Saturday, 15 July 2017

Michele's Mag Review, Maria & Karen's Workshop cards and shopping !!

Maria & Karen's Workshop Cards

Robin : Cut in Black card 2 times, Sticky sheet in between and then loads of
Gilding Flakes which went absolutely everywhere Lol. Some of the others
coloured in the leaves and the Robin but I left it as it was because I liked
the outcome :-)  Hope you like them

Bonsai : Embossed 1 in  White card, Cut out 1 in Black card. Used paint from 
I think was Phil Martin's , to the Embossed card and then stuck down the Black
Cutout over it. Loved this way so will try to make some more with other dies.

Butterfly : Cut 3 times in different coloured cards and then with a sticky
sheet behind chosen the one for the frame and then stuck some of the
others back in plus some glitter or whats not in between. It was a sticky
business, just ask Karen Lol, but I liked doing this one.

Hummingbird & Poinsettia. : Cut 2 times each, stuck together with Acetate
in between and then with CS Lacquer mixed with different medium and maybe
some glitter etc.  I like the dies but not this way of doing it, they did not
come out very well.


Karen's cards where made pretty much the same as Maria's above, such incredible results and it sounds as though you both had a fantastic day at the workshop.  
Thanks for sharing your cards ladies xxxx

Michele's Magazine Review

Papercraft Essentials issue 148 comes with a lovely stamp set & embossing folder plus some bonus papers. There's great inspiration inside on how to use the free gifts.

Diecutting Essentials issue 26 comes with a free floral/foliage dies plus some sentiment stamps. There's a lovely sample card in the magazine that's a Christmas card which show how versatile this die is.

Simply Cards & Papercraft issue 165 comes with a Bird die plus matching stamps. I think this will be a very useful set and there's two features in the magazine with very different ideas using this free gift.

Close up of the free gift.

Detailed explanation on the reverse side.

 Cardmaking & Papercraft issue 172 comes with Flower Fairies kit, lovely but not my taste.

There's a great feature using Circle dies-or you could substitute punches.

That's all for now, see you again at the end of the month.

Love, Michele
 Craft Shopping

Brenda's shopping is all Stampin'Up!, Two beautiful stamp sets, the 6 new colour ink pads, Woodland Embossing Folder an amazing 6x6 paper collection and 'In Colour' card packs.
I am really excited to see what you make with these fantastic products, thank you for your continued support xxx

Val went on a shopping Spree when she came back to the UK for the weekend, you bought some fantastic die sets, the magazine's are an amazing source of inspiration, you will make some amazing backgrounds with those Pixie Powders and stamps.
Thank you for sharing your shopping Val XXX

Karen's Shopping

This is what I bought on Wednesday
Two Woodware stamps - faux Misti here I come
3 pigment stains to do the acetate idea on the stained glass windows (humming bird and Poinsettia)
1 CS Lacquer (for use with the stains) I was hoping to use glossy accents but the lacquer is a lot runnier
1 Pixie Powder
1 pack of double sided sticky - I must start playing with my gilding flakes!
1 CS mica paint set
A fantastic selection of craft goodies Karen, I look forward to seeing your cards XXX

Well this is a mammoth post this week, but I wanted to share as much as I could of the craft things you shared this week, anything I missed I will share next week.
Thank you all so much for taking part in the blog, the weekends are all about sharing your work, I absolutely love sharing everything you send in, thank you once again XXX

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Good morning Sandra and ladies.
    Yesterday's card Sandra is lovely and I am looking forward to learn a new technique by watching your tutorial. Also reading about the girls clear up made me smile, know it was something coming hihi
    Thank you for showing our cards / toppers on your fabulous blog. I just hope you understand what I'm trying to say how we made them because I wrote how I speak to Sandra Lol The items Karen bought are some we used so the paint palette is a CS and not PM as I said. Her Poinsettia and Humming bird is so much better then mine ! We had a good day and I am doing another one here in MK next Saturday.
    Brenda, Val and Karen- love seeing what you all bought and can't wait to see some lovely cards made with them all.
    Thanks to Michele doing the Magazine review . I bought the Simply Cards and Papercraft mag. yesterday as I liked the look of the little birdie. I also got the Cardmaking and Papercraft as had it for many years, not always the treat you like but used it on my cc for this week :-) Nice to get something else then just the bills in the post some days.
    I hope you all have a nice Saturday whatever you are doing.
    We are going to see SIL down in London later today so should really go back to bed but have not been able to sleep much. The Dr said I need a knee hole op to see whats going on so will now have to wait for a date. Glad your dad's op went okay Michele, wish him better.
    Just sitting here with a mug of tea, looking out the patio window and listening to the blooming magpies having an discussion. Hopefully they go off soon and the little one can come out to sing.
    Have a good day all! many hugs, Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria, sorry about having to have a knee op, it must be so painful. Let's hope you get a date for the op soon.
      Did you manage to get back to bed? Hope so, then you'll be wide awake to enjoy meeting your SIL later.
      Enjoy your dayxxx

    2. Hi Maria
      Glad your going to have treatment on your knee
      Hope you don't have to wait long. I loved your makes on Wednesday & they beautiful
      Hug's for you xx

    3. Hi Maria. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful cards and the description of how you made them. I love them all but the butterfly one in particular as I wouldn't have thought of using that great colour combo, it looks so elegant. I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop. I will cross my fingers for you getting your knee op very soon and it being successful in stopping the pain. Have a good time with SIL later, after catching up on your sleep. Sending you hugs x

  2. Morning Ladies

    Love all the cards you made Maria & Karen. They're stunning.

    Val & Karen-great crafty shopping. Val-you just have come over to the UK with an empty suitcase to have fitted that bundle in. I live the Xcut dies, they look great & I might have to search online for them!

    I thought the article on using Nesting Dies (circles) was really interesting and has given me some inspiration.

    Went to visit Dad last night-he was ok but still quite groggy and in some discomfort. We only stayed 45 minutes as he was nodding off. The nurse tried the same trick as last time..."we can discharge your Dad over the weekend if you'll stay with him & look after him "!! I think the fact that he's clearly not recovered from the anaesthesia, hasn't tried using crutches or managed the stairs yet means he's simply not ready to be discharged! It's because they haven't managed to contact anyone in Social Services to arrange home care but why should they try to chuck him out of hospital too soon???
    Soap box going away.


    1. Hi Michele, glad your dad is recovering nicely but disgusting that they want to throw him out far too soon. It shows what a mess the NHS is in.

      I bought the X cut die in the Range and thought it was rather cute. I've ordered some dies from China for the first time so see how long they take to arrive.
      Yes I take over an empty case but by the time I buy craft, clothes and food treats it's bulging on the way home.
      Hope yo can have a lazy weekend. Xxx

    2. Hi Michele
      Glad your dad's operation went ok. Terrible they want to send him home so soon & without a care plan.
      Enjoy your weekend xxx

    3. Sorry Michele forgot to say your mag review was great thank you.xx

    4. Hello Michele, you were absolutely right not to take Dad home, not only was the anaesthetic still in his system, but what would happen on Monday morning when you have to go to work? He would be left on his own and no care package in place. Any time you spend with him over the weekend will be quality time, I'm sure dad will appreciate that rather than have you worrying about him at home. xx

    5. Hi Michele. Thank you for the great magazine reviews. I have the Card making and paper craft one and agree with you about the free Flower Fairies kit, it is a lovely kit just not to my taste either but someone will be able to make several pretty cards with it.

      ( If anyone would like this kit I will happily pop it in the post, along with a photocopy of the magazines page of inspiration, just let me know)

      It's disgusting to hear that the hospital tried to get your Dad sent home so quickly with no care plan in place! I hope he is feeling better today and is less groggy. It takes a few days to get rid of the anethstetic doesn't it. Have a good day x

  3. Hi Sandra and all,

    I've just typed a long post and the blasted thing said I had no Internet connection and dissapeared. Will have to try and remember what I typed.

    MARIA AND Karen just love your stained windows. Never really fancied these dies but they look so pretty when they're finished.

    MICHELE, love your mag review. I bought the Die Cutting one as I'd seen Christina from Flowers Ribbons and Pearls making some lovely cards. The birdie one wasn't out when I was over but it looks very cute.

    BRENDA AND KAREN love your goodies. We're definitely all getting the Stamping bug.

    Lovely to see John Lockwood bringing out his own range of craft goodies. Looking forward to seeing him back on Hochanda on Tuesday.

    So enjoyed Craft class yesterday. It's such fun crafting with friends.

    Have a good Saturday everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      Great shopping you got in UK.
      Agree about John Lockwood be lovely seeing him back on Hochanda next Tuesday. Have a good weekend
      Hug's xx

    2. Hi Val. It's so annoying when your comment vanishes isn't it šŸ˜£
      You bought some great goodies didn't you. I love all of the pretty dies. I havent seen the pine cone one but I've seen lots of cards using them so will have to have a look for it.
      I didn't know John is releasing his own range, I was wondering what he was planning to do after leaving CE. I hope you have a good day x

  4. Wow! Maria! Your cards are gorgeous I much prefer your colour ways We did have a laugh, especially at me getting into pickle with sticky sheets Quick tip - if you wear gels be careful not to usethe back of your hand when smoothing anything down Gels act like magnets to anything sticky! A lovely lady, Theresa, supplied some swear words
    Your shopping looks lovely VAL I hope to have a little look in The Range BUT I must NOT buy anything There's no harm in looking as they say
    Thank you for the review again MICHELE -has it really been a month Although I work for NHS at times it is idiotic and a pain in the a....!
    Off to do a Rueda workshop later So looking forward to this and as it's from 1-5pm I won't have to cook!
    Have a great day everyone

    1. Hi Karen, ha ha, I wear gels myself and wow I can to things I didn't think it was possible to stick to.
      Your cards are lovely. Glad you had a good time.
      I just have to ask. What is Rueda?

    2. It's a type of Salsa where couple are in a circle One of the participants (usually a guy because they lead) is a caller Move are called, we execute them and they involve swapping partners etc I call it Scottish dancing to Salsa music You will find tons of examples on YouTube - you might even catch me in a London one If you find one with a guy dressed as the Pope - that's my OH!

    3. Thanks for that Karen. Sounds like fun. Have a great time. Will look ot for you on YouTube.
      Was Debbie Shore connected to Crafters Companion? Has she left them or are they all planning to move back? Xxx

    4. Hi Karen
      Love your makes from Wednesday so pretty. Your shopping looks great glad you & Maria had good day.
      Hug's xxx

    5. Hi Karen
      Great cards, I didn't realise you could make so many cards. Thanks for the explanation re Rueda. Enjoy, and I'll look out for you on Utube.

    6. Hi Karen. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards that you made on Wednesday. I can imagine the laughter when you got all stuck up šŸ˜‚ i think the landscape one is my favorite, it is stunning. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with your new additions to your stash.
      Thank you for telling us what Rueda is, have a great time x

  5. Meant to say that I've just seen that Debbie Shore is going back to C&C

    1. Hi Karen
      I wonder why she decided to do that.

  6. Morning everyone,

    Dashing around vacuuming this morning to leave myself free for the Ladies Final, think it's going to be a humdinger this year with Venus back in the finals. Then off to Joseph's 12th Birthday barbecue at 4pm, I watched his birth (arrived just as he made his appearance) and was the first to hold him after Mummy, can't believe how time has flown past, it seemed to drag on when I was younger, now I'm retired there is not enough hours in the day sometimes.

    Lovely hauls and wonderful magazine reviews from Michele. do yo buy them all every month or they on subscription. I've thought about subscribing to get them cheaper and delayed it as sometimes the free gifts are not up my street. I don't stamp much even thought I have several...they are very handy for messy days with my grandchildren.

    Onwards and upwards, I'll pop in later this evening.
    Have a lovely day
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      Enjoy yourself at Joseph's birthday. Yes the time really fly's by like you never noticed it when I was younger.
      Have fun Big Hug's xx

    2. Hi Cheryl
      Enjoy yourself at Joseph's birthday BBQ. Hope the weather holds for you. And yes, Time does fly by.

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies. I've not even opened my mag up yet lol it's still in the wrapper so now I know it's a birdie die lol.

    My uball have been busy bees. I love the butterfly stained glass it's georgeous. Don't have it tho x

  8. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Just a quick one I have commented on way down.
    We are going over Darren's soon as it's his surprise 40th party. B Q just started raining so hope it clears up by 6pm. Just going to make Terry a sandwich as he said he's starving šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ will pop back later if it's not to late.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda
      Enjoy the BBQ and I hope it doesn't rain. Wish Darren a happy 40th from me.

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Love the cards you made Karen and Maria at Julia's workshop. You did make quite a ew each didn't you. Love the buys the ladies have bought as well.
    Thanks once again Michele for your in depth analysis on the craft magazines. Wish Sainsbury's didn't always put them up on the top shelves, as I can't always reach them.
    Well Doreen's neighbour rang a made her an appointment for the podiatrist. The only problem is she wrote the date down but not a time. So as I can't get into the system to check I'll have to call in the dept to find out.
    Plus Pete had the date for his operation to remove the cancer on his eyelid. It's on the 15th August which us on a Tuesday which conflicts with his treatment. Will have to speak to the hospital on Tuesday to see if Petes treatment can be moved to a Wed that week. They usually don't like doing it so well just have to wait and see.

  10. Hello Sandra and all,

    What a lot of lovely goodies for us today.
    MARIA and KAREN you certainly made loads of cards at your workshop, they all look great. I can imagine the gilding flakes going everywhere, did you have to clean up before you left? xx
    VAL bet you couldn't wait to unpack when you got back home. So many new things to play with. Have fun when you have time to play. xx
    MICHELE thank you for the magazine reviews, it's always great to have another opinion. xx
    KAREN you have got some lovely goodies, I'm sure you will have fun using them. xx

    Hope I haven't missed anyone out - if I have I apologise now. LOL

    Take care everyone and have a good weekend, Love Brenda xxx

  11. In case you come back on VAL Debbie Shore is now with Butterick
    The Rueda was great fun On our way home now

  12. Hello Everyone, very dull here, also very humid, makes my joints really bad.

    The cards Maria and Karen made, are beautiful, not bought any of those dies, or any of the new SW release.

    Ordered a pack of card from Amazon, came this morning, covered in marks and bent on the corners, so now have to send it back.

    Lovely shopping, hope you enjoy using them, Sandra your cars have been lovely this week.

    Those going to barbecues have a good time, hugs for all, Lilian

  13. Hi Lilian
    What a shame you have to send the card back that ou ordered.