Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Circled Peonies

 Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope today finds you well, have any of you managed to do any crafting this week? 

I spent a few hours in there yesterday, this is the card that I was struggling with the day before, I found away round the issue I was having,  I stamped the flowers and cut them out, and then stamped a script stamp over a card base and placed the flowers on top, arranged them and stuck them down, I then die cut two circles and set them to one side. I took two blue Ecoline pens and and coloured the peonies, after I finished colouring I replaced the die cut circles popping them on foam pads to raise them up, I added shading around the circles. Nezt came the messy bit, Tracy suggested using your Ecoline pen to add splatters over the card front, so thats what I did, I noticed later that I had blue ink on the sole of my foot !!! Thank heavens it didn't transfer to the carpets. (We have tiles in craft room thankfully), the splats seem to go anywhere but on the page for me!!  To finish the card I fussy cut some birds and the friendship sentiment, adding shading around them.  A few sequins and a Index clip.  Its not perfect but I was determined to fix it.  So my top tip in this case, instead of wasting countless pieces of paper trying to ink up part of a stamp and ending up transferring mucky ink marks , just stamp the whole thing and fussy cut the piece that you want and adhere that to your card,  much less stressful and less wastedul.  The hard part in this case was trying to mask out the text between the petals, without wiping ink off of the line art of the stamp. 

I think I will be trying a much less involved card today.  😅 

I Hope that you enjoy whatever you have planned today, 

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. Morning everyone.
    This is a nice card Sandra. Sounded a bit messy but it came out fine and love the flowers colouring in.
    Started on making a card late yesterday afternoon but as always not happy with the colour choice so might change that later. No other plans today other then running the duster around if the mood takes me hihi
    Have a nice day everyone. Many hugs Maria xx

    1. Is anyone watching any of the Craftathon today ? 12 hours of crafting....

  2. Oh SANDRA Your card is amazing Thank you for the tip re layering the stamping
    Looking after Oscar was great fun Daughter had booked a soft play session I knew Oscar loved going to soft play but boy does he! He thought it was hilarious that even Nanny and Grandad had a go It was so easy for us too Having Charlie there might have been a different story!
    Meeting an old school friend for lunch today which I’m really looking forward to As OH has to take me Oscar is being treated to a MacDonalds!
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Morning Everyone
    I haven't managed to step into my craft room yet this week to make a start on anything.

    K&N went well yesterday and everyone seemed to be happy with the gift box and creme egg to put inside it.
    I have to empty my craft bag today and hopefully look at possibilities for this week's Challenge.

    The CAFE is of course OPEN TO ALL who wish to have a look. HUGS are ontheir way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE. I have everything crossed that this will publish as my internet seems to be playing 'hit and miss' this week.xxxx

  4. Hello All, I know early for me, thought I’d do it before I forget. Raining here and still chilly.
    Sandra ,your card is great, I am not any good at this type of card. Your colouring is looking great.
    I have a few ideas floating around in my brain , but whether I’ll get them to paper in another thing.
    Hope you all have a good day, with a little crafting. Lilian

  5. Hi everyone
    Love your beautiful card, definitely worth all the hard work 😊
    I started on a card earlier in the week, but am yet to finish it…..have spent more time Pinterest browsing than crafting ☺️
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Beautiful card today Sandra, you really are hard on yourself - it lovely. Love the blue you have used for flowers.
    Hope your day today was not so taxing.
    Hugs Brenda xxx