Friday 8 January 2016

A little bit of Friday Fun!!

 Little Gift Cups

Good Morning Ladies,
I thought that as it was Friday we could have a little fun, I saw some cups made from Card on Social Media and thought that they would be a fun way to give small gifts or sweet and chocolate, so I sat yesterday afternoon and made these from some Kanban card that I found in a drawer, So I took some step by step photos so you can see how they are made if you fancy having a go, it would be a great way to give treats for Easter.
So here goes.........

 I Started with an A4  piece of patterned card

I the cut the card to size which is 4 1/2 inch
 you leave the width the  same as A4 (8  1/4) Inch
and the Handle is 1inch X 4 1/2 inches

You then score along the width of the card (the longest side) at 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8 inches, leaving a small lip for glueing.
Then turn the card round and score all the way down at 1 1/2 inches (see diagram)

Burnish all of your scored lines well

Trim of the lower piece of the tiny lip and then snip
each score line from the bottom edge up to the scored 1 1/2 inch line
See picture above for clarity

Apply Glue to the small lip of card
(you could use Super Sticky Red line tape if you prefer)

Fold the glued lip of card under the opposite edge of card to create the cup shape and hold in place while the glue sets up,

Time to glue the bottom flaps in place, I started by glueing opposite flaps together, BEWARE not to over tighten these as you my pull the cup out of shape. I used wet glue as it gives you a little 'wiggle room' at the end.

Keep like this until you have glued all of the flaps into place.

I turned the cup the right way up and placed the cup onto a flat surface and used a small bottle to firm the flaps into place and here is what your finished bottom should look like.

Next take the handle piece and my tip here would be to curve the handle slightly to shape the handle before glueing.

Take the handle and glue the right side on one end of the strip.....

and the back of the opposite end.

Take the glued handle strip and place it on the cup
(I placed my handle over where the join in the cup was)
Put the glued 'right' side at the top of the mug and...

Place the glued 'wrong or plain' side of the strip at the bottom of the cup and hold in place until glue holds the card in place.

You may think that the handle is a little wide, the reason for this is that it allows you to put more in your cup and hold it by the handle.
Your could make handle narrower if you choose.

Voila !! the finished cup.

I just added some sweets wrapped in pretty cellophane
tied with a bow, I think it looks quite pretty.

Here we have the finished cups, one made for men, one for a little boy and the other two are more girly, the one with tissue has some nail varnishes in, you could put several different gifts in
these unusual little gift cups.

I hope you like the tutorial and the cups, I would love to see some that you have made too, please feel free to ask me anything that you are unsure about.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Everyone

    We are dry here this morning - well the road and garden paths that is the garden is very very soggy but as it's Friday that means MARKET IN CORBIGNY our first of 2016 and perhaps Pastries!!

    I had a wonderful surprise cyber visit yesterday with Sandra. We visited for over an hour and then she said she had to go and do some 'Old Fashioned' crafting. It was really lovely Sandra.
    So this is what you made the old fashioned way. They are beautiful and I certainly will be making a few of these. As you say Easter Treats/birthday party treats Oh the list is endless. I'm sure we're not the only ones who have card etc tucked away in the back of cupboards/at the bottom of drawers which never see the light of day because we only use what's on top. What a fantastic idea to dig deep and use all this stash we have.

    Well Junior Dobbie is completing his first week of his Apprenticeship and as I've not had any negative reports about him he will continue in his post for another week.

    I will try and get goodies for Afternoon Tea to you when I get back from market so I hope you all keep a little space..............

    Sorry about that all power just went off. I do forget that if I switch the kettle/coffee pot on before 08.00 (we have a cheaper rate of electricity from 03.00-08.00)when the water heater is also switched on the power just cuts out and at this time of year of course it's still pitch black and I have to go on manoeuvres to get to the main power switch.

    I hope you're feeling a little better this morning Sandra after your expedition to the floor.
    Diane I'm hoping that your gums are becoming less painful.
    Brenda also hoping that OH is also on the mend this morning.
    Patricia did you manage to get some rest last night and that John Jnr and family are OK.

    I just know that I've missed a lot of Friends out but please forgive me it's early here and I haven't had a cup of coffee yet as my breakfast hasn't arrived.

    Hugs have been despatched to their needy addresses so I hope they arrive in one piece.
    I'll see you all later xxxx

    1. Hi Janet, I hope you get me a really lovely pastry. I like the fruit ones in Creme Englaise, please!!
      Dobbie is doing sterling work, and managing to keep some of the boisterous huggles in order - no mean achievement!!

    2. Janet you had we worried there! It's Lynda with the gums! - my neck is a bit sore but my gums are fine thank you :) xxxxx

  2. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    First of all the important question is how are you feeling today my lovely? No doubt you are still stiff and sore, is the ankle any better yet?
    Just to clarify, I was talking to Paul in the lounge when Sandra fell over in her bedroom, we didn't know anything until she came in and told us, luckily one of the girls,(so sorry I can't remember which one Sandra, but pretty sure it was Lucy) heard Sandra fall and helped her up.
    I am pleased that you felt up to doing this tutorial, lovely clear pictures and written instructions again, thank you : ) Your mugs look lovely, a great different way of giving a gift, and easy to do too. I will be having a go at this one, I love it.
    Janet, I must apologise for not saying yesterday how beautiful your card was. Thank you for sharing it with us : )
    Lynda, I know how you feel, had some back teeth out too. It will be better soon, keep rinsing with the salt water, it does help. Are you managing to eat now, I do hope so, bet its all soft stuff though : )
    I'm not going to see Mum and Pop today as I am not feeling so good for some reason, going to have a lazy day at home so I don't share whatever it is with them. Gem and James both have tonsolitis, (a nasty strain is around this area at the moment!) so fingers crossed they haven't shared it!
    Barbars, Val and family, sending love and hugs to you all.
    Take care everyone xx

    1. Sorry you aren't so well today Sue, take care, stay warm and have a Baileys!!! xxxx

    2. Hi Sue sorry your not feeling too good today hope your better tomorrow. I had to go back to dentist I have a bad infection now have two lots of antibiotics. Xx

    3. Lynda that's not good, I hope you feel better soon. Sue I hope you feel better soon too. Stay warm xxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-I love this project, I must try it out.

    Well-it's pouring with rain, again! I hope anyone that has any flooding near them is safe & well.
    Yesterday got worse at work-the difficult member of staff phoned in sick then sent in a sick note for 4 weeks! I was asked what I knew about the "incident " that had happened on Wednesday so had to explain it all to my 2 colleagues. By the time I'd done the Tesco shopping after work I was exhausted & feel a bit rough this morning. At least it's Friday-yippee!!


    1. Well Michele, I suppose the way to look at it is that you'll have 4 weeks peace!
      Enjoy your lie in tomorrow xxxx

    2. Sounds as though she is one of those who use sick notes whenever she can. At least she out of your hair for a while. Peace reigns. xxx

  4. Good Morning everyone, well it's been dry here since about 10.30am yesterday!!!!! First time for weeks, although more forecast for late, at its a bit lighter this morning.
    Gradually getting back to normal, started work again yesterday, and today feel almost back to normal.
    Love the mugs Sandra, could also be pots for some paper flowers, thought this would be an idea to take to my sister in hospital.
    Also loved the sketch idea nod the one die card idea, will have a try at these ,but maybe too late when I send the pics.
    Sandra hope you're feeling better today.
    Patricia hope you and the family are ok, what a dreadful time for everyone.
    Michele hope your day goes better.
    Well I'd better get out of bed and drop in to see if there's any black coffee.
    At least being ill over Christmas meant I didn't put on any weight, so on the count down to the goal for this year, hopefully 2 stones by the end of the year.
    Will drop in later, hugs to all

    1. Hello Lilian, I didn't put on any weight over Christmas either - and if I say it enough I may start to believe it ha ha.
      Glad you are almost back to normal, we are still waiting for that miracle to happen to Myra (tin hat).
      What a good idea to put paper flowers in the cup for hospital visiting. I'll keep that one in mind.

  5. Morning Sorry I've not been in much As I said to Sandra yesterday I may only work part time (although most days I feel I've done a full day's work on part time hours compared to some!) I come home absolutely whacked Not sleeping very well at night doesn't help
    SANDRA what a lovely project I will try and find time to have a go
    JANET I will go and look at your card in a mo and look forward to the pastries
    Not having had time to read on other's mishaps I hope things are improving all around
    MARIA we must sort out a meet up I'll try and email you later
    Take care people x

    1. Hi Karen,
      So many people - including me - are complaining about being tired all the time, and although I do have interrupted nights, even if I do get a good night's sleep, I'm still dog tired. I think it's the awful weather, rain, dull and cold.
      I'd like to be a fly on the wall when you meet up with our Maria!!!

    2. You could even be a bluebottle if you joined us hihi xx

  6. Good morning Ladies, thank you for your kind words so far about today's project.
    Can I please ask you all if you would like to continue with 'Mixed Craft Saturday' ? If you do could I please ask you all to send in photographs of any craft projects that you have made or your children/grand children's makes, I think its lovely for them to read all the comments that you all leave.
    I honestly don't mind either way.
    I would also like to thank those of you that have sent in your challenge card photos so far, it's so gratifying to see that yoiu have all taken the time to have a go.
    Please let me know you thoughts on the new features too.
    I totally understand that you won't always have the time to join in too.
    The pleasure for me is trying to please all of you!
    Love and hugs
    Sandra xxxx

    1. Sandra, I love the paper cups today, and I'm going to make some for small easter eggs (I'm too mean to buy big ones lol), and I am working on the challenge cards. Hopefully, I'll manage to get them both done and the photo's sent to you over the weekend.
      I hope you are feeling easier after your brush with the floor (makes a change from you having a brush with the law!!!).

    2. Hi Maureen. They are selling Easter Eggs in Asda already. I saw them on Wednesday.

  7. Good morning my little coffee shop cherubs,
    and how are we all this lovely frozen cold day with lovely slippy pavements and roads. Best idea stay in the house where it is nice and warm and no chance of slipping and doing ourselves more mischief than is good for us.
    Sandra this reminded me off a youtube that i watched last year where Linda Parker made up a mug, a cup and doily saucer and a teapot which i thought were ingenious in their design. Your mugs would be a lovely way of giving gifts to teachers or the paper boy/girl or making it up with someones favourite hot beverage in it. I see it as great stocking fillers for the big children in our lives that still have wee childrens loves like hot chocolate or for those of us trying to lose weight Options hot chocolate, lol. I have now got dollies teasets in my mind with the little mini eggs in them, i didn't mention the word honest i didn't but you all know what i am thinking. So those that have more nimble fingers than the rest of us could really have fun making them and showing the children how to make them. OK i'll shut up but the brain is ticking it over, isn't imagination a wonderful thing. Anyway how are you feeling today Sandra from your tumble and arguement that you obviously lost with the floor? I think the heat pads for the aches are called for and a nice soak in a warm bath to ease the joints although if you are anything like me you don't have a bath so it would be difficult.

  8. Now girls about my uddermint which i now get from Mole Valley Farmers website called Teisen Uddermint is as i said something that a horse doctor told mum about back when i was about 12, you know the day before yesterday and it just helps calm things down from jumping in me. A work mate of Campbells was going on about his sore back and his nibs told him about my stuff as he has had it on a number of times. I will say that you go around smelling of polo mints all day and it helps clear your nose when it is stuffed up as it is a potent smell but being honest i really don't care what i smell like as long as it helps to allieveate some of the pain and anything has got to be better smelling than deep heat or those type of things. I know that some haven't found a difference but i can say that i do so for me it is worth it. I did have 3 tubes(600ml) but they seem to have disappeared and i am down to one but that's ok as i will order up another one as it is the one thing that i don't like to run out off. I can do without food but not my uddermint, lol. I will bring it with me if and when i get to meet up with you all.
    I am going to sit in the corner with my knitting to see who comes in as i only have another 28 rows to do of the shawl before going onto the border so i am going to try and get another 12 done today( it has about 400 sts on a row so takes me that wee bitty longer to complete one of them compared to the bairns jumpers, lol). We have a very cold, frosty day here at the Ochils but for the first time in weeks it isn't raining so i'm being thankful for small blessings, just watching the feet as it's a tad slippy underfoot and wheel. Isn't it amazing how people see what state the roads and pavements are in and yet they still drive like loonies up the back of people or overtaking just to get one car in front so you have to drop back again. Don't they realise that if it is that slippy that your feet will end up where your head is and your head where your feet were that maybe not a good idea to take unnecessary chances with their lives but also innocent drivers who are trying to take account of the road surfaces. Never mind i don't need to deal with them again until 4pm to collect my boy from college. So, what can i have calorie free this morning although as it's nearly lunch time i think i will have some soup first to heat me up. I have filled up the basket with little huggles who are all excited at who they will see today and who is going to pick them to take home with them. Sending caring gentle huggles to dear Barbara and Val, Sheila and Nikki and my other cherubs who really could be doing with one,
    Norah x

  9. Afternoon everyone
    Well we had a slow walk down the market. It was cold and very damp and not a lot of stalls and I really cannot blame anyone for not wanting to stand outside in this sort of weather.

    So cakes for this afternoon are:-
    Lemon Meringue, mille feuille (custard slice), tarte aux pommes and tarte aux chocolate.

    I hope you all enjoy them and that the huggles stay well clear or I just do not know who is going to do the cleaning up after them.

    1. Oh Janet, I was too late to place my order. I put a comment after your's this morning. Ah well, there's always next Friday!!! But I do especially like Lemon Meringue as well ha ha.

    2. Well I think we will have to share the Lemon Meringue. My favourite as well.

  10. Hi Sandra
    Love today's project. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Will have to read the instructions a couple of times before I have ago. Or wait until Wednesday when we meet up. We're taking Doreen back to the Drs today as the nurse wouldn't do her smear test. A Dr has to do it as she's 85 today. She wondered why she needed one at all at her age. Off to the hospital as well, as they've finally moved Ellis to a ward.
    His niece kept ringing the hospital to find out what was happening and fair got the horses mad apparently. I wanted to ring this morning so that Doreen could speak to them personally, but she beat me to it. Anyway Pete and I will take her up after her Drs visit. Very frosty this morning as well here. I hope your feeling better this morning Sandra after your losing bout with the floor.
    Hugs to Barbara, Val and family as usual.

    1. Hope Doreen gets seen to Pat, but at 85 it seems a bit of a palaver.

  11. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    wow this look fun, have to ask OH to translate the inches to mm for me again. They are lovely little mugs and one way to empty the bit box.
    So sorry to hear you had a fall and hurt yourself on the carpet, sending gently cuddles and wish you better.
    Janet -loved your hat card yesterday. Hope you both have a nice day in Corbigny and of course we all like to see the photos of the pastries.
    Patricia- have you heard from the others and are they alright ? Hope you managed to sleep last night.
    Lynda- how are you doing ? I feel for you to have teeth out. Don't know why but I get the shakes when seeing the Dentist the last year even just for a check-up. Hope you can manage some food.
    Lilian- you take it easy after being so ill, it takes on you and will be a few days before back fully.
    Diane- Emma gone back to Uni ? Did you have a nice tea ?
    Pat- hope your friends will be alright, any news ?
    you and Pete ,take care.
    Sue- I think something must be going around. I have been having a funny tummy since the day before and still feel a bit nauseous. It was hard going shopping for food this morning. Maybe we should get some of Norah's Uddermint Lol, it sound like an elixir for all ailments. I will take some of the huggles too and wrap them around my body for some heat, have a cup of tea and some toast before making and sending the cards I made to you Sandra.
    Take care all, Sending special hugs to anyone who need some, hope to see you later. Love and hugs Maria xxxx

    1. Hello my little munchkin Maria.
      I'm sorry that you have a jippy tummy, and hope that it soon clears up.

    2. Hi MARIA thank you had to go back to dentist as I have a bad infection got antibiotics. Hope your tummy gets better soon
      Take care Xx

    3. Hi Maria
      Hope you feel better soon. Emma goes back next week so we are keeping an eye on the weather and ways to get back up there. There's quite a bit of flooding around Aberdeen but where her flat is seems to be ok. Xxxxx

    4. Oh Maureen, do you mean the cat or the pumpkin ?
      Lynda, poor you. Really hope the antibiotics will help you out as soon as.
      Diane, have seen the weather up North. It's scary how things like this can happen and sadly it seem to get worse year after year.Say Hi to Emma xxx

  12. Hello Sandra
    Hello Everyone!
    Before I comment today I just want to leave a short message from Saba/ Barbara!
    First of all she would like to thank you all for your love, prayers and caring messages. She has popped in once or twice .
    Peter is safely back home in Germany and Barbara is still here in Yorkshire. She visits Val daily. Val is very poorly.
    We have all become so close in such a short time and when one is suffering we all feel it a little bit.
    Thank you very much - we will keep praying and sending our love! Wish we could do more! Xxxx

    1. Myra thank you for letting us know. Barbara my thoughts and prayers Re with you and Val xxxxxxx

    2. Thank you Myra for letting us know. I'm thinking of them all every day and if you speak again ,tell her we are here for her anytime xxx

    3. Myra thank you so much for the update from Barbara, she is never far from my thoughts, at times like this you get a second strength to help you cope.
      Barbara you are all in my thoughts and prayers sending you love and hugs xxx

  13. Hello Sandra,
    I do like today's cups and think of many uses for them already! They look fairly straightforward to make too - so maybe the children could have a go! A good way to use up all the patterned card we have too.
    I managed to make one card last night and sent it to Sandra - maybe try another tonight!
    The sun is shining at the moment and the day so much brighter than yesterday.
    It makes such a difference. It is much colder too. Let's hope it gets cold enough to kill off the nasty bugs!
    Lilian - so sorry you have been so poorly and your husband too. Hope you both feel better very soon.
    Well I'd better make something for lunch! Was hoping my Shopping would have arrived and therefore would have had more choice!!
    It will now arrive in the middle of lunch - that will be typical!
    Will read the comments later.
    Lots of love to everyone - especially Barbara, Val and all the family! Xxxxx

    1. Muriel! " The only normal people are the people you don't know very well! " - xxxx

    2. Maureen! - Normal is an elusion! What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly!! Xxx
      The End! Xxx

    3. Myra, Confucious say - "Don't mess with Myra!" xxx

    4. Wise man that Confucious! - did you ever meet him?!!
      Tin hat!!! Xxx

    5. I dont think I want to meet him don't like the sound of his name. Is he a "pop singer" I am not up on the modern ones!! ha! ha! xxx

    6. I don't think so - he isn't that modern though! More ancient than modern!! That reminded me of an old hymn book!!! Xxx

  14. Hello Sandra and everyone, well we saw the "sun" this morning for a few hours.
    What a difference that has made. The waters have gone down a little, we managed to get out of the village. We got round to our neighbour Farmer, got some vegetables and eggs. We then made it up to the main road and along to Cupar Angus. The whole of the valley is just one BIG LAKE. We have some more supplies in stock because SNOW is forecast.
    John, Audrey & boys stayed dry, thank goodness. They are trapped till the farmer moves the Hay Bales from the top of their lane. School closed, Audrey no shifts till next week, John Jnr can work from home, thanks to Conference Calls.....and it's the weekend so all fine.
    SANDRA:- love the Tutorial, those cups could have so many gift uses. They look quite simple I might give Robert the instructions and see how what we manage to make.
    Hope the aches and pains are less today.
    Lilian - hope you and your hubby are feeling a bit better.
    Myra - Thank You for Barbara's message. Barbara, Val and the family are always in our thoughts and prayers.
    I am so looking forward to meeting up with Barbara and everyone soon, we have all become such close friends. It is so hard not to be able to give "real" (((((hugs))))) rather than the "virtual" ones.
    Right must get one of Diane's wiggles on. I have quite a few cards to make. I have a few other projects on my "To Do List" if I don't get started soon it will be next Christmas and they will still not be done.
    Be good everyone, I know that might be difficult for some but do try!! xxx

    1. Hello Patricia,
      Glad they've managed to stay dry, and that you are stocked up in case you get snowed in - oh the joys of country living!!!
      I've decided to hibernate.

    2. You said that before ... I asked if we could share your cave and got NO answer, so went in the huff!!!
      Only joking I dont go in the huff!! that's why we have paper plates!!! xxx

    3. Oh oh!! Steady now! You can share my cave!! Xxx

    4. Patricia I'm Glagolitic you are all safe and sound - what a dreadful time for you all. We've just seen the snow on the news- as if you need that on top of the rain! What a nightmare. Stat safe xxxxx

    5. Glagolitic: from the 9th centery Lol
      Good you fine and the others too Patricia, only hope you not get snowed in now on top of everything
      Take care xxx

  15. Myra
    Thanks for the message via Barbara. In glad that Peter has arrived home ok. But, as you say wish we lived closer so we can support Barbara and Val. If you meet up give her a big hug from me.

  16. Hellooooooooooooooooo,
    Well, what a morning I've had. Went to doctor's in the pouring rain - half hour walk there, and waited nearly an hour to see a new young doctor. When I asked him why I'd been asked to go to the surgery, he told me that it was to explain the procedure for having my Denosumab injections. I told him that I'd been organising everything about it for the last 3 years, and that at the hospital review in March, they'd probably stop it!! Poor soul, he was just doing what a certain lady Doctor had told him to do. Then another half hour walk home in pouring rain, so that was a complete waste of time!!!
    I am going to try to do a challenge card for Sandra - wish me better luck today, but as the girls will be coming in from school, it will be interruptions until they go home.
    Myra, thank you so much for the update on Barbara and Val, they are always in my thoughts.
    love to all, I hope you are all safe and dry. I think it's starting to get brighter here, so it may stop raining!!!
    Muriel xxxx
    P.s. I have been commenting under everyone's posts.
    Sheila, I hope you are well.
    Brenda LL, I hope you are well.
    Cheryl, I hope you are well.
    Brenda OB, I hope you are well.
    And anyone that I've missed, I hope you are well, and look out for the huggles!

    1. Hi Maureen, Yes I'm fine, went to another funeral today so a bit introspective at the moment. xxx

  17. Afternoon Sandra & ladies,

    After a promising start to the day it has gone very cold and the sun is setting already with a dark cloud on top of it. Another older gentleman friend's funeral today left me rather mopey. A lovely service for such a lovely man.
    I watched Carole from Arty Farty on videoed programme and your mug reminded me that I believe I might still have the template for this one. Might have ago later when I've caught up with all the B cards for this month.
    warm thought for Barbara, Val & families, I'll try and pop in later.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Sending hugs and hope you are keeping better this evening,take care xxx

  18. Hello Sandra & lovely ladies
    Well I had to phone the dentist this morning as last evening i was in a lot of pain with gums. I have just got home as she couldn't see me till 3 pm. She said I have a bad infection & given me two lots of antibiotics & said they would take a couple of days to kick in,just hope I get some sleep tonight.
    I haven't read comments yet but will go back & read them.
    SANDRA I hope your not to sore after kissing the floor yesterday,Hows your ankle. I love your cup tutorial Sandra they look lovely as you say for Easter treets & party's. Very clear instructions again thank you. I have nealy finished Monday's challenge card hopefully go & finish in a minute.
    Cheryl not nice going to funeral hope your feeling less mopey now.Did you manage your birthday cards finished.
    Going to read comments pop in later Hug's Xxx

    1. MYRA thank you for the message from Saba. Glad Peter is home safe. My thoughts & Prayers are are with SABA Val & family
      Sending Hug's xxx

  19. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra hope you are feeling less pain today, your cups are lovely again something I can have a go at thank you xx
    Thanks Myra for message from Saba special thoughts & prayers on way with gentle hugs for Saba & Val.xx
    I tried to leave message yesterday but it disappeared I was tired had a funeral of a friend in the morning then our embroidery group Christmas lunch before our first meeting of the year so by the evening when tried to leave my comments I couldn't be bothered to write it all out again sorry. Janet your card yesterday was very different it reminded me of a window display, thank you for sharing with us, cakes today sound lovely. xx
    Cheryl hope you feel brighter soon xx
    Lynda & Lilian hope you both feel better soon xx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xx

  20. Hello everyone, it's been busy in here today, not read posts yet but saw Matgaret say thank you to Myra for news of Barbara and Va, so quickly read back, sending lots of love to them both, thanks Myra for update
    Have been to the dentist for pre-op for Nic, total confusion, been given an appt that doesn't exist as they don't do pre-op Friday aft, no one knows what's happened, will have to ring health centre Monday morning. Need to put Nics meal out will be back later to read posts and see how everyone is
    Hugs Jean x

  21. Afternoon Ladies

    Thank goodness it's Friday!!!! Crazy busy day, dealt with an overwrought colleague & took in more work for next week! I've already had a glass of wine-must see where hubby is as he offered to cook tonight.

    He's not playing golf tomorrow as the course is closed due to flooding so we might have a trip out somewhere. Let's hope the weather stays dry, not bothered if it's cold but I hate the rain. I have to think of my my hair when it's wet-he he!!


  22. Hello everyone
    Quick comment tonight as I should be getting ready as friends are meeting up with us tonight.
    Sandra love the little cups, we made them at Stampin up one evening, ours were plain card with fancy panels but very good for small items. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are less sore today. Had a nightmare day yesterday, someone went into my mother in laws car as she drove Emma to our afternoon tea. Her car is a right off but his car just had a small dent. We had to dash and rescue them and wait for the RAC to tow the car away. By the time we got to have our tea we were cold hungry and fed up! They have both got very sore necks today but at least they are ok it could have been a lot worse.
    Take care everyone, they are one forecasting snow! At this rate we will be sending Emma off with a husky and sleigh!
    Lots of love xxxx

    1. oh Diane thank god they are both alright, shame about the car and the tea. Hope you have a good night with your friends xxx

  23. Good evening Sandra and ladies. I wrote a message but got interrupted and then set off home and silly me should had published before leaving Tammys.
    I was over there seeing to the dog. Tammys friends husband was going to do it but he's a care worker and he had to work extra so couldn't, so went across I also had to stay till Derek got home as he was worried he wouldn't be back in time for the boys, he managed back in good time.
    Fields flooded all the way to Perth. The river at Tammys has dropped a great amount, but they still can't rest as if it rains again it will be back up
    Sandra, I think your tutorial is a good thing to make. I think Beth would enjoy doing this.
    I was going to make the one die card today. It will have to wait till tomorrow. Lynda, take care don't let the cold get in to your mouth.
    Janet, your cakes sounded yummy.
    Thank you Myra for conveying that message from Barbara, we are all thinking of her and Val and in our prayers.
    Jean, not good that they can't get things right over that appointment.
    Maria, hope your tummy settles soon.
    Karen, I think we all are suffering from tiredness, the weather does not help. I don't sleep well like Maureen and I am lucky to get a couple of hours sleep. Up until the summer when I was still working it was hard to get up at 5.30 some mornings as I had been watching the clock up until 4? Yet I had to get up and be at work for 7.15 and I didn't finish some nights till 7. I just had to keep going. I have to say being retired has it plus points as I don't have to get up at 5.30. I suppose at 65 my body is entitled to a lie in now and again. Xxx

    1. Hi Hazel thank you I think I will be staying home tomorrow as rain & windy forecast. I hope the rain holds off for Tammy please take care are you & Patricia safe with floods hope it hasn't affected your houses.

    2. Hi. feeling a lot better this evening but going shopping this morning was no fun.
      I hope to see Julia W. and John L.tomorrow,they are both just outside in Mk so hoping for some bargains ,best check my wishlist(again).
      Movie and then bed here in this household, just need another tea made. Very cold outside but more rain is coming (big sigh) Good night my friends xxx

    3. Night Night Maria! Don't sigh! Please - ! I know the weather is awful but it will get better - eventually! Lots of love xxx

  24. Hello All, had a good day ,managed to do normal work today and also dried some washing outside.
    Patricia glad family are ok, hope you won't be snowed in,I hate snow, luckily we don't get much down here.
    Myra thanks for message from Barbara, thinking of them,and saying a prayer to give them strength.
    Lynda hope the gums get better soon, my dentist always never to rinse after having teeth out!
    Maria hope you're feeling better today.
    Janet your cakes sound yummy, but I'll have to give them a miss as am back on diet, have to have a review with Dr soon so had better be careful.
    Hoping to try some of Sandra's challenge over the weekend.
    My Sister is being moved to community hospital on Saturday hopefully, and the to a nursing home, she has been told she will not be able to back to her own home any more,which is a little sad as she loved her little bungalow.
    Well I'll say good night everyone, more rain for tomorrow, shame as I was hoping to get out in the garden, no snow drops yet.
    Hugs all round.

    1. Night Night Lilian! Sleep well. You leave the gardening until you are 100% fit!! Xxxx

    2. Hi Lilian ,glad you had a better day and I'm getting there too. Sad to hear of your sister,must be quite heartbreaking when you can't stay in your own home anymore. OH BIL's mother who are 96 will soon have to go into a home of some kind, she is really adamant not to move but it's getting a bit to dangerous for her lately,having falls and don't take her Have a good night and hope you have a nice week-end xxx

    3. Hello Lilian, glad your feeling a bit better, but sorry to read about your sister. It's so sad to have to leave the place you love, but I suppose it comes to us all if we live long enough.
      Remember, the garden will still be there so don't rush to do it. Our's is like a bog anyway, so that's as good an excuse as any!!

  25. Good evening everyone
    I do hope you are all safe, dry and warm, the weather is really getting colder I just hope the white stuff does not arrive as they are promising. We had very heavy rain again this morning but actually seen the sun this afternoon for about half an hour but them back to rain again.
    Thank you for the tutorial Sandra when time allows I will be giving this a try it looks easy I do hope so, as I don't do difficult. Hope you are feeling better today
    Patricia so pleased you and your family are safe and dry and have been able to replenish your stocks.
    Hazel hope that you and your family are safe and dry. Janet I am dribbling again thanks to your cakes hope you and Jim have enjoyed them.
    Maureen I hope you enjoyed your rest at the doctors this morning did you win the game?
    Lynda keep popping those pills and get well soon.
    Michele enjoy the peace and quiet while you can at work.
    Oh my eyes are closing so I'm off to bed sweet dreams everyone.
    Love and hugs to you all
    Margaret xxx

    1. Hello Margaret C, no I didn't win. I'm on a hard level, and have been trying for days, but then again, I don't enjoy it if it's too easy.
      You'll never believe it but there was a letter from the Hospital when I got back from the GP, giving me my March appointment for the review!!
      I hope you have a good night's sleep and will see you tomorrow. It stopped raining for a couple of hours, but it's started again!!!

  26. Hello everyone
    Finally got here at last, Sandra I hope you are ok now, another couple of bruises to add to your poor body, please take more water with your alcohol in future!!!
    I love your little cups, so usual for little presents.
    I'm sorry I haven't done anything for your challenge, just don't know where the time is going at the moment.
    Myra,,thank you for the news from Barbara, she must be totally devastated just now, please let her know I am thinking of her and Val.
    Hubby not feeling too good today, just a bad cold (man flu!!,) he spent most of today in bed and is feeling a lot better now.
    I was covering our shop today, few customers came in but not a lot sold.
    Patricia I hope your family are safe, and the floods are receedimg.
    I suppose it is time for bed now, will be back in tomorrow, take care xxx

    1. Oh Jess, I hope hubby soon recovers completely, and then he can run around after you ha ha.
      See you tomorrow xxxx

  27. Helloooooooooooo,
    Just thought that I'd let you know that I'm going to put on my nightie and go to bed. Hopefully to sleep, perchance to dream.
    See you all tomorrow, sweet dreams, God Bless.
    Love to Barbara and Val. xxx
    Muriel xxxxx

    1. To dream the impossible dream!!
      Night Night! My Dear! Sleep well, God Bless! Xxx