Saturday, 22 July 2017

Mixed up Saturday

Mixed Craft Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

Welcome to our Mixed Craft Saturday,

First up today we have :

Janet's stunning, boxed New Home Card, Janet it looks like you have used a
Fancy card fold for this card, I love how the middle section stands out
Fully displaying that beautiful die cut scene, of what looks like an
Alpine village, it looks as though you have stamped a scene behind too.
Such an amazing Keepsake, I love the box too, it makes a card more of a gift!
Thank you so much for sharing

Val's Fold back card, now I don't quite know how I missed this last Sunday but
I did and I always promise you that I will share what you make so
Here is Val's other challenge card, I love both the image and the sentiment, 
Sometimes it's hard finding a funny sentiment that isn't either too rude or too
Stupid, I think this sentiment is perfect, you could give it to anyone.
Thanks so much Val for sending your card in, I hope that the weather has 
Cooled down for you a little. 

Karen, you haven't changed a bit, what an amazing scrapbook page!
Here is Karen's description:
A couple of years ago, at my little craft club, we had a challenge, and the choice was "school days". I made this scrapbook page with my very first school photo! It was made with a Serif kit. If you look closely at my eyes, they look a little strange because my little sister decided to colour "me" in, hence the "red scribble". My dad was a brilliant knitter, he taught me, made the cardigan I am wearing and so, the template is a little nod to him and his job as a draughtsman.

Other ladies made things like an embroidered book cover to hide "Lady Chatterley's Lover", another made a beautiful model of an old schoolroom, complete with outside toilets!
Karen, thank you so very much for sharing 

Now onto Shopping :

Janet has bought some lovely new Crafters Companion 3D Embossing Folders 
And dies for her Gemini, such a fantastic selection Janet I would love to see them 
Die/cut and Embossed, looking forward to seeing what you make!
Thanks for sharing

Tracy has bought herself some of Sue's latest Christmas release die collection.
You have chosen some absolutely stunning dies Tracy, the background is really
pretty, I have one very similar from a year or two ago.
The snowflake is lovely too, I am really looking forward to seeing your 
Christmas cards, I think it's 22 Weeks now, so we must start soon .
Thanks for sharing my lovely

Lynda has bought some lovely new goodies too, some fantastic Stampin'Up 
Stamp sets, love the birds set, I have the Lace set and the Thank you stamp too, 
They all stamp beautifully, you will live playing with them Lynda.
Those stunning paper pads are from the Works, they are amazing quality too.
Does this mean you won't be using your Northern Lights pad this week?
Last but not least is the beautiful 'tuck in' die, perfect for adding little bits
Of detail to your cards without taking over the whole background.
Thank you so much Lynda for sharing your shopping

What are you all up to this weekend???
Not much on the cards here, we had the most tremendous rain storms 
here last night, the roads in town were totally flooded.
We popped into town to get some groceries for tea, we only usually
Shop in Aldi as they have most of what we need but we needed to pop into 
Morrison's die for some Tiger Bread as we were having Fish Finger sandwiches
for tea, Paul decided to park there and said we would just pop over to Aldi, 
Well to see the Heavens opened was an understatement, the rain was bouncing about
3 feet in the air, it was hammering it down, we waited in the Aldi entrance for about 
10 minutes then Paul decides it's slowing down so we will 'Go for it'!! I was holding
Onto my wheelchair for dear life, I can honestly tell you that the rain was stinging 
My skin it was that hard, it felt like being jetwashed with ice water, I've never squealed so much in public in my entire life, it took me a good two hours to warm 
up, I had to blow dry my hair too.  So I don't think we will bother with the allotment 
today, we have heavy clay soil so it will just stick to your feet, I am hoping the rain will help close up some of the huge crevasses that have appeared because of the dry 
Michele I hope your sale goes well today XX

Love and hugs to all



  1. Morning Ladies

    Janet-what a gorgeous card, a real Keepsake.

    Val-I love your foldback card & the sentiment.

    Really lovely to see everyone's crafty shopping. I haviused my recent purchases = Dies & embossing folders do my plan is to try them out next.
    Up early today as I have s raging sore throat & what seem to be a cold!! Not the best of days to feel rouybut I'm sure I'll be fine. The Car Boot Sale opens to the public at 8.30 so I'll aim to get there by 8am to set up then I'll have a drink & settle down with my book!!


    1. Hi Michel, so sorry you seem to have started with a cold. Hope you feel better as the day goes on.
      Good luck at the Car Boot Sale. Hopefully the weather will stay dry for you and you'll make lots of money. Xxx

    2. Hi Michele
      I'm sorry your not feeling great this morning. I hope the car boot sale goes well and you make lots of money.

  2. Hi Sandra and ladies,
    what a lovely lot of treats today.
    Janet card and box. I bet that will be

    Karen such a lovely photo and memory and the fact that you're wearing the cardie your dad made makes it extra

    Janet. Great dies and embossing folder. I saw the result of that particulare embossing folder at craft club yesterday. It's so deep ane impressive. Looking forward to seeing what you make with

    Tracy. Love all your Christmas die especially the background. Bet you come up with some beautiful cards with that bundle. Xxx

    Lynda. Love your selection of Stamping Up stamps and the very pretty papers.
    The die looks very interesting.

    Surprised to see my card. Thought it had been lost in transition. I used the freebies from Making Cards magazine. Never usually use them so thank you Michele.

    Your trip to the shops sounds horrendous Sandra. Hope its drier today for you.

    We're having a barbecue later so just off to the shop to by some lovely food goodies.

    Have a good Saturday everyone. Love Valxxx

    1. Thank you Val I'm not sure I understood when you asked me yesterday about only having the colour removed from nails
      I wear coloured gels, so the whole lot has had to come off I'd check with your surgeon first You might not need to do anything as drastic

    2. Hi Karen, sorry about the confusion. I thought you had the same as me which are Acrylic which are filled in every three weeks. I'll check with the girl that does them - she's bound to have come across this before.
      Have a lovely day with the family and

    3. Hi Val enjoy your BBQ later. We still need some of your sunshine for at least more than a couple of days. We sure are having some funny weather of late. As Sandra said it hammered down yesterday evening. We normally go up to our daughters to play cards. But we'd have been drowned just locking the front door behind us.

  3. Good luck today MICHELE I hope the sore throat eases
    JANET's and VAL's cards are lovely, a real keepsake from JANET and I agree with SANDRA that sentiment is just right for many reasons I must try fancy folds more often especially after the pretty one I received - thank you SANDRA
    I am meeting an old school friend (she's two days older than me!) and her daughter (I got her into crafting which is her passion now) with my daughter and Oscar and then I'm going back to my daughters to wait and be picked up by OH So lots of cuddles with Oscar Could not wish for a better day - a lazy brunch with great people and Oscar time!
    I hope you've dried out now SANDRA xx Take care all

    1. I meant to say, the sentiment on your card VAL It truly is awesome

    2. Hi Karen
      Love the cardigan your wearing in your scrap book page. I always wore hand knitted cardigans and jumpers when I was growing up. I also used to do all my own knitting to wear as well. However, now that wools so dear to buy its now cheaper to buy cardigans and jumpers.

    3. Meant to say Karen enjoy your hugs with Oscar,

  4. Morning everyone,

    A lovely array of beautiful cards from Janet and Val, some gorgeous buys, have fun using your new goodies Lynda and Tracy.
    Poor Michele, hope your sore throat eases up, there's nothing worse than a 'scratchy' throat when eating or drinking. Hope your Dad is now settling down from his op.
    Karen imaginative use of her first school photo is stunning, so simple a design yet looks as though you spent quite a bit of time doing it. You are Superwoman on the digital Serif programme.

    I'm off to my first jumble sale in years. My friend told me previously that the Salvation Army does wonderful ones and rang me yesterday to see if I would go with her. So I am picking her up 10.30 and off we shall go, I'm hoping for some wonderful bargains.

    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Enjoy your Jumble Sale. Hope you find lots of bargains. Xxx

    2. Hi Cheryl
      Enjoy your time at the Jumble Sale. Like you I haven't been to one in years either.

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Well it's 9.15 and Petes still in bed. My hacking all night keeps him awake. Mind you with his medication he could sleep for England. See Lynda I told you Pete and Terry could be brothers. Lovely challenge card from Lynda and a great set of buys the ladies have made this week.
    Love Janets card in a box she made. I've also bought the 3D embossing folders but haven't used them yet. Wonder if I can muster up the enthusiasm. I need Sandra to chivvy me up I think. It's a shame she can't come over to me any more unless I fetch her or Paul brings her over. We'll have to have another day out when I go over next.

    1. Hi Pat, sorry you're still coughing but good in a way that Pete can sleep through it,.
      Hope your having a good day. Xxx

  6. Hi Ladies well it's 9.40 and Janet hasn't been in yet. What Die did you use on your card Janet, and was it the Die on the top right of your new goodies. Couldn't quite see that one as it's a bit blurred on my ipad screen.

  7. Margaret Palmer22 July 2017 at 14:31

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a mixed bag you have for us today. Hope you suffered no after effects from your drenching
    Janet your card & box are
    Val love your card, enjoy your
    Karen love your scrapbook, I think we all had hand knitted jumpers & cardigans in those days I always knitted on school bus. Enjoy your day sounds
    Janet, Lynda & Tracy ypu all have some lovely goodies, look forward to what you make with
    Michele sorry you feel poorly hope sale makes up for
    Well still not made my cc. I took my 91yr old friend to see nurse, as she got out of car she shut the door & caught the corner on her leg, as she is on blood thinner tablet & skiin very thin you can imagine the mess. It was too deep for nurses at Dr's to deal with so had to take her to A
    & E. I eventually got home just after 5pm. At least Sue was able to spend the afternoon with Pop. By the time I had then walked the dog we decided fish & chips sounded like a good idea, I think I finally sat down at 9pm.
    I saw Pam this morning & she seems fine.
    Must wash up & then have a go at cc.
    Sendong hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

    1. Hi Margaret. Oh your poor friend. I can sympathise with her as the slightest touch I end up either a bruise or ripped skin. Doc reckons it's my inhalers. So hope she's feeling better today. Have a quiet day today. Xxx

  8. Hi Margaret
    I hope your friends leg is better today. Must have been a hock for you both.

  9. Just got in from a lovely lovely day xx

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Café tonight. Sorry I am so late getting in, we have had internet and phone issues, I'm just going to say hi as I'm not sure if this will post anyway. Fingers crossed we will be back to normal tomorrow. Ihope you all had a good day and haven't suffered from all of the rain we have had/are having. Love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Good to see you Sue, hope the internet soon get fixed. Not sure why but I spoke to some today and so many seem to have problems with it right now. Hope you are ok otherwise and will have a good night,hugs xx

  11. Hello Sandra and everyone, what a super Saturday, love all of the shopping, also the fantastic mixed crafts.
    Haven't had a good day, have had an upset tummy all day. Sorry to much information........ but have spent some time in my craft room even managed to make a card.
    Think I will head off to bed. Sleep well.
    Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I hope your upset tummy settles down and your feeling better tomorrow.

    2. Sending you hugs and hope your tummy will settle by tomorrow, wish you better . sleep well xx

  12. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Oh what a lot to see today.
    Love the cards and the BOX Janet tihi it is such a lovely die you have used for the card. I must give it a go and make a box, Maybe you could give me that as a challenge Lol
    Val- love your card too and to use the papers from a magazine. well done
    Oh Karen- what lovely memories and to wear something your dad have made. My mum always knitted cardigans and the winter socks for us. The scrapbook page is fab.
    Lot's more great shopping, love the dies Tracy. Looking forward to see what you make with them, Lynda and Janet too. Have fun crafting with your new buys.
    Hope you feeling better soon Michele, not nice to have a sore throat at all. Hope you managed to do the boot sale.
    Good you had a nice day Karen and I hope you got a lot of cuddles.
    Val- hope you had a nice BBQ. Is there any spare sun by any chance ? I'm going white in this rate and feeling a bit blue , guess it's good for the garden but enough now.
    I hope you don't get a chill after your drenching Sandra but didn't come down and we had wind too which didn't help.
    Margaret- your poor friend, hope she be ok. I hope you have had a calm day and managed to get some rest. hugs
    Pat- bless you with this horrid cough that don't want to go. You must be so tired with it all. Sending you and Pete some special (((hugs)))
    Brenda- hope you had a nice day and Cheryl, did you find any bargains at the jumble sale ?
    Wonder woman and Captain Underpants - did you managed to get out for your walk today ? hihi
    It was another grey and wet day here but it didn't matter so much because I spent the day indoors in a hall making cards. As usual I didn't get them all together Lol but will do that tomorrow hopefully so maybe you can save them Sandra to have to put out for when you are on holiday Sandra. Not many weeks to go now.
    I hope our missing ladies are just busy at the mo and soon join us again for some fun. many hugs to you all and have a good night. Love Maria xxx

  13. Hi All, sorry very late, the day has just flown by.

    Janet beautiful card and box, Val loved your card also.

    Lovely lot of shopping ladies, hope you have lots of fun using them.

    Am shattered have spent the day clearing out stuff from the loft.

    Sleep tight all, hugs in abundance Lilian

  14. Good evening Sandra & ladies
    Sandra sounds like you were both like drowned rats yesterday hope you don't come down with anything.
    JANET I love your card & box gorgeous. Love all your shopping too.
    KAREN lovely scrap book page & dont you look nice in your cardigan Your dad knitted for you. Did you keep it once you had grown out of it as a keep sake.
    TRACY I love all your Sue Wilson Dies don't forget we want to see what you make with them.MICHELE hope you sold all your cards & your feeling better.
    CHERYL WOW a jumble sale didn't think they had them any more. I used to go with my mum every week when I was about 8 years old. Hope you got some bargains. VAL love your card hope your BQ.
    MARGARET hope your friend is feeling better how awful for her & you sending her some Hug's.
    PAT sorry your still coughing it must be getting you down now at leased Pete sleeps through & yes same with Terry he would sleep through anything.😂😂
    SANDRA are you saying my Northan Lights papers have taken over my crafting
    Life HAHA 😂😂😂😂. ( just love them just waiting for the velum version that Barbra Grey said was in the making )
    I went with Margaret this afternoon to the Dog Trust in Canterbury as she has been thinking of getting a little dog well looking on their website she saw a little Pomerania 7 years old he was really cute. so I went with her. Filled out a questionnaire where she lived & how long she went out in a week. Anyway some one came & had a chat & took notes. Then she said she didn't think That Margaret was suitable for Charlie with his temperament with living on a camp site with other dogs & lots of people.Her road is so quiet & no campers near her.
    What the hell she just wanted to give a dog a loving home. She was a bit upset so she stayed for dinner. Sorry I've boared you all silly so will say good night
    Love Lynda xx