Saturday 3 October 2020

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

We are hoping for a nice relaxed weekend,  we both need some quiet relaxation.  I enjoyed a couple of hours in my craft room yesterday afternoon, which I really enjoyed, so I am hoping to do some more Crafting today. 

I have written a rather lengthy magazine review for you today on the Creative Stamping Magazine,  there are some fantastic features. 

Creative Stamping Magazine Review 

This Month's Issue of Creative Stamping Magazine features a lovely Stamp & Die set designed by John Lockwood as the Free Gift. 
There are some lovely stamps in the collection, there are both Focal point stamps and lots of little stamps that work perfectly for creating backgrounds or you could use them to create wrapping paper.  

As always with this magazine there is lots of inspiration from different designers giving lots of different styles.
This first feature shows you some lovely designs focused around the Die and its matching stamp. Sam Calcott has shared some beautiful Christmas cards.

This feature shows how versatile a 'Bubble Stencil' can be, it looks as though you would get the same results with a circle stencil. It shows some great ideas for those tricky 'Man' cards! 

In this feature Lisa Robson shows you how to use your free stamps to make cards for all occasions,  not just Christmas! I think its great to get more uses out of our craft products. Again there are some really inspirational designs. 

I don't have the new 'Mermaid Markers' by Jane Davenport,  they are Water reactive dye based ink waterbrushes.  The designer has achieved some great effects with them as you can see above.

This is one of the techniques that she used, it looks similar to the Sharpie technique that Karen uses.

John Lockwood gives us a sneak peek of his New 2020 Christmas releases and tells us what he has been up to this year. 

Hunkydory have some cute Christmas Gnome stamps  in their latest Magazine box set, this feature shares some projects made with them.

John Lockwood shares some projects that he has designed with the free stamps mixed with some of his favourite products. 

A few more of John's projects. 

Metallic finishes on cards is something we all do more of at this time of year, this feature shares a different way to achieve a more subtle Metallic finish using Metallic Ink pads.   The brand used on these particular projects is 'Delicata' ink. 

This is a great little technique using those inks.

Who doesn't love a Poinsettia on their Christmas cards, this feature shares cards made with the Poinsettia stamps in the magazine free gift.

Nicky Gilbert shows us how to achieve perfect layered stamping, the stamps used in this feature are Altenew. 

This is a close up of the technique. 

Another technique showing how to layer stamps using masks to create a beautiful wreath. 

Why not use your stamps to create gift wrapping? 
Some great ideas here.

I love Vellum wrapped cards, this feature shows different ways of stamping onto Vellum. 

There is a technique showing how to create a vellum overlay card. I love some of these cards 😍 

I will definitely be making some of these 'Quick and Clean', one layer cards.

The last feature that I am sharing shows how to get more from our stamped images by cutting them up, there are some brilliant ideas. 


There is so much in this magazine Ladies,  it is worth every penny in my opinion.  There are plenty more features that I haven’t shared. 
I am excited to start making some of the cards featured in this magazine. 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Hi everyone
    Love the funny quote πŸ˜€
    A great magazine review. The free die and stamp set looks fabulous, and some great articles too.
    Glad you managed to spend some time crafting yesterday. Hope you and Paul both have a relaxing weekend.
    Been raining here since yesterday, but looks like it might stop and brighten up later, fingers crossed.
    So excited to be picking up Barney this morning 🐢😊
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs xxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-great magazine Review. I saw an advert for this magazine and decided I’d treat myself, the main reason was because there’s matching Dies for the stamps.

    We have a damp start to the day & irhe weather is meant to be getting awful later. I’m just hoping we can stay dry when we go out for our meal tonight..


    1. Fingers crossed the rain eases up when you go for your meal this evening Michele.

  3. I love the saying and we probably all feel like that about our crafting stuff
    Pleased that you managed to sit and craft SANDRA Hopefully you’ll relax today You need to
    Thank you for the review I’m going to sit on my hands though as I have other craft things in my radar!
    Who’s the most excited SONIA you or MARK!
    I hope picking up Barney goes smoothly
    It is so wet here that the gardeners aren’t coming today It is so dark and gloomy too It’s official The heating went on in the Watts’ household yesterday πŸ˜€
    This afternoon we are looking after the grandchildren I am a little excited to say the least! It will be busy busy busy
    Take care all xxx

    1. Enjoy your time with Oscar & Charlie this afternoon Karen.

    2. Think we were both as excited as each other 😊 Pick up went well, apart from a bit of a fidget to start with, he settled on my lap and fell asleep on the way home 😊 xx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Karen I love the challenge you have set for this week. Your card is great A couple of years ago you wouldn’t have thought of using some of these techniques would you. I think it’s thanks to Sandra for inspiring us all to try new things. Have a lovely afternoon with the boys πŸ₯°
    Sandra, I’m glad to see you were able to sit and craft yesterday my lovely. You and Paul both need time to try and relax a little.
    Thank you for the in depth review of this months Creative stamping. It really is full of loads of great ideas. It is definitely on next weeks shopping list now. Some of the cards are beautiful aren’t they. I hope you can get lost in crafting for a few hours today my lovely xx
    Like the rest of you our heating is on now as it’s another dull day here.
    Maria, we live in the wrong climate don’t we! I’m still struggling and couldn’t get to see Mum yesterday sadly. Hope you’re not too bad today x
    Sonia, thinking of you all today 😊 please share some pics of your new family member x
    Brenda, some drivers are so thoughtless aren’t they! Sorry you had to carry the meat etc. farther than usual. Our village monthly magazine for several months showed photos of badly parked vehicles in our village. It still hasn’t stopped it happening though. Soap box put away x
    I’m off for a late breakfast. Have a good day everyone. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Great review Sandra. Hope you get to do some crafting later. I’m hoping to do some more as well. I have lots of picot cutting to do as I’m doing a lace border.
    I also had the heating on last night. I think I also had it on one day in the week. Not to sure if that was Tues of Wed.
    Pouring with rain here as well. It poured all day yesterday as well so no walking for me.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  6. Morning Everyone
    Thank you for the mag review SANDRA.This mag looks interesting.

    Sorry I'm late but the day started with me running a little late for some reason or other and we wanted to get to M&S foodhall before it got busy.Anyway shopping done and now hoping for the rest of the day to be a quiet one.
    It's a horrible wet/damp/grey day here.Not nice at all.

    Hope the new arrival settles in and I'm sure he'll be spoiled somewhat SONIA.

    The CAFE is of course open for all.
    HUGS on their way to you all.TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFExxxx

    1. Thanks Janet, he certainly will be spoilt - we’d bought him some toys and came home with a bag of goodies from the breeder aswell 😊 xx

  7. Hi Ladies.
    Thanks for the magazine review Sandra. I like everything with this one and am so so tempted, will see how long I can leave it Lol
    Lets Paul and you to have nice ,relaxing weekend. hugs.
    Oh Sonia, you must be so excited picking up Barney today. Hope it goes alright and he soon settled in. Lots of photos ,please.
    Karen, have a great day looking after Charlie and Oscar
    Sue -it's very draining isn't when you feel like this and yes the weather do noting to help. Be interesting to see how you think the light box working or not. Take care.
    When you have the chance to see mum and Pop, give them a big hug from me.
    Pat - another day and no walking. Feel a bit like in prison for nowhere to go and it's so dark and raining and mojo have left again too so it be reading and tv for today.
    I wish you all a good day and many hugs are being sent for you all and extra for you who need some xxx

    1. Thanks Maria, will post lots of photos 😊 xx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Great magazine review Sandra, so many interesting ideas. Thank you for giving so much time to review the mag.

    Karen hope you are having a great time with Oscar and Charlie. XX

    Sue sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I don’t think this weather helps much do you? Try and stay warm, take care XX

    Sonia Hope Bonnie is settling in I’m sure he’s going to be spoilt. Enjoy the new addition to your family XX

    Take care everyone stay safe and look after each other.
    Love and hugs Brenda XXX

    1. Sorry Sonia I did put Barney but predictive text took over as I pressed publish

  9. Sandra I’m so sorry I haven’t made a challenge card. Today has been a very difficult day. John wanted me to stay in bed this morning. I woke up and my body did not want to move. I always feel it’s better to try and get moving and not give into the aches and pains. I have to say it’s been a struggle all day. I had an idea for my CC but it didn’t work out. I didn’t have the energy to correct it. Hope tomorrow my body will be able to cope with life.. xx

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Thank's the magazine review it looks a good one. magazine get oh to buy it for me
    KAREN ENJOY looking after the boy's
    SONIA I hope you get agood night's sleep with Barny crying looking forward to seeing the pictures
    Love and Hug's Lynda xxxx

    1. Thank you Lynda. Had quite a good first night 😊 xx