photos of any you are selling / getting rid of here first. That is what I intend to do. It’s always nice to give friends first pick isn’t it. Enjoy the Chinese dinner x
    Janet, I bet it felt strange going into a sho after so long x
    I actually sat and made an anniversary card for Chris this morning. First time I have been near my desk for well over a week! Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx