Thursday, 16 March 2017

Some of your craft desks !

Tracy's Craft Desk

Janet's Craft Desk

Lynda's Craft Desk

Good Morning Ladies,
Firstly I'd like to thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes yesterday, they really did lift me up, knowing that when i came back through the door you lovely friends would all be asking how i got on  really did  and me feel better.
I did get myself into an anxious mess, but i cant help that the our GP is so lovely, she took her time and listed all of my concerns she arranged for us to go and get x-rays straight away so that we could get the ball rolling, she will look natural my X-rays in about 2 weeks and we will discuss the next plan of action, it depends on what mechanical failure has taken place in my bad hip and the leveling deterioration in the good ;(left) hip (;well it's not so 'good' these days but still better than the other)!
She also said she will organise an OT review, after i explained that i was spending more time laid on our bed than anywhere else as it is the place i can get comfortable.
So we wait now and try and keep busy crafting to keep ourselves from getting too anxious about impending appointments!! 

Now onto today's photos, following on from Cheryl's craft desk share on Saturday, 
Tracy, Janet and Lynda have all shared their craft desks with us, i have to say i am very impressed​, you all put mine to shame!!! 
Tracy, you obviously like watching your craft shows close up! Lol
Otherwise you have a very tidy desk, i cant see many projects in progress though!
Come on get busy! (Only kidding) x thank you for sharing your desk with us xxx

Janet,oh look at that lovely frothy coffee waiting for you there, is it a 'Cotswold cafe' special or did Jim make it for you?
Your craft space looks very organised, i spy your birthday gift, neatly tucked away there! I will reveal all in craft shopping on Friday ! I am most impressed Janet, you have been busy crafting too, it's a lovely light crafting space, which makes a huge difference, mine doesn't get the sun! Thank you so much for taking part Janet xx

Lynda, you look nice you have been busy crafting my lovely, i see you have been testing out every glue on the market (lol)!  You have created a card too, which is perfect reason for a messy desk, one of my biggest frustrations is where to put my die cutting plates, they are all over the place, i need to find a solution​ that works, Paul and i were going to work on that this week, but haven't gotten around to it yet, maybe today! Any Lynda another very organised craft space, i wish i was close enough to come and play!!!Thank you xxx

I would just like to wish all of you that are feeling 'Under par' a brighter day, i hope your pain, suffering and anxiety all get less and less as the day progresses. 

Love and hugs



  1. Margaret Palmer16 March 2017 at 09:15

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra so pleased you are being looked at lets hope you get results of xrays soon. Sending
    I cannot believe I am first in this morning I am trying to see if it will publish my comment.
    I love all the photos I will try & remember to take one next time.
    Sending hugs to all who are suffering love

  2. Hello All, Sandra so glad you are going to get some help with your pain.

    Your desks all look so much tidier than mine when I'm crafting, also have the problem of plates getting in the way, I have to put everything away each time as its my work room as well, it's glitter that is the problem it seems to go everywhere.

    Sorry to hear some of you are having a tough time, hope things improve soon

    Sandra loved the cards you have made recently, you certainly show stamping up off to the very best.
    Have a good day all, hugs for all Lilian

  3. Hello everyone,

    And I thought I was the only one with my craft table permanently in use. Ladies, well done on sharing yours.

    So glad things are moving onwards for your Sandra re your pain and X-rays. it is so refreshing when your doctor actually listens and takes charge to get appts arranged etc.
    Back to the dentist today, my new teeth are giving me some gyp. Bottom set fine, just a slight rubbing at the front under my tongue, bonjela cures that in no time but the top, although they fitted perfectly when I first had
    them, over the last week every time I eat something it feels as thought they are pinching my gums an they are so sore too. Hope she can sort them out.

    Squashy gurt big comfort blanket hugs to everyone not feeling up to par.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    So pleased Sandra that you made that important first step of seeing you GP and that she has set the ball rolling. Lots of hugs to
    Love you craft room photos ladies. Great to see where you do your creating.
    Haven't felt to good this week. On my third day of anti biotics for a chestinfection. Honestly wish I was at home in my own bed but I'm not so have
    to make the most of it. Leaving my brothers in Liverpool today to go and stay
    with my friend on The Wirral
    Lynda so sorry to hear of your exploits at the hospital. Do hope Terry is
    responding to the medication and is slowly feeling better. Hugs and thoughts to
    both of you.
    Pat Thinking of you and Pete at this trying time. Thoughts and prayers with you both.
    Hugs to all those not feeling so good today or having other problems especially Maria, Karen and Cheryl.
    Bye for now.
    Love Valxxx

  5. Great photos ladies I wills end mine in wen I remember to take camera upstairs I hav a (cheap) plastic set of drawers right next to me and my cutting plates are stored in a drawer at arm's reach Card etc is stored around itwhat I like about them is a) they're opaque and I can see what's in them and b) they're drawers rather than boxes
    So glad you went to drs SANDRA I hope you get some relief soon
    I'm feeling tons better - still tired & coughing but a lot better
    Take care all especially SANDRA MARIA and LYNDA
    PS I have bought my ticket for Saturday's Ally Pally
    Was lovely to see SONIA in yesterday x

  6. Hello Sandra and all,

    Sandra, I'm so pleased things are moving forward for you, hope the X-ray reveals the problem. Sending gentle squishy hugs. xxx

    Gosh my day is fat running away from me, we were up bright and early, the washing that was pegged out is dry. Fortunately it's not stuff that needs ironing, just John's gardening and dirty job gear. Just a smooth out and fold up, no one would know the difference, I hav also made our dinner for later, a Lasagne will just have to cook the vegetables when we get back from taking Ciara swimming and making tea for them. In the mean time John said to me, you could do with another shelf in the cupboard over the oven, yes that's what he is doing now. Baking tins, cake tins all over the kitchen table. But I know he will do a good job. I will just have to everything back in it's new home when he has finished.

    Ladies, I should feel ashamed to say it, your craft tables look tidy against mine. I have the smallest bedroom as my craft room. So everything is job in progress. It winds John up he is such a tidy person ( what do they say - opposites attract ) try as I do, no sooner have I got it all tidyish, then start a new project the gremlins come in and make a mess - It's not me !!!!

    My appointment at the hospital went well, nothing sinister I'm pleased to say, but am now being referred to a urologist. Think it's this getting older that's the problem.

    Following on the getting older issue, I was looking on Pinterest for ideas for a 60th birthday card. And really laughed when I saw one, it said 60 only equals 15 in scrabble. Brilliant- thought I would just share that with you.

    Hope you are all having a good day, will check in later to see what everyone has been up to. Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

  7. Afternoon Ladies

    Not sure if I didn't press Publish this morning or I just didn't comment!

    I just love to see where everyone creates their wonderful works of art.

    Been down to see the progress in the Aseptic Unit-oh it filthy!! Just been planning a timetable for us to start cleaning & testing-it will probably be 4 weeks after the 27th before we can even think about using the Unit to makes drugs. We'll start to move out of our temporary location over those 4 weeks-I'm not rushing it this time.

    I had a lovely play in my craft room last night-still got a list of cards to make though.


  8. Afternoon Everyone
    Sorry I'm late but I've tried a few times this morning and each time the internet has gone wonky!!

    Anyway lovely to see where others craft and how they craft. Mine is in the dining room and so has to be reasonably tidy as all is on view.

    I'm currently sat waiting for the piano tuner to arrive. I've had to move everything off the piano so everything is upside down. Good thing he only comes once a year lol.

    BRENDA- pleased to hear everything went well.
    SANDRA - pleased your GP visit went well and your on your way to be sorted.

    HUGE HUGS to you all. xxxx

  9. Hi Sandra
    I'm so glad your dr was so understanding and got thenball rolling ASAP. That will be a huge relief and will put your mind at rest. At least for the time being anyway.
    Loved seeing your craft spaces ladies, which mine looked that good.
    Well bad news on the Peter front. Pete went down to the Drs have get his results. Dr Jones rang him at 6.30 and spoke to him. At 7.30 Dr Simmons rang him to arrange an appointment to see him at 11.00 after his bloods for the hospital. I had to leave at 11.15 as I had to take Doreen to register Ellis's death. I rang him at 12.15 to see if he got home walking to hear he was still at the Drs. So I took Doreen home and went down the Drs to pick him up. It turns out he had two ECGs at the Drs. They found he had an irregular and intermittent heart beat. This wasn't picked up on Monday. The Dr rang Cardiology at the JR who wanted him to go straight to the hospital to have a pacemaker fitted. While the Dr was talking to us, the hospital then decided he could either go straight away or be booked in for the op early next week. Pete decided to wait. However, he's not allowed to drive as he could collapse at any minute. Plus if he feels any worse that ge does now to call for an ambulance straight away.
    Do you feel like stop the world I want to get off.
    Plus Dr MacAuley rang yesterday to say he should be ok to go on a trial, and talked him through all it entailed. However, it consists of going to Oncology once a week to go on a drip for two hours, this will ve for ever apparently or until it no longer works. We see them again on Monday.
    Hugs to all who need them today.

  10. Hi everyone.
    Lovely day today sun is shining and I feel exhausted so off out I went needless to say the fresh air seems to perk me up. Lol

    Now Sandra u little minx, my mothersday stuff is all sitting neatly prepped sitting on that desk just waiting to be assembled at the time lol

    As for the tv it's just there temporary till graeme gets a bracket to put it on the wall as we shifted the room around to fit a bed in finally lol. I don't have that bad an eyesight!! LOL 🤓 Xx

    Glad ur on the road to getting ur hips fixed. It's no good when they go. My moms had both replaced and now her first one needs redone lol however it's lasted 14 years so not. As I thought xx

    Love to all xx

  11. Hello everyone.
    Just in quickly to wish everyone better who are suffering for one reason or other.
    So sorry to see that Pete is not doing so well, sending you both some hugs.
    Fun to see your work places, where you creating your lovely cards etc. Will send you mine soon.
    Sandra, glad you went and so hope the doctor will be able to do something to help and to ease your pain.
    Brenda, glad it wasn't anything sinister.Take care
    Lovely to see you in yesterday Sonia, I have missed you.
    Cheryl, hope your teeth soon fit better.
    Big hugs to Terry and you Lynda xx
    My voice is better but woke this morning and have conjunctives in both eyes so my sight is limited for now. So glad I was better yesterday because my SIL came up from London and we went and saw 'The play that goes wrong' it was hilarious ! Keep pressing the wrong buttons so I wish you all a good evening. Many hugs to you all Xxxx

  12. Hi Sandra and everyone. So pleased you managed to get the x-rays so quickly Sandra, hope you get some answers soon x
    Pat, sorry to hear about Pete. Sounds like its been a tough time lately for you both x
    Brenda, glad your appointment went well, and was nothing too sinister x
    Love seeing others crafting tables/spaces. Mine is all over the dining room table - thus we won't be eating dinner at it anytime soon, lol.
    Hoping everyone has had a good day. Hugs to all and extra for anyone not too well xxx