Friday 2 October 2020

Your Next Challenge has been set by Karen


Good Morning Ladies, 

I'm not even going to bother talking about the hospital appointment,  needless to say it wasn't the news we were hoping for! 
I think everyone has their breaking point and I definitely passed mine yesterday! 

I hope that you are all doing well, I presume that you all have your heating on, ours is back on timer so autumn is definitely here.  I wore my 'big coat' for the first time yesterday when Lucy and I went food shopping.  I didn't go as far as putting my gloves on though,  although they were in the pocket. 
Do you all have anything planned for the weekend?  
I was surprised that so many of you are still waiting for your Flu jabs, I hope that you all get them done before the pandemic causes more restrictions.  In my Mum's village the Dr's Surgery takes over the Community centre for a couple of days and does the vaccinations on mass,  so every gets inoculated at the same time, under Covid safe conditions of course, its quite a good idea I think.

Karen I look forward to hearing the progress of your Summer House, take lots of photos please 

Karen's Challenge 

Karen very kindly offered to help me out with this week's Challenge, I am looking forward to taking part. 

The Challenge is ......Pick a shape (you can make as many as you like using different shapes) 
Use the shape you have chosen, use that shape to create the card or the background or topper, basically so that your card features your chosen shape in some way. 
Karen chose Triangles for her inspiration card, she used Aall&Create stamps and masks to create her card, the background is from a Clarity pad.
I love the 'Mixed Media ' look of your card Karen, thank you so much for inspiring us all. XXX 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend 😘,  

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Great card Karen & an interesting challenge for us next week.

    Sandra-hope you’re going to have a relaxing day today.

    Our local GP practice takes over one of the church halls to administer the flu vaccine. I finally managed to get mine done yesterday after much searching to find someone doing them! You’d think they would be promoting it more as without the staff in the hospitals there’d be no emergency health care for anyone. Phil is still trying to find a Pharmacy that has any stock so he can pay for a flu vaccine.

    I’m very glad it’s Friday. I have a PDR to do at 8:30 then a couple of issues to sort out. Please let it be a nice day today.


  2. Morning everyone
    Dark mornings are upon us and so a sign that Autumn is here.I have to say I really don't like them.

    Looks a good Challenge KAREN.Thank you.
    I cannot believe it's Friday again and so of course it's that 'swear' word once again.That is after I've sent off my CC for this week.

    The CAFE is OPEN and ready for you all to pop in.The heating is on so it's nice and warm too.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. I was only too glad to help out SANDRA I hope you like the challenge ladies
    I am not surprised SANDRA You are going through hell at the moment I wish I/we could help more But we’re (and critter) are here for you
    The garden is coming along We’re almost giving him carte blanche as to what to do We’ve just told him our needs ie new path and patio I can’t visualise it at the moment I doubt much will be done today as it is absolutely chucking it down
    Our surgery haven’t even got the flu vaccine in yet OH (for age reasons) has had a letter to arrange one I haven’t had a letter yet because I am diabetic which I find strange as I have had one for years
    Take care I am pleased it’s Friday Take care all xx

  4. Hello All, horrible day , here, storm Alex is visiting.

    Sorry I forgot to pop in yesterday, such chaos here at the moment.

    Sandra, hope you can get Paul an appointment this morning, to at least get one eye done, keeping my fingers crossed.

    Karen great idea for this weeks challenge, still hoping I can manage one for this week.

    No heating on yet, think i will put it on for a bit tonight as it’s so cold and damp.

    Have a good day all, hugs Lilian

  5. Hi everyone.
    Looks like the weather is about the same everywhere at the moment. Didn't even go for our walk this morning.
    Karen- good idea for next week CC. Still have this week one to make so hoping this afternoon will be better.
    Bit envy you have your garden done. Love to see photos.
    Sue- I feel with you. The pain can be so bad at times so you can't function properly and the days just roll in to eachother with nothing done. It is so frustrating ! Hope you have a better day, gentle hugs x
    Hoping Paul gets an appointment today. My dad and sister at age 45/46 had their cataracts done and both are very happy with the outcome.
    Have a good day everyone. Hugs, Maria xx

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies
    I’m not to sure what happened this morning as I thought I’d commented. It’s either floating around in space or I imagining it.
    Love your card Karen.
    It’s been pouring with rain all morning here. So like you Maria I’m not walking today either.
    I’ve been up in my craft room making cards.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

  7. Hi everyone
    Great challenge, and I love your card Karen 😊
    I hope you get to speak with the hospital today Sandra and get another appointment for Paul, fingers crossed xx
    Miserable weather here today, might have to put our heating back on. We had it on the other week when it turned cold, but then turned it off again after a couple of days as it warmed up!
    Housework this afternoon, want to make sure everything is ready for when we collect Barney tomorrow 🐢😊
    Enjoy the rest of the day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    A very interesting and very clever card you have created Karen, This challenge should really get the grey cells working. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s results.

    Sandra I hope you are may be able to get a cancellation for Paul’s operation, six months seems a long time to be waiting for the procedure. If you haven’t had any luck when you rang today, ring the consultant secretary next week and keep ringing it will make them realise how important this is. I feel so sorry for Paul he is such a lovely gentle placid man who I know wouldn’t hurt a fly, let’s hope and pray that you will manage to get his operation brought forward.

    We have had a busy day today went off early to my hairdresser friend so we’re both looking quite tidy-ish, from there went onto daughters stayed and had lunch and left there about 2:30 popped into Morrison’s on the way home, stocked up on meat which is now packed in the freezer. It was so irritating when we got home knowing that we had the car loaded, some inconsiderate person had parked across our slope, We had to park down the road. Fortunately the car had a company name on. John gave them a call and the driver appeared about 10 minutes later.

    We have had rain almost all day, think it’s like that all over the country. Definitely a day to put the heating on.
    Have a good weekend, take care and stay safe, Love Brenda xxx

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Wet rained all day
    KAREN love your card a different style for you like the designe.
    i have that die set. I have made a card with it. A few months ago.
    SANDRA hope you and Paul had relaxing day today
    Sending HUG'S and love Lynda xxxx