Friday, 14 July 2017

Last but not least......Flip Front Card

Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Well this is my final 'Fold Back' front card if the week, it's the next stage in from yesterday's half die cut front, this one has the die cut at both ends with a scored section in the centre, that makes the die cut area 'flip over' as you open the card, it looks really complicated but it really isn't, I have just got to finish filming the tutorial about this and the other Front Fold cards and I will upload it for you to have a look at.

Thus card combines 'Tranquil Tide', Pool Party and 'Daffodil Delight' card stock, Falling Flowers Stamps and matching dies, the sentiment is from 'Daisy Delight', the ribbon is Pool Party Shimmer Ribbon.  
I hope you like my card XX

Well I had to laugh to myself yesterday, I give up on guessing the number of times I have asked the girls to tidy up after themselves, their bedrooms more than anything else, like any teenager they aren't keen and apparently I shouldn't be worried as it is "their  room"!! Yesterday however, I was shocked when Lucy asked if she could use the Carpet Cleaner (Bissell Machine), I told her she needed to clear floor and hoover first, which she did, by the time the two of them had finished the hoover was as full as it has ever been!! They then started tidying hallway and picking up their belongings in the lounge, I asked if they had a fever or felt unwell but they were fine!  A little while later however, Sophie came to sit beside me in the craft room and asked if I would mind if her Boyfriend came over to visit, at that point I realised what all the tidying had been about, it was a miracle!  Of course I said yes, he can come every week if that's the lengths you go to!!   
I will give you my opinion tomorrow !!! 

Enjoy your day ladies, 

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Everyone
    A beautiful card to finish this week's Challenge SANDRA. Love the colours and the flip work.

    I really could not settle down to anything yesterday just kept wandering around thinking 'must do.....' and then sitting down again. I must get in gear today as there's lots to do. I haven't even thought about my CC or looked at unpacking my craft box.

    It's a dull start here in Sheffield but perhaps the sun will get out like yesterday.

    I have popped into CAFE and had a look at Marigny Dobbie and everything looks ship shape so the doors are open for the day.

    HUGS on their way to you all. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. It does take a couple of days to settle back in. Hope you get everything done that you want to and most importantly unpack your Craft box.
      Would you like me to send some sun over. We've got unbelievable heat - 44 yesterday, far to hot. I feel as though I'm melting.
      Enjoy your day. Xxx

  2. Morning Sandra.

    Absolutely Adore your card Sandra. It is so beautiful. Just love the paper and
    the cute flowers and what a clever way to do the aperture. Looking forward to the tutorial. You're story of the girls tidying their bedroom did make me smile. Always has to be a reason to tidy. Hope the visit goes well.

    PAT. How is your cough? So hope it's
    LYNDA hope the blood results are good xxx
    MARIA sorry youre not feeling so good. Hope the day out you and Karen had took your mind off the pain for a while. Xxx
    MICHELE. Hope your dad's ok.
    I apologise if I've missed anyone out who's not feeling so good.

    Off to Craft Club later. When I met Wendy for coffee the other day she showed me a couple of beautiful boxes she'd made so I'm having a tutorial today. I've also got to cut out more waistcoats for selling in the shop. We've sold out for the second time which is good. Happily only two pop up boxes have been sold so my fingers are safe at the moment!!!

    Have a great day everyone.
    Lots of love Valxxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Love your card Sandra, beautiful colours.
    Dad had his operation & is fine. I rang the hospital about 4pm and he was asleep. I'll phone him today & visit this evening. He sent a text but unfortunately chose the landline and it didn't come through until 10.45 last night and we'd just gone to bed!
    We went out for a meal with our ex neighbours last night-really lovely evening but they both looked old. They're both late seventies but have been so fit and active that it was quite a shock to see such a change in them. Their older son had just recently informed them that he was separating from his wife and she was having the 2 children & the 2 cats ! I think they're really concerned that they won't see their grandchildren.

    Lazy day today, I think we're going to stroll into the village for lunch maybe. I need to pop into my Dads to collect something. The nurse yesterday said my Dad could be home by Saturday so I just asked him if they'd organised the carers = NO!!! I left him trying to phone the local council to arrange something.


    1. Hope you find your dad ok this evening Michele and he's managed to organise some carers. Xxx

  4. Fab card MICHELE I don't think I'm going to have time this week It has gone so quickly to do cc
    Hospital went OK but I do have to have a colonoscopy Went into work after yesterday's appt as a guy in our team was leaving to say goodbye The day seemed to be over
    Today we're looking Oscar for a little while and then we're all going out for lunch with MIL
    I hope you get on OK today PAT
    And MARIA I'm sorry to hear (I haven't gone back to read) that you're not so good Take care
    everyone x

    1. Glad the hospital wasn't too bad yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your time with Oscar and your lunch with MIL. xxx

  5. I obviously wasn't awake properly when I first commented I meant to say fabulous card SANDRA AND so pleased your dad is OK MICHELE!
    You did make me smile. SANDRA with SOPHIE's wanting to tidy up!

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. What a lovely card. I have used a die to cut into the card like this so I'm looking forward to seeing your video. Thank you for all of the inspiration too my lovely. You must have been rather worried when the girls started tidying up. There's always a reason when they do something like that, I know our 3 were just the same. We would sit and wait for the "Muuuum/Daaaad, please can.. .." 😊 I hope Sophie's boyfriends visit goes well though. Maybe they will do even more tidying if Lucy finds herself a boyfriend too 😊
    Janet, I hope you find a bit of "me" time to unpack your craft box today. When will your friend be starting their treatment? X
    Maria, how did you get on yesterday? I assume the key hole surgery is for your knee. I don't know if it is for the same reason but Chris had a knee op a few years ago and it completly stopped all of the pain he was having, the op was quick and recovery really fast so if it is the same op he would recommend it. Im looking forward to seeing your and Karen's makes from Wednesdays workshop here in the Café tomorrow x
    Michele. I'm glad to hear that your Dad's hip IP went well. He will hopefully be able to recover well now he has both of them done. I hope you get some "me" the today x
    I've now gone blank so will simply say that I hope everyone is as well as possible. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  7. Hell Sandra and everyone,

    Beautiful card today it will be great to see the tutorial. Sorry I didn't get it yesterday but did look at the card it is gorgeous.
    Yesterday was an all action day did some shopping early, came home and made dinner and a picnic, because I knew we would be out until very late. John dropped me off at Ciaras school and I went with her for her swimming lesson. The swimming pool is in the adjacent school. Anyway she has done well, because she got her gold swimming badge and certificate. Unfortunately she will not be able to continue these lessons in September as her new school is a lot further away, also she will have home work every night. After swimming we stayed on the playing field and with four other girls had a picnic, as year six were doing there end of year production. It just wasn't worth dashing home and having to be out again in about 30mins. In fact it was lovely as they had time to play before going into school for the show, which was excellent. It didn't end untilb 10 pm so a very late night for the children. Although they were allowed to go into school later this morning.

    I had to laugh when reading about Sophie spring cleaning, typical teenager. Hope the results were up to your

    I am sitting here fighting to stay awake, so better move.

    Love and Hugs to all Love Brenda xxx

  8. Hi Brenda, it sounds like a lovely day out yesterday and well done Ciara on getting her gold swimming badge. Xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      congratulations too Ciara for her gold swimming badge sham she Can't carry on her swimming. Glad you all enjoyed your picnic.
      Hug's xx

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    Forgot to pop in yesterday lol.
    Was killing myself when I saw that picture but if I'd saw that myself I'd instantly think of terry lol.

    Love both the cards.
    Work going well. Had a formal meeting today no sanction given as apoerentky it came under an underlying health issue. So happy days nothing on my record woo hoo xx

    1. Hi Tracy
      I thought that picture would make you laugh. We we're in the works when Terry spotted it. I just burst out laughing think the other people thought we were nuts. Glad work was ok & management was fine.
      OOO crafty goodies hope your lucky getting to the postman before hubby gets home.
      Hug's xx

  10. Ps was naughty after watching a few of dies shows on Hochanda. I bought the stodgy snowflake set. I checked all the prices else where but it was still cheaper on the show which makes a change. Not told g tho so hopefully it'll come whilst he's at work lol 😂

  11. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra a lovely card again, look forward to seeing tutorial.
    I hope to have another go at cc tomorrow afternoon, been out all day, we had a ladies Petanque tournament today, I did not play just enjoyed watching. Hope the girls carry on with the cleaning!!xxxx
    Janet hope you feel less shattered
    Michele pleased Dad is ok, hope carers are in
    Karen glad hospital was ok, sorry you need a colonoscopy, not
    Maria how did your visit to surgeon go? hope you feel better
    Pat hope you had joy seeing your own
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  12. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Gorgeous card Sandra I love all the colour's so pretty you must be really pleased with all your Challenge cards you've shone this week.such inspiration.
    You did make me smile when the girls started cleaning their room it bought back memories of Lisa doing the same thing 😂😂.
    Today has flown by went Tesco The Range again as the stamp folder I got yesterday as I didn't realise it didn't come with any inserts was not a happy bunny. Just put shopping away & Margaret came round with the Die I wanted too borrow as she couldn't find it last week when I was at hers . By time she left I had to cook dinner. So haven't had a chance to get in craft room to finish the challenge card must do it in morning as going over my son's for his surprise 40th birthday Sam is doing.
    MARIA hope you got on ok at hospital yesterday & they can help your knee.Hug'sxx
    MICHELE hope your dad was ok this evening Hug's for you both x
    Hope you all had a good day
    Love Lynda xx