Thursday, 6 September 2018

Lynda's stunning

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope you are all well, those of you that have been in pain I am sending huge fluffy hugs to xx

Today's card is one of Lynda's amazing 'fancy background' cards, I think it is a really bright and trendy Christmas card, I love how you have die cut the poinsettia out of the same background.

The background Lynda has made is just stunning, so bright, with the Pixie Powders giving amazing splashes of vibrant colour.  The technique that Lynda used is Sue Wilson's 'Caught in Crystal' technique, including Pixie Powders, Gilding Flakes and Glitter to give that amazing effect.
The die Lynda used is one of Sue Wilson's 'Paper Cuts' dies called 'Poinsettia Edger', the cards has been finished with a matching black frame and Matching Die cut Poinsettia.

Lynda I think this Christmas card would add a splash of colour to anyone's Mantelpiece, thank you so much for allowing me to share it today. xxxx

We have had a couple of super relaxed days by the pool, it has been quite breezy and the fine sand just sandblasts your skin if it gets too windy so the pool is a much calmer option, its a lovely green space too, you aren't actually sat 'around' the pool, I will share a photo below.....

The pool is up a small hill in the distance, the area has a high wall along the back which makes it quite a sheltered spot on a breezy.  The added bonus this time of year is that when Paul and I have been in the pool we have virtually had the whole pool to ourselves, which is rather nice.

We are on the countdown to packing up and starting that journey home now, I am quite looking forward to getting in my craft room when I get back as I have new goodies that I didn't get chance to play with before we left for holiday.

Ally Pally

Can I ask which day those of you that are going to AP in a couple weeks are planning on going on?
I really enjoyed how quiet Sunday was last time as it meant that I could access all stands from the beginning, rather than waiting until after lunch to be able to get anywhere near them.  Some of the shopkeepers said that the Saturday was super busy in April too.  But having said that, if most of you are going Saturday then I will just manage as meeting up with all of you is the BIGGEST part of my day.  Our lunches have gotten longer and longer each time, which I love.  
Paul and I haven't got our ticket yet so let me know asap please (although if tickets are same as previous years they work for both days).
I am so looking forward to catching up with all of you.  

Well I must go and get ready to make the most of the last but one day, have a lovely day ladies, however you are spending it.

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lynda-your Card is gorgeous, the sparkle on it is amazing. It will be a perfect entry for this weeks challenge!

    Sandra-nice to see where you have been describing to us all. Can’t believe it’s the countdown to your return home.

    I’m very envious of you being able go to Ally Pally -o d Year I’m definitely going!!!


    1. That’s meant to say “One year I’m definitely going “!!


    2. Thank you Michele for your lovely comment on my card.
      I had forgotten I sent this card to Sandra when she asked for some cards to help while she was on holiday as you say a good cc.
      Have a good day.xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    LYNDA- what an amazing card no I should say 'a piece of ART' as all your backgrounds are so lovely.
    I haven't even seen any 'Pixie' Powders let alone used any as I'm such a coward at trying new things and I always envy your creations.

    We managed to get all the bits of paper etc which had stuck to the wall when stripping it off yesterday so now it's time for the ceilings to be painted.

    The CAFE is OPEN even though the doors are closed this morning as it's quite chilly and a sure sign that Autumn is getting closer and closer.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Take care everyone xxxx

    1. Hi Janet Thank you for your very nice comment on my card. You should try using your Pixie powders extra. You would soon be addicted it so much fun. Good luck with the decorating. Xx

  3. Morning everyone,

    SANDRA lovely photo of your holiday place Sandra. So lovely and green. I think our very hot weather is about to come to an abrupt end as rain is forecast for Saturday and Sunday.
    Enjoy the last few days before you start to pack.x

    LYNDA your card is so beautiful. Just love the background.
    Can I ask, what other element do you put in apart from the pixie powder gilding flakes and glitter to make it ' caught in crystal'

    Busy day today as it's Slimming Club then we have to go to the indoor market, the Chinese shop, have my dressing changed and then out for lunch. I don't think much will get done after that.

    Hugs to all.
    Love Valx

    1. Hi Val thank you for liking my card.
      drizzle some cosmic shimmer glue or crystal lacquer over some acetate spread it with finger covering the acetate then add some alcohol ink ont top up just use the inks or the fun part is adding Pixie powders guilding flakes glitter or any thing you fancy. Then crunch some tissue up then fold out & put it over the finished piece &dab it down with kitchen paper so it's all covered leave to dry don't pull kitchen paper off just cut excess off.
      Val hope that makes sense if not on top of Sue's blog she has a tutorial.
      Have a good day Hug's Lynda xx

  4. Love love love your card LYNDA As you know I have this Die and have created a couple of cards using the caught in crystal technique - SANDRA showed them a couple of weeks ago Yours is spectacular Like me do you use CS glue or something else?
    Enjoy your last few days SANDRA
    Operation cards done - thanks ladies I needed some reassurance that I was going down the right road
    Made my late last night So will photograph it today
    I am not going to ALLY PALLY We are looking after Oscar on 15th and he’s staying overnight That’s why I had a little bit of a spend up at Stamperama I will miss not seeing you all I must admit my friends prefer Sunday because it’s quieter
    I must get ready for work See you later x

    1. Hi Karen thank you for liking my card. Yes I use CS glue
      Sorry I won't see you at AP. But enjoy having Oscar.xx

    2. Karen sorry you can also use crystal lacquer instead of CS
      Hug's Lynda xx

  5. Morning everyone.
    wowser Lynda, what a amazing background. I love this card !
    Love to try making this kind of background but seem to have hidden my gilding flakes so going for a hunt later.
    Nice to see where you are Sandra, love to see some more photos.Can't believe you already packing up slowly for going back to the UK. Have some wonderful last days together.
    I am going to Ally Pally on the Saturday, the only day OH can take me down to London. Hope to see some of you there.
    Home alone so hoping to make some cards. I got 8!! to make and already pulling my hair hihi
    Val- hope all goes well for you today and for your pet, hugs
    Brenda- your granddaughter will be fine I'm sure even if it some way away. I was so worried for my son just going an hour away from home but he learned a lot by living in house and met some nice friends. She be home during the holidays. What is she going to studie ?
    Lilian- hope you feeling better and take care if going out. You still got a lot of tourists down in Cornwall ? Love to have a trip down South / West again one day.
    Janet- you sound very busy decorating, just take care if climbing on ladders and whats not, you know what happened before.....hugs
    Margaret- glad you feeling better and back to making cards. Hope the physio was happy with your progress. Hugs for you and Pop x
    A lovely blue sky and sunshine but saying it will be rain by the afternoon so going to hang some towels out and hope they dry. Have a nice day everyone. If you looking in to the Cafe' do come and say HI. We love to meet you.
    Take care all, many hugs xxx

    1. Hi Maria thank you so much for you lovely comment on my card. Have a good day crafting xx

  6. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra pleased you are having a relaxing last few days. I have booked a wheelchair for Sunday at AP, this I did after asking Sue have also ordered the tickets hope you do not mind. If you decide to go on Sat will have to see if I can change wheelchair otherwise I will not be able to go, it would be too much for me walking all
    Lynda what a gorgeous card such lovely colours, thank you for
    Lovely day here, have a first embroidery meeting this afternoon so will be nice to catch up with all news.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret thank you for for your lovely comment on my card.
      Have you got your tickets fo AP yet just wondering if they are same & can use for either day as I can do Saturday or Sunday.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  7. Good morning Sandra & everyone
    SANDRA wow thank you for sharing my card today. Love the picture it looks really relaxing love to see some more please. Enjoy the last couple of days of your holiday sad it's coming to the end but we need you home🤓😘xx
    As for AP I am easy as too which day I will go with the flow but I haven't got tickets yet as not sure if they are like last time could use Sat or Sun.x
    So far internet is behaving it's self CU was on phone most of yesterday which is very annoying. Now Blogger needs to behave too.
    Home alone again so craft room again playing with backgrounds such a chore lol
    HUG'S for everyone.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Thanks for the tips on caught in crystal I have CS Lacquer and cannot for the life of me remember why ai bought it! I don’t have any alcohol inks but may try CS pigments I have backed a piece once dry with black card to darken it all down especially if I haven’t used enough PP’s

    2. Thanks for the tips Lynda and Karen. Definitely have to have a play with this.x

    3. Hi Lynda. Just to let you know that the Ally Pally tickets can be used on either day so you don't have to worry dear friend xxxxxx

  8. Christina Griffin has a video of the cought in crystal on her blog xx

  9. Hello All, very dull here at the moment, have a load of washing out, watching for the rain.

    Lynda wowser card, love all your backgrounds, mine always end up in the bin, tried with mica powders a few years ago, but seemed very dull compared to yours, need to practise more.

    Sandra lovely too see where you are holidaying, enjoy last few days.

    Well managed a short walk today, first time for some months.

    Have a good evening , hugs Lilian

    1. Thank you Lilian for your kind comments on my card.
      I put so much on this one Pixie powder,mica powder,guilding flakes & glitter. It was a bit of hit or miss but worked out ok.
      Lilian Have a look on YouTube. Try again I didn't know what I was doing at first but kept trying. Take care Hug's Lynda xx

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lynda your card is beautiful, the background is a work of art. Your card is certainly inspiring, I wil certainly be having a play, although in the past I have sprinkled some glitter in I have never used gilding flakes. I must be braver and experiment !!
    Thank you for sharing xx

    Sandra your holiday site looks lovely and calm. Make the most of the time left. xx

    Re Ally Pally, I can only go on the Saturday ( got my ticket) the 15th is actually our youngest daughters birthday, but because of some of the youngsters in the family have Saturday jobs we can’t have a get together until 16th (Sunday) and everyone is coming here. So next week I will have to be super organised. But I fully understand the Sunday is much easier for you. We can maybe catch up at Watford or somewhere you can easily get to. xx

    Sorry I can feel the Z’s Sleep 💤 coming on , will look in again later.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Thank you Brenda your very kind. Just go for it I just chuck everything on alcohol ink mica powder guilding flakes glitter,Pixie powder.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  11. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. Wow, what a fantastic caught in crystal card Lynda. I love the vibrant colours and I'm sure it looks even better "in the flesh". I haven't tried this technique as I didn't realise you could use normal Cosmic Shimmer glue, or any other PVA based glue do will definitely be giving it a try soon now I don't need to get the CS Laquer. Its only a small amount of powers etc used so there is nothing to lose there. I betine will.end up in the bin bit it will be fun to try. If I remember I will take some powders etc to Mum and Pops tomorrow so we can have a play once we get back from Mum hospital appointment 😊 Love to you and CU xx
    Sandra, love the picture of the area by the pool. Nice and quiet and lovely that you and Paul almost had the pool to yourselves. I suppose you will be packing tomorrow but enjoy the last full day my lovely xx
    I hope you have a good day tomorrow. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need
    Take care xx