Sunday 30 September 2018

Your Challenge Cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Your favourite day of the week and mine too, I love showcasing your work, especially those of you whose work would otherwise go unseen.  Sharing your work really inspires others too, so many of you have said 'I liked ***'s card so I thought I would have a go' or something similar, actually the same goes for sharing our shopping etc, you can always count on one of our lovely ladies to find a bargain somewhere.
oh actually while I remember Aldi's have Grime Boss wipes for £1.99 at the moment, they were £4.99 at Ally Pally !!!

Anyway enough procrastinating, lets see your cards...…


Karen has made 3 very different cards for this weeks 'Background' challenge, I love the results of each of the techniques you used Karen.

"Here’s 3 cards for you The Christmas card is engraving board (or similar) embossed with falling snow EF from Crafts Too sanded back to reveal the gold
The second is a note-let card with a Sharpie pen technique on glossy card and the 3rd one is a piece I found in my stash doing the shaving foam technique
I have quite a few PP’d backgrounds Shaving foam ones etc from ages ago I really ought to use them now I have some stamps!"

Thank you so much Karen for your cards and description, as you know I have already ordered some 'Rubbing Alcohol' from Amazon that should arrive either Tuesday or Wednesday, I am going to try that 'Sharpie' technique but with Alcohol pens.
Thank you so much for inspiring me and for 3 stunning Challenge cards.

Just went over round mask with fossilized Amber oxide & a little fired brick

This background I put pieces of masking tape over card then just rubbed over with oxide ink pad..

Venetian Gold Granite Paste

Wavy Mask with Gold Texture Paste

Wavy mask green sparkle texture paste B/G

Granite Paste: Cecilia Gold

Granite Paste Background: Venetian Gold

Stamped stag then put round mask & Blended Mustard seed & evergreen bough & Stormy sky distress oxide

Lynda has made an INCREDIBLE 8 cards for this weeks Challenge, you have made such a great start to you Christmas card list Lynda.  You are such and amazing crafter, you try just about every different craft medium at some point and make me want to buy them all!!

I would like to try all of the different techniques that you have used on your Challenge cards, your blended Oxide ink backgrounds are seamless, your blending is perfect and you choose perfect colour combinations too.
Thank you so much for your incredible contribution to this weeks Challenge Lynda.

Margaret did make two cards for this weeks Background Challenge but I just couldn't get the first one to upload.  We were having internet issues over the weekend, not sure if that was problem, I had trouble uploading Lorraine's too and had to get her to send it in a different format.  I will feature your card Margaret, one day in the week.
This card is so beautiful Margaret, using one of the Apple Blossom Embossing Folders from CraftStash to create the embossed background, Margaret has then added colour to the 'Let it Snow' text and the added tiny little delicate flowers all along the borders. 
Such a lovely Christmas card Margaret, thank you so much for taking part in this weeks challenge, I apologise about your first card though.


Michele has used Indigo Blu 'Mega Flake' for the Background to her Challenge card, the dies Michele used is Sue Wilson 'Tiled Square' Striplet die.  
The Mega flakes give off so many different colours Michele, this would be a great Man card too.
Thank you so much for taking part.


Lorraine has made a lovely Christmas Slider card this week, that Penguin in the background is just so cute, as are the gifts.  Your 'Merry Christmas has a lovely font too.
Thank you so much for taking part Lorraine, it's lovely having you back on the list.


Victoria has gone for a super shiny background for her challenge card, she had the fantastic idea of using Tin Foil through the Stampin'Up! 'Tufted' embossing Folder.  It really is a great effect and makes a great background for your floral arrangement. I love your bright cheerful colours too.
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely.


Maria has made 4 amazing cards for this weeks Background Challenge, using a range of different techniques. 
Maria's first card has and embossed background with a lovely die cut sentiment, Maria that die is so pretty, can you tell what make it is please??
I want to thank you also for inspiring me.....I would have never thought about using that 'Netted Star' background die to just emboss with, it looks absolutely amazing as an embossed background and completely different to when it is die cut.  I would have never guessed that that was what you had used.
Maria's second card has a Gilding Flake background, I really love the effect they give, it looks so textured even though it is completely flat. I hope it wasn't too messy Maria!!
Maria's third card and this is a technique I am also definitely going to try...using Pixie Powders on Acetate with kitchen roll for texture, what an amazing effect!! Maria is going to turn this background into a Birthday card for Christian.
The fourth card has a beautifully stamped snowflake background, I love your random stamping Maria and the colours that you have used too.

Thank you so much for such a huge contribution to this weeks challenge my lovely.


Lilian had used some of her gorgeous 'Graphic 45' papers for this weeks challenge card, I'm guessing that this card is winging it's way to someone special.  Lilian had stamped over the beautiful background with a lovely script style stamp, it really has enhanced the paper, giving it more detail and interest.
Thank you so much Lilian for another stunning Challenge card.


WOW Brenda, two stunning cards from you for this weeks challenge, both using the same 'Wavy Lines' Mask but both look completely different.
Brenda has used the same mask for both cards, the first card has Black Texture paste through the mask, Brenda has them sprinkled Micro Beads on top of the Texture paste, It gives such a luxurious finish to the card.
The second card looks like gold or copper colour texture paste with micro beads on top too, the design is detailed enough that the cards just need a simple sentiment a beautiful floral arrangement, which Brenda gets absolutely spot on every time.

Thank you so much Brenda for sharing your cards for this weeks challenge, I have just bought some copper glitter texture paste and I will be giving this a go!


Now I will admit that this was quite a surprise when it popped into my 'Whatsapp' box yesterday!
Because it certainly wasn't the card that Sue was working on on Wednesday! But I don't know why neither of us thought that she wouldn't be able to share the card she was 'actually' making, as it would spoil the surprise!! 
Anyway Sue said she quickly put this card together instead!!   it certainly doesn't looked 'quickly put together'!  But don't you think that's sometimes the way the best cards turn out, when we don't overthink what we are going to do?!
Sue had used the Crafters Companion 3D Snowflake Embossing Folder on white card, she then added CE Enriched Gold Metallic Gilding Wax over the Snowflakes, three different sized Cream Pearls in the centres of the snowflakes add that extra special finishing touch! The sentiment is Elizabeths Design 'Season's Greetings' die, die cut in gold glitter card, which works perfectly. Sue has then matted the top piece onto gold and then onto a white base card.
Sue what a stunning Christmas card, thats another one off your list, we will have to have a marathon Christmas card making day, everybody welcome!! 
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely, I know you weren't feeling great so I really appreciate you going to the trouble of making a replacement card.

WOW ladies an amazing 27 cards in this weeks challenge, thats just incredible, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the time and effort you put into making your cards, especially you Lynda, 8 cards all with different backgrounds must be some kind of record, I would love to have seen the state of your craft room afterwards!! 

I hope that you all have a lovely relaxed Sunday, Paul is hoping to go to the allotment today, after dropping the girls at the Wildlife Park.  We managed to get his Rotating Composter together yesterday (that I bought him for his birthday), it is really sturdy and has a really large capacity, it looks like a huge Tombola ticket holder!! The lawns in this house are rather large and we were struggling to find room to put grass clippings in our small composter, we have lots of trees too, so lots of leaves to be raked too, maybe I should get him one of those blowers for Christmas, mind you a vacuum would be better than a blower don't you think, do they make such a thing??

Our village hall had a Macmillan Coffee Morning yesterday, we managed to make it for the last hour, we were warmly greeted by Mr Sainsbury and his wife Sue and for the first time got to chat to quite a few of our neighbours.  They were telling us about different houses for sale and what a lovely place the village is at Christmas, they have a Christmas Carol group that go round all the houses, stopping at different places for Mulled wine and nibbles!! It's such a shame I can't sing a note! Can you imagine poor Paul's face as he wheeled me round the village!! Hehehe 
It was nice to feel welcome though, we bought a rather delicious Lemon sponge cake ( it was a posh one from a Garden centre), I think I have mentioned before that I have a thing about buying homemade cakes from unknown origin!! You just never know, my Mum's friend always brings her apple pies that she has made that seem to have more hair in than apple! Such a shame as I am sure Mum would love to eat them. 

Karen I hope you have had a lovely crafty weekend with your friend, I bet you were crafting into the night, crafting is so  much more fun with friends, thats why I value Sue and Pat coming over, although I have missed Pat since before we went away.  I can't wait to see the results of your weekends crafting xxx

Pat I do hope that you and Pete are managing to enjoy the weekend after your busy week at the hospital, sending you both hugs xxx

Brenda your Foamiran Rose was absolutely stunning, John was right, it looked freshly picked, I will share it with the ladies next Saturday, thank you for sending me a photo, did you use the Silk Foam we bought at Ally Pally, also did you heat it?? xxx

Enjoy your Sunday ladies,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    What an amazing selection of challenge cards today. I ran out of time to try & use the other backgrounds that I’d made.

    When I suggested featuring cards made using the free gifts yesterday, I meant to the cards featured in the magazines. I wouldn’t have time to use the free gifts & make cards with them all. Thought I’d better explain myself a bit better!

    Yesterday was a brilliant day-long & tiring (450 mile round trip) but totally worth it. We sat with my Uncle virtually all day, the weather was glorious all day and everyone made us feel very welcome.

    Housework today then maybe a play in my craft room later.


  2. Morning Everyone
    WOW what a collection of CCs this week. All are so beautiful and some interesting backgrounds have been produced.

    I don't know what's happened to me CC etc this week but I sent the pics off on Thursday morning as usual (2 CCs and a mixed media plaque). Perhaps they're somewhere.

    We had a busy shopping morning and then a quiet afternoon yesterday. Not sure about today.

    The CAFE is oPen and it's Roast Beef for lunch today.
    Hugs are on their way to you all. xxxx

    1. Janet i am so sorry, i have no idea why yours got missed off! I will go sort out another post for them for Tuesday.x

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    Wow, so many fabulous challenge cards. The extra notice boards are all full too, it's a good job you got them a while ago JANET 😊 Please may I have the roast beef, it's my favourite dinner. I hope you manage to get to relax today with no glossing. How much more do you have to do?It will be worth all the trouble once it is finished though X
    SANDRA, I hope you are feeling better today my lovely. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into the blog. How nice that you got to have a chat with your neighbours at the McMillan coffee morning. Listening to the carol singers at Christmas will be lovely. Our village does the same but like you I can't sing a note so just enjoy hearing others 😊 I hope you enjoy whatever you do today xx
    Lilian, I hope the meds start to kick in very soon x
    Michele, I bet you and Phil are both very tired after your long day yesterday but how lovely that you got to spend time with your uncle X
    Pat thinking of you and Pete X
    Anyone else not feeling good also gets a gentle hug x
    This morning I am crafting as I am trying get ahead with the cards needed for the next month or so and to make some more Christmas cards as well then both Chris's and I are off to a car boot sale this afternoon to see if we can bag any bargains. Chris jnr was the one who asked if we could go as he loves looking at all of the toys. He always has one or two things that he would like to buy and that is all he looks for, and he understands that we might not find them "because it's not like a proper shop is it Granny". I must admit I am always on the look out for crafty items but also find it fascinating to see how some sellers dont clean their wares. We actually saw a baby's high chair that still had food smeared all over the tray!!! That's the plan for today and I hope you all have a good one whatever you are doing.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care x

  4. Another great selection of cards and boy! LYNDA! You really went to town! Some lovely ideas and I totally echo SANDRA’s words Some beautiful ideas I might dare to get the gilding flakes later

    We had a great day KAT made a lot of Christmas cards! at least 15 from Kanban kits she’s had for ages I made the grand total of 4! But mine were from scratch ie designing it on laptop, printing,choosing card etc if you see what I mean - we mentioned this yesterday I will send photos
    I hope to do a bit of sewing today now that I have a cleared table which had been cleared for Kat to craft on I need a new peg bag I dread to think how old my current one is!
    Your coffee morning sounded lovely A great way to meet the villagers
    Right I’m off to craft I need to still make cards too
    Take care all xx

  5. Hi everyone,

    Just having breakfast at the sea front and brought my tablet with me to catch up on emails.

    Ladies what an amazing selection of cards today. All lovely backgrounds. Well done especially LYNDA with a fantastic 8 cards.

    Having a lovely laid back time staying with my friend Joan. Mostly by the pool or in the pool although yesterday I had a swim n he sea. There are 8 of us to play petanque here in Joan's garden later and then wee all out for a curry. Should be fun.

    Hope everyone is ok and hugs to all who aren't.
    PAT hope PETE is ok after all his hospital visits this week.

    Take care all.
    Lots of love Valxxx

    1. Sounds like you are having a lovely time Val, enjoy every moment! Xxx

  6. Just having a cuppa and scrolling through the cards again It’s made me realise that I must route out the few masks I have and have a play And thank you LYNDA for the reminder of the masking tape technique I remember doing it once and when dry covered it in Perfect Medium and heat embossing it with clear embossing powder

    Quick note SANDRA I used Sharpie as they’re an alcohol pen and cheap I didn’t want to waste my Chameleon pens - the only alcohol pens I have on a first attempt

  7. Hi everyone.
    Oh look at all the fabulous cards and what an amazing mix of backgrounds. Some great ideas. 8 cards from our Lynda wow!:>) I enjoyed it and hope to make some more right after I have tidied up Lol I just couldn't invite a friend over yesterday with the state of the kitchen. The Happy Birthday die Sandra I believe is one from The Works.
    Had a fun day making cards with other ladies at the workshop. As usual I have to put them together proper at home because the time just flow away and we also had time for some cake for the Mac Millan Trust. Sad it was the last time for now have nowhere to go for any workshop as Julia wont be doing any more here in MK.
    Enjoy this Sunday however you are doing it. Sending hugs to you all xooxx

  8. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra once again we have a super lot of cards to look at, thank you for an interesting challenge, look forward to what you have for us tomorrow. Good to hear you got to Macmillan Coffee Morning & villagers were chatting with you.
    This is the first year I haven't done one for about 3years.
    Hope you all have had a good weekend, good to hear you Michele enjoyed the wedding & were able to have a good chat with your Uncle, a long journey though.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What an amazing response to this weeks challenge, Lynda you are a star, 8 cards from you.....WOW

    Sandra I did get the foamiran at AllyPally, buy I didn’t use the silk for this rose, I think I bought this foam on the previous occasion. There was a stand selling lots of coloured foam sheets, (I haven’t seen them there since) I bought several different colours, for the rose I used cream and added a pink tint to the edge of each petal. Yes I did heat the petals and lightly stretched the edge after heating.

    I’ve had a disastrous afternoon, made an Apple pie, it was almost cooked, I decided to reorganise the oven, lifted the pie, it was on a baking tray - it slipped on the baking tray and ended upside down on the floor. John was an absolute treasure he cleaned up all of the mess and washed the kitchen floor. THEN I was cooking the vegetables, carrots in the water other veg on top in the steamer and forgot to turn the gas down. Yes they were almost toasted! I wasn’t even feeling stressed or anything like that. But as John said - you didn’t hurt yourself so don’t worry.

    Time for bed, can’t mess that up, can I?

    Sleep well dear friends, Love Brenda xxx

  10. Hello All, sorry to be late, have to admit I looked at all the cards this morning then promptly forgot to comment.

    Everyone’s cards are super, Lynda you are a real star, must admit mine looks better in the hand, BUT nowhere near as good as all of yours.

    Well time for bed, cardio clinic tomorrow, so hopefully will get some sleep tonight, have had a lot of wakeful nights because of my cough. Hugs to all.