Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Pat's Beautiful New Baby card

Good Morning Ladies ,

Another lovely day here in Wiltshire, not that I got outside, I was doing paperwork with Paul in the morning and as Paul left Pat arrived,  which was lovely. 
Pat and I sat and crafted all afternoon and had z catch up. Pat is creating another stunning Groovi project from Clarity's Maria, the design is stunning, I cant wait to see you finish it Pat! 

Today's card is a Beautiful New Baby Girl card for the baby that is due any day now.
Pat used the Clarity Groovi Club free gift to creste those pretty Baby  shoes, using pink parchment, to pierce through and create those beautiful shoes and that stunning lacy Border.
I love the style and the design Pat, so thank you so much for the inspiration. XXX
I managed two cards yesterday both which is a miracle in its self, I was really loving the combination of Dark Greey and So Saffron.(yellow).

I hope that you all have a lovely day 💗 

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Pat-what a stunning card, it’s gorgeous. So much detail on it.

    Sandra-Hope you had fun crafting with company.
    I’m heading into work early to sort out a problem from late yesterday-what fun!


    1. Hope your work problem gets sorted without to much trouble Michele.

  2. Morning everyone
    PAT I love love love your latest piece of art. Those plates are so full with detail.What a piece to treasure.

    Well we seem to have lost our Summer weather here.We had rain from mid morning to tea time and it felt cold.
    We still have rain this morning too so would any Dear Friends please send some sun and warmth 'up North'lol.

    The Cafe is OPEN so help yourselves.
    HUGS are on their way to you all with loads of extras for Dear Friends in need.TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFExxxx

    1. I did try to send some warmer weather over to you yesterday Janet but it stubbornly didn’t want to go.

  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    So glad you liked the card. That plate came just in time for me to make a baby card for Luke & Helen. Helen was due on the 2nd Aug but no sign yet apparently. But it’s ready to go off anyway. We did have a great session chatting and crafting didn’t we when I eventually arrived. I had an eventful time with my tyres just as I was going over to Sandra’s. Warning tyre light came on. I managed to blow them all up but couldn’t get rid of the warning lights. Popped into the garage and they need to be re set apparently. Anyway Mark did it and showed me how to do it for future reference. But I’ll try not to let them get that far in future. I’ll use the pump in future and not rely on pressing them with my thumb.
    Dull & windy here today. Take dare & stay safe everyone.

  4. Hi, very windy here, also quite chilly.

    Pat, such a beautiful card, I’m sure the intended parents will love it, you are surely the “ queen of groovi “ on the blog.

    well summer seems to have disappeared, so will do some crafting, there’s always a bright side, just received my charity card from Christine( hope and chances) , so I’ll make that up today. Hope you all have a good day, Lilian

    1. I didn’t order this months card Lilian. I have the rainbow ones still to make up. That’s if I can find them now.

  5. I hate to say it ladies but we have beautiful sunshine here and it’s a little breezy
    Beautiful card PAT The parents will love it
    We had a lovely afternoon with daughter We smile from ear to ear when we see the boys except- bless him- Oscar managed to trip over his own feet (common occurrence with his hyper mobility) and banged his head on one of my kitchen units He’s fine but it did upset and worry me and a bit of a sleepless night because of it
    Hope to actually do some card making this afternoon as OH is out for the day Have got a meeting with Diabetic nurse first though
    Hope you managed to sort the problem MICHELE

    1. Oh poor Oscar bumping his head. I expect he’ll soon bounce back though. Just makes your tummy go all funny when it happens though doesn’t it.

  6. Hi everyone
    Gorgeous card Pat, love all the detail.
    We have sunshine here too but quite windy. Set to get hotter over the next few days.
    I’m off work now until the weekend, giving me plenty of time to do a challenge card and some others.
    Enjoy the rest of the day. Hugs to all xxx

  7. Hi ladies
    wow Pat, what an amazing groovi card. It is so much work, you are our groovi queen for sure. Hope the baby comes soon.
    Michele, hope everything at work got sorted and your day was ok.
    Janet, today is no good day to send any sun for we haven't got enough to share. I just hope my washing get dry between the showers. I think tho the weekend will be hot so you just have to come down here if you not get it too.
    Sonia, have some nice day's off before you work the weekend.
    Karen, hope everything went well at the diabetic clinic this morning. Oh Oscar, bless him. Know how you felt but with most kids, he is fine. Hope you had some long hugs.
    Lilian, I tried to get hold of that charity card but she is sold out so quickly. Have fun making it.
    Brenda, hope you are alright today and resting. So many windows and washing nets to do.
    Managed our walk this morning before OH had to take Son to doctors to get his stitches out. Weather not too good but hanged the washing out so hoping it will dry. Had to have a nap this afternoon, was so tired. Did some stamping yesterday to have to colour in today but it all gone in the bin so tomorrow is another day, fingers crossed.
    Have a nice day everyone. Many hugs to you all xx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Pat what a beautiful baby card, you have put so much detail into your amazing creation, this I’m sure it will be definitely one for the memory box.

    Another busy day, but I have been in my craft room. Needed to finish off John’s birthday card which is all done now. Just as well because it’s his birthday tomorrow!

    Hope everyone has had a lovely day the weather here has been very good and I think it should be the same for the next few days.

    Dinner almost ready, take care everyone and stay safe, Love Brenda xxx