Wednesday 18 May 2022

Shades of Green Challenge card


Good Morning Ladies, 

Phew what a scorcher yesterday was, Paul got back from work late afternoon and did another hour or two's work from home, so we didn't get much done in the garden.  I daren't even attempt to go out therewhen I am here on my own as my knees just 'go' at any time, otherwise I would be out there potting on Seedlings a morning,  I am thinking aboit getting myself one of those 3 wheeled walking aids with a seat to make it a bit easier to get around safely at home when I'm on my own.  I looked at them a little while back but I don't think I want to mentally admit that I need one, but reality is either get one or sit doing nothing when I am home alone!  

On a lighter note let's look at today's card....

It doesn't take much to persuade me to reach for these stunning papers, they are called 'Expressions in Ink' I absolutely love them, this particular sheet has beautiful shades of green, the card itself couldn't be simpler,  the pattern is so pretty I don't want to cover it!  I simply cut a piece and adhered it to a Just Jade card base, I stamped the sentiment from the 'Biggest Wish ' stamp set in Pear Pizazz (Birthday) and Just Jade (Happy).  I finished the card with some iridescent gems that have both green and some gold (that also features on the paper design).  Its simple but effective I think. 

We are having a really quiet few days as Lucy & Sophie are dog sitting Benji at Becca's until Thursday,  my goodness the house is so quiet without them, it is nice just cooking for the two of us though, the other bonus is that the kitchen looks just as I left it when I go in in the morning,  no coffee making paraphernalia all over! But I do miss the little darlings, they had an early start yesterday morning as Benji had them up at 6am, Becca just feeds him and goes back to bed for an hour on her days off.  They decided to make the most of the good weather and took Benji out for the day to the Wildlife park,  he looked like he was thoroughly enjoying being spoilt. Who even knew you could get 'Dog Icecream' !! Sonia, have you treated Barney to one yet?? 

Have a lovely day ladies, 

Love and hugs to all, 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Beautiful card Those papers are stunning and you’re right it just needs a sentiment
    I sat in the garden for a little while yesterday It was lovely to sit with a bit of sunshine on my face
    I need to do some crafting today My craft space is feeling very neglected 🤣
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love your beautiful card. The patterned paper is stunning 😍
    We had a day of cloud and sunshine yesterday with a slight breeze, then at about 5pm we had a heavy downpour for about an hour which cleared away for a lovely evening.
    I was up early again this morning, and in the hot tub 😊 and we’ve just returned from having breakfast out. It was only in a cafe attached to a petrol station, but we had the full works and for £7 each it was well worth it. Probably won’t need much to eat for the rest of the day 😊
    Sandra, if needs must, don’t be ashamed to say you need the help of a walker. If it gets you back to feeling safe and doing things you wouldn’t normally, then it’s got to be a godsend 😊 xx
    I bet the girls are enjoying looking after Benji, and sounds like he had a great time at the wildlife park. Barney is yet to try a doggy ice cream, but I had heard that you can get them 🐶
    Hope everyone is ok, and have a good day whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Morning ladies.
    Beautiful card and yes that paper is so pretty so you don't need anything then the sentence.
    I'm saying like Sonia. If to feel safer and not falling over by yourself at home, do get a walker where you can sit on and potter with seedlings etc but understand how you feel for I probably should have a stick and can't see myself walking with that so...😐
    Oh Sonia, it sound so nice to get into the hot tub when you can. My sister have one on her patio, a blow up version which look real good. The funny thing is that her patio is facing a walkway so people can see her sitting in there with a glass of wine in her hand so not very private 😉😊
    Grass need cutting but is a bit wet still this morning so going to see if mojo is around for some card making instead .
    Karen- if you can, sit out and get some D again and wish your cough is better today. Hugs
    Sending many hugs to you all, Maria xx

    1. Maria, I’m so going to miss the hot tub when we come home 😔 Made me chuckle about your sister in hers - cheers I say, and to anyone walking past having a look in 😉😂 xx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Beautiful card Sandra, you know I fell in love with these papers when I first came out I’ve not long got past just looking at them and stroking them they are so beautiful and lovely to use.
    I agree with the other ladies Sandra if a walker helps you to be independent and do things without waiting for Paul or the girls to be home it will be well worth getting on. My sister has one she doesn’t use it all of the time, but it’s there if she needs it, it has a little seat so she can stop and sit down. It’s a great help.
    Hope Sue made it over today. Love and hugs Brenda xxx