Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Lynda's double 'Z' food card

Good Morning Ladies,

Lynda sent me the photos of this card at the weekend, I was so inspired by the style of the card I just couldn't wait.

This shaped card is called a 'Double Z Fold' card, you simply score  the front of your card down the centre and fold it back, 
You then have a 'Z' shape, to make it a 'Double' z fold you add another, smaller card or strip of card and adhere one side of it to the back of the card and the other to the folded front, you then decorate it to compliment your  base card design, just like Lynda has done.  
Lynda has used the Stampin'Up! 'Beautiful you' stamp set to create that stunning topper, you have coloured that lady and the background beautifully Lynda, the rest of the card is covered in gorgeous decorative papers, a SW Butterfly and Striped Nasturtium flowers.  A truly stunning card Lynda, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us XXX

Paul and Sophie had a good session on the Paddle board on Monday, Paul has taken to riding it down the river that runs along the camp site, it eventually comes out into the sea, after which it is calm any longer! The sea has turned decidedly rougher, so I was relieved to see they were wearing their life jackets, Sophie fell in a few times, which was hilarious!

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lynda-WOW, your card is gorgeous. I love it.
    I've only madeb2 card in this style but it's now my favourite fancy fold card.

    Two colleagues went to the Q&A session with Jeremy Hunt yesterday & when all the talk was about Doctors + Nurses she asked him if the pay rises he'd mentioned would apply to Allied Health Professionals?? He said yes but I won't hold my breath.
    No other drama but it was s busy day. Spent some time in my craft room yesterday evening but wasn't in the right frame of mind to craft so I started to read a new book.


    1. Hi Michele
      Thank you so much for the info re my hand. I'll be thankful when it's all done and dusted. I borrowed some stamps off of Sandra to use while she's away, but my hands put paid to that. I had started to do some cards with the 3D embossing folders but can't finish those off either.

  2. Lovely card LYNDA I really must get out of of my comfort zone of 6x6 or bog standard 5x7!
    I hope JH follows up with his statement about Allied Health Care Professionals
    A friend has just arrived for a chat See you later

  3. Morning Everyone
    We have yet another grey start to the day here in Sheffield.

    LYNDA- OHHHHHHHHHHH I love your double Z Card particularly your chosen colour. It really is beautiful. I must give this shape a try.

    Well I managed to get my CC done yesterday and made a start on another so hoping I'll get that done today. We'll see what OH wants to do as he now is free in the afternoons for a couple of weeks. Our Dear Friend has found his second lot of treatment difficult. He has reacted so differently from his first round.

    PAT - I hope you managed to get a little more sleep last night.

    Well everything is ship shape in the CAFE so all it needs now are yourselves.
    HUGS a PLENTY on their way to you all. xxxx

    1. Hope you and Jim can do something nice together today, sorry tho to hear your friend is having such a horrid time with his treatments. Take care,hugs xx

    2. Hi Janet
      I'm sorry to hear your friend has reacted adversely to his treatment. Great that you and Jim can have some me time together. Hope you both have a nice day today.

  4. Good Morning Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra so pleased youre all having such a lovely holiday.

    LYNDA your card is so pretty. Love the shape - never made one like that. Love the colour you've used and the lovely stamp. I have this set but needless to say not used it yet. Hope BAMBI is fine now. Xxx

    Nothing much doing today. I need to get outside and dead head some plants. It's been too hot to do it but there's some clouds today so I might chance it. I'll do my cc later. I worked out my card during the night when I couldn't sleep.

    Hugs on the way especially to Pat, Pete and

    LILIAN so pleased you had a lovely

    See you tomorrow xxx

    1. If possible, do you think some of your warmth could come around Buckinghamshire for a few hours ? Sitting here with a fleece on in August, it's what it says in the calendar but starting to think it is wrong month. Hope you day is ok,not nice when you can't sleep. Big hug xx

    2. Hi Val
      I don't think the weather here knows what season we're in. Yesterday was supposed to be 23 in Oxfordshire. ( in old money that is ). It was a bit warm but so overcast. It seemed warmer later at night. Hope ou manages get some sleep tonight.

  5. Morning ladies.
    What a gorgeous card Lynda, I love it ! Love to have that stamp set, she is so lovely and the cards with her on are all so nice.
    My wish list is longer then me and it's a bit difficult to make it any smaller when new dies and stamps always coming out. Have anyone seen Sue coming out with more again ?
    Michele, hope you have a good day at work. Fingers crossed for no more problems. Hubby and I have started to read more as well, what kind of books do you like best ?
    Lilian, must be a very weird feeling to see your big machines go tomorrow but hope you get much more space for something else. It was a long journey to London,hope you are alright. Does it take that long normally ? hugs
    Pat, did you managed to get some sleep last night ? I went in good time for once but woke up with pain early, around 4am so that was me up and it looks like it going to be another sad day with showers and grey sky not helping. Sending you gentle hugs.
    I wish you all a nice day whatever you are planning for today. Here I will need to do some housework, having SIL coming tomorrow. It's not like we see the dust because of the sunshine for there isn't anyone but I know it's there and then hope to make the cc, just not sure which road to go ,up,down, side way ,across tihi I like this challenge. Take care everyone Xoxx

    1. Hi Maria, so sorry you're still in pain. I'll blow my hardest and hope some sun reaches you. I should really start a good clean of the house as my brother and SIL are over in Spain for a few days at the beginning of September and although they can't stay with me (my brother in very allergic to cats) they've never been here before and are bound to want to look around.
      Don't work too hard and hope you come up with a cc

    2. Hi Maria
      I'm sorry to hear your still in pain. I saw on Icon that Sue Wilson has new Dies on pre order for Sept. can't keep up sides with all her Dies coming onto the market. Bought a few Dies the other week but won't be buying anymore anytime soon.

  6. Morning ladies,

    Oh my Lynda, I love your gorgeous card. The colours are sublime. I did have a chuckle at Sandra's headline description.....Lynda's Double Z Food card though it really made me laugh as I thought maybe youu were doing a food parcel for someone hahahaha

    Panto meeting on Friday night of all nights. Hopefully the committee will accept my concerns that the decision of costumes should be between the Director and Wardrobe NOT the committee. With the shock resignation of the Director and her daughter and the change of which Panto we will be producing,
    I can see that it makes sense for us to utilise all the costumes we already have to cut down on the amount of extra sewing it would cause to make special costumes. I am also suggesting that we hire the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow costumes. Dorothy's will be quite easy as I already have the pattern for her dresses.
    I've shortened one of Pete's older costumes ready to sew this morning, another 4 to go but that's quite an easy task to get ahead of things.

    Maria, I noticed on Set Craft's Facebook page yesterday that Sue Wilson has another new collection coming out in September. If I remember correctly, I think they were planning on advance orders nearer the time.

    Since making my conscious decision to only buy what I really need instead of blindly ordering anything and everything like I have done in the past, I am utilising much more use of my older Spellbinders dies. I am still not richer though, I have grandchildren and love to spoil them in the holidays. Ce La vie.
    Hugs to all in pain, discomfort or just because..
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      I'd also think that the decision on costumes should ge the decision of the wardrobe should be between the Wardrobe and the Director. Not to sure why the committee would want to envolve themselves in those sort of things. What could be better than spending on our grandchildren.

  7. Maria, make that advance orders now at Set Craft for SW's September collection. xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Wow hat a stunning card made by our Lynda. Love the design and will have a go at making one myself if you don't mind. I'll probably wait until Sandra comes hope to supervise.
    Sandra I'm so glad your all having a lovely time in Spain. Would have loved to see everyone practising on the paddle boards. As you said with the sea being a bit rougher, it's a good job they had their leflife jackets on.
    Michele, thanks very much for the information re my Gand. I'll let you know what they decide to do with it. It was very good of you to think of me with all the problems your having yourself. What with isolators and personnel. love you all loads.

  9. Hello All, dull here again.
    Sandra great that you are having a lovely holiday.

    WOW, Lynda what a great card, did you make up the design, not that I'm likely to make one, takes me ages to make 6x6 .

    Didn't buy any of Sue's last release, am buying more stamps as that is my main love, also cards are flatter for posting.

    Have a good rest of the day, hugs to all, Lilian.

    1. Hi Lilian
      I'm not to sure if I'll buy any of her new Dies Lilian. I didn't buy any of previous Dies either. Dull here as well. However, the sun came out for about an hour.

    2. Hi Lilian, hope you had a fine day even if the weather have decided that we are not having any more summer it seems but I must tell you that Val must have puffed her lungs out because we had sun for about an hour this afternoon,hurra!
      Big hug xx

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Thank you Sandra for showing this beautiful card made by our very clever LYNDA, I have never made a card this shape it really is beautiful, love the colours you have chosen, I to have this beautiful stamp set, so far have only played with It, the image even looks good stamped in one colour. But add a little colour to her dress or to the umbrella (the other image in the set) and wow it really pops!

    Sounds like Paul and Sophie are having a great time using the Paddle Board, what a lovely opportunity for them to have fun and relax. I hope both you and Lucy are also chilling out and relaxing 😎

    PAT and PETE, MARIA, LILLIAN, LYNDA and TERRY sending you all a ((((((BIG HUG)))))) hope today has been a better day for you all. xx

    Have a lovely evening, Hugs Brenda xxx

  11. Hi Brenda
    Yes, I also have these stamps but haven't used them. I was going to do some while Sandra was away but my hands put paid to that. Thanks for the hugs Brenda they're very much appreciated. All day at hospital and we're over to Craig's straight after for dinner.

    1. Sending a big hug back to you. Had so much to do today so with pain killers more often then normal I have survived Lol That stamp is lovely, might have to get it one day. take care xx

  12. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    I wish I was with you watching Paul and the girls on the paddle board Sandra. It's good to hear they wear life jackets when so many people, especially children don't! Why take the risk? You have to respect the strength of even a seemingly calm sea let alone a tough one. How far is it from your tent to the beach? Its a shame you can't hop on the paddle board with Paul, that would be much easier for you. Sending you all hugs my lovely xxxx
    Oh Lynda, your z fold card is beautiful. I love the fold and also how you have decorated it. I'm not surprised that Sandra couldn't wait to share it with us 😁 hugs to you, your big pet and little Bambi. How is she doing today? Improving I hope X
    Maria, we are having some rubbish weather aren't we. I hope you manage to have a better sleep tonight X
    I've had another lazy day recovering from the weekend etc 😊
    Wishing you all some sunshine. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hope you had a nice relaxing day and managed to recharge your batteries. Hate the weather !! Lol
      Bed soon, I think. hugs xx

  13. Hello Sandra & ladies
    Sorry for being late thanking everyone of you for your lovely comments on my card. I was looking on Pinterest & saw the Z cards so thought I would have a go. I have now made three of them & one is my challenge card.
    Not a good day Bambie wasn't well this morning with her breathing so Terry phoned the vet & asked the lady on reception if he could speak to the vet
    He said her breathing is still very erratic witch is putting a strain on her heart so he said we could try her on some heart & fluid tablets ( the same as Annie had ) to see if they help her. Then said if they don't make any improvements it would be best for her & put her to sleep. I can't believe last week she was running a round up the park she is only 4 so never expected Bambie to have same problems. She is sitting on my lap now & breathing heavy & her little face tells it all.😭
    I'm sure someone has put a curse on us with all the bad luck we have had lately
    SENDING BIG HUG's for PAT PETE MARIA LILLIAN CHERYL .& anybody who's not 100% .
    Wishing you all a good evening Love Lynda xx

    1. Oh Lynda, so sorry little Bambie having so much problems with her breathing bless her. Thinking of all, many many hugs ! xx

  14. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra it sounds as if Paul & Sophie have both mastered the paddle boards, well done on wearing life jackets they are soo important.
    Hope you are still
    Lynda whatcan I say about your beautiful card, well done it is lovely. Hope you & your big Pet are coping & Bambi is improving, hugs on
    Maria hope you have a better night & not in too much pain, hugs on
    Pat sending hugs to you & Pete, hope Pete's news not to bad, you deserve some good
    Another busy day, I don't think will get CC done this week as tomorrow looks busy as well.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. I'm saying goodnight to you and Pop and to everyone in the cafe' today. Hoping to get some shuteye as we having SIL and her hubby around sometime in the morning. Hugs xxx