Saturday 14 May 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I think we are in for some nice weather today,  a little unsettled tomorrow though, not sure whether we will bother going out if its going to rain tomorrow.  What do you all have planned?  

Janet, I hope you and Jim are having a lovely relaxing time, have you managed to get a deliscious pastry this week?  How long have you got left at Marigny?  Sending love & hugs to you both XXX 

Michele I hope you enjoy your last weekend off Work XXX

I received the gorgeous card above earlier this week, it bought a huge smile to my face, thank you so much Maria, you made such a lovely card with that stamp set XXX 


Karen went to a 'Living Craft Fair' last weekend,  it sounded such a lovely day out, Karen has kindly shared some of her purchases above along with the deliscious looking hand made chocolates. 

Karen's Description:

This is my shopping from Living Crafts

A wax seal kit with K as my stamp
The chocolates I made
A simple puzzle for Oscar He loves numbers but not very good at puzzles and wondered if it would help Plus Charlie can make use of it too. 

It was a lovely day It rained for a short time but didn’t spoil it
We had a drink and scone in the Vintage Tea Room listening to Glen Miller.

It sounded like a perfect day Karen, thank you for sharing your day with us XXX 

Craft Shopping 

Karen's  Shopping 

Karen has been waiting patiently for these stamps, her friend Kat picked them up for her at a craft show as they were on offer, sadly Karen will have to wait a little longer as she has tested positive for covid, maybe Kat can push them through your letterbox so that you have something new to play with during your quarantine period. I can't wait to see what projects you create with them.   I hope you are feeling well and not suffering too many covid symptoms my lovely XXX

Lilian's Shopping 

Lilian bought some of Indigoblu Luscious Pigment powders, they are so versatile they can be mixed with so many thing, Lilian is going to use them for a Polymer Clay Workshop with Kay from IndigoBlu,  I believe the are making a Key/Coat Rack.  
Thank you so much for sharing your shopping with us Lilian XXX

My Fb Bargain Shopping 

I have been addicted to browsing the FB Craft Declutter groups lately,  above are some of my bargain finds ...

Some old book pages/ music sheets etc were £3

Tim Holtz /Stampers Anonymous Stamp set I bought for £8 posted from the lovely Janet Pring! 

The two Hero Arts Frame dies were £9 each inc postage, they are so detailed,  a goid size too  I have shared reverse so you can see detailed picture.  

Lastly but by no means least Speedball Brayer it was a 'Stampin Up!' Brayer, however I can spot a speedball brayer from 100 yards, so for £5 posted I took the riskit came a couple days later in its original SU box, which I hurridly opened and there it was like Brand New!! They are around £20 new, so it was a great bargain,  gosh it feels good to get a genuine good deal !! 

That's all for today Ladies,  I hope that you a have a lovely weekend, 

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Great quote & something we can all relate to I guess.

    I love the card that Marie sent you, so cute.

    Great shopping photos., some interesting items.

    I’m off out to meet 2 friends for coffee + cake this morning so I’ll probably need a walk this afternoon. We had an impromptu lunch out yesterday which was lovely. I’m definitely not looking forward to going back to work on Monday!


  2. I had a little chuckle at the saying So so true!
    Pretty card MARIA
    I had a fabulous day at Hatfield House last week It was my first time and wished I could have afforded more of the workshops!
    I do feel rough There’s no denying it but I am OK I will be having a proper duvet day today
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 🙂
    A lovely card from Maria 🙂
    Looks like you had a good day Karen. Some lovely items bought and the chocolates look delicious. I hope you’re ok and symptoms not too bad. Take care xx
    Love all your craft shopping, enjoy 😊
    Family round this afternoon to start celebrating mine and my twin brothers Birthday ☺️
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Morning everyone.
    The saying is very true, always like the 50% ones
    Your day out looks like a lot of fun Karen. Take care and feel better soon. Hoping you got a mild version of it all x
    Lovely shopping ladies. Love the colours of your Pigment powders Lilian. Craft declutter seem to be a good site to get a bargain if you are lucky Sandra.
    Michele, hoping your hand is getting better.
    So glad to hear that the meds .are working for you Brenda. Hope you not feeling to bad by taking them. Big hugs coming your way.
    It's a chilly morning but hoping to be able to sit outside later. Nothing planned for this weekend other than do some C/A and have a catch up with my parents.
    Have a nice weekend everyone. Take care xxx