Sunday 12 May 2024


Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all having an enjoyable weekend.  As you can probably guess we were in garden most of the day, Lynn next door gave me a list of all of the roses that are in our garden,  she said that she wasn't sure what ones were left as the previous people and the ones before them didn't bother with the garden at all,  Paul and I spent most of yesterday morning cutting out the dead and dying parts of the roses and untangling the mass of bind weed that was choking a few of them,  hopefully with some 'tlc' we can bring them back to their former beauty. 

Karen's New Challenge projects

Karen's Description:  

I found this Christine Emberson kit I bought So decided to make it There was a piece of patterned card missing and so I had to cobble the front - hence the ribbon I am awaiting a delivery of 4x4 card blanks to decorate a few and put inside.

I bought this one too !  How scary is it that it was 9 years ago!  

I love the front, Christine really loved those tiny flowers, they were almost like her signature!  You would never know that there was anything missing, so great cobblingb!!! 🤣

Karen's Description:

Following on from your rainbow type card this morning I have tried Tracy Evans Snippet 71 and 72 Entirely different stamps The background has been made with some Artistro paint pens that I had not used yet I have some cheap acrylic paints (for the grandkids) and created a colour but it needed more white and blue mixed in.

Such a fun technique, your lined background is very neat. That negative stamp technique is so clever, just shading around the edge seems to really make the detail pop! 

Karen thank you so much for taking part in this weeks challenge XXX 

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday,  

Love & hugs to all,



  1. Hi everyone
    Omg I made this as well and it was at the retreat! Can't believe it's already 9 years ago. Many happy memories from that weekend.
    Love the card that our Karen has made. A fun technique and maybe a challenge in the future.
    So sorry I didn't join in this week but haven't had any energy for anything. Hoping to do some crafting coming week. It's look like another nice day so we are going to MK museum, they doing some re-enactment and they have some yummy homemade cakes 😉
    Have a lovely day everyone. Hugs to you all, Maria xx

  2. Great makes and ideas using new or unused items
    I know Christine Emberson loved that flower die set - Marissa’s Bouquet I bought the set!
    I have been up with the boys since 6.30 AND this time it was my fault I needed a wee and couldn’t wait any longer If I hadn’t disturbed them they would have slept l longer I think
    We have a bowls match this afternoon So once the boys have gone home I think we will both be catching up on some sleep
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    Lovely cards by yourself and Karen 😍
    So sorry I didn’t get a chance either - this week has flown by!
    Feeling more humid here today, with possibilities of storms later.
    Hope you’re all having a lovely day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all looking in.
    Glad you got more gardening done, sure the roses will recover with tlc. Mums rose has a single bloom out at the moment and it smells gorgeous, thescent keeps wafting around on the hot sunny breeze we have today. I will send you a photo of it.
    Karen, you wouldn’t know that you had to cobble the front together. I remember doing just the same as you when you need that morning wee but knowing it will wake the grandchildren up no matter how quiet you try to be 🤭 Their lovely morning smiles make the early start worth it though don’t they 🥰🥰 Enjoy your naps this afternoon xx
    I also have that charity kit. Must dig it out, I think I made it up but don’t think I have used or gifted it.
    It is hotter here today than yesterday so we are waiting a bit longer before doing a bit more gardening. I say we but I just potter about with my little stool and bucket picking off weeds mainly and supplying drinks as needed. I did give my Grans birdbath a good scrub. It is 50+ years old now and looks lovely and aged. The Blackbirds that live in the front hedge and various pidgins use it mainly.
    I hope everyone reading this is having a good day. Take care. Love Sue xx

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Lovely cards, thank you Sandra and Karen they are so inspiring.
    Another lovely day here today, I did get our in the garden, I was able to sit down and do some potting on, it was lovely being out in the fresh air and managed to get quite a few jobs done.
    Hope your day has been good, sending love and hugs to everyone,
    Love Brenda xxx