Monday, 24 July 2017

Monday Sketch Challenge

My Challenge Card

The Sketch

Good Morning Ladies,

I thought we would go back to having a nice easy to follow Sketch for the challenge this week.  I quite liked the look of this one, Michele thought it would be good for Christmas cards too.
You can choose whatever theme you like, I've gone for a 'just for you ' card this time as it can be sent for many reasons from 'thanks' to 'thinking of you'!  

For my card I used Stampin'Up! 'Eastern Palace' suite and 'So Saffron' card and ink. 
I created the 'flower' with the 'Eastern Medallion' Thinlits' which I stamped with 'So Saffron' ink.  The border at the bottom was created with a piece of 'So Saffron' card to which I added two pieces of 'Whisper White' card that I has punched the new Stampin'Up Ribbon Border Punch, I finished it this a piece of white ribbon and a bow.  I added a 'Just For You' sentiment with a stamp from. 'Teeny Tiny Sentiments'.
The centre of the flower is finished with a Stampin Up Faceted Gem stone.

I am going to make a little confession here, up until this last month I had refused to buy Stampin'Up! 'Whisper White' card, I kept saying that I had loads of my own white card and paper why would I need to buy any more!  
That was until the Craft Weekend we went on where I got to use 'Whisper White' in each of the projects we did, OMG what an epiphany !! It is the smoothest, silkiest feeling stamping card I have ever stroked!  and believe me I have stroked a lot over the years, it stamps like a dream, so now I am truly converted! 

I look forward to seeing all of your Challenge cards trickling in over the week.

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Gorgeous card Sandra & a great sketch for us this week.
    As soon as I saw this sketch I immediately thought of a Christmas card-mind you I could have bee hallucinating due to lack of sleep yesterday!
    I think the cards will be pouring in this week Sandra as it's such a versatile sketch.

    Feel a lot better after a reasonable nights sleep , will try to take it easy today and I haven't got anything planned for this evening.


    1. Hi Michele,
      sorry your car boot sale didn't go so well. I'm sure the Christmas one will be better.
      It's good you had a nights sleep and let's hope you feel a lot better today.
      Hope dad's doing well. Xxx

    2. Hi Michele
      Sorry to hear the car boot sale didn't go to well, and that you managed to get some sleep last night.
      Wish this cough would go away so I can have a good nights sleep.
      Hope work isn't to traumatic this week. I don't understand why this is taking so long to resolve.

  2. Hi Sandra,
    nice sketch and pretty card today Sandra.

    Not much going on here today. Quite a bit of ironing to do , then cleaning downstairs. Hopefully after lunch I'll get in my craft room for a couple of hours.

    Hope everyone not feeling 100% has a better day today.
    Bye for now.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      I've also got a pile of ironing to do as well. Wish I had an ironing genie.

  3. Morning Everyone
    Are we still in SUMMER or has AUTUMN arrived? It is yet again very dull/grey/cold here this morning.

    SANDRA-a good challenge this week so hopefully I can get started early with it.

    Today is 'Mr Tesco' day and then Jim is on duty so I'm not sure what will get done.

    The CAFE is Open and looking ready for the week ahead. The little pots of roses look lovely on the tables so pop in and see us.
    HUGE HUGS to everyone with extras for those Dear Friends in need. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      I bet your friend is so glad that you came back to support him. I wish this weather would make up its mind which season it was in as well. It's very dull here as well and looks like rain. Petes decided to add to my ironing as he's put on another load of washing.

    2. So the weather's not so good Janet. Definitely a good crafting day. Xxx

  4. A great challenge A very versatile one too We went to the picnic yesterday and really enjoyed it. I had a couple of dances My favourite part of the day was watching my daughter dance with a brilliant guy (the organiser!) doing a complicated on2 Salsa to a beautiful track which his partner is going to send me Talk about being a proud mum and grandmother!
    Off to work in a mo with cc ideas running around my head

    1. Hi Karen
      I'm glad you enjoyed the picnic also seeing your daughter dancing what I assume is a complicated salsa dance.

    2. Sounds like a fun day out Karen. Glad you enjoyed it. Xxx

  5. Hi Sandra
    Another lovely challenge card. Love the Saffron colour. I bet it's great having Paul home at the moment.
    Well, after we've taken Doreen to Yarnton we've taken to going to Thrupp to sit by the Canal. Petes been on at me to get a canoe out with him. Which I won't. No sitting on the tow path and sliding my bum across into the boat for me thank you very much. So last week I asked our Granddaughter Sophie if she'd come to lunch with us a go in the canoe with Pete. Wow did they have a fantastic time. We see the man who runs it and have a chat to him every week. Usually you can pay for an hour which Pete did but the man said come back at 5.00 so that was not quite 2hrs. Mind you Pete struggled to get out of the boat and he had pain in his groin. But they both enjoyed it so much they're going to do it again. Looking forward to receiving my goodies Sandra.

    1. Hi Pat. So sorry your cough is still dragging on and interfering with your sleep. Must be so frustrating.
      Lovely that Pete and Sophie enjoyed the canoeing but I'd be sitting with you on the bank. You wouldn't get me in a canoe these days.
      Enjoy your day. Xxx

    2. Hi Cal
      Yes Sophie was fascinated by all the wild life on the canal and on the banks. So she'll definitely be going again with Pete. It was on his to do list. We were hoping to go up to Warrington this weekend to Karen's partners brothers BBQ. However, we're off to Bournemouth to see Petes brother instead. So well have to do Southport, Crosby etc on another weekend.

  6. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely challenge this week & love your card. I am eagerly waiting my SU parcel today think I have some whisper white ordered, sounds
    Michele hope you manage to have an easy day at work & you soon feel better, hugs on
    Karen you were lucky to have your picnic, we had rain on & off
    Val enjoy getting in your craft
    Pat hope your cough improves soon it has gone on too
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

    1. Hi Margaret
      Yes I agree my coughs gone on to long. I can still feel something in my throat although the hospital say there's nothing there, however, I am having my endoscopy done on Thursday. I think I'll be put out for that this time as I can see me coughing while it's being done. Enjoy your goodies when they arrive.

    2. Good luck with it pat. They do it up thru the nose up here to go down the throats apparently it's easier than u trying to swallow the camera. Either way I don't think it's pleasant. Think I'd rather be knocked out too lol xx

  7. Good morning Sandra & Ladies
    Sorry I didn't get in yesterday Sandra WOW gorgeous challenge cards yesterday. Your card today is beautiful Sandra &great sketch for this week
    Hope you had a good weekend. We had Darren Sam & Harry down for dinner yesterday had nice time playing with Harry we did some drawings think Harry's were better than mine I'm not good at it. The he wanted to play with his new transformer cars. Terry was leaning on my chair & he was putting cars & shells on his head he thought that was funny then he put the shell on his nose & his sock on his nose that was even funnier.that kept him awake. They arrived at 11am & they didn't leave untill 9.50pm. I was shattered. My son did all the washing up for me before they left. Kept saying leave it how good is he washed & dried up as well.good son.He had a lovely birthday Sam booked him a secret day off work for him then too go up the Shard tower at the O2. Sam was going to book for the cream tea as well but it was £50 each Rip off.
    Weather isn't good today raining heavy so think lazy day for me.
    Pop back later
    Love Lynda xx

  8. Hi Lynda
    How lovely that Darren, Sam and Harry visited you for the day. Now can't you just imagine Terry doing those things with the cars and his socks. I bet he had you all in stitches. Sorry you have wet weather today. Wish someone could tell it to buck it's ideas up as it's supposed to be summer.

    1. Hi Pat
      It kept Terry from falling asleep Harry thought it was so funny he has a lovely laugh. I might try that trick when my Pet starts to fall asleep I will have to think of something else to put on his head as Harry took his cars home any suggestions 😂😂😂
      Hope all goes well for Thursday with your endoscopy hope they don't use a wide angled lens on the camera 🎥 HaHa. All joking aside your be fine sending you both Hug's love Lynda xx

  9. Hi Sandra and everyone today
    Sorry but did someone say that the summer is over or what ? Sitting here with my fleece on and that is not right ! Anyhow I got some warmer when I saw your absolutely lovely card Sandra and got me thinking of sunshine and maybe Morocco or Tunisia, never been but like to go one day. I wish anyone not feeling to good gets better as the days goes. Would be so nice to hear when the colds and coughs are gone ,unfortunately the aches and pains is something we are meant to Learn to live with but sometimes it is impossible to think of anything else so having a sketch to think of and trying to make some cards instead do help some. Thank you Sandra for making them up for us and I do like the themes and other ways you coming up with to make it interesting. :-)
    Lynda- know you been busy tidying your stamps and dies, any new ways you can tell us about how you keep yours and perhaps a photo to show because I have some folders but I am not happy with them so like to hear any other way to store them. Saw that Hobbycraft selling see throw A4 boxes so do you think that would be a good way to store dies and stamps ? Hope you are doing alright and glad you had a good laugh with Harry and Pet, capt underpants tihi hugs to you both.
    Pat- hope all goes well on Thursday, will be thinking of you. Sound like Pete and Sophie had a good time, you will never see me in a canoe. Sure could get in but not out again without a crane Lol Take care, hugs to you both.
    Managed a nice walk up to the chemist and back today and the knee was holding, about 80 min, a bit further than planned but will rest tomorrow and hope to make up some cards in the morning before hospital in the afternoon.
    Have a nice evening all, Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria
      It's great that the knee held up while you were walking. Hope you do rest it tomorrow.

    2. Hi Maria
      I have put my stamps.In ring binders from £1 shop I will take pictures for you I did buy a do craft stamp folder from the Range but when I got home & took the packet off it didn't have any stamp pockets in there. So had to buy them separately worked out expensive so started with the ring binders.which are ok.
      Hope your knee is ok tomorrow after your long walk today. Good luck with hospital tomorrow. Take care Hug's for you xxx

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    Georgeous card Sandra. Love the sketch challenge for this week too. Thanks for the link tontgecembossing folder. I bought it along with a few other items, well I just thought as it was 20% off for new customers I'd take advantage of it lol x

    Love to everyone x

  11. Hi Tracey
    Great you managed to get the folder. I think it was a freebie originally on a magazine. However, so many people wanted it that they've done 3 or 4 more runs of ut.

  12. Hi Sandra, another great challenge, This layout would work for almost any occasion also love the So Saffron it is a warm and summary colour

    Well we moved this morning to our school holiday home, when I deposited all my bags in the hall, John did say I think we need a bigger car or even get a trailer when he saw how much I was bringing , it's all crafting items, we are here until Thursday evening and at the weekend the family are off on there summer holidays for two weeks - so we will be free. Not sure what we will be doing though.

    LYNDA sounds like you had a great family day yesterday sounds as though Terry was in great form. I'm sure Harry lapped up his antics - that's the sort of fun memories are made of. xx

    MICHEL The car boot sail sounds really disappointing . All that effort for zero rewards. I Like your positive attitude - planning for your next one. xx

    Take care everyone, Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      Terry was on the floor leaning on my chair think he was nodding off so me &Harry started putting his cars on his head Then he put the shells he painted for me on his head but he thought it was funnier too put them on his nose he then put his sock on his nose too he has such a lovely laugh. As you guest Terry didn't go to sleep 😂😂😂 xx

  13. Hello All, another very hot day here, although a nice little breeze, washing dried in moments.

    Lovely card Sandra, and great sketch, still trying to do the woodland embossing folder card.

    Will see you tomorrow, hugs Lilian.