Monday, 18 January 2021

Karen's Amazing 3D 'Things With Wings' Challenge Card


Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that all is well with all of you, did you all have a good weekend, did you manage any crafting?

I am getting back into it slowly, I can't really bend my knee probably yet so I am just doing short sessions at my Craft Desk, I got a little frustrated as I kept dropping things and I can't get down to pick things up, I just went to get down and fetch the die I dropped the first time but Paul was sat opposite me and told me to 'STOP' and he would get it, we both ended up laughing because I said why is that when you drop something it doesn't fall straight down, I ended up having to watch Paul shift everything about under my desk, it ended up being in a box that was full of magazines and SU catalogues!!  

After Paul had pushed all the storage boxes etc back under my desk, we where talking about Craft Storage and at what point do you say 'I have enough craft storage'!! because even after spending the best part of £2,000 on my craft unit I have nowhere near enough space to have everything I use 'to hand' I think I would need floor to ceiling storage all the way around the room and then have an 'island' in the middle with my die cutting machine, trimmer etc all laid out.  We can dream!!!!                           What would you all do??

Today's incredible card is Karen's 1st 'Things with Wings' Challenge card that ended up being so far back on our messenger chat that I had forgotten about it. (I am so sorry Karen). The best part of that is that your amazing card gets a day all to itself and to be perfectly honest this particular card deserves it. It must have taken you hours to cut and colour all of those Butterflies out.                                              Just imagine the wonder on someone's face as they open the card expecting a verse (or one of Alan's amazing poems) and what that actually get us a 'Kaleidoscope of Butterflies'. !!                                  What a WOW factor!

Karen's Description:

Karen Burniston photo collage dies Lidl backing paper JL butterflies with Clarity papers Spellbinder butterfly Tim Holtz words

Thanks so much Karen for such a WOW card, I really think I might have to buy those dies, in my head I see all kinds of different possibilities! XXX

Ladies I hope that you all have a good day,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                        xxxxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen-wow, two stunning cards. They bright, bold & gorgeous.

    Sandra-I know exactly what you mean about storage, I have a dedicated craft room and it’s never organised “just right “! I think part of the problem is I’ve just added to the furniture I was using and the other problem is too much stuff!!!! Doesn’t stop me buying more though. Despite these minor issues, I love to go in my craft room and just sit. It’s my escape from reality-that plus reading.


  2. Thank you for showing my card Please don’t apologise for not sharing it yesterday I really enjoy working with this die set and the video to construct it is brilliant She explains it so easily and after making s couple I can now do it without needing to watch
    No colouring done - I used Clarity papers to back the butterflies The papers are beautifully coloured and quite lightweight So not too heavy for the mechanism
    I agree with you about storage I seem to want to have too much to hand!
    I hope you managed to sort the work problems MICHELE
    Is it really Monday? The weekend passed so quickly
    Take care all xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Love your card Karen, it’s stunning. The papers for the butterflies are perfect 😊
    I know what you mean about craft storage and having things to hand - even more so now with an inquisitive little pup 🐶 😂 My craft cupboard is overflowing, so what doesn’t fit in there is in our bedroom!
    Hope your knee is improving Sandra, take it easy xxx
    Have a lovely day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies
    A stunning card Karen. It deserved a day on its own. Great that you could use papers to cut the butterflies out of. Saved all the colouring. I never get the colours right.
    I spoke to my cousin yesterday evening who moved from Ireland to Kent after her husband passed away. She moved into an over 60s block of flats run by Anchor housing near her daughter. She moved in just before the first lockdown so has met no one since she’s been there. She says their not allowed out but I’m not to sure about that. Her grandson brings her shopping in for her. Anyway I’m ringing her again tonight as she was having her dinner when I rang at 7.00pm.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

    1. It may be the case OH has an aunt in a similar set up No going out during lockdown and only to the perimeter gate when not in lockdown

    2. I work in a retirement village owned by Anchor Hanover (used to be just Anchor) Not sure if it’s different for a block of flats, but our independent residents are allowed out for exercise/shopping etc and if in a support bubble if living alone can see a family member. There are restrictions on people coming in, but in general the same lockdown rules apply xx

  5. Hi everyone, sorry drab grey day here, rain later.

    Karen fabulous card, love those papers.

    I see Sue Wilson is bringing out a new set of dies tomorrow, I’m not sure how many people still buy a lot of them, I suppose the dedicated followers will.

    Hope you all have a good afternoon whatever you are doing. Lilian

  6. Afternoon Sandra and ladies.
    Wonderful card Karen, love all the butterflies. Be careful if Lynda is around, she might take some 😃
    Hope the day is going ok for our working friends and it doesn't seem to long.
    Talking about craft storage 🙈 well I have got mine together with our eggs and rice in one cupboard and I'm using two for my other things like 12x12 papers and a few(a lot) other bits and pieces. I have been looking on Pinterest sometimes to get some ideas how my dream craft room will look one day. As soon the lockdown and we are all alright again to travel my Son like to be with his girlfriend somewhere together and I can take over his room,ooh I can't wait 😉
    Didn't have many hours sleep last night but felt a bit better even if a bit dizzy we had a good walk this morning but it looks like rain on it's way. Waiting for doctors to call me sometime this afternoon reg pain meds. Good news for us today is tho that OH having his vaccine tomorrow.
    Have a nice day everyone. Many hugs for all and extras for anyone who need some. Maria xx

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. WOW Karen, what a fabulous butterfly card!!! It is beautiful. I would love to have a go at this style. Please can you share (sorry if you have already told us how, my brain is not good. In fact as I was watching Pop and Mum showing me how to use her posh electric hoist I assured them that I was sure I would probably make Mum dance in it by mistake. As you can imagine she thought that was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂 Seriously though they both, and us of course feel so much happier knowing Mum is safe now when being transferred from bed etc. and it is fool proud so even I can do it 😀
    Sandra, sorry you’re still in that extra pain my lovely. I know we have both lost stuff haven’t we by simply dropping it on the floor in front of us but not finding it any where close by! Oh to dream of a custom made craft room. I would have a sewing section as well as my papercraft side as if my seeing machine were able to be out all of the time I would definitely use it lots more. As you say we can but dream can’t we 😃 xx
    Mum sends her love as do I and hope you’re all ok. Sending love and hugs to you all with the extras for Lynda Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Karen I love your card it would be amazing to watch the recipient as they open it up to all those beautiful butterflies fluttering. XX

    Sue Margaret’s hoist sounds brilliant. She will feel safer using the hoist rather than having to be lifted, pulled and pushed. My mum (like Margaret) was a light weight, but the Parkinson’s made her feel heavy, it was so difficult to help her move.

    I had a text message on Friday from the GP offering me the COVID vaccination, by the time I read it it was far too late to ring the surgery, so rang first thing this morning, later on the person organising the vaccinations rang me back and offered me an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Before I have the vaccination I have to have my INR checked. Guidelines are the day before or on the day of the vaccination to get your INR checked, then it has to be checked again five days later - which happens to be Sunday, I can’t see that happening. I was ringing the given number for two and a half hours, I ended ringing the hospital and went along and they did it. So that has been my day really, not a lot achieved.

    Have a good evening everyone, take care and stay safe.
    Love Brenda xxx