Saturday 12 January 2019

Mixed Up Saturday & EZ Runner Adhesive review....

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

Oh its the weekend!!! Relax and make the most of it my lovelies.

The first of our Mixed crafts today (above) is by Our Lynda, its her first ever Pocket Letter,
she has used Garden Impressions Dsp to make the actual cards, the colours are so bright and vibrant, Lynda has then embellished each little pocket differently with Paper Clips, Binder Clips, die cuts etc,
The edge of the Letter is finished beautifully with bead dangles charms and pretty ribbon.
Thank you so much for sharing you amazing first Pocket Letter Lynda, I hope you make some more.


Janet has been busy making cards this week and has shared these two amazing Blue foiled cards with us....
I will add Janet's Description below....

My First 'blue' card is again a Tonic Die called 'Baroque Square Layering Lace Set'

My Second 'blue' card is of course a Tonic Die called 'Rose Garden Frame'

Again all the papers and finishing touches are from my stash.

I love both of these cards Janet, they are so beautiful, the Blue and white is such a lovely colour combination and the foiled card adds a real touch of Luxury. XXX


Karen has shared her Craft Shopping with us today, both of them are Bargains of course, we are quite a 'Savvy' Bunch when it comes to sourcing craft supplies!

Here is Karen's Description....

I bought these after Christmas The sewing machine bag was to reduced to £14.99 on Hochanda What sold it to me was that it has a wooden base I’d been looking for a bag for ages as I don’t have a hard cover for my machine
The second are dies I bought from Wish for £1.90 inc p&p A heck of a lot cheaper than JL ones!

Thanks for sharing your Bargains Karen, I bet that sewing machine case would be good for Die Cutting machines too!  


Michele treated herself to this super cute set of dies, Designed by Lisa Horton, I love them, do you get dies for the Washi tape on the corners too Michele??

Here is Michele's description.....

Ordered these from in2crafts, they were only due to be dispatched yesterday-received them today & at a Bargain price!! Just emailed them to thank them.

Thanks Michele for sharing your shopping, I have to say I have always had amazing service from Ben at In2Craft. xxx

Now I want to share a recommendation with all of you, I have been using the Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner Grand for about two months, it dispenses little strips of adhesive that is re-positional for a few minutes but then becomes permanent and it is very strong.  I absolutely love it and I recommended it to one of SU craft friends who loved it too, so I want to share it with all of you, now that it has been tested.  

It fits nicely in your hand and isn't too big or bulky either.  It is also refillable and that is a very simple task too. It costs £14.95 and you get a whopping 150 feet  of tape, I have used mine most days for a couple of months and I still have plenty left on.  If you want free postage add in a refill too.
I have left you the link below its to Christine Emberson and Elliot's Hope & Chances shop, you couldn't be buying from nicer people. The postage is really fast and is free over £15 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend my lovelies,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lynda -your pocket letter is amazing, you can tell so much work has gone into it.

    Janet -two beautiful cards, really lovely.

    Karen -well done on getting a bargain!

    My purchase was a bargain price. No postage to pay & really fast delivery. I would definitely recommend in2craft.

    I’m up early as we have the Painter here all weekend to paint the door frames in the hall & the porch doors so fingers crossed the weathe is fine. The friend I usually meet at Dobbies is coming here this morning then as soon as hubby is home from golf I’ll be heading out to Southport s I have s few items I need to purchase.


    1. Thank you very much Michele for you lovely comment on my pocket letter.
      It was a lovely challenge for me to make one after seeing Dannii's stunning one. Have a lovely weekend. Xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    Ohhhh LYNDA- I love love love your 'Pocket Letter' so detailed and lovely colours.

    I too use a version of the 'Glue Roller'. Mine is 'FANTASTAK' and has 50metres on the roll. Refillable too and I have to say it's the best I have found. I bought mine at the beginning of November and have just had to put a refill in this week.

    Off this morning on our usual Saturday shopping trip to Meadowhall and then hoping for a quiet afternoon.

    The CAFE is OPEN waiting for you all. Cream Teas will be available this afternoon so help yourselves.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Take care and stay safe. It's very very windy here this morning.xxxx

  3. Morning ladies,

    Janet, your cards are really bright and luxurious with that fantastic blue.

    Oh my, Lynda I simply adore your pocket letters, so bright and cheerful.

    I have recovered now from a nasty bacterial infection that lasted ten days. Good to be back in the land of living life to the full although this week has seen me taking some 'me time' gently by not overexerting myself too much. My Christmas cards have been converted into stunning baubles and trees for the nursery/preschool and reception creative classes. Milly-May will be taking her first box to her nursery next week.

    My appointment for the Pulmonary Assessment will be on Monday so I am so glad I am recovered enough to undergo that. It is held by a Government funded BOC clinic which is situated next door to Clarks Village in Street so a shopping trip, lunch out at The Bear and chill out day will be enjoyed by myself, Fiona and grandson Joshua.

    Hope you all enjoy your weekend however you are planning to spend it.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Thank you Cheryl for your lovely comment on my pocket letter.
      Good luck for your appointment on Monday & enjoy shopping after.
      Hug's xx

  4. Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Lynda- like your pocket letters, must have taken some time to do. well done to make it a go. Hope you and CU are fine and you manage to have some nice walks with 8 paws.
    Janet- love both of your cards with the striking blue card. Love the die on the first card. see you and hopefully some ladies later for some cream tea.
    Michele and Karen- some good bargains found, well done ladies. I have a few bits coming from China so will photo them when they arrive.
    Cheryl- nice to see you better and good luck for Monday. Just take care and slowly get your strength back.
    I'm going back to bed after taken some more pain killers.
    Sending hugs to you all, extra once for anyone who need some and wish you a nice day xxx

    1. Thank you my friend for your lovely comment on my pocket letter.
      Have a good weekend Hug's xx

  5. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    KAREN love your bargains especially the bag that could be used for craft bits too.
    MICHELE sorry ment to say your Die was so cute bet your have fun using it.
    SANDRA thank you for sharing my first attempt making a pocket letter.
    I have commented on way down. Not sure what's happening today so I will go in craft room & try to sort it out trouble is I get in there with good intention of doing it but then just start playing 😇. I've got another two projects started so will do some more to them
    Well better get ready as taking 8🐾 Walkies.
    Hug's all round Love Lynda xx

  6. Argh! I’ve gone back to being anonymous!
    Your pocket letter is stunning LYNDA As are your cards JANET Those dies are gorgeous
    Lovely set of dies MICHELE I was so tempted after watching LISA HORTON demo them
    I am really pleased with my bag I’ve been looking for a machine bag for a while and this one is one of the cheapest I’d seen I liked the colour of it too along with the “scissors” key ring
    Just finished another cc which I must send to you
    I need to finish another and then clear my desk and move it as we’re having new windows fitted
    Take care all Hope the pain is easing MARIA and Hope appointment goes well CHERYL
    Karen xx

  7. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra sorry I didn't get in yesterday, I fully understand why you are giving up SU, I will keep it going at the moment, so anybody can order through me if they want. Lovely card yesterday, sorry I have not managed a CC this week, my back is still playing me up. I must have a look at the tape it sounds
    Lynda your pocket letter is lovely, gorgeous
    Janet your 2 cards are perfect & in my favourite colour. Looking forward to cream tea with a
    Karen that was a good bargain & love the
    Michele lovely bargain you have again, look forward to cards using
    Cheryl sounds as if you have been quite poorly, good luck with your appointment
    Maria hope you feel better soon hugs on
    Sending hugs to Sue who is feeling poorly love
    Sending hugs to Pat & Pete & all who need love

  8. Hello All, rainy here today.

    Lynda love your pocket letter, such a lot of work.
    Janet two beautiful cards lovely dies.
    Karen and Michele good buys.

    Just been watching one of my favourite films: 84 Charing Cross Road, with Anne Bancroft.

    R won’t be home from Southport until late, so easy evening, going to make veg soup for dinner with the sun dried tomatoe and Parmesan bread I made earlier.

    Have a lovely evening, hugs to those not well Lilian

  9. Sorry forgot to check that my name was in the box. I have to clear last hour history almost always , don’t know why, so annoying.

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sorry I didn’t get in yesterday, it was a maniac day, sometimes our lives get taken over and no matter what we do it is totally out of our control, by the time I sat down in the evening I was exhausted and today hasn’t been much better. But tomorrow is another day.!!! Thank goodness my OH is supportive and understanding.
    Sandra I fully understand you taking a break from SU sales. You don’t do things by half and have thrown yourself into the role, I must say speaking from a personal point of view - you have carried out the role to perfection. Thank you for all you have done for me. xx
    LYNDA Your pocket letter is gorgeous. I bet you enjoyed making it. xx
    JANET Two Beautiful cards from you, Love the colour.xx
    KAREN Your bag is lovely it will really protect your sewing machine when you carry it around. The cover for my machine is not much thicker than a carrier bag, so no protection there.xx
    MICHELE Love those dies. I’m sure you will make some lovely cards using these dies. xx
    Like KAREN and LILLIAN I to am back to being anonymous. Can’t explain why.

    Sorry Sandra I haven’t managed to make a CC this week. I really am sorry.

    Hope everyone has had a good day. Love Brenda xxx

  11. Thank you for the fantastic review, the E-Z Runner Grands are super popular and last for ages! xx