Thursday, 19 November 2015

Janet's Autumn collection

 Good Morning Ladies,
Today we have a gorgeous selection of cards that have been designed by Our Janet, what a gorgeous display of cards, such a variety of cards for all age ranges, and those Tags, oh Janet they are so 'Classy', they look very 'High-End', you could put 5 or 10 of those in a pack and they would sell like hot cakes!
I love the Grand Decorative Squares Handbag Janet, perfect for those young ladies, all in all a really beautiful range of cards, thank you so much for sharing them with us. xxx

The weather gave us a bit of a break yesterday for a few hours, but the wind paid us another visit last night,
I am expecting it again tonight as its recycling day, the wind always blows on recycle days! I believe we are in for a big dip in temperature tomorrow and across the weekend, we have been spoilt so far with it being the warmest November for many years, I don't mind it being cold, I think we need the cold weather to clear away all the bugs and things that linger in the muggy warm air!  I can live without the ice though, I have enough trouble keeping upright as it is!

Did you all watch Julia on Hochanda? the new Platinum looks pretty good, I know its early days, but it looks very sturdy, they were selling some old Spellbinder dies though weren't they, they were fairly cheap though.
I was surprised to see that the Post and Packaging on the Platinum was £7.95, I know that its huge, but that's a huge cost when you think of the £2.99 that C & C charge, I believe that Hochanda did start out being slightly cheaper than C&C but slowly its crept up and up.  I think that they have reduced the price of their monthly membership too, I am sure I heard the chap say last night that it was £6.95(I was watching in bed so I could have heard wrong)!  I will say that Christine has the Platinum on her Hope & Chances website for £124.95 and there is no postage at all, I can totally recommend Christine's shop too, super fast delivery, always!
Do any of you watch The Craft Channel ? I have seen a couple of shows, but just not inspirational at all and I think that the break in their schedule helps either, its often when you sit down at lunchtime that you switch on the TV for a bit of Inspiration and it has finished.  I tend to watch Hochanda most but there are too many car cleaning shows or those blooming floating candles! I think they have shaken C&C into mixing their line up up a bit, I have 6 monthly credits of £10 to use, but you can still see the regular Tattered Lace/Tonic appearing every Pick of the day/week show!
Well, I didn't get my Christmas cards started yesterday, so that's the plan for today, I am hoping to see Sue and Pat today or tomorrow as we didn't get together yesterday as Sue was poorly with a migraine and Paul and I had an appointment at school early afternoon, we have asked them to write a letter to support the fact that Paul having to go away for 6 months while they are doing their GCSE's would have a negative effect, putting pressure on them to help me when their sole concentration should be on studying for their exams.
Poor Lucy is really stressed at the moment, struggling to get all of the revision done for their upcoming Mock Exams starting in a week or so.  This will only get worse when they have the actual GCSE's next year.
I am trying all kinds of calming ideas but would be grateful for any advice that any of you may have.
I hope you all have a good day,
Love and hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Janet-what s stunning collection of crafty makes. I love the "handbag " & the tags.

    I'm hoping for a better day than yesterday- had a massive "disagreement " with my boss first thing in the morning, not nice! Then I called at my Dads on the way home-all that man does is moan!!!!!! Today I don't have enough staff so I'll be scrubbed up & inside the unit-I'm not making the chemotherapy but will be checking the other technician, luckily my other tech should be in just after 10am. When I find the time I'm going to complain to the "chocolate tea-pot" as this lack of trained staff is her responsibility. Thursday is Tesco shopping night so we end up eating late, usually just a snack.

    I'll be glad when it's the weekend!!!


    1. Michele my love sending you a big hug, it sounds like you need it. Did you tell your dad what an awful day you had had? He probably moans because he's got nothing better to do - some people are like that. I'm sorry things have come to a head with your boss althought it might clear the air and get something done about the situation. I hope you have some lovely patients in today who are happy and chatty and make it worth your while being on the unit for a change. Xxxx

    2. Michele I do hope you have a much better day today....sending a big hug to help you get through it. Love Sheila xxx

    3. I left a reply Michelle, but as blogger is playing up its done down lower.

    4. Hope your day want be to hard and blowing off some steam sometimes can be good, take care and hugs Maria xx

    5. Michele I hope your day is better than yesterday. Does your Dad not have any hobbies, maybe he's bored, my mum used to get like that some days but the days she went to a senior citizens club she was so much better, had plenty to talk about. It's different with men though isn't it, they don't always like that sort of thing xxxxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    from a very very wet and stormy Sheffield.
    As usual all drinks are ready and waiting.
    Breakfast is a hot one this morning re the weather so it's Porridge/Weetabix (or other cereals but with hot milk today.
    As a small treat Apple Pancakes will be served until 11.00.
    Lunch just has to be a 'stick to ribs' one so there's a Hot Pot on the go and for those who are Vegetarians we have a lovely Mixed Veg Hot Pot. All veg home grown and fresh picked.
    Hope you like today's offerings.

    Now my cards.
    As you see they are not my usual style but when I saw Patricia's Handbag using the Grand Square she gave me an idea.

    These are small cards/notelets which can be used for any occasion and that's why the tags are separate they can be added to the front of any of the little cards or not whatever you're using the card for.
    The Handbag is a storage place for the cards/notelets so that you keep all in one place and it is easy to travel is necessary. All the cards are just 5x5 and so fit perfectly. I used the Star Signs for the flap of the bag to give a clue or to tie in with the idea of the cards inside.

    Hope you like my idea. Please let me know.
    Now I'm off to sort out one or two little housework tasks and then it's back to Christmas cards for me today.
    I'll be in later to see you all.
    Hugs are in the basket. I hope you're all keeping well out of the rain and high winds and for those not feeling too good stay inside and maybe spoil yourselves a little today.

    1. Hi Janet love your selection of wonderful cards and tags....such a lovely idea to put a group together like this along with your gorgeous handbag. Love Sheila xxx

    2. Wow Janet, your collection of notelets, tags and the card handbag to keep them all in is a fabulous idea. Really thought first that the bag was made in material and the cards looks bigger. A lovely set !
      Take care and hugs Maria xx

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Janet, what a wonderful collection of cards and tags, I love those tags in particular. Thank you for sharing them all with us.
    Sandra, I love yesterdays card, as always you have created a real beauty. Anne Maries patterned card is gorgeous isn't it.
    I was sorry not to get to see you and Pat, woke up with a migraine so the day was a wipe out. Did feel better in the evening thank fully.
    Cheryl, I am glad that you are ok now, and it's good to hear that you have let the pub know. These places need to realise that sometimes people aren't just being fussy, it really is important for them to know EVERYTHING that is in a dish. Mum has the same sort of reaction as you, but with lamb, she has to be really careful when eating out.
    Janice, it's good to have you back. Are we going to see any pics of your holiday?
    The weather is a little calmer today, it is going to get a lot colder isn't it which I agree with Sandra about It is needed to kill off some of those bugs. Roll on the warmer weather and brighter days though for me : )
    Babysitting and preparing for Gems party is the order of the day for me and then more foam backgrounds to be made at Beavers tonight for their Christmas cards, lots of mess and magic, which they love.
    Stay warm and safe everyone. Take care xx

    1. Glad to hear you are feeling better today Sue, I would say take it easy but I don't think there's much chance of that! Have fun at beavers tonight xxx

    2. Hi Sue glad to hear the migraine has gone and you're feeling much better today and as Diane has said you really should try to take it easy today. Love Sheila xxx

    3. Hi Sue
      I'm so glad that your feeling better today. I hope that your not going to overdo it today, or else your migraine will be back.

    4. Sorry Sue to see you had a migraine but glad you feeling better today and you should try to have some rest but knowing you you want ,so have a nice day and warm hugs Maria xx

    5. Oh Sue, I really hope you're feeling better today and get to meet up with Sandra and Pat. Migraine can leave you feeling washed out for days afterwards. I hope this isn't the case for you, just take things carefully. Love and hugs. xx

    6. Sue, sorry to hear you were unwell yesterday, hope you are well enough for a meet up tomorrow. Love and hugs
      Saba xxx

  4. Good morning Ladies,
    Sandra, I watched some of the Platinum demo and it does look really good and strong, the embossing looked equally deep all the way across, but as I just got a new GC a couple of months ago it will have to do me meantime ( no point in having more than you can use) , I think the membership was always £6.95 but that was every month, I agree their prices are very expensive and the postage is horrendous , but their demos are very good, the craft channel is all a bit old hat and therefore boring .
    I had recorded a show Arte? layered stamping ( I remember you had a card with layered flowers on, so pretty ) I had never seen it before but I was impressed ( I went on line to the company , but I've had to put it on wait list.
    Janet , what a wonderful display ! your cards, bag and the tags all look beautiful!
    Well, I'm off into Inverness today to collect my new glasses , I've been without for two months ( struggling with really old ones) not good for the eyes when crafting so much, so I'm quite excited!
    Sorry to miss out in all the goodies Janet , but needs must!
    Have a good day , love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne , hope your new glasses will work better for you so you can keep crafting. Have fun in Inverness. hugs xx

  5. Good morning folks, I have managed to get in a bit earlier today.
    Fire all cleaned out and re-set. It's on days like we have had this week that we light the fire and enjoy. We have heating but the warmth the fire gives off is so comforting.
    JANET: - ALL your cards, tags and your bag are beautiful, love them.
    I made my bag like that for Audrey a couple,of years go and she still has it on show.
    Right must move (get a wiggle on) I have a few things in my mind for today. They might, just might, manage to get transferred from there and actually get made.
    (((((Hugs ))))) in the basket for those who need them. xxx

    1. Have a good day and hope your few things will pop out . Mines are very busy but laying dormant and that is frustrating if anything .hugs xx

  6. Morning Sandra and all you lovelies,
    Sorry I was awol yesterday I just seem to be having more low days than high ones at the moment so please forgive me if I go missing now and again.
    Sandra your card was so beautiful yesterday and I love the subtle tones of the colour you used.
    Janet what a wonderful selection to see the bag and a great selection of cards and such lovely tags. Thank you so much for allowing Sandra to share them with us.
    The weather has calmed down since yesterday....had to get up at 6.30 to put the recycling and food bin out as I didn't want to be running down the street at it it in my pjs at silly o'clock in the night!!
    I watched all of the Platinum shows except for the 7pm one I must get mine out and give it another go....Julia made it look really good so maybe I was doing something wrong like getting the sandwiches mixed up and it was hany to know that you can use the GC plates instead of adding to the cost with buying new large plates for it. I must have seen the same video as Julia when it fist came out as I knew about the electric module to be added in the future but couldn't for the life of me think where they would stick it! Didn't think about taking the handle out.
    Well I have got a hair appointment today so will be renewing my colour (so badly needed!) will try and pop back later.
    Good luck at the school Sandra and Paul and hope you get the letter that Paul can send off so that he doesn't have to work away for so long. Saba and Val you're still in my thoughts and prayers and gentle hugs winging their way over to you.
    Have left hugs in the basket so please help yourselves to as many as you like.

    Love and hugs Sheila xxxx

    1. Sheila my love sending you a big hug, I know how difficult it must be for you but you are doing really well, we are proud of you and Clive would be too. Now what hair colour are you going for this time - bright pink might be fun or a deep purple? I'm thinking Dame Edna Everage here!!!! Now there's a thought, all the youngsters that have brightly coloured hair in their youth and punk rock hair styles but get respectable hair cuts and colours as they get older- do they go wild again when it comes to blue rinse time? I think that would be quite fun. Oh what a vision I have of you my lovely Sheila running up the road in your pjs after the recycling bin - I didn't think of that last night when I put ours out! Take care xxxxx

    2. Hi Sheila
      I hope you start to feel a bit better today. I know it will take awhile but hang in there.

    3. Diane I would have looked even worse if I had put my dressing gown over the top of my pjs as it is grey and white stripe with a hood and the neighbours would have thought there was an escaped convict on the loose!Lol! I don't like it at all but must get my moneys worth out of it as I was too lazy to take it back. Oh and I may have been a bit more with the hair colouring if I was 40 years younger so it's a brownish colour with light blond highlights. Dame Edna eat your heart out! Lol!
      Pat thank you so much, going out does help me so I feel it will be a good day even though it's raining.
      Love Sheila xxxx

    4. Hello Sheila, Doesn't it feel good after you been to the hairdressers and had a bit of pampering. Blue rinse is not in any more, I seeing more woman with bright orange, pink and purple hair then ever when out but I like your colours Sheila. Have not started colour mine yet but thinking of it more and more as it goes greyer with a rapid speed Lol
      hugs xxx

    5. Hi Sheila , I had my hair trimmed yesterday and doesn't it make you feel better, mine grows wild if I let it grow a bit
      Hugs xxxxx

    6. Hello Sheila
      Sending you massive great squishy hugs, brown hair with blond highlights sounds lovely, hope it's given you a bit of a lift.

  7. Morning Sheila, my lovely lady,

    I well know the feelings of your 'up and down' days, they take quite a long time to get used to. I still, even now, have my 'missing Pete' days that are so hard to cope with, Tuesdays especially.
    Please don't try to push yourself too hard in dealing with them. It is all part of the grieving process, take time out for yourself to remember the love you still have for each other. Grief does not come with a rule book and what works for some does not work for everyone.
    Perhaps you could do as I do. When I am at my lowest, I can play all the videos that Pete was in, somehow it makes him closer to me and it's not just a trip down memory lane, it's acknowledging how big a part of your life was with him as your partner, husband, lover & best friend.
    I have a little video of Pete on our Facebook page when he was at this most outrageous, it makes me laugh every time I play it. And then I remember how much we loved and adored each other unconditionally. When I do get to Heaven, he will be the first person I will find and I promised him I would never ever let him go again.
    Love & hugs, Cheryl x

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl your post has really helped me and 'yes' Clive would definitely be the first person I will find too. Bless you.
      Love and hugs Sheila xxx

  8. Morning Sandra and all the lovely ladies
    What a gorgeous collection of cards today Janet and a beautiful handbag to put them in, what a fabulous idea and the tags too, brilliant. Thank you for sharing your collection with us. Xxxxx
    After yesterday's drop of sunshine it's dull and grey again today. I put my washing on the line yesterday morning but you would all of had a good laugh if you'd seen me doing it. The smalls went on quite easily but once the wind got into the bigger things it was a case of playing catch and dodge the shirt every time you bent down! I was exhausted by the end of it. I then set out to drop a present round to my friend, ann prepared with carrier bag in case she was out and plans of where to anchor it down - in the end she was home so we had a cup of tea and a natter for over an hour. By the time I got to Sainsburys I was running around madly! I felt the washing as I got home, nearly dry but not quite so left it whilst I had my lunch and a sit down, next thing I knew torrential rain so it was all back to soaking by the time I got the last bits in. Oh I should learn my lesson shouldn't i! On the plus side I finished sewing my jumper up and despite my worries it does fit. I will see if it will photograph Sandra - it's a dark Bly si it may not photograph well.
    I must get a wriggle on now and get myself sorted for the day, not much planned so hopefully I can have a good card making session. See you all later xxxx

    1. Meant to say Sandra have the girls made revision time tables - I'm sure school would have told them to. Make sure they have scheduled in down time ( Netflix time it's called in our house!) as that is as important as revision. Emma always makes record cards to help her revise and we have got an annoying white board for formulas - I found malteesers as a treat when she got things right helped lighten the situation - after all what teenager can resist lying on the floor and seeing if they can keep a malteeser in the air by blowing ( mums are rubbish at this - not that I've tried of course! :) ) xxxxx

    2. You are knackers Diane Lol. Ducking and diving with a wiggle with the washing (hang it indoors from now) while more sucking then blowing on the Malteeser's I presume hihi. Have a good crafting day xxx

    3. Hello Diane, The picture in my head of you hanging out your washing is like a comedy sketch (now what does that say about my mind? No one answer that question!) I really had a laugh thank you for that moment. LOL xx

    4. Brenda it certainly was a comedy sketch - my lovely neighbour had a good laugh. I couldn't have written it if I'd tried! I'm glad I gave you a good laugh too! Xxxx

  9. Hi Michelle
    I do hope you have a better day today. Seems like someone needs to get a grip if your understaffed. Sending you big hugs.

  10. Hi Sandra
    Janet a great selection of cards and like Sandra I love your handbag. Looks like you've been very busy. I Like Diane's idea for revising. Sophie has a big board on the wall in the living room. On it she's stuck pertinent post it notes on the board to help with her revision. Amy also revised this way as well and said it was a great help.

    1. Hi Pat, have a nice day whatever you are up too. Hope Pete is doing ok
      hugs xxx

    2. Pat we had formulas on post it notes by the toilet for weeks - after all where do you spend a lot of time thinking! I used to send some children home from school with spellings written on several post it notes - they thought it was very funny when I told them to stick one next to the loo! Mind you it makes the parents aware of the spellings too and used to produce much better results! Xxx

  11. Hello All,
    Janet, your selection today is worth pinching oops I mean borrowing!! I especially love the idea of the handbag containing cards.
    Sheila, sending lots of love and hugs. I know it's so hard for you.
    Cheryl, sending you lots of love and hugs, keep watching Pete's videos.
    Sandra, I hope you get a letter from the school.
    Dainty, I can picture you now, lying on the floor, surrounded by Malteesers, and don't try to deny it!!!
    Pat, I hope all is well in your household.
    Sue, glad to see that the Migraine has gone.
    Patricia, take it easy after your marathon craft making sessions.
    Hazel, hope you are well, and that the little dog is not missing you too much.
    Myra, I hope all is well in the Young household.
    Saba, have you got your clothes back on yet, it's getting rather chilly to be prancing around in the altogether!!!!
    Norah, looking forward to the next instalment.
    Michele, remember your poor dad is probably lonely, I know it's frustrating for you. I hope you get work sorted out.
    I'm away to see my friend with the collapsed lung, and will pop in later.
    Muriel xxx

    1. Hi Maureen, have a nice time visiting your friend and hope all is well,
      hugs xxx

    2. Hello Maureen, I hope your friend will be feeling comfortable also showing signs of improvement. Take care LOL xx

    3. Maureen that's not nice pinching people - now say sorry to Janet. I hope you don't pinch your friend too, I hope she's feeling more comfortable. Oh if only you could have seen our lounge after a malteeser fest - I couldn't do it for laughing so yes there were a lot of malteesers on the floor around me! Emma of course was an expert! Mind how you go lovely lady xxxx

    4. Maureen I hope your friend is feeling a little better that is such a painful thing to have, I had a partially collapsed lung and that was no fun I can tell you, you take care xxx

    5. Maureen I hope your friend is recovering well, must have been very frightening for her. Please don't get her giddy, laughter in this case is probably not the best medicine.

  12. Morning Sandra and all in today, Nearly noon and I haven't moved much yet as I was up until 4am, son came through for his shower at 6am and by 7.30 I was back up sitting in the lounge. It's dark ,wet and you do feel a bit low this time of year so I know how some of you feeling. I don't mind the cold so much but I need some sun. Do any of you using a SAD lamp ? I saw some of the Hochanda shows with Julia, the machine looks alright but my GC will have to last for now. I like some of Sue's new dies but not sure how useful they would be yet so will wait and see what cards she comes up with first. My list (new one,again tihi) is pretty big already for AP next year so we will see. I have sent them an e-mail to found out the date but no-one has come back. Do any of you know the date for AP 2016 ? Don't want to miss out meeting up by being on holiday or such. It's not about the shopping any more but seeing friends at a craft show !
    I have comment a bit on the way down but have to keep popping up and have a look again at the notelets and tags, I love them.
    Nope, can't be sitting here all day so will give myself a "shake" and go and make some cards. Wish you all a good day and hope the weather not too harsh in your area today. Hope you ok Lynda! love and hugs Maria xxx

    1. Hello Maria, dates for AP are usually April and September. Nothing showing on Creative Expressios web site yet. I did look for my last program from there, usually they put the date of the next show on the back. But I can't find it I'm so sorry. I'm sure they will update their website soon. Hope you're feeling well. LOL xx

    2. Hi Maria have you had a look on the ally pally website? I would have thought they would be organised for next year already. Hope you feel brighter soon xxxxx

    3. Good evening flower,
      I got mum a sad lamp as she suffered dreadfully at this time of the year, from the Bridge of Allan games at the start of August she used to notice that it definitely set in about 3 weeks later as the nights were drawing in so much. I bought it from Dabs i think on the internet and she noticed only a slight difference, nothing to write long letters about so if you can get a second hand one it might be better than spending a lot on something that may or may not work for you. You do need to spend a good wee while at it and do it religiously for to notice a benefit. I so wish you lived closer as i could have gave you mum's one as i wouldn't throw it out. Sending you hugs flower as i know just how down someone can get through it.
      Norah x

  13. Good morning oops sorry good afternoon everyone
    Janet I love all you are showing us today really beautiful.
    Sheila hang on in there you will get there just remember Rome was not built in a day and the weather does not help either, enjoy the hairdressers that will make you feel better too.
    Been Christmas shopping this morning almost all complete thank goodness.
    I really must get a move on with my C cards so off to have another go.
    Take care everyone
    Margaret xxx

    1. Oh Margaret, you put me to shame, I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet. We have three grandchildren with birthdays this month, the last one being on the 25th . And he will not let you mention the C word until he's had his birthday. Although I have asked the younger ones for a list. Take care xx

    2. My daughter has her birthday on the 4 December and there has to be no mention of the C word until after then! xxx

    3. Right Margaret I am now in panic mode. Not only have you made millions of C cards but you've done your shopping too. I shall never sleep tonight from all the worry. Might have to have two glasses of the White stuff to help me get off.

    4. Oh is it snowing already where you are? tin hat ! xxx

  14. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    I hope the three graces manage to meet up today, I did leave a message for Sue under her comment.
    Janet, what an amazing display you are showing us today, Love the big bag what a great use for that large die. This display really shows how talented you are, thank you for sharing. XXX
    Sandra, last year ( academic year) when our granddaughter was doing her GCSEs she had little cards as Diane explained and it really did help to organise her time for study. It is a worry though. When are eldest was studying for her GCSEs we would find her a week and revising at 3 o'clock in the morning! Mind you not a lot has changed ( it's the teacher daughter I'm talking about) even now she will often work into the night, I just don't know how she does it.

    Yes I ordered a Platinum machine yesterday, But not from Hochanda. I did shop around and think I got a fair price. I hadn't thought of Hope and Chances though. My GC is groaning and often leaves black marks can't remember how long I've had it. Got from C&C years ago.
    I hope everyone is having a good day, sending Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Brenda my GC is doing the same thing and it is the teal one I have twice left a message on the Hope and Chances site asking a question basically just to confirm what Julia was saying but had no reply. So I am still looking around! xxx

    2. Brenda I think you should get your eyes checked out, do you have an opticians anywhere near which you can pop into for advice?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops! My eyes are playing up today I've got lights flashing on the left side of my face, well that's the best excuse I can come up with and it's true.
      What I was saying about our eldest daughter is we would find her AWAKE at 3 AM .......... it's that predictive text again xxx

    2. Brenda I commented in the wrong place, maybe I should get mine checked out too!!!

  16. MARIA, I've walked in to my craft room and there was the Ally Paliy program looking at me.
    The date for 2016 April show is April 9 and 10th I'll go to mark it on my calendar now. LOL xx

  17. Good afternoon. Everyone I am late in as I have had grandsons here and puppy. Him and Harris got on so well the two were cozied up near each other with in half an hour. We had lunch and then they all went home and I had two cards to make. Just finished them and now I am having 5 mins to myself before I start thinking about tea.
    Janet, I love your idea for the cards and tags being stored in that lovely bag. Great gift.
    I have this thing with those studying that they study for 30-40 mins rest for the same length of time. Either going for a walk, doing some baking or just chilling with a cup of tea, then go back to studying again for the 30-40 mins. Don't sit and study for hours, the brain doesnt t take it in. Mine all study this way same as I did years ago, they got there. No stress just easy steps, with breaks.
    I think I must be the only one not interested in these new machines, I will just stick with my GC. And my XCut. Right off to see to tea. xxx

    1. SNAP:- I am not interested in the New Machine either. Me ... I will need a "written" gaurentee that it actually cuts in the "middle" before I would even consider it.
      Never saw any of the shows, I did go on YouTube to gave a look to see what it was like. I feel with the sides down it will take up a fair bit space. xxx

    2. I am, I am!! See below if I ever get there.

  18. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    I'm late today too, been crafting class this afternoon, but next week is our last one before Christmas, the week after is Our Christmas party then we finish till mid January.
    Janet the array you have shown us today is absolutely beautiful, the bag shaped card is gorgeous, well done xxx
    The weather has been atrocious today, really heavy rain and so dark, roll on spring.
    I have watched Hochanda with Julia but have two GC s one leaking oil, an Ebosser and a baby blue for my small dies so can't justify another machine. I think the manufacturers should be honest, we are using these machine mostly as hobbies, but they give the impression they are professional strength or near enough, they aren't. The professionalism comes from the construction after cutting and let's face it there are some professionals popping in our cafe. Off soap box now and it's only my opinion.
    Sheila hope you feel a bit brighter, what's Nikki doing for her birthday, they make a big fuss where Nic lives too.
    Sandra I agree with Hazels way of revising, the brain can only take in so much before being overloaded. As long as they do their best that's all we can ask isn't it. Hope you are keeping well.
    Well it's tea time so will leave some hugs in the basket and will see you all tomorrow,
    Take care if out and about,
    Jean xxx

    1. Hi's the same at Nikki's house too, I think it's lovely that they do it too. They always make it so special for Christmas, birthdays even halloween. xxx

  19. Hello Sandra and Everyone!
    I'm so sorry I'm rather late today! I've had a crazy day!
    Some things that have happened would take far too long to explain and have just been frustrating!
    I had a hairdressing appointment this afternoon and it actually managed to stay dry when I came out. Mind you the car was parked very near the salon.
    I haven't read the posts as yet as I just haven't had time. Sorry! Will try later.
    Janet - what a lovely selection of goodies today! Love the handbag idea as a holder for cards and envelopes. I think your gift tags look beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a lovely array. You have been a busy bee!
    I managed to do a fair bit of tidying in the craft room last night but I'm not finished yet! It's cleaning day tomorrow so want a tidy room by then!
    We are going out for dinner to friends tomorrow night! It always gets busy at this time of year. Gadding , Murial will call It!
    Saba - you are coming to the end of your visit! Peter will be glad to have you back home again.
    Maureen - I hope your visit today went well.
    I must go and sort dinner out. Will try to come back later.
    Love to everyone,
    Myra xxx

    1. Hello my dear, hope everything is alright. Peter is looking forward to having his meals cooked for him more like.

    2. Hello! I'm fine! - guess what arrived here today? The curved Daisy die!! Great minds? Well I don't know about that but it looks lovely! I liked the shape of it!
      So pleased you got your dies before you go home! Really chuffed about your new machine too! Had a long conversation about that one at the NEC and it cut well each time she used it. Enjoy!! Will you leave it here until Christmas or take it home ?? Xxx

  20. Hi everyone, sorry being a bit late, had a busy day, was at friends craft shop helping out till late afternoon. Janet your cards, tags and bag are super, what a great idea for keeping little cards together.
    I also watched Julia with the new machine yesterday, not too impressed, I think I will just carry on with my GC and little Cuttlebug, they are both fine for all I do.
    Tomorrow we are in our wee craft shop, so another busy day ahead, roll on the weekend for a bit of r&r.
    Off to wash up the dinner plates etc., then try to get some more cards done, will pop back later, hopefully!!
    Take care, xxx

  21. Hello one and all,
    Janet love the collection of goodies on show today, especially the handbag. Fabulous.
    Sandra I do hope you get the support from school you need.
    Well I have had an exciting day. School run first them Joanne and I decided to stay in and craft, she's got a cold and we thought it best to stay at home. About an hour into our crafting her X Cut machine died. There was a big crack and the rollers wouldn't work anymore. It's almost two years old, had no proof of purchase and we were not optimistic but took it back to the craft shop anyway and to our delight they swopped it, no questions asked. Then another surprise, they had Sue's new dies which weren't supposed to be coming in until after I went home. I chose two, the daisy one from this launch and the heraldic squares from her last launch. I mentioned to the manager that I was interested in the platinum and she suggested I try out their Big Shot Plus, I loved it. Joanne had got a discount coupon yesterday for 20 percent off, so that was that. I bought it!!!!! I have only had chance for a quick play before I had to pick up Oliver but so far so good, it's cut a very intricate die first time using 220 gram card and is so easy to turn the handle
    We are going to play more once he is in bed.
    Right off to do stories now, will be back later.

  22. SABA:- your a little "tinker" I do hope you have fun "playing"
    Let me know if your new machine cuts intricate Dies in the "middle" .... I NEED one that cuts in the middle!!!
    That was brilliant that Joanne got her machine exchanged no questions asked, Fantastic Service.
    Now a question ... will you not be over your "weight limit" taking that machine home with you?? xxx

  23. An exciting day and not bought a handbag? What ever is happening to you my dear?
    Now for our Muriel's benefit a question, have you kept your clothes ON ALL day? You know she worries about you. Two tin hats! xxx

  24. Good Evening everyone, sorry late again, another day of horrendous heavy rain, to wet to go for my daily walk to get the paper.I know we are supposed to be one of the wettest counties, but this getting a bit much.
    Janet your cards are beautiful, especially love the tags and the hand bag.
    Been very busy with work today to make up for the day off tomorrow for our special day, hoping to go to Padstow for a wander if the weather is better.
    Going back to read what you've all been up to.
    Have a lovely evening , Lilian

  25. Saba, I can feel the happyiness coming from your comment, you are one happy bunny I think, new dies and a nice new machine that you had 20% off too. Oh have lots of fun playing. Just don't go giving Oliver a very short story so you can get back to that die cutting??? He won't be a happy bunny! Enjoy playing, sorry crafting! xxx

  26. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra hope you get some joy from school & wish the girls luck with their exams love & hugs on way xx
    Janet your selection of cards is great & the bag is the finishing touch well done xx
    Sheila hope the hairdo has given you a much needed lift, you are doing fine time is great healer special hugs on way xx
    Saba sounds as if you have had a good day well done to you enjoy your new toys, hope al enjoyed her time away you are all still in my thoughts & prayers xx
    Thank goodness the wind has dropped here hope you all are safe & dry hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

  27. Sheila I do hope your trip to the hairdressers has done the trick for you today, I always feel so much better after I have been to mine.
    Although we have seen the sun for a little while we have also seen some rain, and those cheerful weather people drat them are taking about snow especially over where our Maureen lives! Hope the boiler is being good Maureen looks like you will need it.
    Hazel take care out in the rain, watch your footing when you take Harris out, no slipping and sliding please.
    I wonder just how long those bedtime stories will be tonight for little Oliver? Please don't short change him just to have a big girls play Saba, but have fun when you do with your bargain buys, lucky girl.
    Well I must go and start another batch of C cards and then it will be some gift wallets, when we give money I like it to be in a nice wallet and thanks to A4 embossing folders they really are a doddle to do.
    Have a lovely evening everyone.
    Margaret xxx

  28. Good evening my little coffee shop cherubs,
    well i have had a day of everything going wrong and nothing going right so i'm doing a short bit here and going to curl up in bed and hope tomorrow is a better day although i did get a nice compliment and YES YOU TWO it was from you know who at the front door but it was nice that someone thought that i looked hot in my black dress even if it was actually caramel and black and the only solid black was well out of sight. I had been out to struggle with the shovel and coal pail as some one hadn't thought to fill it up( you know because it was a heatwave, hhhmmmp.) and my lovely swirly dancing dress decided to dance right up around my ears doing a Marilyn Monroe on me. Oh boy was i glad that i'm still old fashioned enough to wear a petticoat or my neighbours might have got more than a glimpse of whose the fancy undies on the line is and it's not Kirsten. OOoops.
    Janet, i made up wee notelets for my friends church and made the wee handbags to keep them in as lets face it, its normally women that send a letter or wee card anyway so it's so nice to have them all organised like you have in their own handbag. I hope that it doesn't take the recipient as long as it did for it to dawn on me what the significance of the star signs on the flap was for DOHHHHH!!! I think i should be Madge as i can be quite thick at times. I hope that who you have made them for appreciates the amount of time and effort that you put into making this cracking gift up for and what a great idea it being for the different types of birthdays or occasions. Thank you Janet for a gorgeous idea.
    Well i found out last night purely by chance that OH is going out and staying over for his christmas party and there is no partners allowed. I only found out about it because Kirsten asked him what date it was for her to put in her phone as he had asked her to come and pick him up at 1:00am but on thinking about it he might just stay the night as he wants to be able to have a drink at it. I don't know why he does this but it is the same when he is off on holiday, i find out the night before he's off. Maybe it's so that i wont ask him to take us somewhere but there again he wouldn't any way as in Campbells words "it's no fun taking a cripple on holiday" so holidays will need to be something that i go on myself. Don't you just love them and their little fobiles?
    Anyway i'm away to bed as i have a shawl to sew up and get it washed and pinned out tomorrow.
    Norah x

  29. Hello everyone,
    This is a quick quickie, as I'm about to start ironing two loads of washing. I'm so busy at the moment, that I have hardly time to breathe.
    Norah my love, let me at him - I'll sort him out. In fact - I know for certain - a few of us would like to get our hands on him!!!!
    Margaret C - I'm not mentioning my boiler as I don't want to tempt fate!
    Saba, enjoy your play with your new machine.
    Ladies, I'm sorry, I went back over and that's as far as I read. Must get this ironing done, as another heavy day tomorrow. Baubles done and delivered, Rachel's ironing delivered, went up for a little family tea party as Eleanor is 12 today. Got a load of sewing repairs handed to me, so I did them whilst sitting talking and eating birthday cake!!! One dress that was given to me, I thought Rachel was joking. Honestly, I do not know what I am going to do with it, it's in shreds, but she was deadly serious - watch this space. Dorothy (collapsed lung) is a lot better and was on good form today. So things looking up.
    See you tomorrow.
    lots of love and hugs and prayers
    Muriel xxxx

  30. Hi Everyone, can see you have had a great day Saba with some brilliant shopping. A new machine and two new dies ,what happened to the circle striplet you were after ? The custom might be funny about your new hand luggage.
    The dates are in my calender too now Brenda ,thanks and OH also have his team playing that day so it couldn't be better. Hope you alright Myra ? Janice , are you jetleg after your holiday ? Hopefully this weather will be clearer and some sunshine will come and I for one will be out there to get some rays. I have seen some SAD lamps at John Lewis but I think I rather go outside. Atill a skame we not live closer Norah so we could have a coffee together. Maybe one day.... It's getting colder so will dig out the thicker scarves and gloves tomorrow and finish the well that's the idea but have aqua and shopping first to do so all morning goes for that and I should really run the hoover over the house. My eyes are getting heavy so will say Good Night and happy dreams Zzzzzzzxxx