Saturday, 4 March 2017

How to Make A Gift Bag from an Envelope and Craft Shopping

Good Morning Ladies,
I hope you are all relaxed and ready for the weekend, quiet day here, Paul's in bed sleeping off nights and in again tonight and the girls are working.  Matt has gone to sort out his sheep, he had to do any emergency trip last night as Kevin & Brian (the rams) had escaped through a hole in the hedge and were in a neighbour's garden, eating their shrubs!! He went and bought a bottle of wine to apologise. He managed to get them back into the farm but they were scared of the torch so he couldn't get them into the barn.  He wants them all inside now, ready for lambing to start.
So maybe I found your 'culprit'  Janet and Maria !!

I have shared a video today, showing g you how to create the 'Gift Bags ' from an envelope that I shared on my blog a few weeks back, I hope you find it easy to follow.
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Now onto some craft shopping.....

Brenda's Shopping

Brenda you got some lovely goodies, I can see that John Lockwood tempted you into some Gilding Polish in two gorgeous colours and that beautiful 'Papercuts' Die set, I saw a few of the samples and they were amazing!  Those glitter papers were so soft and they didn't shed either, such pretty colours too.  I love the HoneyDoo stamps that you decided to buy too, particularly that flourish, I can't wait until they get all of the dies in for their different flowers!  The Flower Making book from the lovely ladies at Pink Frog Crafts is absolutely brilliant, so detailed and easy to follow, I am looking to seeing you what you make with your new things, thanks for sharing xxx

Margaret's Shopping

Margaret you did really well, were where you hiding all of that?  Sue's trolley
must be like 'Mary Poppins' Carpet Bag !  
You bought some lovely dies, I love the trees, the pink dies (row of trees and street scene) look perfect for Christmas cards, the flower die us really pretty, you will be making flowers to match all of your projects soon, don't use really thick card though,
It becomes too hard to manipulate.  
I see you got a load of the 'Essentials ' too, glue, red tape, pearls, 3D foam etc, you'll be
Surprised how much you can actually get through, you will be stocking
Up again at Ally Pally, I'll have to get Paul to hook up the trailer at this rate! Haga, thank you for sharing your shopping xxx

Sue's Shopping

Sue, you were a good girl this time, you bought some lovely things, I love your 'Robin' die, I can see you starting your Christmas cards with this die.  I loved the card packs you bought, that blue is a gorgeous colour!  You have bought a load of essential items too, I always find that I seem to run out of everything all at once, so these shows are a good place to stock up on all of the everyday items, I couldn't find 'Foam Tape' at the show this time, actually the £1 shops foam tape is ok, it sticks really well, but ours had run out yesterday, I'll have to start on my emergency ration! I'm glad you got a replacement for your 'Pokey Tool' , tell Chris to keep his hands off this one!  Some pretty pearls finish your shopping, I haven't seen the "Mei Flower" stand for a while, even it's online shop has very limited range of products too, I wonder if they are going out of business, such a shame as they had the 'BEST' range of pearls in every shade and size! 
Thanks for sharing your shopping Sue xxx

Pat's shopping

Pat, you went from having hardly any shopping by lunchtime, but you made up for that in the afternoon, you got some fantastic things, the 3 'Diesire Create-a-card' 
Dies are so pretty, I believe they were a bargain "buy2 get1 free' offer too, so it would have been daft not to buy them all, you got some of that lovely Glitter paper too! 
You got some lovely pearlised card too, some pretty glitter Embossing Powders from 'Honeydoo' and their gorgeous 'Christmas Tree' stamp too, I knew you liked it but hadn't realised that you had bought it, mind you we were chatting at that stand for 
Ages!  You got some of the fantastic £1 scissors, that are super sharp, some pretty pearls too, oh and the Anti-Static Bag, I think your old one and mine must have gone on a trip together somewhere, as we haven't seen them for months, I've been using baby powder with a paintbrush, which smells nice but goes everywhere! 
Thanks for sharing your shopping Pat xxx

Well that's just about it from me today, I  hope you find the video helpful.

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-the video is great & I'm definitely going to attempt to make a decorated bag out of an envelope. After making my challenge cards though...!!!

    What a fantastic selection of craft shopping-it all looks so exciting. The last 2 of my cheap dies from China arrived this week plus the Tonic Large number dies so I can have a play this week with my new goodies.


  2. Morning Everyone
    WOW and WOW again!!! Where on earth did Paul put all that shopping for your journey back? SANDRA your car or should I say 'transport' must be the original 'Tardis' lol.
    All four of you were super buyers at Farnborough and I think you all deserve gold stars for selective

    On a serious note though all your purchases look fantastic and wonderful works of art should be coming our way when you get going with your new goodies.

    I'll be looking at the video SANDRA later today as I'm off this morning on our usual shopping trip to Meadowhall. One of the things I have to do is pick up my new specs! and as you can imagine that those have taken my crafting money for a while. I do have some bday money which is for crafty things so I will have to spend that wisely.

    The CAFE doors are open and ready for customers. Fresh flowers are on the tables and yes SANDRA I think you have found our 'nibblers' in Matt's sheep. They will eat anything.
    Huge hugs to you all and have a good Saturday.xxxx

  3. Morning Sandra and ladies.
    Many thanks for the video Sandra I'll look at it later.
    Ladies, you've really done well with your shopping. So many dies and stamps and things. I bet you're all having a lovely play and looking forward to seeing all the lovely cards you make.

    So sorry to read that a lot of you lovely ladies are not well or feeling down at the moment so special hugs go out to LILLIAN LYNDA MARGARET MARIA PAT and SUE. Hope you're all feeling a lot better and brighter

    I've almost finished my cc's Sandra so I'll send it off soon.

    It's Paul birthday on Monday so Lynn is surprising him with a few days in Benidorm.They're back on Tuesday so until then I have the house to myself which means that everything will stay in the right place for a while. They are both so untidy and I seem to spend a lot of my morning tidying up from the night before. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday.
    Love Valxxx

  4. And a very good morning to one and all.

    The sun is shining brightly with a gentle breeze blowing through the trees and larger shrubs. Gardening will have to wait though, everything is still soaking wet from the last three days of rain.

    Lovely hauls ladies, looks as though you had a thoroughly good time at Farnborough. I'm off to the next Craft4crafters Show at the Bath & West Showground on the 6th April. All my big bills come in Jan & Feb so I can put a little back each week for my show purchases.

    PAT, I read your reply to my comment yesterday and I do believe from some of the comments on Facebook, but please put me right if I am incorrect, that is SW&KS's own online trading shop so of course they will have TL in stock. I expect they have read all the backlash and are now trying to recoup some of their losses by contacting former customers.
    Healing prayers and thoughts for both yourself and Pete on this next part of your journey. I tried to find your blog but came up with a blank page to leave a pm.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. I wondered why I had an email from them. Didn't realise that they were an arm of Tattered Lace. I don't have a blog Cheryl, but thanks for the kind thoughts.

  5. Morning all.

    Will go catch ur video shortly. Canny wait to see how uve done the bags. This will be great for me. Thanks for sharing xx

    Oh u have been a busy lot with buying all ur crafting goodyness. I'm not allowed to buy anything just now 😟
    However it's my birthday tomorrow so no doubt I'll get get craft goodies that's why I get put on a spending ban so my hubby n pals can figure out what I don't have lol 😂

    Hope every one that's ill or feeling low perks up soon.
    Lynda u sounded a wee soul yesterday xx

    1. Hi Tracey
      Happy Birthday for tomorrow in case I forget.

    2. Hi Tracey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow, hope you have a great day. xx

    3. Happy birthday for tomorrow Tracey xx

  6. great purchases ladies. I can't wait to see what you do with it all.
    I've just watched the video SANDRA and it's great. I left a comment to say that I need a gift bag for a baby jumper I have just finished. So I'm going to try with an A4 envelope with a slightly bigger gusset and see if the final result will still allow it to fit
    I hope the ladies that are feeling unwell are feeling better today. I'm going to look back and read your comment PAT on SW etc I'm intrigued
    Take care all xxx

  7. Sorry it was both CHERYL and PAT. I haven't seen the FB messages (don't go on there very offten - it annoys me) BUT just to say I rang the company because my "Click Print Go" cd rom (Crafting Dimension one) wasn't working however hard I tried. The response I got was that "that autorun facility has been taken off the cd-roms and only work with the Charisma range" So I told the person that they shouldn't be selling them under that umbrella and tell CC presenters to not "sell" them as that. He went quiet and didn't say anything after that I WILL NOT be renewing my CC membership!

    1. Hi Karen
      Sounds like they want your money no matter what. I wonder what happened to trades description.

  8. Hi Sandra
    Lovely lot of lovely goodies were bought at Farnborough, at least we didn't all buy the same. Saw the Christmas painted in dark purple, Aqua and Green Mica. It really doesn't look like a Christmas tree at all. The glitter card was non shed and is super soft. We had a letter today from the John Radcliffe. Bearing n mind we're waiting for a letter from a Prof Metcalfe re a Cancer Trial. The letter stated due to unforeseen circumstances we've had to cancel your previous appointment at the Heart Centre. We've re arranged the appointment for the 10th March. So it's a phone call to the Heart Centre on Monday to find out what's going on. They've got something wrong somewhere in their system.

  9. Hello Sandra and all,
    I really enjoyed your video Sandra, your instructions were very easy to follow, thank you. xx
    I really enjoyed Farnborough, looks as if everyone else did to, after the first hour everyone seemed to have spread out, it was very relaxed and easy to move around. I met up with my friends the two Brenda's for part of the journey home. They HAD been doing some serious shopping, one of their purchases was a Misti (it was cheaper than any I had looked at) they also had lots of stamps plus card. etc. etc. We all agreed it had been a great day.

    Sorry to say I haven't completed my challenge cards for this week, I had a practice run earlier in the week, but today I just made a mess of it, so sorry I have given up.

    Have a lovely evening everyone, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  10. Hello All, wet all day here.
    Sandra great video, will have a go although I'd probably mess it up, my mojo seems to have gone on holiday.
    Great buys everyone, hope you have fun using them.
    Have a good night all, hugs Lilian

  11. Evening Sandra and all.
    Well done for making another informative and very good to follow tutorial. Think I could give it a go one day. My list to make things getting longer and longer and so is my shopping list or shall I say wish list unless I would win the lottery in the next few weeks. If that happen I would pay for us all to go to a retreat together.
    Your shopping from Farnborough looks great and you all have bought something that I would love to have :)
    I hope your day have been okay and if you sad, poorly or in pain I wish you better soon. Love and many warm hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  12. Hi Sandra & everyone who is up
    Sandra I hope my email with CC wasn't too late.never mind if it was.
    Went over Darren's Sam text to see if we wanted to go silly girl Harry cuddles of course we went & a lovely surprise Alfie was there too which was lovely as he is 11on Monday Sam done him a little birthday party food lunch.
    We all contributed to his birthday present & Darren got him a electric guitar he said to his mum he wanted one for Christmas & when he didn't get it she told Alfie she forgot humm hate that woman. His little face was a picture when Darren gave him it love him.
    I love everyone's shopping you all done so well. Sandra I will look at your video tomorrow & will definitely have a go.
    Love & Hugs for everyone xLynda xxx