Monday 19 October 2020

Challenge card for Man Card Monday


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend, ours was very relaxed, which was just what we both needed.

We are supposed to be going back over to Essex to clear Mum's house but with them being on Tier 2, we can no longer mix with any of my siblings in Mum's house, lord only knows how we are going to get it sorted, our only option at the moment is to go as planned but all wear gloves and masks, my two sisters are checked regularly for their jobs.  They may just have to manage without me.  

We are trying to be 'Super Cautious' right now as we have asked for Paul to be on  a cancellationist for his surgery, we don't want to take any risk of either of us catching Covid. 

Today's card was the result of my Sunday afternoon craft session!  I saw a version of this card on Pintetest and thought I would give it a go.  

I took a piece of card that measured about 4 inches wide by the width of A4 (i did trim a little off sides at the end).  I die cut the Star I used and placed it where I wanted it on my card, I then took a pencil and very lightly marked each point of the star.         I took a piece of scrap card and cut a triangle that was 2cm tall at one end going down to a point at the other, this created my mask/template for my sunburst technique.  See below ...

It doesn't need to be any particular size to be honest.  To create the sunburst effect I placed the point (narrow end) of my triangle just over the pencil marks I made on the points of the 🌟 star and started blending the Night of Navy ink, I made it darkest on the first section and then got lighter each time, I did a lighter strip either side of the darkest and then did same for each point of the star. After three lots of Night of Navy strips I used Soft Sky ink to blend out the remaining white areas.                                                                                 Next came the sentiment and Flourish of stars, I stamped both in Versamark and added Silver Embossing powder and heat set.                                  The finishing touch was the die cut Star, I tried different combinations of Navy and silver, asking Karen's expert opinion too, she agreed with my number 1 choice of Navy with Silver detail, finished with a clear gemstone.                                     So this is my 'Sparkle & Shine' (Masculine) Challenge card.

I hope to play in my craft room some more today, Paul is on earlies, so we'll be up at 5am,  well alarm goes off at 4.45am πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯±πŸ˜«!  Paul always brings me a cup of tea, which generally has me wide awake! 

I think that we are all in for some rain this week, it makes the day's so dark, which makes us so much more aware that the dark days of Winter are upon us. 

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and warm hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                              xxxxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a stunning card. It’s fantastic. I inks you must be frustrated at the thoughts of not seeing your family & friends but the risk is too high especially if Paul is on a cancellation list for surgery. Hopefully he’ll hear something soon.

    Can’t believe it’s Monday morning already-not sure where the weekend went!


    1. I hope work isn’t to hectic today Michele.

  2. It’s a beautiful card and fits perfectly for both masculine and the challenge of sparkle and shine
    It must be devastating that you cannot go and help your sisters but you cannot be too careful whilst you are waiting to hear about Paul’s op
    We ended the evening by watching The Greatest Showman which with its terrific dancing was right up my street So I went to bed with some great music in my head
    So I’m back to my old team but new job today I am nervous There’s a few of us that are feeling a bit dumped with no consideration I will miss the team I was assigned to during the first lockdown as they were so helpful and supportive
    Take care all xxx

    1. I hope today goes ok Karen, and that your new team are as nice as your old one.

  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely cards today. I’m glad you hear that you had a relaxing weekend. Like Michele & Karen have said, you really shouldn’t be going up to Essex. Even if you are Wearing gloves and masks. I’m sure that your sisters and brother can manage without you needing to be there. I gave away to charity want I could of Doreen’s then got someone in to clear the rest. But that was only me to do it. So I’m sure it doesn’t need 5 people to clear a house. Plus Paul might infect his eyes with dust.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

    1. I guess there wasn't the same sentimental value with Doreen's house clearance as there is with Mum's, A decision was made at the solicitors that we were all to be there to decide on what was going where. We are taking as many restrictions to protect Paul's health as we can, they have suggested keeping outside contact to a minimum to protect from any exposure to any kind of virus. He is taking extra measures at work and the girls are only working with each other to protect him further.

  4. Hi ladies
    Yesterdays cards were all fabulous, so many wonderful ideas.
    Today's card Sandra is so lovely, love the look of it all.If I was you I would not go to Essex at the moment, sure your sisters and brother can sort sort it out between them. Paul most be extra careful so if he be called he can have his op.
    Sending special hugs for our Brenda, so sorry to hear about your friend.
    Also gentle hugs for our Cheryl, glad you feeling better.
    Lynda- hope your pain is a little better, hugs for you and Terry x
    Michele- hope the workload is not too bad, guess Mondays can be the busiest days.
    Karen- hope your work is ok today too, take care
    Sue- how are you doing ? Have you started to use the day lamp for SAD ? When you see mum and Pop ,give them a big hug
    Sonia- lovely photos of Barney, could he be any cuter !
    Janet- hope your outing was alright. It is a bit scarier when the Covid is raising so much again. Take care.
    Pat- hope you doing ok and keeping yourself busy with making some of your wonderful groovi cards. I nearly bought a starter pack but I haven't got the space to keep it or to make any so will wait until I have my room (one day)
    We had a walk this morning which was nice, now going to watch " secret of the Nile" it's a Egyptian version but think I preferred the Spanish one better called "the Grand Hotel" I do look at some unusual programmes Lol
    have a nice day everyone, hugs Maria xxx

    1. Thank you Maria, we are all in shock, I spoke to her on Tuesday and she had been taken for an X-ray in the morning the Macmillan nurse saw her on Wednesday ( it could have been late Tuesday. The timing is not clear) on Friday late afternoon she passed away. She was a lovely friend.

  5. Hi everyone
    Sorry I’ve been awol the last couple of days! Had a very busy and tiring time, mainly due to work and Barney. We’ve had a bit of a relapse with night times and getting him in his crate, wouldn’t mind so much if I wasn’t working, but not functioning too well on only 4 hours sleep.
    Anyway, a lovely selection of cards over the last few days, Janet’s wonderful calendar and another great magazine review from Michele 😊
    I really don’t know when I’m going to be crafting again. Still trying to catch up with housework! πŸ™„
    Cheryl, glad to hear you’re home and recovering. Take it easy xx
    Hope everyone is keeping well. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hello all, dull day here, but warmer.

    Sandra love your cards today, very clever techniques.

    Keeping this short as lost comment 4 times yesterday.

    Keep well all, Lilian

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I love your really inspiring card today, it just works so well definitely makes a statement. XX

    Sorry you are not able to help sort out mums house, but not a difficult decision in the awful times we are in, Paul is your priority you all must play your part in keeping him safe in your bubble. I’m sure part of you would like one last chance to look at her home as it was, but you know it would not be a good choice. Fingers crossed 🀞 Paul there is a cancellation SOON.

    Take care everyone and stay safe. Love Brenda xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies
    I love the design and the colour combo.
    Your very clever it looks quite complicated
    SANDRA a hard decision you have in going to mum's What with Covid19 and Paul's health to consider.
    Will have to close as my right arm is so painful today.

    Love and Hug's Lynda xxxx