Thursday, 18 June 2020

A Fathers Day card

Good Morning Ladies, 

We had a rather overcast ☁️ day here yesterday, almost unbearably humid 😅,  we were wishing for a decent storm to clear the air, we had a really heavy shower of 🌧 rain followed by thunder, we didn't see any lightning or anything and the whole thing paased quickly and left us with the same humidity as we had beforehand.  I just hope it cools off before bed time as that is the one place I can't bear being too hot, or if there is no movement of air, we do have a fan in our room but I don't know about you ladies, I struggle to sleep with it on, the noise drives me nuts, the other thing is I find it really dries your mouth and nose out, so I end up drinking a lot of water and trotting off to the loo every hour!  I think we are forecast more storms today so maybe that will clear the humidity a bit, I will say it's not as hard to deal with on holiday, mainly because we are beside the sea I think. 

Paul asked me to make a card for his Dad for Father's Day, I haven't done one since my Dad died as it was always quite painful mentally.  I said I would have a go though, I do generally help the girls make their's for Paul, they seem to manage fine on their own these days, My Mother's Day cards were amazing. 
I wasn't sure what look to go for so I made a couple,  the one pictured above and a Father's Day version of the Sepia Lighthouse card I made for a challenge a couple of months ago. I will add picture below...

The only thing I did differently was to add Happy Father's Day where the sentiment is on the card above.
Paul chose Sepia Lighthouse card, I thought he might, living where they do, they love anything coastal, I always find Lighthouses majestic and I suppose they guide boats safely through the seas, not dissimilar to a Fathers roll guiding children through life. 
(When I was explaining this to Paul he just said...."except my head doesn't turn through 360°, although that might have been handy") 

To make the card I used a piece of cheap copy paper and cut an aperture through which I stamped the sea, I then die cut some tiny clouds and put some low tack tape on them and arranged them above the sea, I used the same 'Broken China ' Distress ink to blend across the clouds to create the sky.
I removed the scrap paper and stamped the birds in Black ink. I die cut the Beach chair in wood effect paper and added a touch of shading, I placed that in front of the 'Seascape' and added the 'Happy Father's Day  sentiment next to it.
To finish the card I added a mat of similar colour blue card and then adhered to a card base.
I will have to save this one for next year! 

I can hardly believe that it's Friday and 'New Challenge ' day tomorrow,  I do know what I am doing this week though, which makes it easier. 

I hope that you all stay dry and safe today my lovelies,

Love and Hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-both Card are gorgeous, difficult to choose a favourite.
    We had very mixed weather yesterday-glorious sunshine, extremely heavy rain which started just as if popped up to the greenhouse so I was arch up there for ages. Then we had thunder thunder again for over an hour. We did manage to go cut a walk after we’d both finished work & luckily there was a breeze it it would have been too hot.

    Best get ready for work-go and see what the day has in store for me!


  2. Morning Everyone
    I love both your cards SANDRA.

    We had an odd day weatherwise yesterday.Mist to start.Dull skies to follow and a little sun inthe afternoon.
    Very dull and damp at the moment.

    I must really get my CC photographed today and downloaded.

    Other than that I'm not quite sure.
    The CAFE is OPEN with coffee/tea pots atthe ready.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. Hello, very damp and humid here, was hoping after all the rain yesterday that the air would have cleared.

    Sandra, two great Father’s Day cards, I have used that light house stamps so many times, and always turns out well.

    Have finish my c card today, at present am waiting for the glossy accents to dry, seems to be taking twice as long as normal, resting to urge to touch it to see if it’s dry.
    Does anyone have a good way of stopping slugs attacking plants, have tried organic pellets but they seem to think my plants are more tasty.
    Have a good day all, Lilian

    1. Pete usually just used the normal slug pellets Lilian. They usually worked. I think he’d also tried crushed up egg shells but I’m not to sure if that worked or not.

    2. Pouring some beer in a bowl I have heard about to rid slugs and crushed eggshells.
      I have problems with daddy longlegs larva eating my flowers, can't stand them.

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Two lovely cards Sandra. I think I have a stamp with a lighthouse somewhere in my un used stash.
    Raining hard here this morning. Doreen informed me we had a storm in the night while I was talking to her just now. I knew it was raining but hadn’t heard a storm. I need to go to the shop to get some milk. I forgot to ask if Keith was going would he fetch me some in. He sometimes rings me while he’s in a shop usually Lidl to ask if I need anything. Not much going on here today either. Jenny gave me 3 books to read but I’m not to sure if they’re my type of books. Jenny reads very deep books so not my type at all usually. But I’ll give them a go.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Two lovely cards Sandra. Love the lighthouse, are the birds from the same set ?
    Michele - hope your day at work is not too hectic.
    Janet- hope the rain is not too bad for you today. It's cold down here and feels a bit raw. So different all over the UK.
    Have some Birthday cards to make. Instead for a walk this morning it was the swearword for us and I gave it a proper clean(ie moving the furniture's out) it felt like a full workout 😅 so no walk in the rain needed today.
    Hope you all have a nice day and look after eachother. Hugs for you all, Maria xx

  6. Two lovely cards SANDRA
    My dad lives on the coast and never think to make an appropriate card! I should give it a go next time
    Weather is very unsettled here and not really sure what I will do I feel very fidgety today and can’t settle to anything Maybe after a quick walk my brain will stop churning
    Take care all xx

  7. Hi everyone.
    Two great cards today Sandra.
    I really must get a move on and get crafting, not done any all week!
    Hasn’t stop raining here today, but no thunder storms, although it doesn’t feel as humid.
    One more day of work tomorrow then I’m off for four days, yay! Really feeling it this week and ready for a rest.
    Hope you’re all well, enjoy the rest of the day.
    Hugs to all xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love both of your cards Sandra, I’m sure Paul’s dad will be delighted with the one Paul chose.

    Lillian have you tried using copper bands around your plants. I got a packet from the Garden Centre some years ago. I cut the bottom out of a plant pot and reduced the height slightly, put a copper strip around the top outer edge then put the pot over my plant pushing it slightly into the soil. Forgot to say the copper strip has a sticky backing. This worked for me. I have also used slug pellets - hate the mess you are left with!!!

    What a day of mixed weather today sun and showers have been alternating all day. We had so much rain last night my main water butt water level has risen by about eight inches, (the rain is coming off the greenhouse roof)

    Thank you ladies for all of your lovely anniversary wishes yesterday. xx

    Have a good evening. Thank care and stay safe. Love Brenda xxx