Tuesday, 25 August 2020

A challenge card


Good Morning Ladies, 

We had a productive Monday,  I managed to get bed stripped and washed in two loads,(white 60 wash for sheets,  towels & pillowcases) and Normal wash for quilt cover, bath robes and quilted throw. We had intermittent showers so i dried mostly in drier, to be honest I would struggled getting it on line at moment.  

Todays card is a spare Father's Day card I made for Paul to choose from, I haven’t made Father's Day cards since losing my Dad but I felt ok about it this year.  I am almost finished a 'Shutter' card I started yesterday but I got side tracked making my First ever Album, under Danielle's instructions!

So this card uses Categories: Masculine/Beach/Die cut. 

To make the card I used a piece of cheap copy paper and cut an aperture through which I stamped the sea, I then die cut some tiny clouds and put some low tack tape on them and arranged them above the sea, I used the same 'Broken China ' Distress ink to blend across the clouds to create the sky.
I removed the scrap paper and stamped the birds in Black ink. I die cut the Beach chair in wood effect paper and added a touch of shading, I placed that in front of the 'Seascape' and added the 'Happy Father's Day  sentiment next to it.
To finish the card I added a mat of similar colour blue card and then adhered to a card base.

I hope to do some more to my album today and finish my Shutter card. That's after I have called the hospital to chase up Paul's appointment, wish me luck please X

I  hope that you all have a fantastic day, take care though we are due some Gale Force winds in the next couple of days!

Sending Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning all. Beautiful card Sandra as always. Wow you have been busy with all the housework. Dont wear yourself out. Hope to finish off more of your album off. I'm wise awake again at this time lol just can't sleep. Hugs Danielle xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a lovely card, it looks fantastic. Glad you had a productive day yesterday.

    Our day was busy too-hubby cleaned his car. I waked into the village & got some shopping. After that I had a clearance session in my craft room. Last minute decision to have a BBQ for tea so another trip to the village (the butchers is open reduced hours Monday to Friday since Covid to allow for deliveries).
    The weather was lovely-no breeze & sunshine.
    Complete contrast to today-the next Storm has definitely arrived on the North West coast! Good job we have no plans for today.


  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I’m having problems with commenting again today so will keep it short.
    Love today’s card, simple but effective. I hope the high winds don’t do any more damage to the garden my lovely xx
    I hope you al manage to avoid any damage to your homes and gardens. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  4. Hi everyone
    Love your card, perfect for any occasion.
    Storm Francis has arrived here, very wet and windy. Glad I’m not venturing out.
    Stay safe and have a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A lovely mans card Sandra. I have a beach scene stamp somewhere. Might see if I can find it. I’m glad you had a Groovi section on your tic tac toe this week. I’ve had a very productive few days. I still have loads to catch up on. Don’t wear your self out doing all that washing in one hit. Hope your bean sticks stand up to the new storm. I’m wondering where our summer went to though. Hope you manage to chase up Paul’s appointment.
    It’s also very windy & wet here today. Yesterday was quite nice though.
    Take care everyone & stay safe.

  6. Hello All, the storm has been with us all night, just had to go out and cut my rambling rose( rambling rector) it’s very fast growing, it blow all over the front path, so to stop postie catching his legs, have had to cut them off, very vicious thorns.

    Did all my bedding yesterday, tumbled drier, I do light the bedding to go out side, but we had rain all day, so needs must, towels the same today. Do you all have set days for washing different? I’m old fashioned, bedding Monday’s, Towels Tuesday, rest of the week clothes.

    Sandra love your card I have a stamping up sea side set, that I have used many times. Beware album making it’s very addictive, I have several on the go, I follow a lady called Rosa Kelly, she is great and lots of free demos.

    Well have good day all, stay safe if you have a visit from Francis, or should that be with an ‘e’ ? Hugs Lilian

    1. I don’t have a set day for doing things Lilian. I do remember my previous MIL doing that though years ago. She took a dim view that I didn’t do the same. She also made tea & sandwiches at 4.00pm, even though we had a cooked tea when we can home from work.

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I hope you’re not exhausted after all that washing etc. you did yesterday, take care try and pace yourself today. Hope you’ve managed to chase up Paul’s appointment, as I said last Week if you don’t get any satisfaction ring Paul’s consultant secretary they are usually pretty good at getting you in the right direction.

    Love today’s card very CAS just up my street. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us. XX

    Sonia I hope you feel a bit brighter today take care and stay safe. X

    Storm Francis seems to be causing havoc across the country, I hope wherever you are you are safe and sheltered, we had heavy rain most of yesterday but it cleared up in the evening, then a little rain overnight but now the sun is shining again. I know we moaned about the heat but where has the summer gone?

    Take care dear friends and stay safe, love and hugs Brenda XXX

  8. At them moment we have quite high winds but we do have sunshine
    I love your card SANDRA I love CAS cards and I really like how you’ve stamped the birds off the page well aperture!
    Happy Birthday to Matt yesterday - I forgot to say yesterday How rude!
    I really hope you can get Paul’s appointment sorted RING the secretary and follow up with email if necessary
    I hope your cold is clearing SONIA
    I keep trying to clear out my craft room I make a start and then get distracted!
    OH at work this afternoon/evening So after lunch and a snooze I hope to start a cc!
    Take care all x

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Just lost my comment it didn't publish
    We have strong winds today but no rain now the sun is shining. I had my strip wash this morning and that dose ware us both out.so we had a cup of tea.
    Then had a nap lol.
    Love & Hugs Lynda xxxx

  10. Hi all, sorry thought I left a comment this morning but must have forgot.
    Like the scene Sandra, it would been lovely to be on a beach right now with some sunshine on the back and not this storm. The noise is horrifying and the trees are swinging from one end to the other.
    Well I slept a lot of the day. Being up late many nights do catches up in the end.Taken some extra meds for pain but think I will have to talk to doc if anything else like some cortisone could be given. Had them before so even if it's only for some month with less pain, I'll take it....
    Hope you all have a good night and hugs for you all xxx