Monday 9 November 2015

Another of Anne's Male Cards

Good Monday Morning Ladies,
Today I am excited to share with you this fabulous Gaming themed Man card, it has been designed
and created by our Anne of course, it looks like it might be a 'La Pashe' style card.
All of the gaming pieces, Cards, Dominoes and Gambling Chips have been expertly decoupaged to give the card a real 3D feel.
This a fabulous Male themed Easel card Anne, thank you so much for sharing it with us xxxx

I hope that both Brenda and Myra had a fabulous birthday yesterday xx
I also have everything crossed that Karen's daughter gets her flight home tomorrow, the sooner she gets home the quicker you can stop worrying, thinking of you Michele xx
Not much planned here today,
Will call in later,
Love and Hugs
Sandra xxxxxx


  1. Morning/afternoon everyone
    ANNE - I love your Man themed card this morning. It can cover so many ages too. So very versatile just love it.

    Right as I'm first in this morning it is my pleasure to set up for the day.
    Breakfast - the usual goodies for a Continental type and the usual toast, etc if you don't like such sweet things at the beginning of the day. Strong coffee and the regular tea and as a special treat this morning Piping Hot Choc with whipped cream. mmmmm.
    I've put new linen on the tables. It a very Autumnal theme with beautiful reds and gold leaves. It has table napkins to match and I've also put a few new mugs on the shelves. They too match the linen.

    Hope everyone is feeling OK this morning and ready for a full day of whatever you decide to do.
    I'll look in later to see everyone. Hugs should be arriving shortly.

    1. Hello Janet, the new Autumn colours look lovely! How does it feel to be first? I was last for breakfast at the Retreat you know and got a round of applause! I wore my best hat all day yesterday! Now the others will know we are mad!!! Xxx

  2. WOW good morning Sandra I'M FIRST just set everything up in cafe' water on
    tables all done clean table cloths with a pretty mix of flowers on each table.
    I have appointment to collect my new glasses at 8.30 am, Then eye clinic at hospital this morning at I better get showered & dressed, so See!!! you later hope your all ok. Anne your card is a brilliant for the men love it.
    Left Hug's in the corner. Lynda XX

    1. Hope all goes well at the hospital. X

    2. Dreadful pun Lynda , hope all goes well xxxx

    3. Not if I see you first, Lynda! Ha ha! Told you I'd be back today! Seriously - hope you are pleased with your new glasses! Xxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Anne-another great card, love the decoupaged images.

    Sandra- I'm not sure Karen would like you "giving her daughter away" to me! I hope Karens daughter gets home very soon.

    We have severe gales here today, forecast is the same all day with some heavy rain . I really hate it when it's so windy, it scares me.

    Right-best stop moaning & get ready for work, busy day today.


    1. Michele - so nice of you to have laid on this awful weather for my return home! What a day! Don't work too hard! Xxx

  4. Good morning ladies,

    Well, what a glorious start to the day!
    I opened my curtains to one of the most spectacular sunrises this year. Big bands of red/orange/gold streaked across the skies like banners heralding the birth of a new day. I am so grateful to know I am alive to witness it. Any later arising and I would not have seen that.

    Anne, I do love your man cards and this one is no exception.

    Off for my shower now to get ready for today's walk at Berrow Nature Reserve. I think after reading Michele's weather report, the order of the day will be wet weather gear just in case!
    Love 7hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. I'm really pleased for you Cheryl! Honestly - I think!
      Enjoy your walk! Xxx

  5. Hi Everyone
    Hi Sandra
    Thanks for showing Anne's lovely male card today. We all need a CD with these sort of designs on. Cafe looks lovely this morning both Janet and Lynda's administrations look fantastic this morning.
    No school today as Pete has the eye hospital to see the Retina Surgeon to see what there going to do with his eyes. The traffic will be horrendous this morning as we're having major road works at the two big roundabouts in Oxford.

    1. Hello Pat - hope everything goes well for Pete at hospital today. Hope you don't get wet walking to and from the car! Xxx

    2. Thanks Myra
      Pete has scabs apparently whatever that means. They could operate but that will cause more problems further down the line. So the plan is to hold off operating until it's really necessary. We go back in 6 months.

    3. The scabs are on his retina apparently.

  6. Morning everyone, well guess what ... I slept in!!
    John woke me at 1 35am to tell me to "stop snoring" he could not sleep. Well that was me wakened!!! got up made myself a cup of tea and a slice of toast. There were "crafty things" lying about needing finished off, did most of that. Sat down in the lounge, feet up and fell asleep. Woke up cold at 4.06am filled a hot water bag, went back to bed and slept till 8.15am.
    ANNE :- what a brilliant card, I just LOVE all those gaming bits and pieces. Something there to cover any game, great colours and design.
    Cheryl:- you were lucky to wake up to a beautiful sunrise. Us .... it's bucketing rain yet again. I have the "pond" forming in the drive down near the gates. Might even have ducks in it soon if the rain keeps coming!!
    Myra:- safe journey home.
    SABA:- thinking of you, still all in our thoughts and prayers, candle still burning.
    Right best shift myself, bedding in the washing machine, once again it will have to tumbled dry, up side is it can be ironed and straight back on the bed. Love it, absolutely NO creases in the sheets or pillowcases.
    (((((Hugs))))) for the basket ... see you later. xxx

    1. Oh Patricia - that made me smile! A wee lie in wouldn't do you any harm! You'll be up early like me tomorrow!
      It's tumble drier weather here too! First we have to empty the car! Xxx

  7. Morning everyone,
    Anne I love this theme you have used on your card, is it a cd please.
    Sandra I hope your toe is easing a bit or do you need to see the doctor still.
    Another nasty day here, got soaked yesterday going from place to place, but had a lovely birthday meal with grandsons.
    Need to pic Nic up later to go to the dentist, this is just to check her and sign for a GA as she's not very co operative at the dentist, not the nicest place to be.
    Saba, thinking of you all sending hugs xxx
    Off to get started but will pop back later, Nic will be home most of the day, no rush once her appointment is over.
    See you later
    Jean xxx
    Oh - hugs in the basket as usual xxx

    1. Jean, hope all goes well with Nic at the dentist! Xxx

  8. Good Morning All
    It looks amazing in here today, Janet and Lynda excellent team work. I'll have a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows please.
    Cheryl I missed your sunrise, we've got Michele's weather here, horrid!
    Pat, good luck to Pete at the eye hospital.
    Patricia, I have a challenge for you. Tumble the bedding and put it straight back on the bed without ironing it. When you go to bed just climb in and don't look at it!! As to your pond, watch out, Margaret and Myra will be in it before you can blink.
    Myra, safe journey, hope the weather settles down for when you set off. I hope both you and Brenda enjoyed your special days, sorry I was so late sending you my birthday wishes.
    Jean, good luck at the dentist, enjoy your day with Nic once it is over.
    Well I am home alone this morning. Bliss. It was the usual chaos to get ready for school and I breathed a sigh of relief when they all left. Rachel finishes work at lunchtime today so I am going to do a few jobs this morning and then we can have a lazy afternoon.
    Karen thinking of you.
    See you all later, love and special hugs
    Saba xxxxx

    1. SABA:- failed at the first hurdle!!! Just ironed the fitted sheet and it's back on the bed. xxx

    2. Saba I flew up to Patricia's got soaking wet as the rain is horrendous all the way up to see what the pond was like, not deep enough for a swim. As I didn't fancy being put in the tumbler dryer I left while she was snoozing in the chair!
      Have a lovely rest and relaxation day you have earned it xxx

    3. Saba I had to chuckle as I read your post, I could feel Patricia twitching from here! Sending you a big hug, enjoy your lazy day xxxx

    4. Excuse me! I've done quite enough travelling for one day! I'll duck out of the visit to Patricia's pond!!
      Hope I don't upset my ducky friend Margaret though. Xxx

    5. Hope you enjoyed your solitary morning Saba and got those little jobs done you wanted to get done. Hugs just for you xxxx

      Myra and Margaret - surely it's far too cold to go skinny dipping in Patricia's pond isn't and besides what would her neighbours think!! lol xxxx

    6. Well Janet , they are so accustomed to Patricia in her PJ's they probably wouldn't bat an eyelid! I would have worn my duckini !! Xxx

    7. That I'd love to see Myra, you in a duckini. And why is Patricia ironing sheets I'd like to know. Our body heat takes the wrinkles out if them. Wish my body heat ironed out my wrinkles. Wouldn't that be nice.

    8. Hope you enjoy your quiet day Saba. Hugs to you and Val.

    9. Pat - great minds think alike - or something! I thought the same as you - wish my body heat ironed out my wrinkles!!! Mind you I'd need to be red hot!! Xxx

  9. Morning Sandra and ladies,
    Anne your card is super, just right for anyone who is into gaming.
    Today the rain couldn't be coming down any harder, and it is really windy, not a nice day at all, once the housework is done I think it will be a crafty day, get lost in my own world.
    Off to get started, will catch up later.
    Take care everyone, xxxx

    1. Good morning all,
      Well, I have another busy day today. Off to town inn 10 minutes, but it's so windy and looks as though we will have more downpours, so I'm not looking forward to it.
      Anne, your card is fantastic. What a great anyone card really.
      Karen, hope you hear from your daughter today.
      Patricia, did you iron the top sheet and pillowcases? I never heard a sound from you at the Retreat - mind you, I was on a different floor ha ha.
      Pat, hope Pete does well at hospital.
      Jean, thinking of you with Nic at the dentist.
      Cheryl, enjoy your walk.
      Michele, don't work too hard.
      Lynda, you'll look gorgeous in your new specs!
      Janet, your hot chocolate is delicious, sooo more-ish, money is in the pot, Sandra lol!!!!
      Saba, so glad that you had a lovely day yesterday with all the family. Thinking and praying xxx
      Right, best get a move on. Town, then back for supermarket shopping and better get some housework done. I hope to make a few more C cards today.
      Have a good day, ladies.
      love Maureen xxxxx

    2. Arrrghh. MYRA, have a safe journey home xxxx

    3. Arrrghh Maureen! I made it! Don't get blown off-track today! Xxx

  10. Good morning Sandra and all the crafty crew
    The weather is dreadful here so Myra take care on your journey home and Maureen please don't do a Mary Poppins while you are out, the wind here is really bad.
    Poor John fancy him not getting his beauty sleep Patricia!
    Saba so pleased you had a lovely day with your family yesterday, my thoughts and prayers are with you, enjoy the quiet today try and relax .xxx
    Karen hope you get some good news of your daughter's flight arrival really soon.
    Well the washer is finished and clothes in the tumbler, no chance of that lovely fresh air smell on the washing today with all the wind and rain.
    Take care everyone if you have this dreadful weather, my hugs are in the basket must get on and need to finish some cards too.
    Margaret xxx

    1. Anne so vey sorry I was in such a rush earlier was half way through doing my windows (only the insides today) when I remembered your card! Love it the colouring is wonderful and what a fantastic man's card with so much detail too. xxx

    2. Thanks Margaret! The traffic was worse going South! There was a 10 mile queue of traffic from about Haydock to South Manchester. They were warning of a 45 minute delay! No obvious problem - just volume of traffic and heavy rain! Xxx

  11. Oh I am late this morning, slept in!!! Harris kindly woke Charlie up and I feel back to sleep. So morning totally knocked out.
    Cafe looking good love what Janet and Lynda have done.
    Anne, your card is fantastic, great for those males.
    Saba, sending you ((((( hugs))))) glad you all had a good day yesterday and you made it as normal a one as possible. That's what you have to do. As for getting Patricia not to iron - pigs might fly!!!
    Margaret C you be careful, these winds not good for flying, and yes Maureen has to be careful too.
    Karen, I hope you hear soon if your daughter is getting home tomorrow?
    Myra, you and Alistair have a save journey, just take it easy driving.
    Right I must get moving, I have to go to the post office. I could post things in one of the two post boxes in the villiage, but we have some not so nice young ones moved in the villiage and they seem to hang about near the boxes.
    Will pop back later. xxx

    1. Thanks Hazel. We had a lovely time but as we all know - there's no place like home! Xxx

  12. How very rude am I. Totally forgot to comment on today's gorgeous offering.
    Anne, your card is fab. I love all the gaming elements and the way you have layered them up. The colours you have chosen compliment each other beautifully, not sure about pink for a man, but then again why not!
    Muriel you be careful out there, hope you enjoy town inn, have a pint on me.
    Margaret wise decision, Patricia might have ironed your feathers.

    1. Oh never thought of her iron thanks for the warning!

    2. Still not as bad as if Patricia had fancied Duck à l'orange!! Xxx

  13. Hi Sandra and all the lovely ladies
    Anne what a fabulous card today, perfect for a man, I thought you had used real playing cards at first glance! Thank you for sharing. Xxxxx
    Dare I say it, I'm just about to put the washing on the line - I may regret it later but at the moment it's dry and breezy! I must go to Sainsburys too this morning, my quick shop last week didn't last long! Hope everyone is ok - I must dash otherwise I will carry on sitting her and get nothing done at all! Oh I can be a shocker if I don't get up and doing!
    See you later xxxxxxx

    1. Hope it stays dry Diane! I can be a shocker too! Xxx

  14. Hi Good morning Sandra and all.
    Have just got in after a visit to doctor for blood and swab from my throat wish still got some nettles, nearly 3 ! month now. As Christmas coming up it will be hard to change the food and eating bit but will after try my best which usually means nothing, huff. Stormy winds but no rain, yet so will try to tidy up a bit on the patio after hovering etc. Queen of Sheba and her old man is coming for a visit tomorrow so all hands to the deck.
    Love your card Anne, perfect for a man ! Great colours together and really like the playing cards and chips.
    Anyone out driving today, please take it easy. Do Not want to hear about any ditch visits or bumper cars.
    So glad Saba that you all had a nice time together, thinking of you all and please give Val a gentle hug from me.
    Karen- hope they get your daughter on a plane home tomorrow so all be well.
    Pat- hope the eye appointment goes ok for Pete and Lynda - take care and hope your visit to doctoe also goes fine.
    Both Hazel and Patricia slept in this morning !?!?!?
    Sending lots and big hugs to you all and hope you have a good day whatever you are up to. Best get a move on even if the cafe' look so nice today so I could very easily stay here all day, Love and Hugs Maria Xxxxx

    1. Oh Maria! Royal Visitors! It's not really red carpet weather either!
      Don't let them stress you! Xxx

  15. Hello Sandra and Everyone!
    We're home! The car isn't empty yet as it is pouring wet here. We decided to have a sandwich lunch and ee if it dries up! It's not looking hopeful at the minute I can tell you. We had a good journey home but the last hour was very wet indeed and lots of spray on the Motorway . I came home to a second batch of beautiful cards! Thank you so much for your kindness. Your talent is amazing and my husband is very impressed with your work. I will contact each of you ASAP!
    Anne today's card is yet another excellent idea for a man card or anyone with an interest in any of the games in the picture! It is so colourful and bright. Thank you for another great idea!
    Karen - I was so pleased you had managed to speak to your daughter. I do hope she gets home tomorrow . Thinking of you.
    Brenda - LL - hope all goes well today . Thinking of you too.
    Brenda - glad you had a lovely day yesterday too! I was thinking of you.
    Will go and read comments now.
    Take care,
    Love Myra xxx

    1. So glad you are home, been a tad worried. Gale force gusts here and heavy showers.

    2. Thank you dear! Glad we didn't get that weather last week or you would have been a nervous wreck! Xxx

  16. Maria, it's scary when these things happen with Patricia and I. It's like we message each other at the same time a lot. I think these very dark mornings don't help, plus now it's getting colder we draw the curtains as well as blinds, and our curtains have that heavy blanket lining so it makes the rooms dark, I even had the front door curtain drawn these last few nights.
    Pat, I hope Petes appointment goes ok.
    Margaret C. Have you heard the term " if you stand long enough in the one spot you will get ironed" well that's what happens at Patricia's. I am sure that's why John goes up to the loft, when she is in an ironing mood.
    It's drying up,here. I wonder if I should peg put the washing?? Xxx

    1. Hazel! Aren't families good at being cheeky about one another! My son once told a group of friends who came to dinner - don't sit in one spot for too long - Mum will hang a tassel on you! Xxxx

    2. Hi Hazel
      Yes, Petes appointment went well thanks very much. He has some kind of scabs on his right eye. He could have an operation on it if he wants. However, that could cause problems further down the line. So the plan is to wait until it becomes absolutely necessary before they operate. So we go back in 6 months time to see the surgeon.

  17. Hi Sandra & all in cafe.
    Sandra thank you for list Sue passed on to me. Enjoy your time with Paul xx
    Anne as usual love your card.
    Jean hope to send recipe later today or tomorrow at latest.xx
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

  18. Ladies I've just got to tell you this!
    Postman has just been and there was an oblong package with Maureen's name as the sender! When I opened it - I found a packet of Tunnocks Caramel wafers! Included also was a lovely stepper card which had as its sentiment - Just For You - on the back Maureen had written that her parents always encouraged her to be nice to old people!! Well Alastair and I have been in fits of laughter over this! That's what I get for telling you all about the quarter of a Tunnocks I had at the Retreat!
    I've sent an email - but Maureen - you are a star! I'd be a wee bit worried however as Alastair said - " no wonder you two get on!!" Xxx

    1. Hey, we had a quarter piece too and we haven't had any parcels! x

    2. Cheryl, I think Myra got her parcel as it was her birthday after all? Xxx

    3. Cheryl you weren't cheeky! I was!
      I had a follow up comment along the lines of the biscuit would keep me quiet for a while! I can chew and type though!! Ha ha !! Xxx

  19. What a lovely card ANNE and as others have said would be great for any age. Oh, I've forgotten whtt I was going to write. It's a bit like if you go shopping without a list and (me anyway) recite exactly what you need to buy and as soon as you pick up the basket, your brain goes blank and end up buying the complete opposite to what you went in for.
    I hope anyone that has appointments today that they go well, and aren't kept too long waiting around
    PATRICIA - another tip for you. I take sheets out of the tumble dryer, fold them up as if ready to go in airing cupboard and just iron the outside bits.
    SANDRA - how's that toe
    Fingers crossed that daughter come home tomorrow but won't know until late tonight, she says that the hotel have been brilliant. Off out in a little while to put a poster up in the venue where she would normally be teaching Salsa, just in case OH and I have missed anyone out. Card to finish before the light really fades
    So pleased SABA that you had a great day with Val and hope for many more of them
    Take care all, xxx

  20. Hazel I answered your question regarding Pete further up under your query. If that makes sense.

  21. Hi Sandra
    Well I started replying regarding Pete on our ladies posts. But could be there all evening so will do a reply here.
    Petes appointment well well. He apparently has scabs on his retina. They could operate but that will cause more problems further down the line. So the plan is to wait until they deem it's really bad before they do so. So we have an appointment for 6 mnts time. Off again tomorrow to the Churchill to see the oncologist, hopefully his new medication is still working up to speed.

  22. Hello all, sorry to be late in today, the morning seem to run away with me.
    We had the lovely skies this morning,but no sun and very windy, managed to get all the towels dry, lovely and you'd think they'd been in the dryer.
    Hope all the appointments went well, must get my eye appointment made.
    Had to have two new tyres this morning, and then service and mot on Wednesday, keep your fingers crossed she passes ok, I love my old car, o/h dropping hints about only having one car as keeping two cars is getting expensive, I'm resisting.
    Have a bit of a sore throat today, hope that isn't going to be a cold.
    Hairdressers at 9am tomorrow so will be late in again, save me some of that lovely hot chocolate.
    Have a good evening all. Lilian.

    1. Lillian, you keep your car, Charlie said we could go down to one when I retired I stuck to my guns. Tammy our daughter borrowed one of ours yesterday, and today I had to wait for Charlie coming back till I got out to do what I needed to do! No I for one wouldn't give up having 2 cars. Xxx

    2. Lilian - keep it if you can! I know they are expensive but Alastair felt that if I gave up my car I would hardly ever drive as when we go out together he drives. I'm glad I kept my car and that I drive as much as possible as I was able to drive to the Retreat . Don't ask Saba about my driving as she is given to exaggeration!! Also , we don't want think of these things, but if anything happened to Alastair so that he was unable to drive I would be able to do so. Lots to think about! I'm hanging on to my car for as long as I can! Xxx

  23. Sorry I'm so late in today, like some others I was a bit later in getting up this morning and it was Torridon craft day and I was being picked up at 9am so as I hadn't even got my stuff ( crafty bits) together I was in such a rush I didn't even look in the iPad .
    Sandra , thank you for sharing my card and thank you ladies for all the lovely comments, and yes our Sandra was correct, it is a La Pasha Dvd ( the Best of La Pasha) I don't usually use DVDs but I find this one so useful for male cards or funnies.
    How is your toe doing Sandra , did you go to the doctors with it yet, you really need to take care of it, Iain got antibiotics for similar, and they cleared it up in no time.
    Karen I hope your daughter gets home soon, so worrying for you.
    Myra I enjoyed hearing about Maureen's parcel , it made me laugh, you do sound quite a pair and MARGARET doesn't sound far behind lol!
    I feel quite tired after craft day , it must be all that eating , chatting and concentrating , so I'd better go and get Iain fed.
    Love and hugs to you all xoxo

    1. Oh Anne, Myra, Maureen and Margaret are ladies and are very sane!!., Just like Patricia and myself. xxx
      P.S. Sorry you are feeling tired, yes chatting and eating dies take it out of you. Ha, ha, ha.

    2. If you look at all the photos from the Retreat I am very solemn and sedate - Patricia too! Diane rarely smiles and Brenda LL is extremely solemn! Hazel only laughs one day a week! I could go on - I often do!! If you believe any of that you'll believe anything! Xxxx

    3. Anne sorry forgot to say how much I liked your card, you are obviously good with scissors, haven't used any of my CDs for ages, must dig them out.

    4. Ha Ha ! Loved those replies " takes one to know one" comes to mind!
      You forget Myra I have already met Patricia and Hazel and know how quiet and shy they are, just like me !
      Myra , You do actually look very sedate in the photo I saw , but then looks can be deceiving I don't know about the others ( yet) but Maureen looked very happy ( Baileys ? ) tin hat! xo

  24. Hello everyone - just got in about half an hour ago from dropping Nic back, the weather has been terrible, heavy rain and winds, She was really good at the dentist but we have a wait now for a pre op appt.
    Anne I must have a look for that DVD as the cards are brilliant especially for men.
    Have a few cards to make but John is off on holiday this week and I feel guilty being here upstairs while he's downstairs, looks like we've fallen out haha.
    See you tomorrow
    Love Jean xx

  25. Hellooooooooooo
    Ooooj the Boiler Engineer has been, took all of 5 minutes, just fiddled inside and said that will be £40 thank you. If it doesn't work - B I G part will be needed. Keep everything crossed.
    Pat, hope Pete's visit tomorrow to oncology is a success, and hope they don't have to operate on his eyes later in the year.
    Lilian, hang on to your car as long as you can.
    Saba, I had two pints for you this morning hic!! Actually, was in and out
    of town so fast I looked like Speedy Gonzales.
    Maria, don't worry about the Queen of Sheba visiting you, the old girl's not what she used to be.
    Must go, my dinner is ready.
    Maureen xxx

    1. From which part of the world does Oooj your boiler engineer come? Xxxx tin hat! Xxx

    2. He sounds like a character from Dr Who! Xxxx

    3. Myra he comes from the expensive part of the world!

  26. Hi ladies, Myra enjoyed your story about the caramel wafers, Maureen is a star!
    Anne I think I just might have to look for the dvd you have used. I love all the things you have done
    It has been a terrible day rain and wind, faffed about in the craft room, didn't make any headway at all.
    Need to go a make a card for my niece who will be 50 on Thursday.
    Take care everyone xxx

    1. Jess, I can't believe you faff about? Yes it's been horrible here too, it's only 7 but I am off to have hiker and get my pjs on, it's that sort of night p, you just want to cozy up on the sofa. Xxx

  27. Myra, he comes from somewhere in the Highlands and that's his clan!!! xxx

  28. It has just been on the news that Bunker 13 from WW2 has been found deep under Newcastle, Maureen's secret hide out, I must say Maureen I agree with the commentator it is in need of refurbishment to say the least and oh those windows in the doors are in need of a good clean! There was no sign of the Baileys just the ventilation machine! tin hat I think !!!

  29. Evening all :)
    I thought I would call in tonight before I picked up my knitting! I'm on the sleeves now, so almost there!
    Myra I tried to post under your comment but it wouldn't let me - Maureen what a hoot sending some wafers -brilliant, why didn't I think of that! Haha. Xxxx
    Well my washing dried really well today, wish I'd put another load on now, although they've changed their minds about tomorrow again so I may be lucky. I finally sorted out the airing cupboard today, been meaning to do it for months. There's 3 bags to go to the charity shop but it still looks full - how does that happen??? Right I must get on with this knitting - see you all tomorrow

  30. Hello all, Myra and Maureen I have been sitting here laughing out loud and OH thinks I lost it more then ever. Very kind of Maureen to send you a packet of wafers Myra, enjoy them to your coffee. Well I have had a very busy day, outdoors and indoors. Cleaning of the house done and garden got a spruce up too. Sorted out the meds for the next three weeks. All takes time so haven't made any cards today and as SIL (Q of S) coming for the day tomorrow it want be any then either so starting to get withdraws , funny when no mojo is around sometimes and now when it's here I have to wait. Thank you Cheryl for trying to help me. Son will get some for me tomorrow but he also said that I can get some rolls or sheets from Ebay. Will have a look at that. Pat -don't sound nice what Pete got, hope he can cope with it for the next six month. My sister is having cataract operation at the end of this month, she's only 46 but have had problems for a while now. Fingers crossed Lilian for your little car, hope she pass. What did you do to your car Brenda LL ? Oh Jean- in this house we look like we fallen out all the time. OH is in his office upstairs and I am spending my day downstairs. Since he retired I am happy if his out under my feet some of the day hihi. Karen- fingers crossed for you so Charlotte will be back home tomorrow, do tell us how it goes. Sandra- any progress on your toe ? Don't keep yourself in more pain then you need ,see the doc.
    I will say good night for today and hopefully see you tomorrow sometime.
    Son is off work so we will see a film together before Mr Sandman sprinkling his dust. Warm hugs to you all Xxxxx

  31. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Anne I love you man card. I think it's very clever idea, if you don't mind I will add it to my ideas file.

    What a day it has been, left the dishwasher to run overnight, got up this morning and haven't gone through its program. John checked it over and decided it's not worth getting the engineer out, it's 12 years old. Then the car was showing an error code so rang Vauxhall. We were not sure if it should be driven, they advised getting the AA out as they couldn't look at it until a week tomorrow. AA man arrived after checking found a cable and it's housing under the car had been chewed........ He thinks by foxes! Anyway he was able to do a repair and the car is drivable again. All this left me feeling what next!!! Well just before I left to collect the children from school, a delivery man knocked on the door. He handed me a large box .... Which had the prettiest flower arrangement inside, they were from a very special friend. I was chocked up and my mood certainly lifted at that point. I must ring her tomorrow and tell her what a difference she made to my day.
    Anyway must say good night everyone, love and hugs Brenda XXX

  32. Diane- have you finished your knitting tonight ?
    Better go, my eyes keep shutting so it's hard to write.
    Hope to see you tomorrow sometime.
    Many hugs to you all, speciall big ones to Saba and Val