Sunday 9 September 2018

Your Challenge cards

Good Morning ladies,

Michele kindly set you another Challenge last Monday and this Challenge was to create a card or project that features 'Sparkle'
Michele kindly made 3 stunning samples to inspire you, all very different, using different kinds of 'sparkle' too.

Here are your incredible challenge cards...….


Four amazing cards from Janet for this weeks challenge, all completely different, they range from delicate floral patterns to bold Gold and Black cards.
The first card has a glitter card background and had two die cut triangular pattern pieces positioned on top, such a great effect.
Next card mixes pretty lilac card with a foiled background, it works perfectly, its nice to see Sue's Noble dies being used too.
Janet's next project is a stunning Christmas wreath, all in gorgeous greys and white, the dies used were all Sue Wilson dies, including the sentiment.  I love this wreath Janet, I bet it's owner gets it out every year!
Striking Black and Gold for Janet's fourth card, That die cut on the top of your card is exquisite Janet, I believe its a Crafters Companion die, I love that die cut sentiment too.
Thank you so much Janet for taking time of from 'stripping' to sent me some of your gorgeous cards.


Lilian has made an absolutely gorgeous card for this weeks challenge, It looks like she has stamped a beautiful background pattern onto the card and then added double sided adhesive sheets and covered with iridescent glitter. I love the beautiful pearl embellishments you have used to finish your card Lilian.  
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely.


Maria has had a very busy crafting week, she has made 4 absolutely amazing challenge cards, she has been kind enough to include a description so I will add that below.

21) Let it Snow in White Glitter card with Blue Glitter card Snowflake
2) Black Embossed card, Little too heavy on the Gold Gilding Wax,
with Deep Red Poinsettia. The greeting has the Red card behind and
Black card with more gilding wax. Not sure if I like it that much.
3) Robin stainglass window, Silver glitter card, Little bit of Gilding flakes
but found it so fiddly so have put it away again. Jeez you should have seen 
the kitchen hahaha
4) Happy Birthday in Pink Glitter card  and White Glittercard behind with
Lilac / Purpely frame."

Thank you so much Maria for making 4 cards for Michele's 'Sparkle' challenge, I love all of your cards.


Karen has made two totally different challenge cards for this weeks 'Sparkly' Challenge,
I will add her descriptions below.

"The daisy one is an image from a free digikit from Serif  The inside has a joke about needing repotting The centres of the daisies are covered in micro beads Very effective in real life
Here's my 2nd card. 

So it's an image from MCS I think Janet or is it Lillian has this cd-rom Art Deco Follies. My craft club ladies love the cards I make using Art Deco (still!) and sold this card last night!"

Two amazing cards Karen thank you so much for taking part.


Lynda used some of her latest Wish Dies to create her challenge cards this week, two absolutely stunning cards!

No 1 challenge card used die from wish & coloured in with CRAFTERS COMPAION Sparkle  pens xx

My challenge No 2
I used two of the wish dies with caught in crystal background.

I love your new dies Lynda and your amazing challenge cards, thank you so much for taking part.


Margaret is making up for lost time with three gorgeous cards for Michele's 'Sparkly' challenge.

All three of Margaret's cards have glitter card as the background, 
the first card has a super cute,decorative 'Thank You' die cut cut into the top layer.

The second and third cards have beautiful sheets from the Stampin'Up ! Delightfully Detailed, Laser cut paper collection.  They feature some beautiful designs that need no embellishment.

Thank you so much for 3 stunning Cards Margaret.

Thank you once again for taking part and supporting Michele's challenge again this week, I just know she will be amazed at the stunning display of cards.

Friday was another glorious day weather wise, in fact I went into the pool, I have to add that I went in the sea on Thursday and it was so much warmer than the pool!  We had a lovely relaxed day, just lounging and reading etc.
I am a little 'miffed' though, the campsite usually stays open for another week, which is perfect for people without young children, its so much quieter so you always get a lounger at the pool etc, however this year they are closing today because they have thousands of students from Belgium arriving tomorrow for a festival called 'Route du Soleil' , so all we have heard for the past few days is hammering, banging, drilling and the constant beeping of a reversing fork lift truck! Yesterday they started erecting bizarre things around us at the pool too.  The frustrating part is that we have paid up until Saturday night, they have closed the sports courts area so the girls couldn't go play volleyball, or ping pong! They should start the construction of the festival site after they close the camp.  We are wondering if we will be asked to leave earlier so that they can get finished rather than us waiting by the pool until its time to leave, so we get almost another whole beach day in!  I am going to make them aware of our disappointment, even though it won't change anything, we have been coming here since 1995 (with the exception of about 3 years when the girls were babies), I think that counts for some kind of loyalty but I am guessing they won't be too bothered.  This festival is bringing in thousands of students paying for camping etc at a time when the camp site is very quiet. Watch this space! 
(soapbox stowed)!

Love and huge hugs to all of you,


PS.  I hope that I managed to include everyone's cards, the internet at our Cabin in the woods (overnight stop) had pretty poor internet and wouldn't let me access my emails, so any cards that arrived after Friday night would possibly have been missed.
I will still feature them on the blog though when I get home. xxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    WOW-what an absolutely amazing collection of challenge cards. Thank you to everyone who has been able to join in and thank you to Sandra for letting me “take over” the challenges.

    Sandra-how frustrating that your last day was as peaceful as it could have been. Hoping your journey is all problem free. Are you back home tonight?

    Had a fun afternoon yesterday sorting through the bags from my crafty friend-lots of card, papers & other items. I’ve sorted out a huge crate that’s no use to me so that can be donated. Just need to organise all the card stock now! I’m going back again next Saturday as she’s continuing her clearing out!


  2. Morning Everyone
    Oh how I love Sunday morning and opening up to see a glorious landscape of beautiful works of art.
    Even though we all have produced a Seasonal Card they like our other cards are all so very different.

    I now have to admit that out of the four of mine the first one (red/white Seasonal Card) I made last week as it's one of my this year's designs for December. The other three are old ones I made sometime ago. The decorating has taken over this week so I haven't had the same amount of time for crafting boooooooooo but I wanted to join in MICHELE's Challenge.
    Thank you MICHELE for a wonderful Challenge.

    Today is another day off from decorating but it's 'back to normal service' tomorrow.

    The CAFE doors are open and all is ready for you. Today's lunch menu is Roast Pork so place your orders asap.
    HUGS on their way to you all. Take care and have a good day.xxxx

  3. Morning Sandra,

    First of all SANDRA and MICHELE many apologies for not sending in a challenge card this week. Time just slipped away from me. Sorry XXX

    Beautiful Shiny cards this week ladies. I do love a bit of sparkle.

    SANDRA such a shame that your last day was spoilt by workmen. I really think a strongly worded email is needed. Hope the first leg of your journey was trouble free and you're well on your way home

    Ironing and housework today but I'd love to make time for one of your delicious roast pork dinners JANET, plenty of crackling please. I'll be there at one.x

    PAT and PETE. Hope you're both ok. Sending hugs.x

    July your Sunday everyone whatever you're up to.
    Love Valx

  4. Good afternoon Sandra & ladies
    Wow some fantastic cc today I love them all. Michele brilliant challenge for this week thank you.
    SANDRA Hope your journey is going ok & well on your way to the tunnel stay safe on your last leg of your journey. home.xx
    Not up to much Terry is cutting the font garden well it's only weeds mainly the grass all died off in the heat wave & so many gardens are like ours.
    Hope you all have a good day. CU has shouted he wants some lunch.
    Hug's for you all
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Sorry Pat wanted to say hope you & Pete are ok missing you.
      Sending you both some big Hug's. 🤗🤗🤗 Xxxx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra such a shame your last day was spoilt by workmen for you, you must complain as Val said. I hope your journey is going
    Michele thank you for a lovely challenge, you can see by the number of gorgeous cards that we all loved
    Janet please may I have a lunch with plenty of crackling & apple
    Hope you all have the sunshine we have, sending hugs to all who need them love

  6. Hi ladies.
    oh I am in love with your cards ladies.
    Janet- yours are amazing even if they were made some time ago :>) perfect for this week challenge. Have a nice restful day before the decorating begins again.
    Michele- lovely cards. Thank you for this week for standing in for Sandra, you made a great job. Hope your dad is fine and FIL is settled alright now.
    Val- are you still in the cafe' ? thought I join you for the lunch and you can tell me all about your pets and crafting with your friends. Wished you could come to AP one day,hugs
    Lilian- gorgeous card. Love the colour you used. hugs.
    Karen- is the flower pot from Serif ? Will ask Son if he can help me a bit of printing on Tuesday . Hope the race went well and you all had a fun day.
    Lynda- lovely cards. Hope your feet feel better and you have some nice day down in Broadstairs. Big hug for CU and you of course :>)
    Margaret- lovely to see your cards

    1. oops, accidentally posted Lol
      Margaret- have a nice day and hugs for you and Pop.
      Sandra - oh what noise and other disturbances you had around the pool. Defiantly write and complain , you might get something for next time you coming over. Hope the trip back goes well.
      Sue- hope you have a good weekend with the family.
      We had a nice walk this morning and I was fine, ended up at Waitrose for a breakfast and reading the papers. Washing was done and hanged up when come back which was very nice so I could do something else like going on the lappi for a while instead. Going to watch a film together at 3pm so gong to do some stamping for colouring in tomorrow , well that's the idea anyway. Have a lovely day everyone !! Many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

    2. Hopefully I will get to AP to meet you all one day Maria. Hope you enjoyed your film.
      Love Valx

  7. Well it looks like the comment I wrote earlier has disappeared
    Amazing cards ladies It’s really hard to capture sparkle/shine etc on camera isn’t it ladies The micro beads on the daisy look so effective in real life and do the small gems on the Art Deco lady
    The run went well The weather stayed fine Daughter and family have just gone home MIL is still here So I’ll cook dinner and then take her home
    Thank you MICHELE for a lovely challenge It made me look at my glitzy bits stashed away
    Safe journey SANDRA xx

    1. Karen so pleased to hear run went well, well done to all of you. I bet Oscar enjoyed alot of attention. Take care love

    2. So glad the run went well for you today Karen.x

  8. Hello All, family have just gone back to London after being with us for the weekend, feeling shattered, soon realise that I’m not so young anymore.

    Such a beautiful range of cards today, I used sparkle paste through a stencil, but found it rubbed off when it was dry , so sprayed it with spray and shine to seal it.
    So it’s no so sparkly on film.

    Sandra hope journey is going well, shame about your last day, firms don’t seem to class loyalty as important any more.

    Hope all well, hugs Lilian

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    I hope that you and Paul are having a good troublefree journey home my lovely. Did you get any response from the campsite owners before you left, such a shame that your last days were disrupted! Looking forward to seeing you in a few days 😘
    Yesterday's shopping looked great and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all create.
    Cheryl, what a beautiful piece that rightly deserved its highly recommend award 😊 X
    Mum, it was lovely to be able to celebrate your "signing off" from the hospital. It won't be long before the sticks start to gather dust. Love to you and Pop xx
    Pat, sending you and Pete hugs. We are all thinking of you x
    I hope you all had a good weekend. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx