Saturday 25 August 2018

Mixed Craft Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

Its Saturday so you know what that means.....It's Mixed Craft day, I know that you have all been waiting to see Cheryl's First Prize winning Wreath, it's absolutely stunning and I'm not at all surprised that it was awarded first prize.  You can see that you have put so much work into making it, with the beautiful ribbon, lace, little appliques and beautiful Ivory flowers, you have outdone yourself Cheryl, this has to be one of your best.
Thank you so much for Sharing it with all of us. xxx


Danni has been super busy with her different crafts and luckily she has shared some of them with us, 
First up is an amazing Gift Box that contains those super cute Mickey & Minnie gift tags, Dannii has done a tutorial for these on her YouTube channel, I think that these would be great for selling at craft fairs etc....
Danni's second project is one of the nicest Diamond Pictures I have seen, I love how all the white diamonds make it look like the unicorn is sparkling.  I bet Layla absolutely loves this picture Danielle.
Thank you so much for sharing your crafts with us. XXX


Karen has shared the shopping that she bought from her trip to Stamperama with Maria and Nicki last Sunday. You bought some lovely things Karen, I love that you are buying stamps now too, so many of our ladies have made that transition from Dies to stamps, I love it as I think you can be so much more creative. You got some lovely Oxide ink colours too, I really want some of the new colour, so I will be looking out for them at Ally Pally.
I will add Karen's description of her shopping below....

"Here’s a photo of my buys at Stamperama
There was a lovely stall called A Crafty Place They do not have a shop Only online and shows They have promised to keep prices the same for Ally Pally They were cheaper than iconuk
Yes I’ve relented and along with the others have bought JL’s Poinsettia die and stamps!
Managed to get 5 Distress Oxides for £20"

Your Oxides were a really good price Karen, I bought my last collection from Joanna Sheen as it worked out cheaper to get them all together, I think I will look for them at AP this time though.
Thanks for sharing your shopping my lovely. xxx


Karen sent me a photo of these lovely little 'Thank you' cards that the lovely Nicki made, I love bright, vibrant colours and the fact that the zigzag background is embossed. That cute little heart above the 'thanks' is such a lovely touch too.  
Karen sent me a description so I will add it below:

"Here are some cards from young Nicki who also went to Stamperama What is so nice about this card is the detail she has put in
So the sentiment is one she bought yesterday and had heat embossed it with black glitter embossing powder
She has inked the background through a stencil and also the heart with Distress Oxides I have her permission to send them to you"

Such lovely cards Nicki thanks for sharing them with us, I love your cards xxx

That's it for another week My Lovelies, I have a Magazine Review from Michele for next Saturday, I will also gladly share any shopping of crafts you have too.

Have a lovely weekend

Love and Hugs,



  1. Morning Ladies

    What a great collection of crafty projects & purchases.

    Cheryl -your wreath is absolutely gorgeous, so beautiful.

    I’m up & about early as I couldn’t sleep, think I got cold during the night. I’m explaining package to arrive today-I won a £50 voucher to spend in Craftstash just by completing an online feedback survey. That cheered me up after a horrible week at work.
    We’re off to see my F in L this afternoon-taking his birthday present (an Orchid) plus my M in Laws card and present(craft stuff). Brother in Law is going to drive back to Southport this evening and we’re going out for dinner, probably the Indian Restaurant in the village.


    1. I’m “expecting “ a package to arrive! No idea where explaining came from...!! Ha ha

    2. Congrats for winning the survey, sure you spent the money on something good. Hope the visit to FIL goes well and have a nice long weekend with plenty of R&R. hugs xx

    3. Wow Michele congratulations on wining £50 from craft stash.
      Hope FIL visit goes well. Enjoy your meal tonight.
      Hug's xx

    4. Hi Michele. Congratulations on your Craft stash win. I bet you got some great goodies, their prices are usually really good. Looking forward to seeing what you choose. Hope FIL is settled in now. Enjoy the meal tonight x

  2. Morning Everyone
    A lovely set of 'mixed up crafts' today.
    CHERYL- Ohhhh I love love your wreath. It's so beautiful and definitely deserved first prize. I agree with SANDRA and think that it's one of your best.

    Shopping as usual this morning and fingers crossed that Meadowhall isn't too busy.

    I don't know about any of your areas last night but it turned very cold here after tea and definitely more like Autumn. It didn't help that we also had torrential rain and we had to p.ut the lights on well before 20.30hrs. At least the sun is shining this morning.

    The CAFE is OPEN and usual hours this bank holiday week-end.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Have a good day whatever plans you have. xxxx

    1. Have a nice outing to Meadowhall. We had to put lights on here at 3pm and then at 5 we had thunder and torrential rain for at least half hour and yes it gone very cold and Autumny down here too. hugs xx

    2. Hi Janet. I hope you had a pleasant shopping trip today. It did get dark and wet as the day went on yesterday while I was with Mum and Pop. I went to pop to the shop about tish but decided to wait when we realised just how hard the rain was. After waiting for the "quick shower" to ease up for about 10 mins I decided to borrow a raincoat from Mum as I would has got drenched just getting to the car parked about 20' away on the drive!!! X

  3. Morning ladies.

    What a super bundle of goodies today.
    CHERYL lovely wreath. No wonder it took first prize.

    KAREN. I too just had to have JL's poinsettia. I also have the SW set but with Johns you can cut out six at a time. Such a good idea. Love all your other goodies.x

    DANNI Beautiful diamond picture and such cute little tags.

    NICKI really pretty thank you card. Love the little heart on each.

    SANDRA I guess the photo of my bottle from the Class that Wendy and I went to didn't arrive?

    Meeting a friend for coffee later but first I really have to mop downstairs. Having 4 animals I usually do it every day but its been a few days now and it definitely needs cleaning.

    Have a good day everyone whatever you're up to.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Guess you getting little pawprints all over when having so many pets. Looking forward to see the bottle. Have a good day meeting your friend.hugs xx

    2. Hi Val. I am looking forward to seeing your decorated bottle. Will you be doing more? Like you, Karen and others I am very tempted by Johns poinsettia dies. Being able to cut 6 at a time is such a time saver and would certainly make do some decorations that I have seen. Maybe I could sell my Spellbinder ones so I can get these instead...uhm I will have to have a think. I hope you enjoyed seeing your friend x

  4. Your wreath is stunning CHERYL No wonder you dame first
    Cute tags DANNI I thought my MIL would love to do a diamond picture but her senility is too bad without a lot of support and she likes to clear things away and not leave stuff out to finish later andcsobwas losing more diamonds than using them! They’re quite fiddly aren’t they but very relaxing to do
    Nicki really has an eye for great layouts etc The extra detail she has put into these cards is what elevates them from homemade to handmade
    I thoroughly enjoyed Stamperama It is a lot smaller than ALLY PALLY with some very nice stalls I did go overboard a bit but I have “sold” quite a few cards this year - never happened before! And I definitely won’t be able to get to ALLY PALLY this time It’s too impractical
    Beautiful sunshine here at the moment after torrential rain last night
    Have a good day ladies Take care xx

    1. You did find some lovely things and I must write down the oxides I like to have for next time as couldn't remember which ones I have at home so therefore missed out on them at Stamperama. Yes it is small but really enjoyed it and a big bonus meeting you and beautiful Nicki. Blueberry muffins sounded much better then the "swearword" hihihi Have a good day , hugs xx

    2. Love all your buys Karen what a bargain with the Oxides Hope to find them at AP. Sorry you won't be coming to AP this time.
      Have a good weekend Hug's xx

    3. Hi Karen. I'm really sorry that we won't be seeing you at AP. We must arrange a Watford meet soon to.make up for it. You have some lovely new goodies. I will be looking for some more Distress Oxides, like Maria I will.have to take a list of the ones I have already though 😏 I need to get some white card for card bases. Please can you let me know what the Simply the best card is like. I haven't seen it before so would appreciate your thoughts on it. Have a good weekend x

    4. Hi again Karen. I forgot to say that Nicki has made some great cards, that little heart is a lovely touch isn't it x

  5. Morning all.
    Love the wreath our Cheryl have made, absolutely stunning !
    Like the cards and the diamond picture from Danielle and love the cards that Nicki have made and good shopping from our Karen. I have taken a photo of my little pile so will send it later.
    I wish you all a good day and hope the sun will come out , it feels rather chilly and the clouds are very heavy around here.
    Had a real nice time with friends last night, first time they come over and it was for coffee so only bought in a few biscuits. They stayed till way past 8pm and I didn't have enough to invite them for dinner too so felt awful not offering anything else. They must have heard our stomachs rumbling. What would you have done in this case ?
    Have a nice weekend everyone. Many hugs from me with a cardigan on xxx

    1. I'd have probably ordered in takeaway!

    2. Hi Maria. Its always awkward when guests stay longer than expected isn't it, and it's always the one time that you don't have enough food. We are lucky that we have a local shop so a quick visit to there sorts out the problem, or like Karen we have sometimes ordered a takeaway. I'm.looking forward to seeing your show shopping. How is your Dad doing now? X

  6. Good afternoon Sandra & ladies
    SANDRA hope your all enjoying your holiday.
    We have been busy sorting out & shredding unwanted papers. Terry has a habit of putting letters excetra in the draw even if they are rubbish he always says I will do it tomorrow. Now he needs a car document so at least he is sorting it now.😳
    Some lovely mixed crafts & shopping buys.
    CHERYL congratulation on winning first prize Your wreath is stunning.
    DANNII love your diamond painting & your box & gift tags are beautiful
    Nicki your cards are lovely
    Well I'm being nagged off to Tesco to pick up prescription & post some cards
    See you later Hug's for everyone
    Love Lynda xx

    1. My OH is the same - he'd even keep useless empty envelopes if I didn't follow him around and bin them!

    2. Hi Lynda. Chris does the same as Terry and like Karen's OH he puts the empty envelopes in the pile too!!! Apparently I am the one that keeps things that should go straight in the bin if you ask Chris though....Men 😕 We need a new shredder so have two carrier bags full of paperwork waiting to be done. I hope you have a good weekend xx

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    What a stunning array of goodies for a mixed up Saturday. Yes, I checked it’s Sat today. We seem to have have 2 fridays this week. Pete certainly been confused on the days of the week this week. He nearly convinced me it was Friday on Thursday. He’s feeling much better now, but still a bit wobbly on his feet. The hospital thought it was probably the after effects of his Radium treatment. Although no one else has been so severe.
    Cheryl yoyr wreath is fabulous. No wonder you won 1st prize. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Lovely goodies Karen. Can’t wait for Ally Pally.
    Loved the cards Nikki made as well.
    Great box and cards Danni.

    1. Hi Pat. Its good to hear Pete is feeling much better now. I always have to look at my phone or the calendar to work out what day and date it is too x

  8. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra thank you for showing us all the lovely crafts & goodies on show today. I hope you are all relaxing time on the
    Cheryl your wreath is gorgeous, no wonder you won first prize, well
    Karen shame we will not see you at Ally Pally, your shopping haul from Stamperama looks great, look forward to seeing your
    Danni your gift tags are lovely & well what can I say about your Diamond Picture other than it is
    Nicki thank you for sharing your lovely thank you cards, they are
    Maria hope the news on Dad is better, difficult situation last night, the only thing I would suggest is a take
    Hope all are enjoying the weekend, it has really turned a lot cooler, although sun is out at the moment.
    Sending hugs to all who need them particularly Lilian love

    1. Hi Mum. It has really turned chilly hasn't it. We did have a bit of sun this afternoon. I hope you didn't get wet if you went to Pam's this morning. Love you xxxx

  9. Good afternoon ladies,

    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments re: my wreath. I have a one word note from the judge which read 'Perfect!'
    As she is the top judge for the WI in all things crafty, that is very high praise indeed.

    We have had the most glorious sunshine today, yesterday the heavens opened and the clouds cried copiously all day. So dark as well that the lights were on earlier than usual.

    Enjoy your weekend whatever it is you're up to.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl. The judge used the word "Perfect" that I would use too. Your wreath is gorgeous and rightly deserved its first place. The weather has certainly taken a turn for the worst hasn't it! Have a good weekend x

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    A lovely selection of goodies for us today. I have left comments already for most already.
    Danni that I love the gift tags and holder, such a cute and useful little gift. Your diamond art picture is perfect for a little girl and no doubt Layla loves it X
    Sandra, I wish I could be with you, not just because I am missing you but also because you are enjoying some lovely sunshine. It feels so autumnal here now and you know how much I hate the grey skies and lower temperatures 😞 I hope you are all having a lovely time my lovely xx
    A quiet day here, joints are not too good so have been dozing and wasting time looking on Pinterest to get some ideas for Christmas as I lost all.ify "saved" boards a while ago!!!
    I hope you all have a good long weekend. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lilian and all in need. Take care xx

  11. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a lovely Saturday display, where else but on this blog would you see such an amazingly beautiful array of talent. Ladies you are truly amazing.

    CHERYL Your wreath is beautiful. Your First Prize is so well deserved. A great decision by the judges. xx

    Hope ever is enjoying the bank holiday weekend.

    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx