Monday, 23 November 2015

Man Card Monday

Good Monday Morning Ladies,
Boy this has been a long weekend, with Paul either at work or sleeping, so I have felt like I had to keep 'shushing' everyone, trouble is our bedroom is the first room next to the lounge and kitchen, everyone has to walk past it to go anywhere, the trouble is Paul hasn't done night shifts for a couple of years and the girls have just gotten used to being noisy, be it singing, play fighting or their main love playing their music quite loud, (I enjoy their music choice so I don't mind) it was Adele yesterday!  The girls are also extremely stressed with exams and revising, Diane I am sure you haven't forgotten what it's like, I am trying to keep them positive, trouble is I remember only to well walking into that Exam Hall and feeling like I had remembered nothing! I think it's made worse when they sit and think too much, yesterday's gem was "we have to go through this every year for the next three years" which is very true!
Although I don't ever remember my mum and dad helping me with revision, (Sophie was in hysterics on Friday night, she asked me to help her with her Spanish Speaking test, I had to ask the questions, well I was trying my best, but my goodness its a hard language to get the gist of 'v's sound like 'b's, or is it the other way  and two l's together make a 'y' sound, well you can imagine my pronunciation error's) but it did make it fun!

Anyway on to today's cards, they are of course made by our very talented Anne, I do love the embossing folder you have used, it looks 'quilted' almost, you too are very good at combining your colours and matching them to your focal elements, both of the cards would be perfect for men, particularly if they are interested in sailing or anything Nautical.
Thank you Anne for sharing your fabulous man cards with all of us xxxx
I think I am about ready for a 'top up' of man cards, if any of you have any that they would like to share.

I will leave you with a stand on the 'soapbox' I am not sure how all of you feel about the news yesterday that the Cinema giants have pulled the 'political correctness' card and banned an advert due to be aired on the week before Christmas, the problem they have with it is that the advert recites 'The Lord's Prayer' which could be 'offensive' although the advertising body deemed it fine, its promoting the power of prayer, something that I would imagine everyone would have turned to at one time or another.
As a child we recited 'The Lords Prayer' every morning in assembly and sang hymns, something that I used to love.  Would it really be that offensive?? When you think of some of the things we have had to change to accomodate others!   Soapbox stowed back under the stairs should any of you need it!
Love and hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    It's a frosty start to the day here, very chilly.
    Anne- I love your cards & can't wait to hear how you made them. Have you coloured in the images?

    I personally don't agree with the decision to pull the advert as the Lord's Prayer is part of British Christianity-that's just my opinion though!

    Off to make my lunch then dry my hair before heading into work. Keep your fingers crossed for a drama free day for me.


    1. Hi Michele , thank you , but these are just quick cards printed out ( ready coloured) and I decoupage them from "The best of La Pashe 2012 " it's a super cd and about the only one I ever use when I need a card quickly , I print out onto pearlized paper and it gives a nice soft look.
      I agree with you concerning the advert.
      Anne xo

  2. Morning everyone
    Wow how cold is it this morning - yesterday didn't get above freezing where we were in Derbyshire and arriving home all the pavements were glistening and so here we go having to really watch where we walk and what we put on our feet to help us stay upright.

    ANNE your cards are just fantastic - I love them and they are a must for those nautical adventures out there. Beautiful colours.

    Every thing set for the day - I've put a couple of extra heaters on this morning as they're going to be needed.
    Lunch is Tom. and Basil soup today with fresh baked rolls so enjoy.

    I am definitely against any authority pulling adverts etc which may offend our religion. EVERYONE has their own religion and are free to practice it anywhere they wish. We are really getting way beyond anything sensible here. How about ME being offended because they have pulled the advert because I say the Lord's Prayer!!!!!!

    I'm here in the corner with my extra large Latte and then I'm off to read yesterday's comments; wait for Mr Tesco and then try and get some inserts into my last batch of Christmas Cards. See you all later.
    Hugs are in the basket. I just hope they're there when needed.

    1. I agree Jess! It's a funny old world! Freedom seems to be a one way street! Xxx

  3. Good Morning Sandra and Friends, we've had our first frost this morning, but at least it's dry.
    Anne love your man cards, also love that E/F, is it one of Sue's?

    I remember when my Daughter was doing her A levels she used to very stressed, so I would help her revise her A level chemistry, well as I hadn't even done any chemistry ( back then girls didn't do chemistry) so hadn't a clue what to ask we were soon laughing which releaved the tension. Laughter really is the best medicine, that's why I love this blog, there's always someone to cheer me up.

    As to the cinema debate,I think and this just my opinion, if they showed this advert then they have to show the others nasty propaganda, I agree this avert is just the thing this world needs, but unfortunately its political correctness!!!!!!!

    Well I must get a wriggle on , hopefully I can find someone to look at my washing machine today.
    Did manage to sort my work/craft room out yesterday, with a couple of boxes for the loft.
    Have a good day all, see you later. Lilian

    1. Thanks Lilian, it is a Spellbinders embossing folder ( rope effect) 7x5 size , it does give a lovely deep emboss.
      Hope you manage to get your washing machine fixed , it's amazing how much we miss these appliances when they go wrong. xo

    2. Hope you get your washing machine fixed Lilian!! Xx

  4. Good morning folks, hope you are all well, keeping cosy, have a good day at work or doing some Happy Crafting.
    ANNE:- love, love, love, your brilliant cards, perfect for the Men in our lives.
    I have almost caught up on my orders, I am off to finish a few. I want them in the post at some point today. The girl at the Post Office has stopped asking what is in the packets ... it has been Pendants for the past two weeks.
    I now have to make a few more Three Wise Men Lanterens for someone. Thomas came in on Saturday quite excited to tell me my Cabinet in Elaine's Tea Room is needing filled up .... Ahhhhhh!!! He had been in there for lunch with his Grandpa, he always likes to check my Cabinet when he is in. Elaine has been on holiday in America for almost 4 weeks. No doubt when she comes along this Thursday she will be telling me the same. Hopefully I will have some things for her to take away.
    I was going to have some Tea & Toast but I will pass .... best get one of Diane's "wiggles on" and get making. My kitchen floor is a disgrace, I gave it quick scoot over last night but I MUST, MUST, get it properly done this morning.
    (((((Hugs))))) in the basket by the door, please help yourselves. xxx

    1. I wondered where Elaine was , Patricia! Glad your sales are going well everywhere! Xxx

  5. Morning Sandra and all popping in from the cold today for a nice cup of tea,coffe or a hot chocolate. Not sure about today's lunch do , I hope that Tom is clean before sitting in the pot with Basil ! tihi
    Made a happy dance for Saba winning a die on Sue's blog this morning. Have you got another machine at home ? Glad to be home with Peter but you both soon back in the UK with the grand children, daughters and Val. Sending her and you a big hug !
    Sheila- what a treat for Nikki, present and cake ! Hope her eye gets better soon. Have a nice time away, you meeting up with your friends ?
    Jean- a white fur gilet, it sound lovely. Maybe stays white a little longer if only worn at special occasions. I love Mrs Brown, hope the play was good.
    Myra- glad to see Alistair still alive but he might not be much longer when you tell him you got the new Spellbinder machine .oh dear , wonder what punishments he will give you for this ? Was this Saba's fault again ?
    Diane- are you still baking ? can nearly smell it up here all the aroma is wonderful especially around Christmas time. Still got the taste of your Lemon drizzle cake
    ( I have brushed my teeth since) but still remember it. Don't remember what I did yesterday do other then cutting out some bits plus the one that went missing so I have nearly made a card, yey.
    Maureen - you are so busy with lots of things so also volunteering at school is a tough thing to do so I think you are doing the right thing and leave it be. You will miss the little rascals at first, I did , but it goes over after a while.
    Lynda- it was nice to see you again, do pop in for a builders tea at some time during the day. You must look after yourself !
    Norah- sending you some extra hugs ,think you deserve some living with your OH how need some talking too. I'm sorry to hear he can be so nasty sometimes. Let him go if he wants on his holiday's ,at least you got some Me time if he's out of the house.
    Going out in a hour to do some little shopping. It's always something we need. Oh by the way OH came home with 4 new bottles of beer , they gave them to him for free as our bag got missing when shopping the other day. Very nice Tesco here.
    Girls ,I'm already on Omeprazole but only 20mg a day so maybe ask if I can take two a day to help me more. Careful eating to many Rennie's, have they got any side effects ? Sorry Sandra but I don't get involved with either politics or religion .
    Patricia- you have a good crafting day but take some 'time out' in between so you not burn yourself out. Hope Hazel is taking it easy still. Fingers crossed for Michele and hope the day is not to crazy. Sending warm hugs to you all and hope you all have a nice day whatever you are up too. Love and hugs Maria XxXx

    1. Hello Maria, I've survived After School Club again! Alastair will just shake his head and that will be that! As long as I don't bankrupt us he's fairly tolerant! I think! Ha ha! I have no intention of bankrupting us! Our dinner will be late - I prepared a beef casserole and forgot to set the oven to common!! I'm clever like that! It smells good now! Xxx

    2. Come on NOT common!! Xxx

    3. Glad the oven is not common and hope you enjoyed the beef casserole, it did smell lovely hihi My OH have told me to stop buying for a while, I got enough. What does he know ? xxx

    4. Myra, I cannot imagine you having a common oven! It would definately be posh with everything matching! :) xxxx

  6. Morning Sandra and all the lovelies,
    Just a quickie as I'm still preparing for my little trip....oh why is it that when I go away for a few days I pack as if I'm going for a month!!!!
    Anne as always I love your cards they are great and particularly today's theme, I'm totally rubbish with men's cards unless they have a particular hobby. Well done and thanks for allowing Sandra to show them.
    There was a scary moment earlier on when two fighter jets flew over they were just so loud and so low....we used to here them quite alot when we first moved here nearly 30 years ago but they haven't been over for years...quite scary in the light of what's been going on in Paris and Belgium.
    Anyway I must move myself and get on with a few things will try and pop back later have left hugs in the basket so please help yourselves as and when needed. Take cae and enjoy your day
    Love and hugs Sheila xxxxx

    1. I hope you've got your packing finished Sheila! Decisions , decisions but we don't know what the weather will be like at this time of year so it makes packing harder! Xxx

    2. Hope your roof tiles stayed on. Always packing for longer, you never know what you need. Usually coming back with half unused, maybe learn from the sisters how to pack. Don't ask Saba, she likes going in the buff hihi xxx

    3. What a reputation to have Maria! Shocking I call it!! Xxx

  7. Good morning Sandra and ladies. I am late today, I did pop in at 4 this morning to check everything was OK. Janet I advanced the heating as it was so cold. We haven't got frost this morning it's just raining and miserable. As I said I was up at 4. Didn't have a sore leg as such but a dull ache, I think it's just the dampness, sat with a hot drink and a margarets heat bag on my leg and at 5.45 went back up to bed with a renew heat bag, that was me till 9. So I will be catching myself all day now.
    Anne love your 2 cards I was looking at them earier but couldn't get the blog opened up. They are wonderful.
    Maria, glad you got replacement beers. Have you tried aloe Vera drink for your tummy, Gillian uses it as she suffered reflux. Seems to work well for her.
    Lillian it looks like it's a repairman job, I wonder if it something like the brushes on your pump motor, Tammy had that with her machine, not expensive as its only a case of putting in a set of new brushes they cost pennies the pounds will be the fitting charge.
    Myra, Make Alistair his favourite meal then tell him what you have bought, if he's like Charlie he won't really be bothered as long as you are happy. He would spend as much on roses if he needed. Charlie did only the other week.
    Had my toast and tea and off to get things done. Be in later xxx

    1. You are right Hazel he won't be bothered one way or another. He did ask me yesterday if I was making many snowflakes! When I asked why he said - well it looks very time consuming to me! It was but I enjoyed doing it . Xxx

  8. Good Morning Sandra and crew,
    Anne I love, love, love your cards. Especially the one with the ship to shore radio, I need that stamp!! I teach for the Radio Operators licence at a sailing school when we are running a course and it would be perfect as a congratulations card for when they have passed the exam. I hope it's alright with you, I would like to copy and print the photo.
    Well I still feel giddy this morning. I emailed Sue yesterday and sent her a couple of photos of cards I made and I have had a lovely reply from her. I can't wait for my die to arrive, just wish I had my new machine but I can still use my GC if I am careful with the oil spots.
    Myra, I hope your Platinum arrives soon, I am still not sure whether I made the right decision, I was a bit impulsive because of the price. Like Patricia I will be interested to hear how it cuts using the middle of the rollers.
    Janet, your soup sounds lovely, did you use all of Tom or have you frozen bits of him for later batches?
    Patricia what are you up to scooting across your kitchen! I let Oliver scoot to and from school last week and was very tempted to have a go when carrying it back but resisted the urge.
    Sandra I think it is so sad that as a nation the Lord's Prayer can be viewed as politically incorrect. We are after all a Christian nation and our Queen is the head of the Church of England but, and I might be about to be thrown out of the cafe, I think we have to accept that we are now a multi cultural, multi religious land now and an advertisement like that could possibly be inappropriate to some. I don't think that means that they don't respect our religion, I am a Christian and have great respect for other beliefs yet wouldn't particularly want to hear excerpts from the Torah or Koran in an advert at a cinema. Sorry.
    Well it's just gone very dark here, think that blasted white stuff is going to fall again and I have to go shopping - food not shoes!
    Love and hugs for all, I've got my tin hat on.
    Saba xxx

    1. Thanks Saba, I have written all the details in my reply to Michele, I am happy for anyone to copy ( a lovely compliment in my book) but as its a cd I would happily print you out some copies , let me know how many you would like.
      Congratulations on winning one of Sue's dies! I'm sure you will get lots of pleasure from it .xo

    2. I'm sure both machines are very good! I chose the Platinum because it takes up less room. It still has the platform but it folds away when not in use. I guess I trusted Julia's judgement as she calls a spade a spade and she shared lots of useful tips on using it too. Xxx

  9. Good morning Sandra & ladies,
    Just got back from my diabetic blood test well about hour ago.Appointment 8.30 after nealy an hour I was called in at 9.15 the nurse apologised for being late.
    So all behind now just going to do the ironing then bit more housework.& back in craft room & see how many more cards I have got to do,then do all the some point this week must finish Christmas present shopping.
    Sheila enjoy your trip with Margaret & George.
    Maria thank you meet you a bit later for a builders tea.
    Anne your two cards are brilliant love them both.
    Myra what's this i here a new machine Ooo just before Christmas as well. Now you can hide a new die from OH but a die cutting machine is a bit big!!!! HaHa good luck with that x
    Well as you say must get a wiggle on,hopefully pop back later
    Hug's Lynda xx

    1. Hello Lynda, knowing me I'll be out when it arrives as well. I shall tell him when it arrives because until he sees it he won't have the foggiest idea what I'm on about! Xxx

  10. Good Morning Sandra and Friends!
    Sandra, I just got on with my revising for exams I guess we did then. I was doing exams until I was almost 21 years old and my husband was still doing the odd exam until he was in his early thirties! Exams were part of life so maybe our sons didn't get the sympathy they needed either - mind you they also were still doing exams into their early twenties! I did take them drinks or a snack at regular intervals. Gave advice when asked and help when asked but they each had their own way of studying too. We never ever had television in bedrooms though they did play music . One used to play his flute to relax a bit - that was nice!
    Anne - your cards are beautiful and they will appeal to Saba I think! I'm sure you will have lots of friends who sail . I love all the detail in the images. Have you decoupaged them ? It's hard to tell. They are both lovely. Would make a good man card whether a sailor or not!
    Sandra - re the advert! I was annoyed that it's been stopped. I'm a bit fed up as a Christian, living in a so called Christian country being told that people may find the Lord's Prayer offensive! I find swearing and bad language on TV offensive but nobody will be in the least bothered about that! The same with needless violence - more harm being done showing all that. Off soapbox now! Sorry!
    Well it's school for me today! We are making Christmas trees out of lolly sticks and buttons! I know they sound awful but I don't really do awful - I hope! I will send a photo to Sandra maybe - just remember they are for children!
    Pat - you may find another use for the lolly sticks. Ha ha !
    I made a couple of snowflakes out of beads and wire . I'm quite happy with them I won't make dozens! It's a slow process!
    Going to put another load of washing in and get my box ready for school!
    I will have to read later as need to be out by 1 45pm today as got a meeting before school! Why do people pick Monday for a meeting!
    Love to all, Myra xxx

    1. Thanks Myra, I will be interested to hear how you find your new machine , between you and Saba it will help us all to make a more informed decision when buying a new one .
      Your lolly stick trees sound fun , I bet the children will love making them, our grandson 6yrs. was making cards with me yesterday which I enjoyed but my ears were aching with the million and one questions lol!
      Looking forwards to your photos.
      Anne xo

    2. Hi Myra, I couldn't agree more with what you said about the advert....I just don't know where it's all going with this country. Men and women have fought for many years and some have sadly lost their lives so we could live in a free country and now they aren't allowing an advert of the Lord's Prayer in certain just beggars belief!
      On a lighter note Myra I have just see you stunning snowflakes that you have made on Pinterest, they certainly have the WOW factor. Were they kits or did you design them yourself? Well done either way!!
      Love and hugs Sheila xxx

    3. Afternoon Myra,
      Hope you had fun at school, look forward to the photos!
      My girls prefer to sit with us when watching TV so have never been fussed about tv's in their bedrooms, we have a 'Den' at the other end of the house, it's a spare lounge really, but the leather sofa is one of those Metal sofa bed thingys fir when Paul's parents or friends vine to stay, anyway that room has a tv etc so if the girls want to and 'chill out' they go there, Lucy hash a couple of good clarinet sessions yesterday, I think she finds that relaxing, as dies Sophie with her guitar, strangely they seem to play so beautifully when they are playing for pleasure rather than performance, I could fall asleep to Sophie's guitar playing! Like you I keep them supplied with snacks, big bad if chocolate was devoured after dinner last night, well I thought they deserved it, we were having a girls night laid on the sofa together, watching that infuriating Lady Colin Campbell in the jungle!!
      Oh Myra before I go ciudad you please let me know where you get those darling little pearly effect flowers from, your peg winks at me on the fridge door every morning and I keep forgetting to ask?
      Sandra xxxx

    4. Thank you Sheila! The snowflakes weren't kits I used beads I either had before or some I bought at the NEC. I bought wire snowflake frames in a packet of 6. The rest was just me playing! Xxx

    5. SANDRA - the little flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts. They are called flat back resin flowers. You get a pack of mixed colours, two or three of each . They are quite cheap really - actually they have an offer just now! Hope you get some! Have sent photos! Xxx

  11. Good afternoon Ladies,
    Thank you for sharing my cards Sandra, and for all the lovely comments, as they are such quick and easy cards with just a simple bit of decoupage I almost feel guilty for taking any credit ( La Pashe) cd is such a handy one to have !
    I always hated having to study but fortunately my daughter really enjoyed it although her brother was the opposite , I think music is quite good at helping them to relax as they are studying, did you watch Adele on Friday night , I really enjoyed it , she has a great voice.
    Must go and have some of Janet's soup I do love tomato and basil ( mine today in reality is minestrone , slightly similar).
    Sorry I'm a bit late today , we didn't get home till 1am , we were out at friends for dinner and had a great night and then had Pilates this morning , so after lunch must go and make a thank you card ( just bought the Tim Holtz birds stamps and I'm desperate to use them, will need to get my thinking cap on? )
    See you later , love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne, thank you for offering to send me some prints, I might take you up on it but in the meantime I have found the cd rom on eBay. It's an auction bid so I am going to ask Joanne to watch it for me and put in a bid nearer the end. She is much more au fait when it comes to eBay than me! I'll let you know how I get on.

  12. MYRA:- just thinking about what you have said about exams. We gave John all the help we could and he was left to get on with it.
    Certainly NO television in his room that was taken away while studying. Music yes, he had a lot of his "own" produced music on "tape" which he played.
    When he went into Civil Engineeing he still had exams, just left him to get on with that as well. He is studying for some Law Exam just now, how he has time I really don't know. Like you say is part of life .... think we might have been "bad parents" ........ maybe not he seems to have done OK.
    You don't get OBEs every day ....... think we might have got some parts right. xxx

    1. Patricia of course you did it right! I can remember my dad trying to help me with my maths homework and the arguments we had!!!!! I remember getting my mum and sister to help me memorise my English quotes but I didn't do sciences, apart from domestic science or food and nutrition. I do remember having long lists of names and dates for world history - I'm rubbish with names and dates- why on earth did I do history!!!!! You have my full support Sandra, yep 3 more years, sorry!
      Anne what fabulous cards. CD or not it was still you putting the cards together, they are great, thank you for sharing. Xxxxx
      I'm all behind like a cows tail today, car is in for a service so I've got a courtesy car. It's a bit odd to drive, especially as I put the speed limiter on instead of the indicator then wondered why it wouldn't go above 34! It's really chilly today so I'm trying to dash about doing things rather than put the heating on. I've fed the Christmas cake and watered the plants, I'm even tempted to put the Hoover round to help warm me up! What a laugh, oh I could do the kitchen floor too! What is the world coming to with the Lords Prayer being pulled! Eastenders have been covering the Koran in their recent episodes, wonder if they will be doing the Bible and other holy books too just to meek it politically correct!? . Right I must get moving to warm up again - hope the garage phone soon, I've just had a thought, I've got to work out how the lights work driving back to the garage! See you all later xxxxx

    2. No Patricia - I think we just did we thought was right and it worked! My Dad sat lots of exams too so I was just expected to get on with it! Xxx

  13. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Sorry I didn't get in yesterday I just don't know where the day went, sat down in the evening started a comment and fell asleep I was exhausted. I have some time out in the garden yesterday, because of the hard frost the previous night it had affected quite a few plants, so they just had to go, I had hoped I could stretch them out a little bit longer. But that's the way it goes. Then came in to do some baking, before you know it it was time for dinner. There are not enough hours in my day, either that or I'm getting slowre!

    SABA, congratulations on winning one of Sues new dies, I'm really pleased for you. it always feels like we have all won when we recognise the name. XX

    ANNE, Love both of today's cards you make them sound so easy, I just can't get my head around CDs. Thank you for let Sandra shoe them to us.

    MYRA, my Platinum Machine arrived today, I dare not even open the box until later, because I will be wanting to play with it. I hope it's going to be better than the GC. Time will tell. XX

    Sandra, I'm with everyone on 'The Lord's prayer' issue, we are a Christian country and should embrace that. Won't add anything to that because you might have to push me off the soapbox, that would never do .

    Well better get a move on, We have had our hairdresser here all morning, so now quick lunch and it will be time to do the school run.

    Hope everyone is having a good day, sending love and hugs, Brenda XXX

    1. Hello Brenda,
      It's a bit of a sad time of year in the garden from now until those spring bulbs start peeking through the frost hardened soil, I think that us my favourite Season, so full of hope and expectation and bright cheerful colours!!!
      Now, when did you order your new machine?? You must be desperate to get in that package to play!! Do you get the full size plates with it?
      Although I think Julia's idea of using your Grand Calibur plates was genius, because they are sturdy and solid and unlike those Perspex ones like I have for my BSP they won't wrap and bow, which should reduce the chance of the machine bending your dies, which is what has happened to my large pierced squares from Sue, although they do still cut properly, the other bonus is you should still be able to yes the junior plates as well, in fact I am going to have a play thus afternoon to see if my machine will talk my GC plates!
      I will look in later to see if you have had a play.
      Sandra xxx

    2. Ooh Lovely Brenda! I'm so pleased your machine has arrived! We can really put them to the test. Enjoy playing! I need to tidy up first - AGAIN! Xxx

  14. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra exam time can be really hard on all the family thinking of you at this difficult time & I also agree with you about The Lords Prayer.xx
    Ann your cards are lovely well done xx
    Quick visit today son just rang to say he will be here for meal tonight before going to training or something near Cirencester for a couple of days, he is travelling down from his home in Yorkshire good excuse to get a free meal.
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

  15. Good afternoon ladies,
    I forgot to ask in my post today if any of you had watched the film Captain Correlli's Mandolin ??
    I was really tired last night and was looking forward to getting in my bed but I started watching this film, well I was totally transfixed, apart from making a quick cuppa in the very annoying ad breaks I didn't take my eyes off the screen, what a beautiful film, I know that it gas been out for years but I never has any real desire to watch it, I am not much of a Nicholas Cage fan either, as he usually plays 'bad' characters, but he was just adorable in this film, it was dedicated to the Italian Soldiers that lost their lives fighting in the war, I am not sure if it is based on a true story or not, but I would totally recommend it, have your tissues to hand though! Xxx
    Diane, I have never watched an NCIS, there are different ones aren't there?
    I have always watched and loved CSI, all three of them and still watch the re-runs, as they have all been discontinued (sadly)!
    Is NCIS a similar sort of thing?? Which one do you recommend?
    What channel will I find it on? Is it the one with the little lady that looks like the cartoon lady in Mr Incredible??
    I look forward to hearing all about it, Matt and Paul are also both looking forward to your Mince pie recipe!
    Hugs to all, keep warm,
    Sandra xxxx

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I haven't watched Captain Correlli's Mandolin but I remember it had rave reviews at the time it was released. I haven't watched any films since I lost Clive I just prefer the 1 hour programmes at the mo but I'm sure in time I will be able to.
      I watch NCIS on Freeview Channel 21 it's also on CBS Action and the latest ones are on Sky ...not sure which channel though. I like NCIS as there is some humour in it and there are some great actors in it especially Gibbs played by Mark Harmon who also writes one of the others. NCIS New Orleans is also good and Lasalle is especially lovely he reminds me of a cheeky little boy with a deep southern acent....hmmmmm! xxx

    2. Sandra this one of my very one of my favourite films ever, haven't watched it for a while shall have to dig out my cd

    3. Oh yes Sheila that accent!!!! Lol. Sandra my guilty pleasure is Channel 5 after the lunchtime neighbours so about 2.15. They have the New Orleans one which Sheila likes and the Los Angelies one with the little lady from the incredibles and then the original one with the lovely Gibbs. We used to watch CSI but gravitated towards NCIS a few years ago, we like the characters. I spotted the recipe book when I was looking for something today Sandra so will send you the recipe tomorrow. Xxxx

  16. Good afternoon everyone
    Crikey - its starting to go dark already - we have had a really busy day so far - all the windows washed down - frames and doors - windows cleaned inside and outside John had pressure washed all the drive down, so all outside is nice and clean again - for how long I don't know - but this is really dirty weather at the moment.
    Anne I must say I just love this card - the embossing folder you have used is really gorgeous - so deep - must Google.
    Sandra I can remember sitting exams - I know all those years ago - but I don't think the pressure was the same then or maybe we didn't realise it. Hope the girls find some nice relaxation in between.
    Oh Myra I hope you love your new machine when you get it - I really wanted this but cant complain about my GC, Johns easy going about my craft stash but theres a limit I guess.
    Looking forward to seeing Mrs Browns Boys tomorrow at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. we will make a day of it - shopping - eating etc.....
    As regard to the advert - I think we are all on the same wavelength, but I think its time anyone entering this country starts to abide by our customs - weather religious or not - we have to if we go into another country.
    Going to have a chill now and play with my card making things,
    Hope everyone is keeping fine, I think it said it may not be so cold over the next few days so that's something.
    Hugs for anyone who needs them
    Jean xxx

  17. Helllooooooooooooooo
    Anne, I think your cards are brilliant. In fact they are perfect.
    I should have made notes, but I didn't, so if I miss anyone - I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose.
    Sandra, good luck to the girls with their studying.
    Jean, have a fabulous time with Mrs Brown and her boys!!!
    Margaret P, enjoy the visit from your son.
    Brenda OB, when did you order the new machine, I missed that - which is not like me!!!! Enjoy playing with it.
    Myra, that will make you itching to get your hands on it. Did you order it from C&C, they take an age to post things to me.
    Dainty - I laughed at you and the speed inhibitor, mind you I would never drive more than 30 at any time. Well hardly ever, well o.k. I usually do about 80!!!
    Sheila, I bet you've packed and unpacked nearly as many times as me with my trolley for the retreat ha ha. Still, you have another day to change things!!!!
    Maria, I hope you are well today.
    Hazel, happy crafting.
    Patricia, your P.O. lady sounds like mine. She's given up now asking what's in the big envelopes or asking if they are valuable. I always say that it's a handmade card and priceless!!
    Right, I'm off to do a little tidying in my craft room so that I can see my desk, and then will "play" a little.
    love and hugs
    Muriel xxx

    1. I didn't order from C&C. I actually ordered it from the Craft Channel! I know Julia was on Hochanda but I had a credit from the Craft Channel and they also had it briefly on free P& P. It's normally £7.95 for this machine. I know you get free P&P elsewhere but I liked this package and the credit swung it! Xxx

    2. You guessed right Maureen....spoke to Margaret today they are picking me up Wednesday lunchtime so I've still got heaps of time to unpack and repack till then! Margaret said she's only taking a couple of pairs of jeans...a couple of this and a couple of that......oh but I like to take the kitchen sink!!! Lol! xxx

    3. We were home late, as after taking the children home and feeding them we did some shopping on the way back. Then we had our meal and I was able to get around to taking my new machine out of the box and looking at the leaflet.
      Sandra the plates look as though they are half size. I will not play with it this evening. But promise to put it to the test tomorrow.
      Watch this space !!!!
      I am going to say night, night, sleep well everyone.
      See you tomorrow xxx

  18. Hi all, oh I presume it's a miss spelling on the machines price tag Myra or it will be a stampede for it !
    Spent the day first in some shops, had a look in Llidl but not much in ours. Wrote little letters to some people I know but not see very often so always in with the C.card I putting a letter and tell them what happened during the year unless we spoken on the phone. All the ones for sending abroad are now finished, never in a million thought I would get them together so a happy little hippo. It's been quite a good day with some sunshine on my face and a dry ,cool day. I hope you are ok Sue, Janice- waiting to hear about your holiday, hope you are well.
    Wishing you all a good night and happy dreams xxxx

    1. I see what you mean Maria!! It's the P&P which is normally £7.95.
      So pleased you got your Christmas cards AND letters done! You are a happy bunny - not a happy hippo! Xxxx

  19. Good evening everyone
    Sorry to have been missing but time is quite simply flying at the moment if only it would slow down and let me catch up.
    All that has been shown these past few days has been simply wonderful as always.
    I had a quick look the other day and was about to comment then visitors arrived! I noticed that some people have placed orders for the new Spellbinders Platinum machine! Well you are not the only ones!
    Confession time, I too have ordered and received mine today only had a little play, it cuts first time like a dream, I really had to do something as my teal GC was making a noise worse than Derek snoring, honestly! Oil or something like oil was smudging all the plates and it was cutting worse than my old pink GC. Well that is my reason and I'm sticking to it.
    I always say there is a reason for everything, well this morning we were both going to the dentist for a check up and my hug and catch up with her as we are friends. We had set off and I asked the 'driver' where are your glasses? Oh I have forgotten them, it will be ok we don't have time to go back or we will be late. I told him turn around I don't mind being late in this world be I have no intention of being early in the next! So the car was turned around and back we went, just got onto the drive and the van delivery man came down the drive with my new Platinum. We were not late for the dentist either!
    Todays cards are so lovely, it is always good to see extra inspiration for men's cards, thank you Anne.
    Sandra has Paul not invested in ear plugs? One of my SIL used to work five nights each week and he found they helped. My other SIL did three shift working before he married my daughter and he found Night Nurse helped him!
    Well I am off to have another play with my new toy, enjoy the rest of your evening ladies.
    Margaret xxx

  20. Hi All, waiting to hear how you all get on with your new platinum machines, if I hadn't bought the cross over I would have probably bought this one.
    The washing machine repair man is comming tomorrow afternoon,so not long to wait, he did ask me if I was going to bring it in to the shop!!!!!!!!
    It's been a lovely day here, but it's raining again now, still they say it won't be so cold.
    I always plant lots of pots of spring bulbs in pots, I noticed this morning that in one of them the crocus are showing above the compost ! hope they will still flower at the right time, still have my tulip pots to plant.
    Hope everyone has a good night. Lilian

  21. Evening everyone, car is back from the garage, not too painful. Taking the other car back was fun - where are the lights!!!??? I think they were automatic as they turned on when I unlocked the car and couldn't find a button for them anywhere! Now how about this- they sent me a video of a run through of the condition of my car! Brakes, tyres and things that need sorting possibly before the next service! I hate seeing my car on the ramp things so I hated the video, Julian loved it! Right I'm off to bed now, see you all tomorrow. Night night sleep tight xxxx