Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Another Nautical Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that Storm Francis didn't cause any damage for any of you, it caused some damage to our Runner/French Bean frame, we went out and sort of resecured it, well we hope we did!  The girls said that there was chaos all over roads on their journey home from work, we live in a very rural area with trees everywhere,  so there were branches and small trees down blocking roads. Luckily there are lots of 🚜 farmers that are happy to clear roads.

Today's card is one I finished yesterday,  I used the stamps I got in the Phil Martin Magazine last month and the free papers from the Magazine too.
I took a piece of A4 card and followed instructions for a Shutter card, (I can detail that more in a Tutorial if you would like me to) .
I cut the paper to fit the shutter card, and added some stamped details all over, I also stamped some of the shells and embellishments on to white card, I fussy cut them and (here's a TIP) if you ink around the edges of your fussy cutting it hides any imperfections a bit!!
I arranged the embellishments around the shutter card and then Stamped the Yacht onto White card, inked around the edges,  added some birds and attached to the centre panel.
It's by no means perfect but its ok for a first attempt!  
I used Categories: Fancy Fold/Nautical/Masculine. 

Thankfully we have been given an appointment for Paul tomorrow,  I am so relieved!  So thats our plans for the day, Thankfully the girls have the day off so that worked out ok. 

Sending Love and hugs to all of you,  stay safe Ladies, 



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-stunning Card, love that fancy fold.
    McLachlan you’ve not had too much damage from Storm Francis.

    It’s still very windy here but it’s meant to be easing during the day plus no more rain-fingers crosses that’s correct.

    Hubby was due to play golf this morning but the course is closed-flooding. Such a shame for him as it was the one nice day according to the forecast.
    I think he’s going to take to me to the health centre for my Blood tests (9am) then we might venture out into Liverpool as we need to check out a couple of things in an actual shop rather than online.
    My GP phoned me yesterday for my appointment-Hand problems are almost certainly Carpal tunnel so I need to make an appointment with the musculoskeletal team for an assessment so I’ll do that this morning. Blood tests are to see if there’s any obvious reason for me having dizzy/vertigo symptoms. She’s phoning me back Thursday evening next week so I can chat when I’m at home as there no mobile signal where I work and I want a private discussion rather than in front of my colleagues.


  2. Hi everyone
    Another great masculine card today.
    Hope Paul’s appointment goes well today.
    Michele, hope your blood tests go ok too.
    Bit brighter here today but still breezy. Fortunately no damage here yesterday. Hope your runner beans survive.
    Have a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  3. Great card SANDRA It’s good to see you feel like doing a bit of crafting I really hope it goes OK this afternoon and Paul can get some help with a prescription
    OH is out today and has gone early because he left his mobile at work
    I will be crafting I need to make a birthday card for my future son in law for 31st I hope I can do it as a cc I did finish a golden wedding anniversary card yesterday which I have photographed to send to you SANDRA
    The storm hasn’t affected us much except my heart was in my mouth looking at the trees on our street They were straining to stay upright
    Take care xx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I love your card and it’s lovely that you are feeling up to crafting again after a tough few weeks. It’s another style that I keep meaning to try so might have to have a go. I love that stamp set of Phil Martins. I have a similar magazine freebie set last month. They are great for men’s cards aren’t they. Thanks for the tip about inking around the cut edges, it covers a multitude of sins 😁 I hope Paul’s appointment goes well today, and that one of girls don’t have to take time off work so good for all of you xx
    I also hope that you all have escaped with little or no damage from the storm. We noticed a few branches etc on the side of the road yesterday but nothing serious thankfully. I’ve got bits and bobs to do today so that’s me sorted. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  5. I forgot to say that since yesterday I can’t get onto Messenger on my phone. It tries to open it but fails each time so that is a job for Chris today! Just wondered if anyone else is having the same problem? Xx

  6. Hi ladies.
    It's funny to see this fold of card Sandra for I have tried twice now to make this fold but my cutting machine have decided to just chew the card so thinking of getting a new one for it is sooo frustrating !
    Great card tho for a man Sandra.
    Hope everything goes ok today for Paul and Michele, good luck with the blood test. Never been to Liverpool, is it nice ?
    Wind was terrible last night but nothing broken here, the only thing I did was to rescue the bbq cover from going over to the neighbours around 2am and then again later this morning. Need to get a wiggle on for a shower and some brunch so I wish you all a nice day .Take care and hugs xxx

  7. Hello all, sunshine but still very windy. Have been clearing up after the storm, sea peas completely wrecked, and lots of plants broken off, I love growing gladiolus, but they have been wrecked, still they will come again next year.

    Sandra love this style of card, never made one, maybe an idea for this week, love those nautical stamps.

    Hope today goes well, and that you all have a real good day. Lilian

  8. Hello Sandra and Ladies,

    Love today’s card , I’ve never tried making a shutter card. this is another thing on my to do list.

    We have been fortunate with storm Francis, had a lot of rain and the wind was really blowing the trees in some of our neighbours gardens. It was a bit scary watching them, but pleased to say no damage done locally.

    Stay safe and take care if you have to go out.
    Love Brenda xxx