Monday, 9 January 2017

Monday Sketch Challenge

Sketch Challenge Card

The Sketch

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I have gone for the 'Traditional' sketch style Challenge this week, I hope you find this one a fun and interesting challenge.  
I will alternate from time to time between these style sketches and the card shape/ fold Challenges, I think that although they are more of a challenge it's good to have a change from doing flat cards. A different card shape also makes you think about how to embellish it differently too, sometimes that's just what our 'mojo' needs.

Now I want to draw your attention to the flowers I have used on my card, they are made from coffee filters, I have made a tutorial video explaining how to make them, it does have a few 'comedy gold' moments as I try to dry the petals with the heat gun, but that's what crafting is supposed to be right,? Laughter is the best medicine, I can promise you will laugh!  I will share it with you later this week.  
I will share a sneak peek of the flowers below.....

Coffee Filter Flowers 

Have a lovely day ladies, I hope it's the start of great week.

Love and Hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Lovely card Sandra & a great sketch. I like the idea of us having a shaped card challenge thrown in sometimes-it's good to try something different .

    Looking forward to watching your video on the coffee filter flowers.

    Off to get ready for work-no doubt it will be busy and I'll be trying to move more paperwork & furniture to our temporary location!


    1. Hi Michele. I hope your worki g day isn't so busy that you can't get to move anything to the temporary unit! Take care x

  2. Morning Everyon
    A beautiful card to start the week and I lovely looking Challenge too. I will be doing my best to see what I can do.

    MICHELE - I hope you're not moving too heavy articles (furniture, cabinets etc) and that you will have some porters to help. Don't forget you're out 'DESIGNATED CAFE FIRST AIDER' so we don't want you injured lol.

    We have a very foggy and damp start here this morning so different from the last week.

    I have some inserts to do today and then take photos so I can send them off to SANDRA. After that who knows what will pop up.

    Dobbie should have arrived as he set off in good time this morning so unless he hit fog over the channel and the M25 being used as a car park everything should be ready for everyone to pop in. I've sent a few 'pain au raison' this morning along with the usuals so I hope they arrive 'unnibbled' lol.

    A huge welcome to our new Friends. We're all very friendly and don't bite - really we don't.

    Have a good day everyone with HUGE HUGS for you all.

    1. Hi Janet. Sorry you've got gloomy weather like us today. Dobbie arrived safely with those delicious pain au raisin, unnibbled too thank you ☺ Take care x

    2. Hi Janet
      Looks like you've gone from one extreme to the other. From snow to dull and foggy. That is unless the snow is still about.

  3. Lovely card and verse , looking forward to the video i will watch later.
    Have a good day everyone.

  4. Hello all, very dark and gloomy here.
    Love the card and the sketch, and the flowers, will wait with eager anticipation for the video.
    In a rush this morning, we have a new cleaner comming today, ( previous one off pregnant) so a bit of tidying need, got a bit lazy with having not having a cleaner since before Christmas, tough doing all my own though, as I find bending hard these days.
    Start of diet day today, have put on a stone in a year, so something has to be done.
    Hope all have a lovely day, hugs on the way, Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian. We have similar weather here today, roll on Spring! I hope your new cleaner is good. Take care x

    2. I could do with losing a few pounds or more myself Lilian. Hope your cleaner is up to the mark.

  5. Morning Sandra,

    Beautiful CC and flowers, look forward to the video.

    Having another go at decluttering my bedroom, thought I had almost finished until I found a couple of boxes underneath my clothes rack. Our charity shop will be bursting to the seams if I carry on at this rate, hehe.
    New Year, new beginnings as they say so here goes. I might surface later to pop back in to read your daily comments.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl. Do you fancy doing g my sorting when you've done yours? Charity don't get as many donations now with people selling their items o. Facebook, Gumtree etc. so they will be grateful for your donations. Take care x

    2. Wow Cheryl
      You are getting ruthless with your de cluttering. My Pete could do with a hand de cluttering his shed. He's still got things belonging to his Mum in there and she passed away over 20 yrs ago.

  6. Great sketch I cannot wait to see the video. Hope the clear outs go well ladies, both clothes and work stuff. I saw a great pin on Pinterest yesterday about up-cycling old sweaters into hats, fingerless gloves, arm warmers, mittens, scarves etc
    It seems so dark here at the moment, trying new glasses for work today and so far they are awful. I am getting so fed up with this to-ing and fro-ing to the opticians
    I'll try and pop in later ladies. Take care x

    1. Hi Karen. Fingers crossed you get on well with these glasses. Can we see your jumper recycling, sounds really good. Take care x

    2. My word Karen your glasses saga seems to have been going on for ages. I hope they get sorted soon.

  7. Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Lovely card Sandra and the Challenge is a good one, I think hihi.
    Hope you all have a good day, clearing, cleaning ,working and trying out new glasses, hope they get better for you soon Karen.
    Elaine- how are you ? and how is things going for Andrew ? sending you both some hugs
    Tracy- everything still going well at work ?
    I'm off out with OH and not sure when back but will try to get back in for one of the pain raisin that Janet sent over, they sound yummy. Love and hugs to you all, Maria Xxx

    1. Hi Maria. I hope you and OH have a good day out, whatever you do. Take care x

  8. Good morning Sandra and everyone,

    What a beautiful card you are showing us today for this weeks CC. You have really set the bar high...... I am working towards, as they say in primary school.

    Hope you enjoyed you roast yesterday with the help of your assistants.

    To day we have friends husbands funeral, hairdresser friend will also be there, she hope to have the dat and time of her husbands funeral later today. her eldest son who lives in Edinburgh is staying until after his Dads funeral, he is being such a strength to her. Helping sort out so many things.

    Wishing you all a good day, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda. How nice to see your girls unexpectedly yesterday. I'm sure they feel better now they have actually seen you. I hope all goes as well as it can today at the funeral. Your hairdresser must be so grateful to have her son to help her through this sad time. I hope you are better each day. Take care x

    2. Hi Brenda,
      So many funerals, so sad, I bet your hairdresser is so thankful that her son has stayed to help get things sorted out, we did same for my mum, there are so many things to think about from cancelling car insurance (I was shocked and disgusted that they charge an administration fee for cancelling a policy if someone has died)!, Sorting banks and life insurance etc, mum had no clue about any of them, we spent a good two days calling round, paying things off etc, leaving Mum free to think about dads funeral.
      Now,about yesterday's roast, I did it in stages, Lucy did make Yorkshire's but that was as far as their help went, they were both too busy revising apparently, I explained that they needed to learn so they could cook for themselves when the leave home, Sophie's response was "mum I'm always going to be your baby, I won't be leaving home anytime soon", by the time Paul walked in I was about fit to drop, it's so frustrating, I love cooking for my family and love seeing the table all laden with their favourite foods but it's just too much now, as a result I finally got my pain under control at about 3.45am, so I didn't get much sleep, today has just been written off !!
      I hope you don't suffer too much from being stood out in the cold Brenda,
      Love and hugs,

    3. Hi Brenda
      Such a sad time of the year to have funerals. I think the weather suits the mood. Lovely that your hairdressers can stay down to help his Mum with all the sorting.
      If your standing out just make sure your wrapped up warm. Gentle hugs coming your way.

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies,
    Lovely card Sandra. Love the flowers and looking forward to your video. Will get the cc done early this week so I can get it to you before I go away.

    Not a good day for me today. It's 13 years since Allan passed very suddenly. He was 59, far to young. I can't believe it was so long ago, just as vivid as yesterday. Although I didn't want it to at the time, life goes on and I love my life over here in Spain. I just wish he could have shared more of it with me.

    As I say, life goes on. I have to take my 3 cats in for their annual injections this morning. Really bad timing just before my hols but they have to have them as they go to stay with a very nice man who runs a home from home cattery. It's such a lovey place, they even have small settees to lie on in the day room and are only put in their rooms at night.

    Gracie always goes to a really nice couple who live around the corner. They are in their 80's and lost their own dog a few years ago. Gracie loves it there once she gets used to. She sleeps on their bed and goes for a walk to the beach every day and I know she's well looked after.

    Well I'd better go and round up the cats. As soon as I get their pet carriers out the dissappear.

    Have a good day everyone. Hope all the sorting out moving furniture and tidying goes well.
    Love Valxxx.

    1. Val sending special hugs to

    2. Hi Val I'm sending you big gentle hugs and am thinking if you today. It's good to hear that your pets are so well cared for while you are away. Good luck with catching the cats! Take care x

    3. Hi Val,
      Thinking of you today and sending huge hugs, these anniversaries bring so much heartache, the pain doesn't get any less either. I am so pleased that you feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts, that is something I have always been passionate about, Having a place to be able to share your thoughts and worries without feeling guilty, I don't mind how long your posts are either, I find it helps to just write things down sometimes.
      We all stand beside you Val as friends to help ease your pain, I hope that gives you a little comfort, the hugs are on their way, they are super soft and gentle hugs xxx

      I can totally sympathise with catching the cats, our two don't like going to the Vet at all, the last appointment we had I had to call vets twice to change the time as despite our best efforts Bella had no intention of getting in that basket, Milo will cooperate if there are treats on offer, so he was in the basket first, by the time we had managed to round Bella up we looked like we had been in a bar brawl, we had blood dripping from arms, legs,my chest too (where she had latched with her claws)! You could see the amusement on the vets staff faces as we limped in, to add insult to injury the vet can just reach in and calmly take them out of the basket and pop them back in after, neither cat struggled or did the 'cat starfish' (where they stretch out their limbs so they won't fit in the basket opening)!
      When we get home we open basket up and let them out, we have always left basket open so they become familiar with it, the cheeky beggars will go get in it and sleep after we have got back from vets!
      Hope your appointment goes well Val and you manage to get them loaded up without drama!
      Love and hugs sweet friend,

    4. Hi Val sending you gentle hugs today. It's so lovely to gear of someone who can get on with their life when a partner passes away. My SIL only goes on about how her daughter died and her treatment over 8 yrs ago. Not something Pete wants to keep hearing. I keep dropping hints but she's oblivious. She makes sandwiches and eats them on the beach on Christmas Day. She told us she was reading poems about people dying over Christmas. So so sad.

    5. Thank you so much ladies for your thoughts. As you say Sandra it doesn't get any easier on these days. I do try and stay strong as I know that's what Allan would want me to be but it is hard sometimes.
      I think it's sad about your SIL Pat. Everyone has to grieve but I think there comes a time when other close people want to talk about the Happy times they had not dwell on the sad parts. I do hope she gets to that place soon.
      Sandra you made me laugh with your cat story. That's just what Kit did today, went stiff and did a starfish. We only managed to take 2. Harvey sat on the roof of the shed over the road eyeing us up and no am out of cat treats would bring him down. We were telling the vet and he said next year just ring and he'll come out to the house and see to the cats for no extra charge. I thought that was really good. In the meantime we have to catch and take Harvey in tomorrow.
      Well just heard the microwave ding . I think my chilli is heated up.
      Have a good evening everyone. xxx

    6. Hi Val, I'm sending some special hugs for you today and hope you be ok.
      You and Sandra's cat stories made me smile, hope you manage to get hold of Harvey tomorrow xx

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies

    Georgeous card. Coffee filters used as flowers??? Now that's a new thing I'll definitely have a go at that. Will look forward to the tutorial on it 😊

    Maria. Things are going well at work now thexmas period is over things are settling down again. Onholiday nowfor two weeks so I get a well earned rest. Hubby is off too.
    My pal Janice is still off sick she works in the store with me too so I'll go see her a lot and try perk her up xx

    Still need Sandra's email to send the card picture

    Love to all xx

    1. Hi Tracy. I hope you enjoy your holiday with lots of crafting. What crafts do you do, and which is your favourite? Take care x

    2. Hi Mrs b. I mainly do card making and flower wreaths on request. I just love fresh flowers. I used to do mosaics too years ago but was an expensive hobby. Also had a go at encaustic art but didn't quite get the knack of it lol x

    3. Hi Tracy
      I hope you have a lovely 2 weeks off.

    4. Have a nice holiday and enjoy whatever you and OH get up to ,take care x

  11. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely challenge this week, look forward to
    Brenda hope funeral goes as well as it can, wrap up
    Karen it is about time they got your glasses sorted for you, good luck with this
    Michele good luck with your move, it must make life very difficult for
    Good to see Tracy & Elaine in each day you are most
    Cheryl good luck with sort out, I think about it but something else always seems to be more important, that's my excuse any way!!!Xxx
    Janet forward to my "pain and raisin" go well with my
    Maria enjoy time out with Rick, I have to take Pop for xray on his hip today so hope we don't have to wait too
    Lynda hope you are feeling better & Terry of course, sending
    Must get on washing nearly ready to come out & hoovering waiting to be done.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Mum. You are usually in and out of x ray quickly aren't you so I hope it's the same today for Pop. Love to you both xxx

    2. Hi Margaret,
      I hope Pops gets on ok with X-ray, not sure your washing will dry outside today mind, I hate having wet washing hanging around the house on Airers etc, roll on the Spring sunshine.
      Have any of you tried those 'smelly balls' that you put in with your washing (I originally thought that they went in the drier), I noticed that they were on offer in Asda yesterday at £3, Paul just gave me that 'look', he thinks that they are a gimmick, I tend to agree, I would have thought that the smell would get rinsed away.
      Have any of you used them?

    3. Not tried that sort, but have the tumble dryer balls, supposed to be instead of dryer sheets, as I don't like the smell of those, seem to work, they are made of hard plastic.

    4. Hi Sandra,
      Xray went well only in hospital for about 20mins.
      I do not attempt to lut washing out this time of year even if it's sunny, the sun does not get round until about 2pm so use my dryer.
      I have used the balls but found they were on special price to start with but gradually got dearer & I think the perfume got weaker or else you got used to it.
      Love & hugs Margaret xxx

  12. Hi Sandra and all in Cafe today. Your C C is beautiful Sandra.I'm glad you have done a video of the coffee filter flowers as I loved the first ones you had a go at a few weeks ago ☺ I hope you all enjoyed your roast beef yesterday dinner with the girls helping you. As Mum said I have never been very interested in cooking the day to day meals and now Chris does most of it. Our three all love cooking too. From toddlers they all stood by us in the kitchen helping to prep, mix, weigh etc. and now they do the same with their children.
    Lots of you are putting me to shame with all of the sorting out you are doing but I have at least made a start with my craft stash.
    I hope you all have a good day. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Brenda and Val. Take care xx

  13. Good afternoon Sandra & all in today
    Yesterday's challenge cards were all gorgeous & your sketch today looks
    Lovely. I love your coffee filter flowers look very pretty look forward to your video
    I'm starting on my diet today can't believe how much I have put on considering I haven't really felt like eating. Since I've had this terrible bug 🐜 that doesn't want to leave me & nothing tastes right. So might do the 5.2 Diet again as that did work last watch this space ( 🀐not to close 😁) Must try some exercises.I go to the cardiac rehabilitation next week so will see if they can give me advice on some exercise.
    We have Rain again very dark & cold
    I don't think Terry had the bug as bad he just had normal Man cold. No coughing he is fine.
    I have πŸ’‰Test tomorrow
    Tracy glad work has calmed down. Have a good holiday are you going away?
    Be nice for Janice if you go round &see her & cheer her up.xx
    Elaine good to see you again any news on Andrew hope he's doing ok Bug Hug's for you both.
    Hope everyone's cleaning & sorting out goes well for you all.
    Take care love Lynda xxx

  14. Hi Tracy your emai has just come through Graeme's card is really good
    Did he do all the Die cutting as well no stopping him now did he make the second card too. Watch out he might pinch your craft room πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Sending him a well done Hug xx

    1. Hi Lynda
      Do you want to send it through to Sandra so we can all have a look. Hope you and Terry are feeling a bit better today. Hugs are on there way.

    2. lol yes he did it all by himself. No the really good card was one Janice found on Pinterest for me x

    3. Good luck with 5:2 and with the blood sucking tomorrow. Hope you are easier to give any then me the other day, it was like watching paint dry hihi Hugs xx

  15. Hi Sandra
    Love today's card especially your tea bag flowers. Sue and I saw you experimenting a few weeks ago. Look forward to seeing the video.