Tuesday 15 January 2019

my Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

Here is my Challenge card for this weeks 'Sparkle' Challenge, I used a sheet of paper out of the pad pictured above, it is an 8 x 8 pad with some really pretty papers in it.
Danielle gave me this pad along with some others when we did our Swap back in November.

I took a sheet of the paper and cut it down to fit my card base, the pink in the paper was a good match too Berry Burst card, so I added a mat of that behind the paper, then adhered the paper and topped with a piece of Berry Burst Ribbon with Sparkle Edge.  
I then fussy cut the flowers and Butterfly from another sheet of the patterned paper and shaped them and decoupaged them onto the paper,  I think they add some lovely depth and dimension to the card.
To add the touch of 'Sparkle'  I covered the flowers and Butterfly with a clear glitter pen and then topped with some little sparkly gemstones.
I stamped the 'For You' In Berry Burst ink on a piece of matching card and die cut with a tag, tucking it under the bow, to finish the tag I added a tiny die cut Butterfly.
I hope you like my card. xxx

I didn't get much done yesterday, I just enjoyed playing around with a lot of different things in my craft room, looking for all of the things that I used to use and have stashed away.
Sorting through which SU stamps I want to keep and which ones I want to sell, although 'Mr Hoarder' thinks I should keep them all, (just in case)!  That was actually on a Name badge on his Overalls at work but was written ''Justin' Case'' , he likes to be prepared for every eventuality, Bless him!!

Lilian, I hope your Acupuncture helps you, do you go often?? xxxx

Janet, I do hope you have a fun afternoon at Knit & Natter, is it your turn for project?? xxxx

Michele, I hope your sciatica is easing, such a bloody painful condition that doesn't seem to respond to any kind of pain relief, sending hugs as I know how painful it is xxxx

Val, I'm curious, does it always rain after your window cleaner has been?? We seem to have a curse, as soon as they were sparkling the heavens opened!  Paul's mum had same problem!  I hope you are enjoying your Dickens Classics, which one are you on?? xxxx

Pat, sending you huge hugs xxxx

Of Course there are big hugs on their way to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a beautiful card, such gorgeous papers & lovely colours.
    Thank you for your kind comments about my card yesterday-it was fun making it. Just need to find the time to make my challenge card now.

    My sciatica is slightly less painful-probably the amount of painkillers I’m taking. My Physio is on holiday until the 30th which is frustrating so I’ll have to see how things are by then.


    1. Hi Michele, wish you better. Read in the daily papers today about a thing no bigger then a rice could be in-planted in the back to help for sciatica and other back pains, just wonder if it would do much to help ?
      Have a good week at work xx

  2. Pretty card SANDRA
    I have lots of ideas but at the moment I cannot get to any crafting stuff I hope the upstairs windows are done first!
    Take care all Hugs to everyone especially PAT and MICHELE

    1. Hope you get to your crafting stuff soon :>) Thought about you today when in Lidl, they were selling little kits to crochet a turtle and some other animals. I didn't buy any tho, don't think I could learn it. Speak soon xx

  3. Morning Everyone
    A very pretty card SANDRA using beautiful colours.
    What surprises await you while you are digging out all your old dies/papers and finishing touches. I suppose it will be like Christmas morning.lol

    K&N this afternoon and thankfully it's not my turn to 'take and make' as I did one just before the end of the year.

    We are still having high winds here. They seemed to have settled down yesterday but are back in full force.

    The CAFE is OPEN, usual hours so you can pop in at anytime.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Take care and stay safe.xxxx

    1. Take care when going over for the K&N so you don't fly away, have a nice afternoon tho and we love to see what you making. hugs xx

  4. Morning ladies,

    Such a pretty card Sandra, love the colours...I might get into the craft room to make the challenge card today.

    In between Christmas and the New Year I had managed between bouts of being ill to finish the box of Christmas HFP's and produced 9 birthday, 3 engagement/wedding and 1 thank you cards apart from inserts which I always add when I check the months calendar list of recipients, I am pleased I have made a good start.
    No NY resolutions again, that break within the first month, I am clearing the contents of two boxes that seem to permanently have something that needs finishing off which have been sitting on the second craft work table for the last half year I expect.
    And my bit bag is getting ever bigger lol, where does it all come from?

    My appointment yesterday was a shambles, Fiona had taken the day off to take me over to Street and we finally got there, found out where the Health suite was and sat in a reception area to await my being processed. we had been warned by the receptionist from the dentist that the suite did not have a receptionist of their own but they would periodically be checking if patients were waiting. After 15 minutes passed of my allotted appt. I knocked on the door, could not hear anyone, tried to open the door which I found to be locked and we then realised nobody was in the suite. Upon returning home I immediately rang my health centre to ask for the number so that I could ring to find out what had wrong as somewhere between leaving there and arriving home I had mislaid my appt letter. The secretary rang for me and then contacted me later to tell me my appt. had been changed to the Thurs 17th Jan and they would be ringing me some time today. Honestly! How they think Fiona can swap her day off for another one this week I do not know. No-one had rung me to cancel or left a message on my answer phone. This a BOC Healthcare Patient Service commissioned by the NHS so they are getting paid good money to provide a service that they cannot seem to get right! I wonder how many other patients missed out yesterday as well?
    Soap box back in the corner, rant over.

    Gentle comfort blanket hugs to all in need of them today.

    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. What a disaster that you had to go all the way and then they had cancelled the appointment. Hope you get seen Thursday without any problems and Fiona got time to take you. Take care xx

  5. Very pretty card Sandra. Lovely colours.
    We haven't had rain here for quite a while actually so fortunately the windows stay pretty clean.
    The boxed set of Dickens classics is one that's been published by the BBC so it's all the ones that have been serialised for television. I think the BBC do an amazing job with period
    dramas. Anyway yesterday I finished The Pickwick Papers and watched the first episode of Our Mutual Friend. The late great John Mills plays Chuffy. Wonderful.

    Really must go in the craft room today to carry on with Valentine cards. I honestly don't feel like it as it's a very cold room and I do hate the cold.

    Hugs to all with special ones for all not feeling so good.
    Love Valx

  6. Hi Val. I started to watch 'North & South'. I like that era and the 1940/50th Liverpool etc to watch and read novels about. Hope you feeling better and get in to craft room today.hugs xx

  7. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra what a lovely card, love the colour. Hope you have a good day today.xxx
    Michele hope your sciatica is easier today.xxx
    Cheryl what a shambles, hope you get seen Thursday.xxx
    Sending hugs to all who need them especially Pat love Margaret.xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Pretty card Sandra.Very pretty papers.
    Funny I thought to make a pink and white card. Trying to get away from the normal colours I'm usually using but still not sure what goes together.
    Had a little outing this morning for having my nails done and shopping at Lidl. Couldn't see any crafting things other then some crochet kits.
    Have a nice day everyone. Hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  9. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Beautiful card from you today Sandra love the summary pink paper you have used.. We went for a walk with 🐾 8paws it wasn't as cold as it has been so quite nice. Must go in craft room now & try to get Challange card made & finish off a birthday card.
    Sending Hug's for Pat Pete Michele Val & enyone that wants one
    Love Lynda xx

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a pretty card and the subtle sparkle is lovely and goes to show that it doesn’t have to be “in your face” at all.
    I’m not sure where my comments have gone over the last couple of days but opened my phone up just bye to send a message and guess what is sat there waiting to be published???? Yes, my comment I wrote this morning!!!! Anyway I am hoping to make a cc now so will be thinking of you all that are struggling with various ailments at the moment. It always feels worse during these long grey days doesn’t it.
    Lynda, sorry but I forgot to say that I haven’t received a letter from you yet. Hugs to you and Terry xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  11. Hello All, feels very chilly now, just up the heating up a bit.
    Sandra very pretty bright card, just what we need these grey days, seems ages since we’ve had a sunny day.
    Went to Newquay for my acupuncture treatment this morning, many more needles today, as reserving judgement, another appointment next week.
    Hugs to all Lilian

  12. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra I love your challenge card, the colour is beautiful.
    My day has been different it started before I had my breakfast with a phone call saying my sister had been admitted into hospital last night and was on CDU ward in Leicester. I’m pleased to say she has now been moved onto a ward and awaiting an angiogram, hopefully that will happen tomorrow. I spoke to Her appointed Nurse who said she thought that she would be there for a few days, I’m sure she is in the best place. It’s still worrying, especially as it’s a journey away. But I’ve been told not to go rushing up to Leicestershire. So for the time being I will rely on the telephone. One good thing happened today I went out for a late Christmas lunch, which was a lovely distraction.
    Hope everyone has had a good day, Love Brenda xxx