Sunday 5 August 2018

Your Challenge Cards

Good Sunday Morning Friends,

What better way to spend a scorching Sunday morning than browsing through and absorbing inspiration from an amazing display of cards.
Asda had an incredible deal on Magnums, you know those luxury double ones, I love the Raspberry and the Coconut ones, Paul went for Praline, they were £2 a box or 2 boxes for £3!!!  So I have stocked the freezers for you, grab one and sit and look at all of these amazing cards...…..


Amanda has used the Stampin'Up! Very Vintage stamp set to create her beautiful One Colour Challenge card, the Blue is Night Of Navy and the matching Ribbon is Night of Navy Gingham Ribbon too (although it looks a lighter blue), that cute little sentiment was made using the 'Darling Label Punch' and the stamp is also from Very Vintage.
Such a lovely challenge card Amanda it has a French Country style, thank you so much for taking part.


Karen made three lovely Challenge cards, managing the extra challenge of doing 1Christmas and 1everyday card, so thank you so much for that, less to make in December!  
That beautiful baby card is amazing and personalising it really does give it that 'Special' card status.
Here is Karen's Description:
"Here’s 3 cards for you
The New Baby card is for Charlotte to give to her friend MYAH was born last week and is currently in GOSH She had a heart op on Monday and seems to be doing very well
The butterfly is scraps of blue using a very old SW die and JL’s butterflies I’m on the lookout now for a nice butterfly EF because I think now I’ve photographed it it looks a bit bare
The Christmas is a mix of EF’s on scrap card cut with SW’s Pierced Flags and her new Mini Expressions die I think it looks quite effective all in white xxx"

Thank you so much Karen for making three amazing, inspirational cards.


Lilian has designed another stunning challenge card, that stamp you have used is absolutely gorgeous, as is that stunning shade of pink, it looks like 'Berry Burst', the background paper you have used looks watercoloured and I love the way you have offset the two shades,  your cards always have so much beautiful detail Lilian. 
Thank you so very much for gathering the energy to take part, I know how hard it is in this heat, I am very grateful. 


Lorraine I absolutely love your card, such a simple design but boy does it work, that butterfly is so Majestic and your shading has added so much depth.
Lorraine's description:
"Beautiful Day created with Memento Black ink and the two Highland Heather blends."

Thank you so much Lorraine, I know you are suffering this weekend after your Chemotherapy my lovely, this heat can't help, sending you huge hugs.


Lynda has made two lovely challenge cards this week, the first arrived Monday morning, so started my week off with a big smile, however it wasn't as big as the smile on my face after Lynda and I had a conversation about the second card!
Lynda's Description.....
Blended background with blueprint sketch distress oxide die cut is from the wish site JL butterfly sentiment is from SU blooming with kindness. 😍
Card 2
Second cc
Candied apple oxide ink
Woodware stamp
Tassel from my slippers

The conversation we had was over my amusement at Lynda using her Slipper tassel, I went on to say how trendy they are at the moment, they are in all the High Street shops as Earrings and other accessories, we then went on to discuss what else we could 'use' them for! I will leave that to your imagination, I won't be experimenting with the cats around though, plus I'm not sure my back is up to it !! 😜 
Thank you so much Lynda for taking part and making me cry with laughter, so hard that tears weren't just running down my cheeks!! 😍😍

I just love this gorgeous little Easel card that Margaret has made for this weeks challenge, she has used the Birthday Blooms stamp set for both the stunning floral image and the sentiment, both stamped in beautiful p


Our Michele managed two cards for this weeks challenge, I have every hope that this is the start of your enthusiasm for crafting returning my lovely. I love your design Michele and how it works for both categories. Those snowflakes are so pretty!
Thank you for taking part and doing the extra part of the challenge too! 



Val has designed a beautiful birthday card for our One Colour Challenge this week, using four shades of pretty pinks to create that lovely blended background, Inspired by Danielle's card earlier this week, it gives so much interest to the background, highlighting parts of the embossing.  Your daisy is stunning with the black tips Val, I am guessing its John's Gerbera Die?! 
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely, if we are all struggling in the heat, I can't imagine how hard it is for you! 


Janet has designed three absolutely Incredible cards, all so opulent, the last two remind me of the tiles in Morocco, such intricate patterns, to use metallic embossing powders was an inspired idea Janet, those cards are really going to shine on the Mantelpiece!
Here is Janet's Descriptions:

Here are my offerings for this week's CC.

1.  Happy Birthday in Brown - I used the TONIC die 'DEVOTED DOILY'
                                               The Sentiment is from CRAFTER'S COMPANION.

                                      The sentiment is TONIC 'NORDIC CHRISTMAS.
                                      The Background -I cannot remember the name of the
                                       mask but I used COSMIC SHIMMER TEXTURE
                                        PASTE - 'NEW GOLD' by Phil Martin

                                        The sentiment is TONIC 'NORDIC CHRISTMAS'
                                        The background mask is TONIC '
                                           'LAYERED HEXAGON' and I used
                                        COSMIS SHIMMER TEXTURE PASTE 'SPARKLE
                                         SILVER MOON'

I hope you like them.
Loads of hugs xxxx  
Janet thank you so much for taking on both parts of the challenge and 'raising the bar', you are an inspiration my dear friend. 



Last but by no means least is this very Special Challenge card, made by my lovely friend Sue, 
Sue used the lovely 'Very Vintage' Stamp set to create that beautiful centre piece, die cut with an oval, Sue then die cut the mat with one of the Spellbinders Grand Decorative Oval dies, it has such a pretty lacy edge.  Sue then used a Happy Birthday stamp, cut with a SU label punch and placed upon a matching pink mat.
Such a stunning card Sue, everything works so beautifully together, Your Aunt will absolutely love this card, thank you so much for taking part, I love having your card on the Sunday line up!


Did you notice that we started and finished your card display with cards made with the same stamp set, Amanda starting us off with Very Vintage in Blue and Sue bringing us to a close with the same stamp in pink!

Thank you all so very much, we have collectively made 18 cards for this weeks Challenge, that's amazing 18 very different designs! You  have all thought up your designs and created your cards despite frustratingly high temperatures, some of you have a lot more to deal with as well as the heat, but you do this every week. You are all amazing and so very inspirational!

I hope that you all have a relaxing Sunday,

Love and huge hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    and to all who pop in today for a chat and a cuppa or one of those lovely ices in the freezer.

    WOW WOW WOW what a bumper bundle of craftiness we have this week. It's a good thing I didn't as for the extra display boards to be put away as they are really full.

    Each and everyone a beautiful piece of art.

    Now on my shopping visit yesterday morning I popped into 'The Works' shop just to have a look at their craft section. They have now put out all their Seasonal craft goods and I had a conversation with a lovely assistant. I had heard a rumour that they are opening shops dedicated to CRAFTS alongside of their book shops. They have already opened a couple of shops in the country but not around me at the moment. These shops go under the name 'CRAFT WORKS'. One is going to open in Rotherham at Parkgate she told me. So have a look on the net and keep eyes open. You never know one may be near to you. I have to say that all craft products I have bought from this shop I have been very satisfied with.

    Have a good Sunday - on the lunch menue today is Roast Chicken.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Stay safe xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    What an absolutely amazing display of challenge cards today. So many lovely ideas & all so different .

    Busy morning yesterday, popped into The Range after my hair appointment & bought a few basics. After lunch we set off to visit my F in L only to find him fast asleep, we went downstairs to to the lounge area then nipped upstairs & he was still asleep so we left. Messaged my M in L who said he’d had Physio & played Carpet Bowls! We asked if she wanted us to go over & start moving boxes out of the loft for her but she was too tired so we left for him-that was a two & a half hour round trip! Hubby got the grass cut when we got home & brought the washing in so there’s lots of ironing to do this morning!


  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    Sandra I hope you are feeling ok today with no more AF episodes x
    Danielle, I love your cute elephant cards yesterday, especially the first one. I am looking forward to seeing your tutorial as I haven't seen one of these cards before x
    Karlie, your origami dress is gorgeous. Please let us see the card if you do decide to use it that way. Love your new stash that your Mum bought you too x
    Lynda, you have got some more beautiful stamps and dies. The sunflower is gorgeous, it looks fabulous cut in the patterned paper that you used on one of your challenge cards today. I hope your back is starting to feel less sore x
    What a wonderful collection of challenge cards. Each one is beautiful and all different except Amanda and I using that gorgeous Very Vintage stamp. If I am right I think that is the first time that two of us have used the same stamp on the same challenge.
    Sandra, I did send you a second challenge card yesterday, I am a bit worried that the shock of me making two in one week caused you to fall over and
    that is why it's not shown 😋 I had a lovely afternoon sat at my desk. Mr Mojo seems to be back at long last thank goodness!
    I am hoping to get another card or two made once I've got the washing on today. It is meant to be about 30 degrees so I hope you can all manage to have a good day. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  4. Hello Everyone, what an amazing collection of Beautiful cards... you all have done an amazing Job... I love them all xx

  5. Hi everyone,
    WOW what a bumper Sunday this week. Fantastic cards including some lovely Christmas cards. There seems to be more than ever this. Thanks ladies for some great ideas.x

    Not long been in from the Sunday Market. I went straight upstairs and had a cold shower. It was like a furnace and still some stupid people walking round with dogs.Would they like to walk round with no shoes on and a fur coat? It makes me so mad.Soap box now put away.
    I had to go to the market to buy some sandals as the bottom of my old sandals fell off yesterday. Now I don't 'do' shoes. I have one winter pair and one summer pair. When they wear out I buy more. Probably a lot of you have Imelda Marcos collections but I devote my life to buying handbags not shoes.
    Anyway its lunch time and I'm off to make my chicken salad.

    MARIA So hope you feel better today and had a good night sleep.x

    Hugs to all especially if your not feeling too good today.
    Love Valx

  6. Wow what a wonderful selection of cards for the challenge Sandra, I certainly will be popping back to this day on your blog to see these again. I want to start being more proactive with my card making now; to work through the chemo after effects etc. Thank you ladies for all the inspiration you have given me. :O) xx

  7. Fantastic array of cards today
    Apart from the shadow box whilst being easy is a bit more fiddly The other two were made from scraps
    I know Nicki made one and has probably forgotten to send it in Bless
    After doing a bit of sewing - repairing OH’s (other wise known as the sun cooker) hammock I do not intend to do anything but relax and have one of those delicious Magnums that are in the freezer
    Take care all xxx

  8. Margaret Palmer5 August 2018 at 13:29

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra a wonderful selection of cards again today. This was a good challenge not as easy as first thought but enjoyed
    Sue has rearranged my craft things at least I can do some stamping etc so hopefully can join in most weeks.
    Janet roast chicken please if you have any left. Thanks for news on The Works although as our nearest shop is in the local Co-Op I don't think they will have room to
    Maria hope you had a better night. Hugs on
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    wow, look at all these cards. AMANDA and SUE, both of the cards are just Gorgeous. I can see them done in all different colours backgrounds.
    KAREN- 3 Beautiful cards, love the baby and the flag one.
    LILIAN- your cards are always stunning, love the flowers.
    Hi LORRAINE- you're amazing, even when feeling poorly you still manage to make a card, love it !
    Oh LYNDA- can nearly hear the conversation go between you and Sandra for where using the tassel from your slipper ey hahaha 2 lovely cards tho
    Gorgeous easel card from our MARGARET, nice to see you manage to make cards again. hugs for you and POp
    MICHELE- love the butterflies and snowflakes made into circles. Hope your FIL is better today. Long way for you to go for a visit.
    VAL- lovely card in pink. Wish I didn't have to wear shoes at all year round. You got the right idea,not to have too many :)
    JANET- three Fabulous cards, love them. Also like the Works, must look if any Craft W. coming near me.
    Sorry I didn't made a card for this week Sandra, I got a couple half made sitting on the work top but the heat and tiredness took over and I couldn't function at all so just sat here. Spoke to my dad, he might come home tomorrow. He has a infection but they have given him antibiotics so hopefully he should be ok. Mum had her results came , they back clear so that's a relief but still not sure why her legs and back are so bad. Lynda- I hope your back is getting better and Migraines and AF's etc are behaving. OH had some moments yesterday and the snoring and stopping breathing during the night and the woman next door talking between 2-5am with her OH, geeee she must love her own voice but I'm not ! Up over the 30c again today so washing on the line but otherwise staying static. Take care ladies and Chicken and the Ice-cream sound very nice so will be back. xxxx

  10. Hello Sandra & Ladies
    It's been sooo hot today & I had no energy. Should have done some ironing but way to hot so hopefully get it done early tomorrow morning.
    Wow gorgeous challange cards today all amazing. Wonder what Sandra has got for us this week. SANDRA hope your feeling better today & had a easy stress free day. Hope Lucy managed to find some summer cloths in the sales.
    I pad needs charging so better publish before I loose it.
    Hug's for everyone.xx
    Love Lynda xx