Saturday 11 August 2018

Mixed Craft Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

Michele has shared this health warning with all of us,  sadly I fear its much too late for most of us!
I was infected about 15 years ago and I have been suffering the symptoms ever since!  I honestly don't think that there is any cure either!
Have any of you been noticing any symptoms???

Welcome to Mixed Craft Saturday,  we have a lovely photo, some lovely things to look at, a fab prize and of course there is always Shopping!!!


We have heard so much about what an amazing young man Karen's son Gary is, I thought it would be nice to share a photograph of him, it's always nice to put a face to someone that you hear about. I think that you can definitely see that he is 'Your Son' Karen, you can also tell from this photograph how comfortable he is with cute Lemurs(?), he looks totally absorbed in his work, the animals look like they are very comfortable around him too, which is testament to the amount of time and effort he must of put in working with them and building up their trust.

This photograph of Gary is taken from Karen's 'Just Giving' Page, where Karen raises money for Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity.
I asked Karen if she would allow me to share the link to her page, so that you could go and look for yourselves at the amazing effort Karen and 'Team Gary' go to, to raise money for this Fantastic Charity...…
Thank you so very much for sharing a very personal photograph of Gary, you have every right to be a very proud Mum xxxx


Karlie has taken your advice ladies and turned this weeks Origami project into a card!  Karlie I love that shirt and the card you have designed to put it on works perfectly, I can't believe that you have also had a go at Stamping, it took me until I was over 45 to get the courage to do that!! 
We will have you teaching us all these Origami ideas, you are so very talented, just like your Mum!
Thank you so very much for making the Origami, then taking it that extra step and making into an amazing card. XXX


Janet has been a busy girl again this week, just look how stunning those Christmas Baubles are, the first two are so textured, I am not sure whether its layers of die cuts or just how they are to start with, Janet has added such beautiful embellishments, leaf ribbon and appliques to them.  The second photo of that Lace bauble just takes my breath away, I can see a wedding reception with lots of Branches in pots on every table, sprayed white or silver and then be adorned with these stunning Baubles, they are far too pretty to have only out at Christmas.
Now onto Janet's third picture, what a stunning gift box, I wasn't sure of the shape but I immediately thought that this would be the perfect box for Pauls special Christmas gift....a Toblerone!  I looks like it would fit in there a treat.I love the red and silver together and that Bow is stunning.
Janet thank you very much for allowing me to share them. xxx


Our Lynda managed to get two amazing bargains for her Crafty shopping this week, the first is a Stampin'Up ! Stamp called 'Evergreen', it has some fantastic tree stamps in it, perfect for those C' cards, I look forward to see what you design with it.
I love the second die set, you could make some amazing cards with that as the focal point or you could use it on tags, either way its lovely.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your shopping. xxx


Michele has shared an absolutely amazing card with us today, the shape of which I don't ever recall seeing before.  I love how it all folds out, I also adore that colour and paper choice too. I think everyone will be asking how you did it!!

Michele's second photo is of her Winnings from Christine Emberson's blog. It kind of looks like a camp fire to me, but I guess it could be Crystals, I am intrigued to see what you make with it.
Thank you for sharing my lovely.  xxx


Margaret had a delivery from the lovely Mr Brown today, he bought her a lovely parcel containing her latest Stampin Up goodies.....
Cross Stitched Christmas, is exactly 'you' Margaret, I think I messaged you as soon as I saw it on a sneak peek! It makes the finished card look like it has been Cross Stitched and not stamped, I am looking forward to seeing your finished cards.  
Farmhouse Kitchen, has a real country feel to it, the papers that match are amazing too. You could use that house for many different cards as well as Christmas.
Last but not least is the Cambridge Carols stamp set, it is just stunning, real old fashioned Christmas card style, I am very tempted to get this one as I think you could do lots of different ink effects on it.
I am excited to see your designs too Margaret. XXX


Val has shared some of her amazing Christmas card designs with us and her Craft buy from Joanna Sheen, it is John Lockwood's Poinsettia die set, the stamps weren't in stock when Val ordered the dies however, they are now and I believe they are winging their way to Spain!! It makes such a difference having matching stamps and dies.
Val's first photo is of her first batch of Christmas cards, I believe that Val said that she made 10 of these.  The die is a Sue Wilson die and it is oh so pretty. The inside piece has a real 'snapshot' of Christmas, with a Deer and  Snowflakes.
Thank you so very much Val for taking part. xxx

That's it for another week ladies, I may well be looking for another feature to replace the 'Mixed Craft' thing, I will still share cards and things that you have bought, but will add something new to the mix!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Everyone
    Love the mix today.
    KAREN= thank you for sharing that beautiful photograph which I just know you treasure.

    MICHELE- Please tell us how you created that beautiful card.

    Love all your shopping Dear Friends and would love to see some results from it.

    The Gold and Silver baubles I covered with Creative Expressions TEXTURE PASTE and just left it to dry in the rough peaks. I then applied the lace and ribbon etc when completely safe to do so.
    The While Lace bauble is lace from my stash and just hot glued onto the ball.
    The Red and Silver box is my latest purchase from TONIC and yes Sandra you are correct a toblerone will just fit in it. I just doubled the length of the dies and then tied the ribbon to cover the centre join.
    I'm hoping to buy the said choc this morning to try it out.

    Off on our usual shopping this morning and it's our week to meet Jim's Niece and her two children.

    The CAFE is open as usual so pop in when you can.
    HUGS on their way to you all. Have a good week-end everyone xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Karen-thank you for sharing the photo of Gary, it’s a really lovely photo.

    What a lots of great crafty shopping. Have you all been infected by The Crafters Pox??

    My fancy fold green card is made using a 12 x 12 sheet of card (fairly thin). I shall get my thinking head out later & compose a list of instructions. I could email anyone who wants the instructions or see if Sandra would like it as a tutorial maybe.


    1. I would love the instructions by email or via the blog
      As soon as you mentioned 12x12 I sort of got it in my head but instructions would be better!
      I love this idea and your card is so pretty

  3. Hi Everyone,
    KAREN thank you for showing your lovely photo of Gary. You can see him and his lemurs love and trust each other.x

    MICHELE fantastic card. I would love instructions or a tutorial.x

    JANET as usual your makes are impeccable. Beautiful Christmas Baubles and a lovely box.x

    KARLIE your origami shirt is lovely as is your pretty card.x

    LYNDA very nice buys this week. Love the 25 December one.x

    MARGARET Lovely stamp sets. Looking forward to seeing your lovely cards now that you're back to crafting againx
    Hope Sue is feeling less achy and is back on line.x

    Off to meet my friend for a coffee later but cleaning upstairs first.

    Have a good Saturday everyone.
    Love Valx

  4. Thank you SANDRA for showing GARY’s photo To say I’m a proud mum is an understatement He loved his lemurs and monkeys One of his claims to fame is that he was the first keeper at PWP to successfully breed lemurs The ones in the photo are probably his babies I can’t wait to tell OSCAR all about his uncle
    I definitely have Crafters Pox!
    Your card is lovely KARLIE You are soooo good at Origami
    Some lovely buys from LYNDA and MARGARET I can’t wait to see what you both do
    I have never tried decorating baubles - well any 3D item in fact Your items are extremely pretty JANET
    I love your cards VAL which die have you used
    I am so tempted to buy JL’s Poinsettia dies and stamp but I have the SW Classic ones and stamps Can I really warrant buying them? - sadly not really
    I have been hunting high and low for some photos of cakes I used to make to try and scan some of them to you SANDRA but they’re in that safe place we all have that we can’t find!
    I have quite a few cards I must make this weekend but my mojo has gone on holiday Perhaps sitting down with a cuppa something will spring to mind
    Take care all xx

  5. Morning everyone.
    what a lovely mix this Saturday with handmade craft and some great buys.
    Thank you Karen for letting us see your beautiful boy. Gary have touched many peoples heart.
    Janet- love the baubles, they are so pretty. have a lovely day with out today.
    Karlie- envy your shirt card, have been trying to make some shirts but must be my fat fingers for can never get one together Lol well done.
    Margaret- some lovely stamps. looking forward to see your cards. hugs for you and Pop
    Lynda- you too have bought some nice dies, have fun making the cards.
    Michele- I deffo have the Crafters pox, always want to get more and more Lol Thank you for sharing your amazing card, love to know how to.
    Val- love the cards you made. Real CAS which is so much better at times. Have a nice day out.
    Have a nice day everyone. Warm hugs xxx

  6. Good morning Sandra & Ladies
    Yes Sandra I defently have the crafters pox 😂🤣
    KARLIE I love your card well done your be taking over from your mum soon & doing tutorials on YouTube. Your very talented.xx
    KAREN a lovely photo of Gary you should be a very proud mum. & to share his life with Oscar will be wonderful.Hug's xx
    JANET beautiful baubles you've made so your box too.xx
    VAL love your cards & J L poinsettia Die is lovely & to cut lots at once.I've had my eye on that & the stampset. But I have Sue's Die mmmm.
    MICHELE I love your card. Congratulations on your Die win. Xx
    Lisa Ian & Joseph are coming down this afternoon so I better get ready.
    Hug's to everyone xx
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hello Lynda, I love those stamps. You really are a great bargain

  7. Thank you very much sandra for putting my card on your blog and thank you to all they ladies who commented on my card. Xx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    It’s another super Saturday on the blog. I

    Ladies I believe we are all infected with this very contagious disease and I’m happy to say there is no cure. HAPPY CRAFTING.xx

    KAREN Thank you for sharing this lovely photo of Gary with his beloved Lemurs he must have had a very special bond with them, to be able to encourage them to breed - well that was because they were totally relaxed an comfortable with him around. I know how proud of him you are. xx
    JANET You have been busy. Beautiful baubles and a great box. xx
    KARLIE I love your card, that shirt looks really good. xx
    VAL You have created some lovely cards. That poinsettia die looks lovely.xx
    MICHELE Great card I’m intrigued how you managed to construct it from 12x12 card.
    We have a long term house guest, Tierney our granddaughter. The family returned from holiday in the early hours of yesterday morning. When they arrived home the rain we have had for the last couple of days had gone through the roof, the ceiling in T’s room was very wet. It was so bad it had to be pulled down. SIL has been adding an extension to there house and had to remove part of the roof, although he thought he had secured the exterior the rain still got in - !!!

    Must get on, take care everyone. Love and Hugs Brenda xxx

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies
    What a lovely array for mixed craft day today.
    Lovely picture of Gary Karen.
    It takes me quite awhile to make a Groovi card. This one wasn’t to bad as it didn’t have any whitework on it. Probably this one took a day as the border took awhile.
    Over ones I’ve done where I have a lot of whitework can take about a week. You need to do the whitework very slowly and let it rest overnight. But if you have a few pieces on the go at once it’s not so bad. Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday but I can mostly only blog once then it won’t let me comment after that.

    1. Have you had your workshop with .. um....Rosanna? Roxanne? R....?
      Did you enjoy it Your Groovi work is lovely

  10. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Thank you for showing us all the goodies today, I had just written a long comment then it disappeared so not happy. Will keep it short now. Hope your holiday preparations are going
    Karen must mention the photo of Gary, I aam sure Oscar will love to hear all about the animals & his Uncle Gary, thank you for
    Karla must mention your lovely card & origami, you are so
    All the other goods or crafts were great, love the "health warning" too late for
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hello Margaret, sorry I didn’t give your new die a mention they are great.xx

  11. Wow lots to look at the big 'C' is on its way and I can't remember when I have felt as ready as I do this year. I have lots of 'C' images to use and have ordered some new too to get inspired by these also. I may turn my next few projects into the big 'C' ones. We will see. :O) xxx