Sunday, 5 March 2017

Your Challenge Cards & Happy Birthday Tracy !

My Challenge Cards

Happy Birthday Tracy

Good Morning Ladies,

First thing i'd like to say to Happy Birthday to our Lovely Tracy, I hope that you got lots of craft goodies for your birthday

I do hope you enjoyed something a little bit different with the Sketch this week, I am hoping that it had you all looking at your stamps a little differently.  Just changing the colour that you stamp with makes a different. 

Janet, I love both of the cards that you have made with that Vintage style stamp, the first card with the pretty air balloon and the lovely old fountain pen, perfect for somebody about to go travelling and is going to document the journey, I love that sentiment too, it's from one of your Stampin up sets "To someone who makes others so happy" , it's so lovely to see you stamping your cards too Janet.
Your second card, using the same stamp, this time using the vintage clock as an embellishment would be perfect for a man! 
Thank you Janet for taking part in this weeks Challenge, I knew it was asking a but more of all of you, but I hope you got something out of it too xxx

Lilian, two beautiful sets of cards, both fit the challenge perfectly, I love the baby cards they are both so cute, those lace edged bibs are so pretty.  
The Watering can cards are lovely too, they work perfectly for both Male & Female cards with just a change of colour as you have shown. 
Thank you so much for taking part Lilian xxx

Margaret, I really wasn't expecting you to be able to make cards this week, so soon after your operation, the pretty Dragonfly die works perfectly on both cards, I think that a man would be just as happy to receive that card as a woman, I love both colour ways.  Thank you my lovely for taking part I do hope that you didn't push yourself before you were ready, mind you it's torture having all those lovely things and not being able to use them xxx

Michele, OMG!! I love these cards, I have these dies and you have 100% inspired me to get them out and play with them, I would struggle to choose a favourite from these two cards, I think the 'male' version might just be my favourite, mainly because Male cards don't usually get me excited like this one has, I love the colours, the stars, the banner, everything!  The girly one is do pretty , sweet without being too sweet, the flowers and pearls are just the perfect embellishments.  Thank you, thank you, once for taking part, twice for inspiring me, I am off to order myself the matching stamps too!  xxx

Karen, you, like Michele have inspired me in so many different ways with this die set,  I think it's a real 'go to' when you have a man card to make, because of  the straight, basic style of the die, you have shown that in your first card, the simple embossing is all that's needed to create a fab Man card.  Then change the paper to a pretty floral, add a few pearls and you have pretty girly card.  You have met this weeks Challenge perfectly, thank you xxx

Maria, Oh my how cute are those puppies!!! Such a lovely stamped image too, just like Lilian's, the change of colour in ink and paper makes the image work perfectly for both Male & Female cards.  Thank you so much for taking part this week Maria, I know I was asking a little more of you than usual.  I really appreciate the time you spent making your cards xxx

Lynda, I am going straight over to buy some sparkle Texture Paste, these two cards are so incredibly beautiful, I love the bird, but most of all I love that super sparkly 'Spirelli' background.  Lynda has written her own instructions so I will paste them below.  Lynda, thank you so much for taking part, you have had a horrendous week, so the fact that you sat and made two gorgeous cards for me means the world xxx

"My two challenge cards i used
CLARITY STAMP HOUSE MARTIN stamped that first on both cards stamped it again on another card & cut it out for a mask then used
That special touch masks from Creative Expressions SPIRELLI
I used cosmic shimmer sparkle texture paste through it with
Then coloured the House Martin with sparkle pens."

Val, a perfect example of this weeks Challenge, two amazing cards, one pink be flowery, the other blue and dotty!  It just highlights that we can get a lot more value out of some of our Stamps and dies than we initially thought, my first thought when buying these things is straight away that I like how it looks, I rarely think of how it will work, or should I say "I used to rarely think of how it worked', because these days I do think about it a bit more.  Val you must have to get the best from every set as you have so many cards to make for the shop.  Thank you so much for taking part Val, I know you have achieved a busy week preparing for your holiday xxx

Ladies, you have smashed that Challenge, well done, you are all amazing!! Thinking cap is on ready for tomorrow, if you have any requests let me know!

Have a lovely Sunday
Love and Hugs


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY Hope you have a great dau and perhaps some crafting goodies in amongst your borthday presents Another great display of cards It certainly made me look at colour etc
    Taking MIL out for lunch today - no cooking yippee!
    Take care all xx

    1. We took Doreen out to lunch as usual before visiting Ellis in the care home.

  2. Morning Ladies

    Happy Birthday Tracy-hope you have a lovely day & get lots of crafty goodies.

    Wow-what an amazing collection of challenge cards. They're all so different-that's what's so amazing. I loved this challenge-so much so that I carried on and made more cards. I wanted to see just how versatile the Swirly Scribbles die set was. Answer is-extremely versatile. I'd seen lots of card on Pinterest made using these Dies do I had lots of ideas to start me off.

    I think a challenge to make 2 cards again would be brilliant-something like both in brown or both using Circles. Easy enough but still a challenge.

    I'm going to get all my housework done this morning and retreat to my craft room this afternoon to start on some wedding cards.


  3. Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful array of CCs this week! The board is full to bursting with colour and inspiration.

    I shall have to go back and have another gaze to take all techniques used in and store one or two to use.

    This week's CC results really do show that you don't have to change much to suit any gender/occasion.
    Looking forward to this week's challenge.

    We actually managed a day without rain or wind yesterday and even had a little sunshine. I think it's going to be a peaceful day here today.

    The CAFE is ready and waiting for you all to pop in.
    TRACY- HAPPY BIRTHDAY - I hope you have a really lovely day.

    HUGE HUGS to you all xxxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all

    Happy Birthday Tracy. Have a wonderful day with lots of surprises.

    Great cards this week ladies. Some wonderful ideas which I'll be using. Maria just love the doggie stamp you've used. Can you let me know what company it's from. Thanks. This challenge really made me think Sandra. I like Michele idea of using one colour and a shape on two cards.

    A lovely sunny day here today and just right for walking around the Sunday Market where I'm just about to go.

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone.
    Love Valxxx

  5. Been thinking about challenges - like MICHELE- pick a colour and/or shape OR how about No patterned paper, be inspired by eg a song/book/TV prog/film

  6. Morning Sandra and to all who are coming in today.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY ! have a wonderful day.

    So many great cards, so many different takes on this weeks CC's. Janet, love the fountain pen. Lilian, the cutest baby onesies. Margaret, aren't you meant to be resting ? lovely dragon fly. Michele, fabulous cards as Val and Karen's too. Lynda, your backgrounds are wonderful and you really see the shine if zooming in. I love them all !
    My friend have something else on today so son will take me to WW and then I guess it will have to be some house work back home that need doing. Wish I had a wand you could just point and it all was done hihi.It's raining so think I leave the walk and start on some cards that needed for later this months instead.
    Have a nice day everyone. Love and many warm hugs ,Maria xxx

  7. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra a superb selection of cards, once again thanks to your suggestion. I must admit I struggled with ideas for this one, but seeing your cards has made me think
    What I could have done,
    Happy Birthday Tracy hope you have a lovely
    Sorry I didn't get in yesterday had Cc's to make & also a sympathy card for a friend who has lost her Mum, & felt too tired last night. Will look at your video later Sandra.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  8. Hello All, another day of extreme weather here, hope the spring flowers will stand the wind.
    Happy Birthday Tracey, hope you have a great day.
    Lovely cards everyone, must admit this one really stumped me, the baby cards are for my cleaner who is expecting any day now, don't know the variety yet.
    Am waiting for my hair colour to take,it's a job I hate doing but a must.
    Have a lovely day everyone, hugs Lilian

  9. Hi everyone.

    What a lovely array of cards to look in on this morning.
    I especially love Michelle's ones. Which dies are those?? I might have to invest in them

    Thank u all for the lovely birthday wishes. I'm just up and graeme is makin my breakfast lol.
    At least I have hair this year for my birthday photos lol as my last week of chemo was this week last year and I was bald as a coot!! However yesterday I gave in to the hair dye and now it's a lovely browny red. I did like the grey but feel better with colour lol.

    Love to all xx

    1. Tracy-it's the Stampin Up Swirly Scribbles set of Dies. I bought them through Sandra, just ordered the matching stamps. The Dies are so versatile that you don't need much else to make some great cards. Just have a look on Pinterest for ideas-there's hundreds.


    2. Belated happy birthday wishes Tracy xxx

  10. beautiful creations ladies tfs
    Elizabeth Bennett

  11. Hello Sandra and all who pop into the Coffee Shop today.

    Tracey HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope you have a lovely day. xx

    Ladies you have excelled yourself with this weeks challenge cards each one of you has made your card so differently yet all are really inspiring.

    Not a lot happening here today, The weather is very changeable woke up to heavy rain then we had an hour or so have beautiful sunshine, now it's raining again. So I guess it's indoors today, maybe I could disappear to my craft room and play.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  12. Hi Sandra & all who pop in today
    Wow some lovely challenge cards today Michele I love your swirly scribble Dies did you get them from China. I'm waiting for some Dies & stencils from China i can't believe how cheep they are. I do get itchy fingers waiting for them.😳
    We have poring rain & cold wind ☔️💨 The sun ☀️ Did come out for about 5 minutes. Haven't done much today just chilling out.
    Just got a cupper so I'm going to drink it .see you later.
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

  13. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tracy. I hope you enjoyed your lay in and breakfast being made for you, and that you have a lovely day x
    A fabulous array of double CC's today which have given me so many ideas for men's cards in particular. Maria, please share where you got that lovely stamp and those gorgeous puppies from.
    Janet, using the ink pen is an inspiration, I would never have thought of that.
    I would be delighted if I could come up with cards like these ladies, thank you for sharing them
    Once again I haven't finished mine but I have get so much inspiration from you all that when I finally get back to card making for more than the few hours with Sandra and Pat each week I won't know where to start, well, actually I think I will have to have a go at the wonderful envelope gift bags as your video is brilliant Sandra. I still find it odd(nicely) that I am watching and hearing someone that I hold very dearly to me when I watch your YouTube videos 😊 that reminds me I must go back and leave a comment on it!
    It's a shame to hear some of you are not too good for various reasons. I'm sending you big hugs.
    Brenda, in answer to your question on Friday, yes I used to know some of my triggers but since hitting "that certain time of life" they have become a real nightmare as every 4 or 5 weeks they come on really fast and with no warning aura, which I always used to get, so it's not good for a few days. My GP said that it's not unusual at my age and as I really do not want to add yet another drug, that often doesn't help anyway, to my daily chemist shop amount then I will just have to wait and see how they pan out over a few more months! Yet another reason why men don't know they are born isn't it 😊
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  14. Hi Sandra
    My oh my you ladies are amazing. To say you smashed it ladies is the understatement of the year. Lilian I think I have the watering can Die you used. Plus I have some Cardio stamps that I've used to make a bunch of flowers.
    You ladies are truly amazing. It's really amazing how each card is different. Hugs to all who need one today.

  15. Totally forgot Tracey I hope you had a lovely Birthday today.