Saturday 4 August 2018

Mixed Craft Saturday


 Good Morning Ladies,

I didn't have too much to share as far as 'mixed' crafts go for todays blog, I will also own up and tell you that after our shopping trip, that I very much enjoyed with Paul and Lucy, I had a very long episode of AF and it fairly much wiped me out for the rest of the night. 
I will not let anything or anyone stop me from blogging however, so sheer determination got me through writing this post.  I am very grateful to Danielle, Victoria and Lynda who I called on very late in the day to give me something to share with all of you and boy are you in for a treat!

The first card on show today is a different kind of 'pop up' card, the inner panel pops up as you open the card, its nice to have that little element of surprise. The Double Aperture front gives you a sneak peek at the surprise you are going to get when you open the card. Danielle is going to do a tutorial on this card and when she does I will have a link on the blog.
Danielle has created a whole series of cards from Stamp set that was a new addition to the Stampin'Up! Catalogue this year

Little Elephant

It is such a cute stamp set and having a matching Punch make it so much easier to create quick and fun cards.

Danielle has also made these cards with this Stamp set....  

 These two cards show that this stamp set  does not only need to be used for children or baby cards, the top one features one of Danielle's lovely watercolour backgrounds.

The second card has the luxurious touch of gold, with gold embossing, gold card and lovely gold thread.  Everything about Danielle's cards work so beautifully together.  The laugh of it is Danni would tell you that she isn't really a card maker!!
Danielle you are an amazing card maker, your attention to detail and eye for design are as good as any card maker I know, thank you so much for allowing me to share your cards. 


Karlie has treated us to another one of her Origami Pieces, this time it is a pretty dress, Karlie has used a really pretty paper and made sure that the pattern is small enough to work as a pattern on such a small dress, this all takes a lot of thought and consideration, which shows that you really have an eye for design Karlie.  Thank you for allowing me to share your dress with everyone, I think that this would make a great feature on a card, maybe you could ask your Mum to help you put one together.

Karlie has also shared a photo of the new Craft bits that her Mum treated her too earlier this week, you have some really pretty papers and matching pearls to start designing with, I hope you have fun with all of it and I look forward to seeing what you make.



Lynda has shared a few of her crafty bargains with us this week, most of which are from Wish I believe, the rest I am sure was purchased with 'Lisa's Voucher' ;)-

The first item is that beautiful 'Daisy B' Flora stamp, such a lovely detailed stamp, Lynda has coloured has coloured her in for us and you can see all of the beautiful detail, highlighted by the beautiful colouring, the style reminds me of the 'Tilda' Dolls.
Lynda picked up a really cute Stampin Up stamp set, that features so many super cute images, I have seen simply hundreds of cards using these stamps on Pinterest Lynda, so if you need inspiration just pop over and type the stamp set name into the search bar.
A lovely selection of dies from Wish are next on the list, that large Sunflower card creator style die is lovely as is that Doily style die, that lovely decorative border die reminds me of the Sue Wilson Lyra dies. 

The Sue Wilson Border dies are beautiful, I love the Holly Berry Edger, so much detail, the Poinsettia Edger is lovely too, I can't wait to see these made into a card Lynda.

Last but not least is that gorgeous floral hessian/ribbon, it has such lovely colours in it, I can see this in the background of one of your masterpieces Lynda with the edges all frayed for that shabby effect.
You have bought some lovely goodies Lynda, thank you so much for sharing them with us.



Coffee and Biscuits anyone???? 
Victoria has designed two fantastic gift package ideas for cheap and simple tokens of thanks, both of these Gift bags would have you as excited about the packaging as you were about the gift.
The coffee gift bag is simply a long piece of card that has been punched at either end with Stampin Up! Scallop Tag Topper punch, not only does it make perfect tags instantly, it can be made into so many other gift packaging ideas, I love this coffee one though, you could put the Hot Chocolate sachets in there too.
Victoria's beautifully decorated mini gift bag is a perfect way to present something as simple as a pack of biscuits as a real treat, Victoria has used Night Of Navy Card and one of the beautiful papers from the Garden Impressions 6 x 6 collection, I love the colours of these papers.
I will leave the link to Victoria's page below, so that you can go and check out her stunning crafty makes...…

Thank you so much Victoria for allowing me to share your amazing gift ideas.


Thanks so much again to Lynda, Danni and Victoria for today's blog content, so much inspiration on one little blog post!!

I hope you all manage to stay cool and comfortable,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    What a wonderful selection of crafty projects & purchases today.
    Karlie-love the origami dress, it’s so pretty.

    I actually managed to get into my craft room yesterday evening & made 2 cards!! I started a birthday card but didn’t manage to finish that, maybe Sunday as there’ll not be time today. I have the hairdressers atn9:30 then I plan to go straight into Southport for a few items then we’re visiting my F in L after lunch.


  2. Morning Everyone
    and to all who pop into the CAFE today for a visit and a chat.

    A lovely selection of goodies for today's Mixed Craft.

    It was another very hot day yesterday but I managed to get all my washing dry and put away.

    Off shopping this morning with the hope that Meadowhall will not be too busy. My and crowds definitely don't get along these days at all.

    Have a good day everyone whatever you all have planned. HUGS are winging their way to you all. Stay safe if out in the sun.xxxx

  3. Good Morning everyone.
    Lovely selection of cards, craft and crafty buys today. All beautiful ladies.

    Off to meet my friend for an early lunch today. Lynn's giving me a lift . its only a 15 minute walk to the bar but its just too hot to walk it at the moment.

    Have a lovely day everyone.
    Love Valx

  4. Some lovely goodies today
    The elephant cards are lovely The top one is exceptionally cute I love the dress KARLIE
    Wowser LYNDA! Some lovely colouring in and some wonderful dies - I’ve just treated myself to the Poinsettia Edger and made some caught in crystal backgrounds last night in anticipation!
    Cute gift bag ideas I love the coffee one A great idea just to cheer up a friend
    Nothing much on today I’m worn out I will just be pottering about
    I hope you’re OK now SANDRA c

  5. Good morning SANDRA & everyone
    DANNII love your cards they are really cute & love the Die set you have used.
    KARLIE I love your dress & mum has brought you some lovely crafty bits for you.
    The dress would make a lovely card. Please have a go 🤗 Making one I'm sure your mum will help you.
    My shopping the two edge Dies & the lady stamp I got with Lisa voucher. The other one are from the Wish site they do come in about three weeks. But I forget what I've ordered & get I carried away & a lot of the Dies are free but have to pay shipping which most of the time is only £1 - £3. I am still waiting for my next order.
    My favourite Die so far is the sunflower.
    VICTORIA love your gift bags a lovely idea for a little gift to cheer up someone's day.
    SANDRA I hope your feeling better today & have a easy day if you can. Did Lucy manage to find any holiday bit's yesterday also was there any bargains at the Range.
    Have a lovely day everyone Hug's for you all.
    Love Lynda xx

  6. Morning all. lovely projects today. Sandra you are very welcome always here to help. Hope your feeling better. Lynda love the bits you got the dies are beautiful. Karlie if you want to put your dress on a card then lets get crafting haha. Have a great day all. xx

  7. Thank you ladies for your idea, think i will turn it into a card. Xx

  8. Good Morning Everyone,

    Great selection of crafty projects and buy's this week.

    Danielle, I love your cards using the cute elephants - that bundle will defo be in my basket!!

    Karlie, I think your origami dress is beautiful, I love the little gems :)

    Lynda, the lady is stunning - and you have been busy buying some beautiful items xx

  9. Margaret Palmer4 August 2018 at 14:51

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra sorry I didn't comment yesterday, I had dentist appointment in the morming then Sue came down & with her help I made challenge card, by the time I cooked dinner I felt wirn out. I loved you card, that stamp set is good for so msny occasions. Sorry you were suffering last night,not nice for you, mind I think it was warmer than ever last night. Take
    Danni lovely cards look forward to video, thank you for helping
    Karli that is a beautiful dress well
    Lynda you have an amazing selection of goodies, looking forward to seeing what you
    Victoria lovely ideas from you, well done, look forward to seeing more of your
    It seems to be hotter than ever today, hope to make another card this afternoon.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Thank you Margaret I'm going to try & make two Christmas cards this week with the papercuts edge Dies. Hug's xx

    2. Thank you Margaret, I have had a problem with my hand over the past week, so Have found it difficult t create.... Luckily it is getting better - fingers crossed - so I have promised Sandra that I will be more active in the group xx

  10. Hi everyone.
    Lovely cards,gorgeous origami dress Karlie and some great buys from you ladies.
    Had a really bad night and so far this Saturday have been awful,not just the heat but also thanks to inconsiderate neighbour.
    Sending hugs and some ice for some cool drinks all around, love Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria sorry you had a bad night. Hope your neighbor is more considerate tonight take care my friend.
      Big Hugs from me & CU.xx