Wednesday, 20 January 2021

2 Pretty Cards from Cheryl


Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you all stayed safe and that Christoph didn't cause you any damage.  I think it missed us but the wind was extremely strong late afternoon and early evening yesterday, we had a fair bit of rain too, so I guess the Thames will break its banks for the 3rd time this year, the poor farmers must tear their hair out, although I will say that the crop that he had in the fields that ran along side the river looked like they did really well last year, so maybe it doesn't cause too much damage.  One thing that does surprise me is the amount of little left behind after the floods have gone, the drains and ditches along side the roads are full of cans and bottles and drink cups, it looks so awful.  We are actually having a real problem with 'Fly Tipping in our village, there is a layby that is just at the entrance to the village and when Lucy took me for a test drive in her new car the other day some lazy swine had dumped about 20 or more black bin liners full of rubbish, they were both in the ditch and on the verges, I have suggested putting a sign up saying that there is a camera (even though there isn't) hopefully the thought of the huge fine and thought of being caught might stop them, they will probably just take it somewhere else.  Rant Warning:  If our Council didn't make it so awkward to book a slot at the Waste Recycling Centre (Tip as we call it), you have to take evidence that you live in the area a book a particular spot etc, if people could just pitch up and drop off they might be less likely to drop it in laybys, I mean if you have it bagged up and in your car you are half way there!  (rant over)!

Today's cards were designed by Cheryl, the cards were made with leftover bits of backing card that Cheryl used for her last Challenge card.  I have to say Cheryl it is a really pretty design.  Cheryl has used toppers that look like they are actually stitched, I love the muted colours and the designs are so beautiful Cheryl.
Thank you so much for sharing them with us XXX

Ladies I hope that 'Christoph' misses your area and you stay dry and safe,

Sending love and hugs your way,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Cheryl-two lovely cards, great idea too.

    Well ladies- I have a day off work. My car is going to the garage for a service so it was easier to book the day off-my plan is to spend some time in my craft room!

    We had torrential rain Monday night & all day yesterday. Rain forecast for today and heavy rain all tomorrow! Hopefully I won’t get too wet walking from the garage into Southport to get the train home then reversing the process to collect my car.


    1. Hi Michele
      I hope you manage to dodge the rain between leaving and picking up your car after it’s service. Fingers crossed you don’t need any work on it.

  2. Pretty cards CHERYL It’s good to see you back crafting
    It is very windy here and so dark but I think storm Christoph missed us
    It is such a shame to see the fly tipping and what a performance booking a slot at your local tip We don’t have to book but the queues can be horrendous It’s usually not local people that fly tip So by not having a booking system wouldn’t help the problem but a sign might to say there’s a camera
    I must try and do cc today I have the 6x6 all cut out it’s just what to do next!
    Stay safe everyone

  3. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Two lovely cards today from Cheryl. Thanks for sharing Cheryl.
    It looks a bit like night time here today. Raining and it’s very windy. I’m going to email Merryfield today. They sent me and email to say that meeting with residents will still take place but visitors will still have to sit outside, and have a slot booked. Which I do. However, they’re now saying they have lateral flow testing kits and to come 1/2 before time to have one done. Now I’m not to sure what the point of that is if the resident is sitting inside and the visitor outside. We shall see anyway what they say.
    Take care and stay safe anyone.

  4. Hi Sandra and all.
    Hope you all were safe from the wind and rain last night. It was really noisy outside and I couldn't get to sleep before 3am. Some good ideas how to try to get to sleep was talked about last night.
    Thank you for sharing your cards Cheryl, I love them both !
    Like Karen I have some 6x6 papers cut but then I'm stuck what to do next and I am not sure if I want to use the papers I cut anymore Lol
    No walk today again so hoping it is just one hour drier tomorrow so we can get out.
    Pat- hope you get to see your friend.
    Take care and many hugs for you all, extra ones for our Lynda and Margaret xxx

  5. Hi everyone
    Beautiful cards Cheryl, I love the toppers 😊
    Hope you’re all having a good day, despite the bad weather.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies.
    Two lovely cards from Cheryl so fresh and cheerful, thank you for sharing.

    Had a busy morning but by lunch time I had burnt myself out. So the afternoon was spent resting. if only we had some sunshine im sure it would recharge my battery’s

    Hope your day has been good whatever you have been doing , love and hugs to Margaret and Lynda.

    Take care everyone and stay safe.
    Love Brenda xxx