Tuesday 1 January 2019

Happy New Year Ladies

Good Morning Ladies,

Today's Blog Post will be short and sweet....

I would you just like to wish you and your families the Very Happiest, Healthiest and Most Creative New Year.  
I hope that 2019 Brings you all that you wish yourselves and so much more.

I can't wait to explore New Techniques and products with all of you and the thing that I love to do best is to share your Creativity, so please keep sending me everything thing that you make, I can't wait to both see it and share it!

I hope that you are all spending today doing something that you love with the people that you love.

You ladies are like the very best family in the world, I look forward every day to reading what you have been up to, you are all so very caring, celebrating when somebody has achieved something, supporting when someone is struggling, you are all so kind and generous, I feel very blessed to have you as friends.

Love and Hugs to each and everyone of you Very Special Friends,



  1. Happy New Year everyone and I totally echo SANDRA’s words This blog is the first I visit every and when I’m feeling low I know I can count on you all to lift my spirits a little
    We are still at MIL’s as SIL won’t be back until later this morning We’re just have a well needed cuppa
    Take care all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    I hope everyone had a good night last night and are now ready to start a new year of crafting YEHHHHHH

    Like many of you New Year's Eve is not my favourite day so we were in bed and fast asleep before midnight.

    I'm hoping to start my CC today well that's the plan lol.
    Normal service will be resumed in the CAFE tomorrow so enjoy today whatever you all have planned.

    HUGS are on their way to you all. Take care and stay safe.xxxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Wishing everyone a very Happy, Healthy New Year. My New Year resolution is to be more adventurous in my Cardmaking techniques and to buy LESS, to use more of the stash I have!

    We had a lovely walk in the village yesterday, then after lunch we walked to the beach. Lots of interesting things to see as it was low tide.
    The plan for today is a cooked lunch (Turkey) then a walk this afternoon-probably down to the beach. We walked nearly 9 miles yesterday and just couldn’t stay awake to see in the New Year as we were so tired .


    1. That’s a great resolution MICHELE I’m going to try and do the same after reading that
      Another of mine is to walk more (I’ve relied on taxis a bit too much recently)

    2. Wish I could walk a bit more or at least faster. Pete’s pace is less than a snails pace. He can start off or should I say showing off how fasting he can walk. But gets slower and slower until he’s almost at a standstill.

  4. Hello Everyone,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all friends and families.

    I wish you all the health , wealth and happiness you can get, but most of all theses gifts is the friendship we all share may it long continue.

    Have a good day, ironing for me, hugs Lilian

  5. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    Wishing you all a very happy new year
    Must get myself motivated this morning as we have had the last couple of days in PJs & not doing anything just watching films we had recorded. Today we are starting our diets. We have some sunshine so going out for a walk soon. So I wish you all a very happy & prosperous healthy new year
    Hug's for everyone extra for Pat & Pete.
    Love Lynda xxxx

    1. Hi Lynda
      I hope you and CU and 8 paws 🐾 enjoyed the walk. Hope your diet isn’t to arduous.

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Happy New Year to everyone.
    Your sentiments are mine as well Sandra. This is a fantastic blog and very supportive.
    I’m glad I’m able to comment properly again. Thanks to Sue’s remedy.
    Kare, Keith and Amber came down last night and we played UNO. Pete’s favourite game alongside Escalation whisk. So we were playing that and listening to Madness on the TV. I got Pete upstairs around 1.00 and into bed about 1.30. Very very late for us as we wouldn’t have stayed up that late if we’d have been on our own.
    Hugs to everyone.

  7. Happy New Year everyone. I wish you you beauty and happiness and everything you wish for yourselves.
    Having a really lazy day. Just watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ahh.
    Might have a snooze later as kept awake by fireworks that seemed to go on all night.
    Hugs to all with special ones to Pat and Pete.x

  8. Hi Sandra & all ladies,
    Happy New Year to you all.
    Sandra hope you had a good New Years Eve, did you get to pub? I hope so it is a good place to get known.xxx
    We had fireworks going of until well after 1am I felt so sorry for families with young children & dogs, Star would not settle just sat there looking at Alan!!! Soapbox away.
    Having a quiet day again must get on tomorrow have a birthday card to make for 6th.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret.xxx

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    This morning I wrote my comment for the blog, when I tried to press publish ( yes as anonymous) the publish button seemed to be frozen so I thought I would try and comment as Google.... well that’s another comment out in cyberspace! Now I’ve looked in again and I’m me! Yippee Moan over.

    Wishing everyone and their families A Happy New Year xxx
    We stayed up to welcome in the New Year and watch the fireworks on TV. But I think tonight it will be early to bed as I’ve felt exhausted since all day, must be getting old can’t stand the pace !!!
    Sending love and hugs to all, Brenda xxx

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Happy new year to you all and I wish it be a healthier, lighter and a more crafting one, well that is the intention anyway. Love the friendship we have on this blog, even if we all haven't met up yet, I feel like I know you. The saying is so true.
    Thought about a walk earlier,we also had a bit of the sun peeking out but my body let me down and I ended up having a snooze this afternoon. OH watching now football so I'm going to read before making some dinner. Oh nearly forgot to say we had a bit of a fire in our oven roasting the potatoes last night ! oops They had to go in the bin but luckily the oven seem to be fine after a clean out so the rest was good to eat Lol
    Many hugs to you all, Maria xxx