Monday, 11 January 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

This Weeks Sketch
 My Sketch Card

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I would like to start by thanking all of you for taking part in both of the challenges last week, as you could see from all of the cards that were made, everyone interprets it in a different way and thats what its all about.

You can see this weeks sketch above, I have tried to keep it as simple as possible this week, using some basic shapes, all you need to add is your personal touch and design.
Now as you can see I have chose to put my ribbon underneath the oval, thats fine, its just what worked best for this particular design, you could use ribbon, a die cut border or a flag style die cut,
I have used a flower, you could use whatever you please, a button,or a little sentiment, the choice is yours, all that you need to stick to is the basic layout, so as long there is an oval with something going across and something round 'ish' at the side of the banner shape.

Just like last week I will showcase your cards next Sunday, so go on, take up the challenge its quite good fun and so lovely to see everyone's ideas, there was inspiration for everyone yesterday.

I think we are in for a real cold snap this week, hopefully it will kill off all of these bugs that seem to be circulating.  
Please take care in the ice though, its seems ages since we have had ice on the ground around here, not the same for those of you up north I know.  Time to get your thermal drawers out ladies or 'passion killers' as they are otherwise known!  

Sending love to our dear Barbara, you remain in my thoughts and prayers my lovely xxxx

Wendy, special thoughts to you too at this sad time xxx

Lynda I hope your Antibiotics have started to kick in and you are starting to feel better xxx

Karen, I hope you have sent the dreaded 'Arthur' packing, he has overstayed his welcome I think, hugs to you too xxx

Special Hugs to anybody else that needs them too xxxx

talking of hugs or 'huggles' as they are also known........

 Anne sent in this photograph, she managed to catch Norah's naughty huggles in action and snapped this shot of them, its nice to put a face to the little huggles isn't it??? Is this how you pictured them?
Thank you so very much Anne for being sharp enough to catch them with your camera!!!!

We just need a photo of Marigny Dobbie now!!!!

Love and hugs

(I fear the men in white coats will be waiting for me after that last article, I do wonder what people think when they look in) !!!


  1. Good morning Sandra and all who call in.
    Now this weeks sketch that seems easy enough, I was dreading that it would be something that would require colouring. Will get that seen to later on. Today Patricia and I are hoping to meet up at the Hilton in Dundee for morning -I was going to say coffee but seeing how we don't drink coffee it will be a cup of tea. We haven't meet up since before Christmas so it will be lovely. We are going to arrange to meet up with Jess and Norah hopefully over the next few weeks.
    We will just wait to see what the weather is doing.
    Maria, I hope you feel better today and it will be a better one than yesterday.
    To everyone else I hope you are all ok,
    Now as for the " Huggles" these great little creatures are in my mind very much like these ones that Anne captured with her camera, of course these are Scottish ones so they could differ to some others. Aren't they cute.
    Little Premmie will need his sleeping bag today as its so cold. The Scottish news hasn't said anything about snow this morning so that's good
    Off to get my tea and toast. Xxx

    1. Hello Hazel,
      Enjoy your meet up with big sister and I wonder how many cups of tea you will get out of one teabag!!! xxxx

    2. Have a lovely time with Patricia, Hazel!, xxxx

    3. Give each other a hug from Me :) and have a nice day xxx

    4. Hope you have had a lovely time Hazel and Patricia xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    This sketch says "Easter egg" to me!! Maybe I'm just a chocoholic??!!

    I think those Huggles pinched some of my weekend as I cannot believe it's Monday morning already. Hubby is away again so I'm hoping to do something crafty tonight, if work isn't too crazy busy that is.


    1. Michele, whoever pinched your weekend was also at work up here in Newcastle. Where did Sunday go? xxx

    2. Michele, behave! We haven't had Valentine's Day yet!!
      Whole days just seem to disappear! Xxx

  3. Morning Everyone
    Dawn is just breaking here and at least it's fine - still damp but no rain/snow. Daniel and Sylvie popped in over the week-end to say hello and wish us luck for 2016 (they keep an eye on the house and do the garden for us) and they said that on they had all the windows open as it was so warm!! It's just not natural we need cold to kill all the bugs as Sandra says.

    This week's Challenge looks OK and I have read it properly first time around Sandra so I know what to do!!!!

    I have made sure everything is OK this morning in the Café but Young Dobbie is in for a little 'chat' as I can see one or two smears in the corners of the windows. I know he is only small but he is young and can climb the height needed. Apart from that everything looks OK.

    Lunch today is Beef Stew and Dumplings so please help yourselves. Michele set my taste buds going last night telling us what she was having.

    I'll be in later to see if those corners are clean.

    Hugs and more hugs for those in need this morning.

    Sandra if you think the men in white coats are coming for you well I dread to think what will arrive for me after this posting.

    1. Janet, I don't think the van, belonging to the men in white coats, will be big enough for everyone on this blog!! xxx

    2. Janet! They will need a lot of storage space in that van! 20 plus GC's or Platinum Machines take up a lot of room!! Xxx

    3. Myra that's not where we are having the next retreat! Yes it would be cheap, but we would be locked in our rooms each night and lights out.
      Tin hat at the ready! Xxx

    4. Afternoon - well as long as we're all together all day I'm sure we can arrange to take it in turns to meet in each other's room of an evening for a small glass of something warming after all we are all supposed to be 'talented' but no one yet as said which talent each of us have? I'm not afraid of the tin hat Oh no no no no not me

    5. We are multi - talented! That is more than can be said for the vast majority of folk who think they are superstars on television!

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a pretty card you have made using this weeks sketch. I will try and join in again. I did enjoy seeing all of the different ideas for last weeks challenge.
    Anne did a great job snapping those cheeky Huggles, they are just what I expected. Yes, we are all going to be taken away together by the men in the white coats Sandra : )
    Barbara, Val and family are sent my love and hugs x
    Lynda, hopefully the meds are starting to do their job now.
    I have pulled a muscle or something as my right collarbone/neck are really painful, being right handed it is a proper pain in the neck!!!
    Sending you all hugs. Wrap up warmly now thw weather is finally starting to get colder. Take care xx

    1. Sue flower, try either a wheat bag het up or salt warmed up in a sock and wrap it around your sore bit. I know that i can go to bed fine or as fine as i can get, and wake up in the morning with my back and neck right out of place and look like Quasimodo with out a word of a lie and not be able to even get the head up straight so it was always a sock with salt in it that i used to help ease it until it behaved itself again. So yes you literally have a real pain in the neck with that one. x

    2. Hi Sue, is it you that's the pain in the neck, I knew it was someone among the ladies!!! Seriously, it's good advice that Norah has given you, I wake up every day with a pain in the neck, whether George is there or not ha ha.
      Whatever you do today, enjoy it. We'll all get together in the "White Coat Men's Van" and have a hoolie! xxx

    3. Ha ha! Myra, that reminds me of a highland mans weather forecast
      When you can see Ailsa Craig it's going to rain
      When you can't see Ailsa Craig it's raining!

    4. Yes! Anne my Dad used to say that too - for such a small island it seems to follow you when travelling by car along the Ayrshire coast!
      Think it's the way the land lies!!
      Have you heard of the Electric Brae??
      I'm not being silly for once - it's a serious question! Xxxx

    5. Myra, I've been on the electric brae, it's unreal, you think you are going down a hill when in fact you have to accelerate because you are going up, it is an optical illusion with the road and the land, good fun though!

    6. It is isn't it Jess! We loved it as children! Our boys did too. Xxx

    7. Tammys boys love going on that road. Xxx

  5. Morning Sandra and ladies,
    Today's sketch is super, love the card you have done. Will really try and do a card this week, no promises mind!
    Anne love the photo of the huggles, look like I had imagined them
    I think I will adopt a little girl one, I will show her how to craft maybe she will be better than me,. I think her name will be Morag, what do you think?
    The men in white coats are going to be busy, at least we will all be together at no cost.
    It will be lovely to see you Hazel, and Patricia and Norah.
    Take care everyone, xxx

    1. Jess, dear, I am getting seriously worried about you!! Do you think Morag is a suitable name of a huggle, I prefer Ailsa - I used to have a very good friend who was called Ailsa Craig Proud. She was one of five sisters and they all had names ending with the letter A.
      Sheila, Moira, Flora, Ailsa and Brenda in that order with the oldest being Sheila!!!! xxx (How's that for a memory, I haven't seen her since I was 14 - nearly 30 years ago now!!!) by the way Rachel is 47 this month!!!!

    2. That reminded me of my Mum! She went to visit a lady who had just had a baby. At dinner time she was telling Dad and my brother. I was married and had left home by then! What's the wee girls name asks Dad! Oh says Mum , it's just slipped my mind but she called her after a Scottish Island !! Well They were all suggesting names from the sublime to the ridiculous and finally gave up! Suddenly Mum shouts I've remembered its Ailsa!! An island says my Dad it's not much more than a big rock!!! Memories and this blog! Xxx

    3. Oh I like Morag, we used to read the Katie Morag books to Emma when she was little. I liked the two grandmas! Xxxx

    4. Diane, I also loved these books, Anna liked them better than Beth. One of their mums friends is from the isle of Barra and she bought Anna her first one and Anna always related the stories to Maggie being the mum in the books. Just lovely stories. xxx

  6. Good morning my little coffee shop cherubs,
    Well Sandra i might stand more of a chance this week with OH back to work and calm has come upon my household again until nightfall. I really like the colour of your card flower and is that a spellbinder aster i spy or and i getting my dies mixed up with my cuts? Either way it really is a bonny card, so soft and subtle looking, that could really make someones day coming through the post. I would say something about my capabilities but i know i would get a sherikin' so i will just say i will try flower, ok?
    Oh Anne i am just wondering what they are up to now with them having made a rope to hold onto? I hope that your Christmas tree wasn't raided off all it's baubles by these 3? I think it was the tinkling of their bells that alerted you to their antics and you were too quick for them to get back up and hide again so that they didn't get caught. I dread to think what they were doing with the decorations although one of them that is still at home slipped into my bag on Christmas day to Kirsten's and found her tinsel. Well there she started with the tinsel around her neck as a feather boa parading up and down the living room carpet. Harry of course was giggling something mad like as he has never seen someone smaller than himself before and playing with his mummy's tree decorations as well. Kirsten thought that it was someone going out of the diningroom that must have knocked it off the tree as little missy huggles was hiding under Harry's bouncy chair with Harry in it and the blanket over his legs. Harry was supposed to be going for a nap but he was having far too much fun with a certain little party and her antics to fall asleep. See that's the point only certain people can see the huggles with them being kind of magical and Kirsten not having that kind of mind or nature she just can't see them. Of course once nobody was looking again out came little miss huggles and started agin with her little diva show. Do you know she even stuck a deep flat rhinestone on the bottom of her little shoes to make them into Dorothy high heels. I ask you where will the mischief end? You'll know she was taken home and sent to her bed without anything to eat just because of her behaviour although how she didn't bring down that tree when she took off the tinsel i don't know.
    I have brought some of the better behaved huggles today to the cafe although i think that they are all a bit more subdued with all the decorations and lights down. I think i will have a large latte and a croissant with real butter on it today again. Sandra please can i have the croissant het up as it does taste so much nicer with the butter on the hot pastry. I will sit and get some of my border knitted today as i have finished the main body of the shawl last night and made a start to the border. Sending special huggles to our Barbara and Val along with prayers and thoughts, also to Wendy who could do with some huggles and prayers to help her get through the next few days to start with, and to Sheila i hope that the giant hurdle of Christmas you managed to overcome flower with your lovely Nikki.
    Norah, RNC (Registered Nut Case) x

    1. Ooh Norah, I love nuts, so no wonder we get on fine. Your huggles have been very well behaved in my house this Christmas, I think it was the chocolate sprouts and chocolate snowballs (from a certain M&S) that kept them quiet, they had such a job to get the wrapping off them as they kept rolling around. In fact a couple of the huggles sat on the little round sprouts and tied silver beads to their friends, who pulled them - wheeeeeee.
      (Am I sane?) xxxxx

    2. Definitely - not!! Join the Club!
      Since we are having Huggle Tales! Are you sitting comfortably - then I'll begin!
      I never would have thought that a bunch of bananas could be turned into a slide - but they can! However since they are in a footed bowl on a shine work top I was takin no chances! Elf n Safety!! So - underneath we have a rolled up guest towel a just the right size to give a soft landing! Know exactly what you mean about the wheeeeee!
      I'm not mad exactly - just a little odd!! Xxx

    3. Oops! Shiny and taking!!! Xxx

    4. Well I have got to tell you my Huggle tale, it's started with the arrival of Norah's Christmas card, out jumped the cheeky little chappy he bounced along the hall, someone had left a scarf on the banister post, he climbed up the scarf and scampered up the banister, nearing the top he turned round and came sliding down, managing to catch hold of the scarf and having a lovely swing on it before falling BUMP on the floor. Spent most of Christmas sleeping in the straw in the manger which sits near the fire place in the lounge. He is now well at home here. I have given him a little cot from the dolls house to sleep in, but you just never know where he's going to turn up and what mischief he will be getting up to!

    5. Oh dear the tears are rolling down my face, I have laughed so much, Charlie thankfully is busy booking our flights and car hire for our holiday in Canada so he hasn't heard me laughing as he is in the kitchen. Oh I won't tell my story just yet, I have to go take the car to the garage it's MOT tomorrow, we are dropping it off now rather than early in the morning. Right ladies Springfield house is set in beautuful grounds and you can see over to the Hill of Tarvit lovely so when they book you on the white van tell them Springfield house we will have a lovely retreat there on the

    6. Is it Hospital food? Xxxx

  7. Good morning Ladies, clear and bright here today but still a bit watery.
    Oh Norah I love your stories they make me laugh and take me back to magical childhood days, thank you for that, I now have a spring in my step! xo
    Sandra , I love today's inspiration so I think I could be tempted upstairs for a quick play, I should really be doing other things but what the heck?
    Thanks for sharing the huggles!
    Will pop back later.
    Love and hugs to you all xoxo

    1. Anne, those huggles certainly look as though they are having a good time xxxx

    2. David Bailey - eat your heart out! What a photographer! Xxxx

    3. Anne it's that pogo stick that you borrowed and forgot to give back years ago that has made you bounce. Now i know you always wanted to master it but do you not think that we might just be a bit old for boing up in the air, you'll give the post man a real fright when he sees you springing up from behind the hedge at him. lol x
      You're welcome, there is still a few beds left in ward 15 x

    4. It's really childish behaviour Anne! You really should know better!
      Tin hat!! Xxxx

  8. Hellooooooooooooooooo,
    Well, I think it's official - we are all certifiable!!!
    Sandra, I will get cracking on this week's challenge later today, so maybe I will produce something half decent - then again I may not!!! I enjoyed last week's, even though I was in a rush, it was just something different and it was great to see everyone else's ideas.
    Not much on the cards today ha ha, no pun intended. We have freezing fog and want to go up to see David and Trudy, so we'll go after lunch and get back for the girls coming from school. George is quite happy today because he's not helping Peter and could have a lie in. He's easy pleased. He has to be - he married me lol.
    I'm just going to have a weak latte and a toasted crumpet, with lashings of butter and some gorgeous strawberry jam. I'll help myself and put the money in the pot.
    See you later, if the white coat men haven't been!
    Muriel xxxx

  9. Good morning Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Today's challenge shouldn't be too difficult, although at first I thought I haven't got any oval dies ....... Panic ...... Had a quick check and I do have a plain Oval
    and a fancy one, so no excuses.

    Anne love the picture of the Scottish huggles. BUT Sorry in my head they are ROUND and have wee arms and legs and bounce along giggling a lot, Oh yes, and they are different colours. Q. Why is there a man at my door with a white coat on? I can only add that I will all be in good company!!!!
    NORAH, what have you started, your cheeky Huggles are all over the country, Janet has on in France, I think the little rascal climbed into Yvette when they weren't looking!

    Think it's time I got on and did something, before the man in the white coat really does take me away.
    I hope everyone has a good day.
    Lynda, hope the antibiotics have started to work.
    Sue, hope the pain in the neck/collarbone eases soon, just take it steady.
    Maria, I hope you have a better day today, just don't make too many demands on yourself.
    Hazel and Patricia, I hope you are enjoying your lovely after Christmas catch up.
    Saba and Val, Sending you love and prayers xx
    To everyone in pain or feeling under the weather sending you gentle hugs.xx

    Will pop back in later and see how everyone's day has gone. Love Brenda XXX

  10. Morning Sandra and everyone in today.
    I just saw a huge egg in the sketch and wondered if I even had that shape in any form but looking down on to your pretty card Sandra I have something in mind so thank you for helping me/us out who do get mojo or crafting blocks at times. Might find something like a daffodil or two hihi I didn't mind you teasing me at all, it just made me smile that I have so many lovely friends. Thank you for making me feel better last night.
    Anne have captured the Huggles perfectly hanging around somewhere or onto someone, I love them. Funny thing is ,this is how I seen them looking like even before meeting them in real. Oh dear, It's going to be very busy with white coat men running around the country,France and Germany looking for us all Lol.
    Sue -that's a real pain in the neck you got there, take it easy today and hopefully it will ease during the day. I'm some better this morning, thanks to plenty of painkillers. Karen- hope Arthur have gone somewhere else and Lynda- that your gums are better and the meds. are helping at last. Lilian- take care if doing any job today. Michele- hope your work is all right and you come back home not to exhausted tonight. It's nice to see Johanna and Wendy back in when you can. I also wonder about Janice, hope she is ok and if you looking in do know we miss you. Hope she hasn't have had any flooding.
    I hope everything is well with Sheila and Nikki too.
    Saba, Val and family, you are always in my thoughts,hugs.
    Brenda- you made me smile. Aren't they lucky you live so close. Just wondered if not T had a key for home if she was going to picked up ?
    I told you I rarely throw anything away so I found the
    'Rosehip Welcome' from DMC Creative world ,it was a kit with the frame included which I used but I have the Cross Stitch pattern if any of you would like to borrow it or I could make a Copy, just say if you like
    Tea and toast finished, only +4 outside so will go into Kitchen and put the thinking cap on and see what's happen
    Love and hugs to you all ,Maria Xxxx

    1. Maria , I'm so glad you feel a bit better today! I now have a picture of you sitting at the table wearing a woolly hat with a fur Pom Pom! You look very smart! All the best with the card! Xxx

    2. Hi Maria,
      Pleased to hear you feel better today. Could I take you up on offer of copy your cross stitch it is definitely my sort of pattern. Good luck with your card. Love Margaret xx

  11. Hello Ladies,
    Sandra - I like this challenge too as I think I could manage a little something!
    I hope you are not lulling us into a false sense of security before suggesting we " throw a pot" or something! Brenda would manage very well but I'd just chuck mine at the wall.
    Your card is lovely today with lovely muted colours!
    These huggles do get around! We've been hit with Hugglemania!
    Now I pictured a soft fluffy white almost cloud like creature with tiny legs , arms and a hat . I could draw it - it's that easy! Isn't imagination a wonderful thing!
    The picture Anne caught is lovely and the mischief is clear to see!
    See you in the van!!!
    Love to all , especially those who are going through really trying times. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    1. And don't give any to Patricia as she is really good at throwing things, duck in coming x lol

    2. I tell you - it's worrying!! Ha ha !! Xxx

  12. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra I love this weeks challenge will have a think about it, thank you for making us think.xx
    Sue sorry to hear you have a bad shoulder I sent you a text earlier but have not had a reply you could well be sleeping hope you feel better soon hugs on way xx
    Had some good news today Alan's PSA count is now 0.4 so well worth the operation great relief all round.
    Love the Huggies just as I imagined love your stories you are all daft but lovely.xx
    Thinking of Saba & Val special thoughts & prayers as always,
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

    1. Oh Margaret i do not know wha a PSA count is but it sounds serious so i so pleased that Alan has actually reaped a benefit from his operation and long may it continue for him flower, he will be back to his normal self again soon good or bad but back to his normal self, lol. x

    2. Margaret like Norah I don't know what that is either but it's good news and that's the main thing xxxxx

    3. Hi MARGARET like NORAH & DIANE I don know what that is either but it's good news, sending you both Hug's xx

    4. PSA not sure what initials stand for but basically it's a blood test to see if there is cancer in prostate Alan's last test was 8.6 he was lucky & had an operation where they insert radio active pellets into the prostrate which should get rid of the tumour & hopefully the need of radiotherapy for several weeks. All men should have this test after 60 or so but in alot of cases you have to ask for it.
      Thanks for your comments you are all so kind. Xx

  13. Hello everyone, hope you are all well, if not I send you some ((((hugs))))
    Sue:- hope the "pain in the neck" disappears soon. Heat bag, painkillers and some rest should do the trick.
    SANDRA:- great easy Sketch Challenge, thank you.
    ANNE:- I just adore those " Huggles" love their tartan "Trews" Right cheeky little scallywags they are but Oh! So! loveable.
    Had a great Meet Up and chat with Hazel. So much to get through, we have not seen each other since before Christmas. John was not too good the weekend before Christmas, we then had a Wedding on the 23rd, Christmas ..... then the rains started and forgot to stop. Hazel and I do chat every day but it's not the same as a face to face conversation. No rain so far today but "man" you should see the sky, it's black and full of something. Hope it's not SNOW!!!
    John was talking to our Farmer neighbour who said we have had 10.4inches of rain since 1st Jan. Our direct road out of the village is still really bad with flooding. I went out that way this morning but took a round about route to get back. I also had to divert going in to meet Hazel. The road I would normally take was closed.
    Hazel made me up a beautiful basket for my neighbours new baby. He was only 3lbs 1oz when born. In the basket are the most gorgeous little cardigans they are so small and sweet. If you go on to Hazels Blog you will see the Basket, it is worth a look.
    Isobel is at the hospital, I will pop over with the basket when I know she is back.
    Right I have a few things to get organised then I suppose I will need to think about food for later. I should have thought about that before I went out this morning. Hey! Ho! pot luck is good .... it will be a surprise ... for both of us!!
    (((((hugs))))) in the basket by the door. I had to pickup a whole load of them that those "Huggles" .... blooming little tinkers had scattered all over the floor. xxx

    1. Oh and Patricia don't they think it funny you trying to chase after them thinking that you are playing a game. we just can't manage to get into all the little spaces that they can but i know which one it was that was sticking their tongue out at me from the wee hole in the corner that is partly covered by the big fridge that Sandra has for storing all the fresh cream cakes and scones that have butter, jam and cream on them. So i am just waiting on him making his appearance again and he will be sitting on that naughty step for a month if he keeps going cheeky little tyke. Please don't encourage his bad behaviour with giving him treats as it does not teach him not to do it again if you do. x

  14. Good afternoon. I can say that as we have had a lovely day with sunshine. Yes the sun was out! What a difference it made. Patricia and I had a lovely meet up, we do like going for our cup of tea at the Hilton nice surroundings, while there today we booked our family gathering we booked afternoon teas for 33. It's lovely to think we are hosting that amount and not doing any work.
    So Patricia has taken on the job of doing the invites. I did have a laugh with her saying " it will keep you busy". Seeing how folk think just because we are retired we aren't busy!!! They forget we have life's and we do all our own housework,,yes OH help doing little things but we do everything really. Plus we often look after grandchildren etc. And all unpaid at that.
    Yes we put the world to rights and we talked about where we could go for a weeks holiday in September. Turkey is out as we don't know how things will be.
    Gutted really but the guys have said NO!!!
    Margaret, this great news ref Alan's PSA count.
    I went to the chemo unit today and handed in the boxes of biscuits, drinking chocolate and coffee, the tea ladies were very grateful. So that's it till next month.
    Oh I have just had to give my " Huggle" into trouble I caught him walking around in the front room ( cream carpet) with his size 10'boots on, he knows the rule that boots are not allowed on in the house and for covering his feet when he is walking out side. His cheeky answer, which he did get told off for was " well Harris doesn't have to cover his feet up when he comes in with muddy paws??? I was quick to point out that Harris gets his paws washed. Little tinker he has an answer for everything. Oh his name is Dougal. Another good Scottish name! Xxx

    1. I hope that you didn't let that little tyke away with giving you cheek Hazel, i cannot abide cheeky huggles especially when they weren't brought up like that. x

    2. Oh no he didn't get away with any of it, I to can't be doing with cheek, but more so as I knew you would never let him away with that. Xxx

  15. Sorry sandra, asylum seekers welcome that is loony bin asylum seekers that have huggles trouble as they are causing an epidemic i think but it's the fact that it is spreading over seas as well, although i don't think little huggles will need quarrentining but you never know what the government will want to be protecting it's citizens from next.
    Ward 15 has a lovely outlook xx

    1. Norah , I like the sound of ward 15, I think we should pre book now for a block booking in about 6 months time, cause it seems we are all heading in that direction at the rate of knots ! I do hope they have accomodation for well behaved huggles, they would be lonely if left behind.I wonder if they'll put us on medication to keep us quiet, Myra and Maureen come to mind, tinhat!
      Managed to get a card done today for Sandra's sketch, will photograph it tomorrow.
      Good to hear you are feeling a bit better Maria xoxo
      Anne xoxo

    2. More meds.! I'm already rattling when walking and sometimes take a sidestep or two into a door or wall. Yap take me to ward 15 ,I'm ready tihi xx

  16. Helloooooooooooooooo again,
    Just going to have my tea, but I thought I'd pop in to see how many had been "carted off" by the men in white. I see we are all still present and correct, so that's all right then!!!
    Hazel and Patricia, glad you had a good day together. The freezing card disappeared around 1 pm and the sun got out!!! It's still freezing cold though, and the fields are lakes.
    Maria, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better today, I look forward to seeing your daffodil card ha ha. xx
    Sue, hope your pain is going, going, gone.
    After tea, I'm away to do my sketch card, wish me luck!
    Norah, you like living dangerously, don't you?? Your comment about Patricia throwing things made me laugh out loud!
    Muriel xxxx

    1. Thee freezing card, should of course be freezing fog. I've got cards on the brain ha ha.

    2. I see we've gone back to the old English! Thee freezing card!!
      I've been Lucied today!
      Will explain later! Xxxx

  17. Hello Sandra and all the lovely ladies
    Well I'm home again! We've had a long weekend in London hence my hurried visits! Thought we would make use of Julian's time off and have a little trip, oh boy do my legs and feet ache - we have walked miles! We have had fun though. We got tickets to see Wicked - on it was brilliant and much cheaper going to the box office in Leicester square than buying them on line. We have eaten walked shopped and laughed our way around and it's been fun. Funnily enough, we haven't been charged for carrier bags in London! How strange is that. I now own a rather lovely Fortnums bag and all we bought was a tea spoon ( to go in a tea caddy not a tea cup!) as a birthday present.
    Well I must go and have a quick tidy up - I think the wee huggles have been skating on the icing on the Christmas cake! The snowman looks quite dazed! I do love the photos, I thought they were soft and fluffy with wee hats.
    Maria I hope you are feeling better today and Jess I hope you have recovered. Lynda I hope the antibiotics have worked . Sending hugs to Wendy and Barbara and some for Sheila too. Sue I hope your neck is more comfortable tonight, it's horrible being in pain. Luckily Emma's neck has only been a bit sore after the car accident she had with Julian's mum last week. Jean was in pain at the weekend and quite tearful but a lot of that is shock and anger. Her car is a right off whilst the man that went into the back of her drove off with a small dent!
    Well I must go
    I may see you later, but then again, I may be asleep! Xxxxx

    1. Thank you DIANE one more day of antibiotics lot better just a little sore keep doing salt rinses.good night xxx

  18. Evening, lovely ladies, you do know you are all Bonkers with a capital B, I just love reading all your tales, how do you make freezing cards, is it a new trend. i will try and have a go at Sandra's card theme, but how do I get it to Sandra, please tell. All these huggle's are a bad influence, i am sure one came here today and annoyed my bearded dragon ( well my granddaughters really but i look after him ) he was in a right mood when i came home from the shop, he gets lonely so the huggle can keep him company. The men in white coats need to come here and take me away, i need the rest and will be in good company, i am sure, I hope everyone has had a good a day as they possibly can, love and hugs Johanna

    1. Hi Johanna,
      If you decide to do a challenge card, you can then email it to me at
      I would love to see what you create, it doesnt have to be a challenge card either, i will share anything you make, especially crafts for saturdays!
      Sue (mrs b) has Bearded Dragons too, they sound fascinating creatures!
      Its lovely having you back amongst us xxx
      Sandra xxx

    2. Thank you Sandra, you are a lovely special lady

  19. Hello all, terrible weather here again, will the rain never end.
    Sandra love the new sketch, will try and stick to the rules this time.
    Feeling worried at the moment, as we were hoping our sister would be sent for convalescence at one of our cottage hospitals, but she seems to have taken a turn for the worse, so is still in our one main hospital,which is a horrible place.
    The food is appalling , but as she is diabetic she needs to eat, her blood sugar is out of control again,really worried.
    Hope those of you that are out of sorts will be feeling better soon.
    May see you later.

    1. Oh Lilian, I'm so sorry about your sister! Everything becomes so difficult when there are pre- existing problems like diabetes which in normal circumstances is fairly easily controlled. I do hope your sister is settled somewhere suitable very soon. Xxxx

    2. Hi LILIAN I hope your sister improves so she can be moved to the cottage hospital. the hospital sounds horrible that she is in at the moment. Sending Hug's xxx

    3. Oh Lilian, sorry to read about your sister, could you maybe tempt her with some sandwiches from home xxxx

    4. Thanks for the hugs, just feel so helpless, the hospital do not like you to bring food in from home.
      Not the nurses fault , when I was there ,only one young nurse around and she was rushed off her feet

  20. Hi Sandra
    Love this sketch layout and the card you made using it.
    Lilian, I do hope that your sister improves soon to enable her to move closer to you all. Thinking of you all along with Barbara and Val.
    The huggles look just like I imagined Sandra.
    Nice to see you back in Joanne.
    They moved Ellis today to a care home in Cassington, however, Doreen wasn't well enough to visit as she was in so much pain. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow, this is supposed to be temporary until they can put a care package in place. I'm not to sure how she can cope even with help.

  21. Hello Sandra & ladies
    Who pinch my day it's gone so quick SANDRA & all of you lovely ladies for wishing me better one more day of antibiotics gums are a lot better but still a little sore so will carry on with the salt rinses & hope for the best. I had one of Norah's lovely sweet little Huggles taking care of me she lay on my pillow with her head on my cheek & kept it warm I have called her snuggle.( men in white coats knocking on the door ) haha.
    Sue I hope the pain in your neck is better soon take care.
    MARIA hope your feeling better too.
    Hazel & Patricia glad you both had a good catch up & the sun came out for you.
    Barbara Val & families always in my thoughts & prayers (((((Hug's)))))
    Sandra this week's sketch challenge looks a good one thank you.
    Going back to read comments Hug's Lynda xxx

    1. Hello Lynda and Snuggle!
      Glad you feel a bit better my dear! Huggles R Good !! Xxx

    2. Hello Lynda,
      Glad the rinses are doing the trick, along with the antibiotics, but make sure Snuggle doesn't do the back stroke in the salt water when you're not looking!!

    3. Hello MYRA thank you my friend Snuggle is sweet & good but i have to keep her away from beaky Freddy. Xx

    4. SHEILA sending you & Nikki love & Hug's xxxx

  22. Helloooooooooooooooooo,
    I may not get back in tonight, so I'll wish you all a good night, and sweet dreams.
    God bless and prayers to Barbara and Val.
    Sheila, Thinking of you.
    Brenda LL, thinking of you.
    Brenda OB, thinking of you.
    See you tomorrow.
    Muriel xxxx

  23. Who stole this day ? It just puff and it was gone....
    managed two cards today, doing the happy dance here thanks to our Sandra who given us this sketch. As I'm not very good at putting colours together maybe that could be another task because you do know what colours goes together so brilliantly. The day has been better and did spend some time with son, ok we watched a film together but normally he spends his days either at work or in his room on the computer so it was nice to see him. Glad Patricia and Hazel had a good time meeting up, the place sound very nice for tea. My brother have booked two weeks in Turkey and asked if we wanted to join them but we have declined because of the problems across the border. It's a shame, sure Turkey is a lovely place for holiday.
    Lilian, sorry about your sister. Hope she soon be well enough to move.You take care.
    Glad you feeling a bit better too Lynda. Isn't nice to have a little Snuggle, my Cuddle today have been very helpful, he pulled the handle on the GC for me a long time and you should have seen his smile. He really enjoyed himself when the handle was going down and he came around in a almighty fart Lol. Johanna dear, we are Bonkers and the best of friends so hope to meet you too one day in the flesh so to say.
    Margaret P - good news that it's gone down,not for an op but.... My BIL is having a biopsy on Thursday next week so we all just waiting. Going on holiday together soon so hope they can still go or we might cancel it. Will get son on to Copy the pattern and send to you asap.
    Diane- your day in London sounded fun but it's amazing how many miles you walk when you are there. Have a rest with your tootsies tomorrow :)
    Littlelamb- where are you my night-owl ?
    Saba,Val,Wendy and anyone else who need one I sending you special nice hugs ,you others are stuck with the normal standard ones and Muriel and Myra you have some little squidgy ones :) until tomorrow I wish you all a Good Night and lovely dreams of the white coat men and ward 15
    Lol Xxxxx

  24. Just arrived Maria. Not fir long though. Must go to bed soon as had a bad night last night. Not much sleep. Been trying to do some tidying but getting no where fast. Have another sympathy card to make. Difficult this one as the husbands mother passed away in Saturday and today the wife's brother passed away. Do you send one card or two? Things aren't going well for them at the moment as their son (similar age to my boys and grew up with them) has a brain tumour and is having chemo after having an operation. They couldn't remove it all. Your cross stitch yesterday was lovely. Well done! Well best away to my bed and hope for a better night as have to be up early to go to another friends mother's funeral. Not a good start to the year. Take care.

    1. Hi Brenda, good to see you. Hope you get a good sleep tonight. I have a card like that too to do, it's very difficult. So sorry to see you got so many funerals to go to lately. Not good when everyone around you getting older. You take care now. Hope to see some more craft from you and Scarlett soon. Night,night xxx

  25. Night, Night everyone, I hope you all get a good nights sleep, just as I was ready to go to my bed, my cheeky wee huggle decided it was play time. AND Guess what when we were on the school run this afternoon he bought a friend home, I may have to talk to them sternly and remind them it's bedtime!
    Sweet Dream Everyone xxx

    1. maybe you have to put up a nanny cam. so you can see what they been up to during the night hihi
      My Cuddle went to bed very nicely, must have been all the turns on the handle that made him tired but Mr sandman is late again and I have to be up before 8am as we got a guy coming to fix a leak from behind our en-suit toilet. Haven't had one for a week waiting for a part. Lucky we have 2 toilets more hihi Night,night Brenda xxx