Saturday, 14 November 2015

Mixed Craft Saturday

Karen's Spring time Cross Stitch

Karen's Summer Cross Stitch

Karen's Autumn Cross Stitch

Karen's Winter Cross Stitch

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

Unusually today all of the Crafts on display are from just one creator!!
I thought that the amount of work that had been put into creating these Cross Stitch 'works of art'
Karen is the creator of these absolutely mind blowing creations, the thing that amazes me is the amount of intricate detail that Karen has included in each of the four Seasons.
Karen explained that these were 4 years worth of Christmas gifts for her Sister In Law, who loves her garden, the characters are dressed to 'mimic' her Sister in law and her husband.
The Summer Cross Stitch is awaiting a new frame, as the kitchen has been decorated and you know what us girls are like for needing everything to match!
Thank you so much Karen or sharing these absolutely amazing works of art xxxx

I have to say that my heart goes out to the people of Paris today, last nights acts of terrorism have devastated the lives of so many, so very tragic, Janet get yourself home, right now, I was thinking of you last night my lovely.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend,
Love and hugs


  1. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Goodness me What a shock to hear of the terrible attacks in Paris, those poor innocent people. What is happening to our world?

    Mixed Saturday is sorely needed today to remind us of the kinder things in life and Wow Karen, I love your "Seasons" cross stitch. They are fantastic. I know they will have taken you a long time to stitch as there is so much detail in each one. I love how you have made them over 4 years and personalised them for your sister in law and her husband (it's early and my brain is struggling with that one, doesn't that make her husband your brother?) Anyway, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.
    I have loved seeing them and I know Mum/Margaret P will too, there's an idea to you for Aunty Chris and Uncle Dave as keen gardeners maybe Mum? It does make me wish that I could still cross stitch, that is how I first got into crafting as an adult, hands won't let me stitch much more than a button now! Proper Jumble Sales with matching pricing are not so common around here now, Table Top Sales have taken their place, but we have two a year and for just a few hours work we make £200 odd and considering we sell most things for under a pound we do well and it is easy money. It is amazing the amount of brand new clothing and other items we get each time too-this time we already have 2 brand new with tags still on one is a Burberry classic style one and the other is a Joules one! They will be sold for rather more than a pound : )
    Diane, I remember helping with the youth club ones "back in the day" and the dust was awful, it is never anywhere near as bad these days, not sure why though. Different clothing materials that are easier to wash maybe?
    Maria, I'm glad that you managed to relax in the spa bath yesterday, I hope your back is feeling easier again today. Please remember, no quick movements x
    Cheryl, you were lucky getting in early for your doc's appointment! Glad that he is watching the lesion, fingers are crossed for you x
    Sandra, did the ceremony go well last night?
    I hope you all have a good day, stay safe and warm. Take care xx

    1. It's a rainy one Sue! Not sure what impact that has these days but I hope you do well. Some people would say they would rather give the £200 than go through the hassle but I think it's good for the children to do the work themselves and they appreciate it more. Have fun. Xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Karen-your cross stitch pictures are truly works of art. They are stunning.

    Been awake since about 5.30- probably because of the awful weather here. It's still very very windy but it isn't actually raining although that's forecast!

    The film last night was great -pity the couple next to us didn't stop messing about on their phones & talking. They were too far along for me to say something much to hubby's relief!! Hadn't realised it was such a long film so we were late eating our fish + chips but they were very nice.

    Hubby gone off to the golf club but he's hoping the course will be closed due to flooding. The website didn't say it was so I think it's wishful thinking on his part-he he!!!

    Not going into Southport in this awful weather so will get a few bits of shopping in the village the head off to the craft demo-am looking forward to it.


  3. Morning my Dear Friends
    KAREN - I love love love your crossstitch pictures. They are wonderful and as cross stitcher myself I know just how much work goes into something like this. They are truly family keepsakes and passed down generations.

    All is set for the day - breakfast is ready and waitin g with the usual tea/coffee/oj croissants/etc.
    Lunch will be a light lunch today as I'm sure everyone will be busy so it's just Red Pepper Soup with warm bread rolls.

    We too are more than shocked at last night's attack in Paris and only 10months since the last attack at Charlie Hebdo offices.
    We cannot believe that there are such evil people in this world. We suffer with Friends/Family who are fighting for their lives through illness etc and then see how easily others can throw theirs away and taking innocents with them.
    I really worry what the world will be like for my Greatgrandchildren and other little ones born at this time.
    All our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Paris today.

    We are collecting Yvette this morning. The garage rang at teatime yesterday to say that she was ready so we are taking a taxi into Corbigny to bring her home and be packed this afternoon ready for tomorrow morning's departure. What we will find on Monday morning re the ferry we don't know until we get there as at the moment all borders are closed.

    I'll pop in later to see what everyone's doing.
    Hugs are on their way. Extra ones as I'm sure they are needed at this time.

    1. Safe journey home Janet, I was thinking about you last night when I hear the news. If ferries etc are cancelled is it easier to stay put until you know more or better to be nearer the ports but hotels will cost you even more money? Xxxx

    2. Oh Janet I'm so glad Yvette is fit to travel!! I think you should be ok with regard to the Ferry as Eurostar is running as normal today and the ferries. You may have a bit of a wait due to increased security but that's to expected I guess. Take care and safe journey home! Xxxx

  4. Good morning Ladies,

    Oh my word Karen, a lady after my own heart!
    There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a picture spring to life with each stitch you make. Your garden scenes are so beautiful and to style their clothes for your sister-in-law and brother is a classic touch.
    I am still in the process of trying to find time to finish a nursery rhyme picture for my niece/goddaughter whose baby is due just before Christmas. It is half way done so still a lot to do, I won't be framing it as it would cost too much to post. I will be having it mounted so Rebecca and Dave can choose their own frame. And I need the birth & name details to add them to the picture.

    Last night's devastating events in France should be a warning to all European governments about trying to integrate foreigners into our countries. It's time for all politicians to stop posturing and pontificating on what to do. You can't change the mind of a self-important a******e terrorist whose belief is that he is right and the rest of us wrong.
    Their religions do not mix and this has proved the point in that they are not interested in what we have to say, violence does not solve a thing.
    All those poor souls lost and for what? What point are these terrorists' trying to make? They only serve to alienate us further from them.
    My heart goes out to those who have lost precious family members who can never be replaced.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Good morning Ladies,
    Karen, I am absolutely speechless with awe , your cross stitch pictures are works of art to be treasured by their extremely lucky owners, the details are amazing , I have spent ages just looking from one to the other just enjoying all the differences, I couldn't help laughing at the barrow of manure with the heat or smell rising and the barbecue in the shed ( with tools ) etc .etc. Each picture tells a wonderful story , they would have taken you a long time to plan and make but the pleasure they must give to your sister in law and brother is endless, I'm sure they must be a great talking point with everyone that sees them , you are certainly a very generous and gifted lady!
    I agree with everything Cheryl has said above about the terrible tragedies in Paris, my thoughts are with them at this heartbreaking time.
    Sandra , you forgot to tell us how it went last night?
    Janet , hope Yvette is running smoothly again and you have a safe journey home xo
    Weather here much better today , dry and windy, Hazel , Patricia and Jess I hope the rain is not as bad as forecast for you as it looked pretty dreadful in that area.
    Love and hugs to you all xoxo

  6. Good Morning Sandra,and Friends,been listening to the news from France, too terrible to think what those poor innocent people went through.
    Karen your cross stitch pictures are beautiful, something I have tried to do but am hopeless.
    Wet again here but not as bad as they predicted, hope it doesn't get worse.
    Have some work to do first thing, then I'm going to get my embroidery machine out , it's an old one and haven't used it for a long time.
    Hope everyone has a good day.
    Janet glad your car is OK, and safe journey back to us.
    How did last night go Sandra ?
    Well I'd better get a move on, see you later,Lil

  7. Good morning Sandra and ladies.
    Karen these master pieces are beautiful, and are so personal and need to be treasured.
    Well like the rest I am sickened by what's happened once again? When are we going to put an end to this mindless loss of life, all because these "Terrorists" (that's not what I would like to call them ) think we should all be killed as we don't believe in what they do? How do they know some of those poor souls who died at their hands were not from their own countries? No it's just pure mindless carnage. What worries me is Tammy and Derek are away at a large rock festival in Wales, that could have been them!!! Has it come to us not being able to go anywhere?
    Janet, you and Jim are not going to have an easy trip home that's for sure? Please just get packed up and get on the road, we will all be worried until we know you are both home save an sound. ( safe trip)
    It's going to be all go here soon as I have to get Calum to his friends and then Andrew and I are off to my house, got to give Charlie some time. We will have an early tea then back here to collect Calum.
    So I might not be in again till late. Xxx

    1. Hazel, stay safe on the roads. You are having another busy day. Xx

  8. Good morning from a wet windy and decidedly chilly North!
    Karen such beautiful works of art they are quite simply wonderful, so much work too.
    Janet please do take care and I share your sentiments and Cheryl's too on the state of things in Paris violence solves nothing when oh when are these people in governments going to learn. I do wonder with all the so called refugees coming over from other countries what really is coming, there are such a lot of young men on their own.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone Saba special thoughts of you, Val and family.
    Margaret xxx

  9. Good morning everyone,
    Wow! Oh! Wow! KAREN:- those pieces are "works of art". Each one is brilliant and will be treasured for ever.
    Well folks the hill I see out of my kitchen window is THICK with SNOW!! It's a few miles away but really not that far.
    However that's a minor thing compared with what's happening in Paris thoughts and prayers are with all those poor people.
    MARGARET:- you have the same thoughts as me ... it's nearly all young men. To me that is the most frightening thing of all. There are just SO MANY!!!
    SABA:- thoughts are prayers and candle still burning.
    (((((Hugs)))) in the basket by the door xxx

    1. Ooh Snow! It's cold here - we had hail showers yesterday . Xxx

  10. Good morning Sandra and everyone,

    Karen I love your cross stitch panels, What a lovely idea to do one for each season. I cannot imagine how many hours you put in to completein each one. They will certainly be treasured and passed on to future generations.

    Like everyone else I am sickened watching the news this morning. How can human beings become so twisted and sick to do this to other human beings. All those poor families left to try and carry on without their loved ones. Like Janet, I worry what is going to happen in the future for our grandchildren and their
    Janet, pleased you are able to pick Yvette up this morning. I'm sure she will be happy to see you!

    Its time to move myself and have a shower.
    I hope everyone has a good day.
    Sending Love and Prayers for those in pain (Physical or emotional)

    Love Brenda xxx

    1. In their 'bible' there is no compassion for their fellow human begins. We are all infidels to them. xx

  11. Hi Sandra
    Thanks for showing Karen's panels. Karen they are simply mind blowing lay gorgeous. The hours and hours of work that must go into these lovely creations.
    Very sad news about what happened in Paris my thoughts are with the families. I wonder where these people's mind sets are at. They think nothing of killing people. I worry what or who is coming into Europe these days, it could be a whole army of terrorists. They could get on a boat and come over via Greece etc. no body knows who these people are at all, and Germany and partly us are welcoming them with open arms.
    Sandra you haven't said anything about yesterday's concert with the girls, whether Paul was able to make it and if Becca went as well
    Saba I'm thinking about you and Val big hugs from me.

  12. Me again.
    Meant to say you'd better batten down the hatches up North especially round by Patricia and Hazel with the snow.

  13. Good morning ladies, I was so sickened by what watching events unfold in Paris last night and through the night, I watched a horrendous video footage of young men and women trying to flee from that rock concert in the theatre, many looked like they were stepping over dead people laying in alley ways, you could see injured people dragging other people that couldn't. Walk themselves, at the same time you can hear the terrorists continuing to shoot people in the background!
    I personally believe that they should have never removed all the border controls through Europe, for exactly this reason! Trouble is with the amount of immigrants flooding through Europe I think makes it harder for the various agencies to monitor who is where with regard to their lists of people 'to watch' !
    I did wonder yesterday wether they had in place 'planned attacks' for when one of their 'leaders' is killed, almost revenge for them killing that 'jihadi john' yesterday ? Or was it just a planned attack for Friday 13th? Who knows what goes through their sick, evil minds!
    I wonder what it is they fill their heads with so that they can walk into a crowded place and kill innocent men, women and children, look them in the eye and kill them!
    It's feels me with fear that that level of pure evil is freely walking our streets !
    Janet I will be so relieved when you are Back here.
    The evening was an absolute delight, the girls school really does have the most first class Orchestra, the music had the hairs on the back of my neck standing to attention ! Then to see my babies receiving achievement awards for Spanish rounded the evening off a treat!
    Very proud parents, as always!
    Paul was able to leave in time to take us too, which was great! I don't think he will be finishing early on tonight's shift mind, I imagine security will be through the roof!
    Love and hugs
    Sandra xxxx

    1. So glad your evening went well! Well done girls! Glad Paul was able to go. Xxx

    2. Hello my dear Friend Sandra
      I can just see you walking on air as the proud Parents of such talented young ladies and quite rightly so. They are a credit to you and Paul. I hope that they haven't a fball match this weekend and so they can settle down to a lovely family weekend with you.
      I know that Paul will be late tonight because of security reasons and I know that you worry yourself silly until he comes through your door. It's no good saying don't because we all do it. Mum always used to say you worry about them when they are young and you still worry about them grown and that includes hubbies as well.
      Take care my lovely. Hugs to you and your wonderful girls.
      ps - Yvette is back in her garage here in Marigny and partly loaded up ready for tomorrow morning. Her feet etc are in full health once again.

    3. Hi Sandra
      I'm so glad you had a lovely time yesterday evening and that Paul was able to make it. Congratulations to the girls on their awards. Sophie's school also had an awards evening and Soph got one. But ones ones said what as yet. Congratulations to your multi talented girls. Hope they aren't playing football in this awful rain were having. I do hope that Paul's not to late home.

    4. Well done Girls and so glad you all had a wonderful time. xxx

  14. Hi Sandra and all the lovely ladies
    Karen what beautiful cross stitch pictures, I love the detail that's gone into each one and the way the clothe change with the seasons too, they must be a real talking point. Thank you for sharing them with us. Xxxx
    Sandra I'm glad you had a good evening and congratulations to the girls on their awards xxxxx
    It was awful last night hearing the news about Paris amidst all the fundraising for children in need, so much good going on raising all that money whilst in another part of the world such awful things were taking place. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone today.
    Stay safe and warm everyone, apparently we have tropical moisture on the way - is that a new name for rain? Patricia I'm sure your hills look beautiful, it does make me feel chilly though. Hazel travel safely and Janet too xxxxx

    1. I missed that one Diane - Tropical Moisture!! Wonder if it's similar to Manchester Rain!! Xxx

    2. It's more like our mizzle Myra. x

  15. Hi Sandra & all in cafe.
    Sandra so pleased to hear about the concert & the girls awards well done to them.
    I agree with all the sentiments & I also worry for our grandchildren & great grandchildren are we safe anywhere? makes you wonder doesn't it.
    Janet good luck with the packing hope you have a safe journey xx
    Karen your pictures are beautiful unfortunately I cannot do big projects at the moment my thumb objects to holding the frame & don't get on with floor one I have tendon problems which hopefully will be sorted in January, well done lovely work.xx
    Hope jumble sale goes well Sue & Patricia's stall.xx
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

  16. Hello Sandra and Everyone,
    First of all, what a sad day for the people of France and for the free world really. Why anyone would think about doing these things never mind actually carrying them out -the mind boggles! Indeed man's inhumanity to man! My thoughts and prayers are with the people of France and particularly those who have been injured and their families as well as the families of those who lost their lives. So many! This may have been done in the name of religion but not in God's name. Lots of love to Janet and her husband. Safe travel home my dear!
    Karen - I am in total awe of your work today! What a lovely gift ! What an amazing amount of work and detail. They are all beautiful! I love the gardening " gear" for each season . Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I came straight here this morning after looking at Karen's work and reading what you had to say Sandra so I will go now and read all the comments!
    See you at midnight??
    Lots of love to everyone today, Myra xxx

  17. Good afternoon my little coffee shop cherubs.
    Karen, WOW what stunning pieces of works of arts that i have ever seen. You must love your sister in law an awful lot for to spend the time, effort and forethought into these beautiful pieces. I hope that she has them displayed in a prominent place that they can be admired by all that come to her home. I also hope that she bums your talents up to the nines as your are so talented and to make each to mimic the season and what is growing, the shed open and shut, the different birds at the bird house and the green house constantly changing what it is growing is absolutely fabulous. I am so glad Sandra that you gave this collection a day of their own as they richly deserve it.
    Sorry i haven't been around but between being so knackered, trying to fill in those stupid PIP forms for both Rory and I (because they seem to think that both off us have remarkly improved Rory from his autism and all that it entails and me from the broken back, CFS, CPS and CFM amongst other things). I think things have just been that tad more difficult with it all coming around mum, dad and JIm's days as well and trying to sell mum's house. Although i have had a couple of pick me ups that words couldn't thank the cherubs who did it enough. I don't know what i did to deserve such beautiful people who have come into my life but i am so very thankful that they did. You do something just ordinary, something that you think nothing of doing because you wouldn't think not to do it but the amazing impact that it makes on others is immense and you just never know just how much it has meant to that person, well these beautiful works of art that i received did just that for me girls and i just don't know how to thank you for thinking about me that much that you made something special just for me. I am trying to get back up again and pulling myself together and these little gems just makes me realise that there are beautiful people in this world.
    Now having just said that there are beautiful people it's a sin that there are also some of the nastiest, most evil people living on this earth as well. I know that everyone that has a god that are rational thinkers know that it doesn't matter what he is called he is the same entity all over the world that we believe in and nothing that happened in Paris last night was in his name as he just wouldn't condone such an act of pure wanton distruction, misery and disbelief. What those monsters did was purely in their own poor grasp of life and what it means. They have taken innocents that have nothing to do with their ideals and wants and desires and destroyed a city, a country, a free world that wants to live and let live. There is a reason the forces of our nations are shrinking as it is in the hope and dreams that the world will be a better place with violence at an end and peace reigning serenely. Unfortunately now that dream seems to be disappearing faster and faster because of such monsters. Janet, i too will be glad when you are on this side of the North Sea, you as are the rest of France in my thoughts and prayers. Sending out special huggles today to all where ever they may be
    Norah x

    1. Norah! It's lovely to see you. We miss you when you are not here. You are a lovely lady and deserve every nice thing that happens to you. I know this is a hard time for you and I've been thinking about you. Take care and lots of love xxxx

    2. Norah dear heart, so lovely to see you back in the café. xxx

    3. NORAH: such a great delight to see you. Hopefully we can get together soon if the weather behaves itself. Look offer yourself xxx

    4. Norah, lovely to see you pop in, have your hills got snow on them, the ones round Perth do. Hope mum's house dosent take to long to,sell. Xxx

    5. Hi Norah,
      How lovely to see you back we have missed you.
      Good luck with form filling, hope Mum's house sells quickly.
      Take care hugs on way to you love Margaret xx

    6. Hello Norah my dear Friend
      How nice it is to see you where you belong here in our wonderful Café. Hope you've not got snow like Patricia and Hazel but if you have I know you'll stay in where it's nice and warm and safe.
      Hugs for you and wonderful Rory; Kirsten plus hubby (sorry I've forgotten his name) and of course your wonderful bundle of blue boy.

    7. Norah wonderful to see you and have you back amongst us once again, Please do take care in this awful weather. xxx

    8. Lovely to see you Norah, I've been thinking of you my lovely lady. Stay safe and warm in this cold weather - have you got snow on your beautiful hills? Xxxx

    9. lovely to see you Norah - take care xxx

  18. Hello Ladies,
    firstly my thoughts and prayers are all for the poor people who have lost their lives, those injured, and the families whose lives have been devastated by these acts of inhumanity. These people who are organising and carrying out these attacks are not acting in the name of their god, they are simply evil fanatical terrorists who are deluded in their understanding of the teachings of Islam and interpret the Koran to fit their own means. They are not true Muslims, true muslims are just as appalled by this senseless violence as any other humane person is. I pray that one day we can all live in a world without prejudice and religious intolerance.
    Karen, your cross stitch seasons are a work of art. Beautifully done and I'm sure will be treasured.
    Sandra well done to your girls, you have every right to be proud of their achievements.
    Janet, I hope your journey home goes smoothly without too many delays. You must be feeling the pain of your French friends and neighbours, extra special love to you.
    Muriel good luck with the baubles, wish I could do some for you. 400 is a ridiculous amount of handle turning. Invite Rachel over for lunch tomorrow and introduce her to the joys of die cutting!
    Patricia, hope you are relaxing today. How did the football go yesterday? Good luck for tomorrow.
    Norah lovely to hear from you.
    Love for all for now
    Saba xxx

  19. Thank you ladies I am gobsmacked that you have given me the whole day to me Thank you SANDRA for showing them and thank you to everyone for your kind comments. I feel a little bit of a fraud in a way because I was only following a pattern. Yes they took time, but I loved doing them The patterns are from a book by the late great Jo Verso Just tried to look for it for the title and I can't find it! Not happy at this moment... but I think it is called Jo Verso's Year Book. I don't know it is still in print
    SANDRA I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. I bet you were bursting with pride and shed a few tears too. I can't believe you have snow PATRICIA brrrh winter is definitely on the way! I was so saddened to see the news yesterday and totally agree with JANET and CHERYL. Safe journey home JANET and talk nicely to YVETTE to get you home. to straighten things out MRS B My SIL is my husband's sister, so does that make her husband my BIL...? I think he is my SIL's husband...? MARGARET I understand what you mean about cross-stitching with a floor frame. I have used them but there is a definite knack. I also use one of those thingies that holds a hoop that you place under your thigh - brilliant (careful MYRA and MAUREEN). It means you don't have to hold the hoop at all. I think Jane Greenhowe has advertised one on C&C
    SABA sending you a hug xx Much love to everyone and thank you gain for your lovely comments and thank you for this marvellous blog

    1. Karen, it's really good to hear from you and I could no more make these lovely pictures than fly to the moon! However , why do I have to be careful? Ha ha!! Xxx

  20. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Just got back from a scrapbook crop, had a lovely day, now it is catch up time.
    Karen what an achievement, your cross stitch panels are lovely, a super present for anyone.
    Janet thinking of you, I hope your journey home is trouble free, and you make it home safely. I think the events in Paris are disgusting, what kind of people do these things. When all the refugees were coming off the boats, did you notice that there were a lot of men, and they all had mobile phones with GPS, refugees my A. . E!!!!
    I agree with all Cheryl and Hazel have said about this. Close all the borders and do security checks, genuine refugees would then be allowed to settle in Europe.
    It is really cold here and I'm not surprised there is snow on the hills.
    Sandra glad you enjoyed the concert I bet you and Paul are busting with pride.
    Norah good to see you back, you have been missed my
    Not much on tonight, hubby watching the qualifying for F1, so might go and get a couple of cards made.
    Take care everyone till later. Xx

  21. Quick pop in, been home, but Charlie told me to get back before it got dark, the temp has dropped too. On coming up the motorway towards Perth the hills all round have snow on them, yes I think winter isn't far off.
    Have watched any more news, but Charlie was telling me their is a French man in amongst the dead terrorists - they say they are doing it the name of Islam, rubbish its just evil. Islam doesn't tell them to go kill, they have made their own rules. Gillian and Tammy have friends who are muslims you can't get nicer girls. I hope they don't get trouble from all this as we have mindless folk in this country too. Andrew and I have just had tea, Calum having his with Samuel so just got ours out of the way. I do think children are better fed early. Steak pie went down well. No I didn't make the puff pastry just cut enough off the bought packet for the two of us. Like aunt Bessie, Bells pastry is good. Off to put feet up and enjoy my cup of tea, Xxx

  22. I have just found this verse that I posted on my Facebook page in early October/late September. I thought you might like to share it with me.

    Before you speak to me about your religion, just show it to me in how you treat other people.
    Before you tell me how much you love your God, show me in how much you love ALL his children.
    Before you preach to me of your passion for your faith, teach me about it through your compassion for your neighbours.
    In the end, I'm not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as I am in how you choose to live and give.... Cory Booker.

    Quite profound words. This is what we should tell the terrorists. 'These atrocities in Paris were NOT committed in my God's name nor that of yours'

    1. Beautifully put Very profound As always it is a minority that only listen to themselves And the government want to relax our gun laws don't they? As SANDRA. has said we should never have shut our border controls

    2. Yes Karen, it's like you last week with your daughter, just hearing Tammy voice just put me at ease. I will be glad when she is home, they have the terrible journey home in the bad weather so until they are here at the house I will be worried. xxx

  23. Yes Cheryl - a favourite verse of mine is "If you love me - keep my Commandments! " one of them is Do not Kill! Xxx

  24. Yes Cheryl - if everyone lived by the standards of the Ten Commandments the world would be a much better place! Most people today don't even realise that our Laws came from those self same Commandments. One of them - Do not Kill - makes this atrocity something completely alien to God. Loving our neighbours as much as we love ourselves is often very difficult but that's what God expects of us - not this mayhem, terror and suffering. Xxxx

  25. Just watching the news oh it's not good all those injured as well as dead. You know when they say they are seriously injured people they are very bad. It's also terrible that some people can't fine their friends and family. I think it's time for the borders to be reinstated and strictly maned. No more refugees and if they come across on boats they are towed back to where they came from. If the boat has sunk they are taken on one and again towed back to the place they set off from. We can't take any more risks. The good Muslims will understand why it has to be done, they are just as much at risk as they rest. Xxx

  26. Hello everyone,
    Sorry I'm so late, had another busy day and I've been watching the events in Paris, which are just so senseless and awful. I'm glad the French police and army went straight in and didn't give the cowards time to kill many more hostages, which they would have done if they'd had more time.
    The borders should never have been scrapped in Europe, and the Channel Tunnel should never have been built. I thought that at the time, and this only reinforces my belief. I pray for all the lost, bewildered families, and for the dead.
    Karen, your cross stitch are wonderful, beautiful, artistic and anything else you wish to say!! Your sister-in-law would have been over the moon with them. I bet they are in pride of place.
    Janet, pleased to see that Yvette is better, have a safe journey home.
    Sandra, pleased you enjoyed last night.
    Jess, my heart goes out to the genuine refugees, and I think our country should help them, but too many are suspect.
    Norah, how lovely to see you again, I'm sending you lots of love.
    Saba, I've got 180 Baubles cut, but have run out of card, so Rachel will have to bring some more from school on Monday evening. I'm using the e-bosser to cut them, I couldn't possibly wind the handle that many times!!! It's the only time that I use that machine, I am not a fan of it. Rachel did offer to cut some, but I know she was wanting to do a big clean this weekend.
    Patricia, remember to have a bit of a rest in between times, tomorrow. I hope you have a sell out after an hour, and can go home!!!
    Hazel, mmm I could just eat some steak pie. I haven't had time for tea yet, I'm going downstairs shortly to get something. I've been going down for the last hour to get a cup of coffee!!
    Dainty - I saw that about the Tropical Moisture. The weather man said that we would get a lot of rain, but it would be warmer!!! That's all right then lol,
    Myra, If everyone remembered a few of the 10 Commandments, the World would be a much better place.
    Cheryl, I hope you are feeling much better today, and your words are, as usual, lovely.
    Right, I'm going for something to eat as I am now quite peckish. Don't know what to have. I'm away to have a root around.
    See you later.
    love Maureen xxxx

    1. Oh Maureen, that's ok then I will put my bikini on when I go out in the warm rain then! No chance there on several levels!!!! We went out to get some bits for dinner tonight and came back like drowned rats! Hope you've managed to get something to eat by now. We cooked a Jamie Oliver chicken balti recipe tonight and it was delicious . Xxxxx

  27. Good Evening All, just wanted to agree with all the sentiments voiced today.
    Our thoughts and prayers go to all those who lost loved ones, and those who are injured.

  28. Good evening everyone
    Cheryl as always such lovely words from you, thank you for sharing them with us all.
    Maureen I hope you have had something to eat we don't want you fainting from lack of food.
    Patricia hope you have a great day tomorrow and a super sell out.
    Hazel please do take care in this weather, they are saying it has to get worse tomorrow.
    We have an imminent flood warning, but as we are on the edge of town and up above the town there is no danger for us, thankfully.
    Well take care everyone batten down the hatches, stay safe and Janet have a safe journey home with as little delay as possible.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening.
    Margaret xxx

  29. Good evening SANDRA & everyone
    Such dreadful carnage these terrorists have caused to all the people in Paris my thoughts & prayers are with all the 109 people that lost thier lives & the injured & for all the family's that have lost love ones.I felt sick when I here'd this on the news as My daughter & SIL were there last weekend for a four day break doesn't bare thinking about. I wonder what the mothers of these monsters think of their B......t sons they should have been put down at birth.
    SANDRA Congratlations to your lovely daughters on their awards well done too them. You & Paul must have been so proud of them, & pleased Paul was home in time. KAREN your cross stitch pictures are Gorgeous you have so much patience must have taken you ages but well worth your efforts.
    JANET glad Yvette is better have a safe journey home tomorrow x
    Lovely too see you comment today NORAH you have been missed.
    SABA Big Hug's on there way for Val & all the family & Hug's for you too.
    Finished a birthday card today & done some more cutting out for just small flat cards for posting small stamps.
    We have got my son Harry .down tomorrow for dinner Yaay cuddles. It's been heavy rain & strong winds today it's so depressing.
    Eyes are getting heavy & tired so I will bid you all a very good night & God bles.
    Hug's Lynda xxxx

  30. Hello everyone- very late today - in fact ready for bed - had a busy day, Nic was home and we went to the Chocolate Shop for a coffee this afternoon - where Myra Michele and myself will meet up in a few weeks - oh its lovely - looking forward to going again.
    I agree with the comments made on here throughout the day - prayers go out to all connected to todays atrocities. Janet hope you get home without any delays - take care -
    Sandra Im glad the concert went well - I used to love to go to the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool when I was at school - I love the warm-up.
    Karen your cross stitch panels are superb, you are very clever - I couldn't do anything like that.
    Patricia I hope all goes really well for you tomorrow after all your hard work.
    Hazel hope you got to put your feet up, the hills sound beautiful but I don't like driving in bad weather - Coming home this afternoon the rain was so heavy it was like driving through fog.
    We have been out for an Indian with Son Daughter in law, Grandson and girlfriend, we have had a really nice evening but now Im ready for bed - so I'll say goodnight to you all and see you tomorrow - God willing - as my mum used to say xxxx