Saturday 30 January 2021

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you Ladies are all well and enjoying the weekend.  

No review from Michele this week so I have done one featuring my Simply Cards &Papercraft Magazine.   We also have some Gorgeous Wreaths to look at from Cheryl, so without further delay....


Cheryl finished off the Wreaths she has bedn making for Fiona, I am totally blown away by these stunning wreaths,  how amazing would your front door look with one of these,  I wouldn't want to take it down!!  

Cheryl kindly shared a close up of the beautiful Ribbon and pearl centre piece that adorns that beautiful bow,  now I remember you making these Years ago Cheryl,  the look really fiddly but oh boy do they have the WOW factor!! 

Fiona is very lucky, you don’t buy them like that in the shops!!  I honestly think that you could sell these and makes decent money for the Cardiomyopathy Charity.  Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring designs with us XXX

Sandra's Magazine Review

This months Issue of Simply Cards & Papercraft  features some lovely Spring themed Free Gifts and lots of Inspiration.   As you can see above there is a good size embossing folder,  some layering flower dies and some Sentiment stamps.  All for £6.99 which isn’t bad compared to some magazines,  although I do remember it being £3.49 a couple (probably 10 🤣😂) years ago!! 

This is the first feature using the magazine Free Gifts, some lovely card ideas for all occasions. 

This feature uses Nesting dies to to die cut a stamped image leaving some of the design outside of the die cut shape. I remember Sue Wilson doing a feature on it years ago. It's really effective and adds interest to your stamped images.  

Storage Solutions are the theme of this feature,  Helen Griffin has a great YouTube channel too.  If you want a close up on the 'How To' let me know and i will send it you. 

This feature focuses on creating 'Spring ' themed cards using a selection of stamps by 'Taylored Expressions '. There are some lovely cards, I really love all the blues and yellows.  

This feature shows that the free gifts with this months Issue can be used for so much more than making cards.  I really love the Gift Bag. 

Now this is a different technique, its called 'Spotlight Diecutting '  it works really well with stamps that have matching dies, so you would create a stamped background then choose an image that you want to be the focus of your card and die cut it and raise it up on foam pads do that it stands out from the background (similar to our Eclipse cads).  

The idea of this feature is to encourage you to step away from making flat everyday cards,  they still fold flat to fit in an envelope, they look quite simple to make, they make quite an impact too,  I love the nautical one, perfect for men!! 

The designer of these cards explores different embossing techniques, the card featured above,  has a regular embossed background, the focal point in the centre is a die cut Circle that has been put in embossing folder and ran through machine,  then all the detail of the tulips is added by colouring them with  colour pencils.  There is another card has used the 'Letterpress' technique, another card has a background made up of little square and rectangular pieces of scrap card that have been run through the free embossing folder, the pieces are then arranged onto the background leaving even gaps between the pieces.   Another has a die cut frame (cut first and then emboss) run through E Folder and 'voila' you have a pretty embossed frame. 

.These cards are all 'X' shaped, they look so different and lovely from every angle, the designer included a step by step instruction guide thats shows you exactly how to create the shaped card.  If you would like to know more just let me know, I can make one up and video it for you.  

There are some brilliant features and techniques in this issue, I really want to try most of the the different techniques, I dont mind videoing my attempts if any of you are interested.  

We have some birthday preparations going on this weekend,  not much else though apart from some Crafting (hopefully) 😉

However you are spending it I hope you have the best weekend possible, I wonder if the snow will make an appearance?@!!!

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra- live the sign, I only wish it was true for me. The weekend is my time to clean, do the ironing etc plus crafting.

    Cheryl-the wreaths are absolutely gorgeous. Sandra is right in saying that you could sell them & raise money for charity.

    Great magazine review-I actually got this magazine but completely forgot about a review. I’m fact I’ve not done anything with the magazine or free gift. I’ve had emails about Simply Cards + Papercraft plus Diecutting Essentials saying that the next 3 issues wil all be delayed. They don’t give a reason, just that you won’t lose out on your subscription.


  2. Hi Sandra and ladies
    A great sign Sandra. I love it.
    Oh Cheryl your wreaths are stunning. I bet they look an age to do though. Both Sandra and Michele are right in saying that you could make a lot of money for your charity with them.
    Yesterday I had a phone call at 5.45 from my surgery. Would I like the Covid jab, and if so could I go down straight away. Of course I said yes please. Left my dinner ( which I was halfway through ).and off I went. They apparently had a few doses over and didn’t want to waste them, so we’re ringing patients who lived quite close to the surgery. No ill effects at all.
    Hope the birthday preparations go ok. Such a shame it will only be the 4 of you to celebrate.
    It’s pouring with rain here and looks pretty miserable.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  3. Morning ladies,

    Thank you for your kind comments on my wreaths.

    Fiona's was a bit problematic for me in that we couldn't find purple baubles etc. anywhere. Weeks later, during my craft room tidy up, I found a pot of dried up Pinflair Buff It in French Lavender and used it with a wet wipe to colour some silvery white plain baubles, pine cones, nuts and odd bits of potpourri, twigs etc. I make them only for family and friends.
    As I explained to Sandra a couple of months ago, I don't want to be tied to an order book as when my children were young and being a single mum following a divorce, I started to make toys purely for raising funds for charity. and a bit of pin money. This turned into a cottage industry type small business. I was forever tied to my sewing machine and made myself quite ill. It was only when I had a collapsed lung, which put me in hospital for 3 months (due to complications and infections) that I finally said enough was enough. My Dad was telling me to sell them online but I didn't want to, it would destroy my pleasure in making and gifting them.
    Saying that if anyone would like a wreath I would gladly make you one. My children's wreaths were created to their particular tastes and colour choices.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  4. Your wreaths really are wonderful Cheryl. It’s lovely that they’re personalised as well to the recipients taste.

  5. Firstly WOW! CHERYL Your wreaths are stunning and yes they’d sell - my daughter paid over £40 for one last Christmas for their new home But I totally understand your feelings You don’t want it to be a chore If you go back to doing your stall then maybe do a couple....
    Thank you for the review SANDRA and yes I’d like to see a couple of videos of your attempts! Maybe turn one of the easiest ones into a challenge
    I love the saying but even though I only work part time I do spend more time doing bigger housework jobs like today I have steam cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors Through the week they might get swept and mopped if needed
    Good luck with the birthday plans SANDRA
    That was handy PAT Hope the arm isn’t too sore or any other after effects
    I am going to slob in front of the tele this afternoon crochet and catch up on some recordings
    Take care all xx

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today

    I love the wreath Cheryl ! The colour and all the bits and pieces are just perfect together. I might take up on your offer one day.

    I sent you a photo this morning Sandra of a card that was by people working at Craftworld. It was sent to me after commenting on their show and it was made with the EF and tulip die from today's magazine review.

    No walk, rain and sleet outside. No cleaning or crafting today, body no good. I'm back on Co-codamol Sue but it's not working ,only making tummy bad too. Don't think I can get out of cooking tho tonight but hoping he want something easy :>)
    Have a good day everyone, many hugs xxx

  7. Hi everyone
    Love the saying, if only it could be that way 😉
    Cheryl, your wreaths are gorgeous and I love the colour combos.
    Great magazine review Sandra and fabulous free gifts.
    Very very wet here today! Really fed up with the rain now it seems never ending. Our garden is like a muddy bog - we’re having some work done in it at moment, which due to bad weather is taking a lot longer than expected, which makes letting Barney out to do his business a nightmare 😔 Roll on the Spring and hopefully some better weather.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx