Saturday, 21 January 2017

Angela's Rocker Cards & Michele's 2nd Bargain Die Review

Good Morning Ladies,

Have you all got a fun weekend planned? Not much planned here, I am hoping to spend some time in my Craft room .

I heard from Our Val, she is having a fantastic time.......

"Anyhow, having a great time here. Nothing much to do except lie on the beach eat and drink. They've been making me the most amazing non alcoholic cocktails. It's such a hard life.

Well must go, off into dinner now. I must have put on a stone. The food is delicious and the deserts out of this world. I'll worry about the weight when I get home!!!

We fly back to UK on Sunday then 5 days in North Wales.

I think I've come away at the right time. My village in Spain has had snow for the first time in many years and yesterday it was thundering and lightening with lots of flooding. Yuk."
Lots of love 
Val xx

Angela has sent us some photos of Rocker Cards she made recently, they are amazing.

Thank you so much Angela for inspiring us, it's lovely to see something different,
Hopefully we will see you in a few weeks at Farnborough xxx

Now a look at Michele's 2nd delivery of her bargain dies........

A lovely range of dies Michele, something for everyone in your collection. Here is the information Michele has given us.....

 My quick diecuts. The box die was £4.45.
Motorbike die was £3.16, circles die was £2.37-it has no outer cutting edge so you can make it whatever size you need or use it to stamp a background. House dies were £1.51!! All in all I think they're bargains and once again, cut like a dream.
Michele xx

Thank you for you brilliant review Michele, the link ladies is in the post featuring Michele's first die haul last Thursday.

Matt is feeling better today, he asked me to thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes.

Sending Love and hugs to all of you,


I am now off to find a comfy chair to sit and wait for Janet's pastry review!!!!

Oh and did any of you spot the 'mistake' in yesterday's post???


  1. Morning Everyone
    We are well below freezing again here with a beautifully crafted white world by Mr Frost.

    ANGELA- your 'Rocker' cards are beautiful and can be made for any gender or occasion.
    I have one or two which I purchased from CraftUPrint many years ago and they are such fun to do.

    MICHELE - you've done it again!! Fantastic dies at fantastic prices and you have shown us how beautifully they cut too. I will be having a search in China lol.

    We had a shortened version of our Friday Market visit in that we used the car to stop and shop and then move on as it was so cold and I just cannot cope with being outside in such low temps. The Café was really buzzing yesterday morning with all the regulars there - Mrs Gossip in full flow (I only hope that the people she was talking about wasn't anywhere near lol)with the usual gamblers in their corner placing their daily bets and lovely Mrs Tiny (she is so small in height that she resembles a doll)and her husband.

    Our Evening meal finished with beautiful pastries so here goes:-
    JIM - decided to have a slice of Fruit Flan - this resembles our 'custard tart' but a piece cut from a large flan and the 'custard' part is very different in texture. This particular flan had cherries in it with a little liquor for cherry flavour.
    I had - something called 'Pere Robert' - this was once again a rectangular cake with marzipan for the base; on top of that the most beautifully smooth mousse flavoured with pears; the next layer was a very smooth caramel covered again with a layer of the mousse and finished on top with the usual shiny gel with dark chocolate running through and the finishing touch a beautifully shaped piece of pear. It just all melted in the mouth.

    As you can imagine after all that we were completed 'stuffed' and relaxed for the rest of the evening in front of the log burner that is I did while Jim did the pots (I cook he washes up).

    LILIAN/PAT - if all of us who are owners (or husbands) of titanium joints trade them in we could all have a wonderful time meeting up somewhere nice and warm with the proceeds. What do you all think Girls. Unfortunately when I had to have one of mine replaced they wouldn't let me have the old one hehehe
    Sorry I hope our new Friends don't think we're completely ga ga.

    I hope that you're all snug and warm this morning as I saw that you had been told to subzero temps last night. Stay safe if going out.

    I sent one or two pastries - well enough for everyone with Dobbie last night for today's Afternoon Tea. Enjoy them all. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet, I didn't know you could have a replacement, replaced! Can I ask how long the first one lasted, as I had such a terrible time having the first one done. Hope it warms up soon for you.

    2. Hi Janet
      My word my mouth is watering at the thought of the pastries you bought. It's also freezing here with thick frost. Have to defrost the car to pick Doreen up to go shopping. Well, we'd still have to go anyway. Pete likes the crust off of fresh bread. Well it's his turn for it this week.
      I'm up for selling our spare parts. The only trouble we probably need them for getting about. Petes clips are holding together his new Bowel they name. Clever stuff these surgeons do isn't it. My hips are supposed to last 20yrs, but your welcome to them after that. Hips I do know can be replaced.

    3. Hi Lilian,
      I am on my 3rd hip on my right side, I think they are supposed to last a good ten years but my situation was complicated, I will explaiñ another time xx

    4. Hi Lilian,
      I have had left hip 12 years & my right hip almost 12 years, hope they last abit

  2. Hello again SANDRA
    I hope MATT has returned to his normal colour this morning or has he to stay blue for the rest of the year? hehehe

  3. Morning Ladies

    Angela-your rocker cards are really lovely.

    My bargain dies arrived yesterday which was a week earlier than they quoted so I was really pleased. Had a quick play as you can see in the photos but I'll use my new Dies to make some cards soon.

    We have heavy frost here this morning but I think it's going to be a lovely day. I need to nip to the butchers then hubby & I are off into Liverpool. I need to get my Swatch watch fixed and want to call into Lakeland for a couple of things.

    Val-glad to hear your having a great time.


    1. It looks like we both like the same dies I bought the beautiful Pattern Heart - £1.69 Might not get here until 15th March but at that price... And as I'm glancing through I'm thinking .. I like that one and that one - all of which you have bought lol!

  4. Something else I've never made - rocker cards, very pretty ANGELA
    The pastries were delightful JANET and calorie free Thank you for sending them over
    Glad to hear MATT is getting better and No I didn't spot the mistake SANDRA
    Fingers crossed I think I am over the worst of my cold Not going to risk going out etc So another duvet day with my knitting and the tele...

  5. Your holiday sounds lovely VAL But I'd have to be drinking those lovely non-alcoholic cocktails in the shade

  6. MICHELES house dies, they are for me. Will make a super background on
    A. Christmas card, perhaps lined up, muted colours, I'm planning ahead already, ha ha.

    1. Hi Angela, love your rocker cards. Sorry I put they were Michele's in my comments. To early for Christmas for me, although I did by some Christmas dies.

  7. Hi Sandra
    I love Michele's rocker cards. Plus Michele's dies. I ordered some circle,oval and squares pinpoint dies all at £3.00 something each. I think they're about 4 inches that's if I've converted from mm to inches correctly. I think they were from a different site than Michele's. Although later on I found the squares at £2.00 something.
    I'm glad that Matt is feeling much better now. Looks like the mess have kicked in. How's your Sciatica now Sandra? And have you made an appointment with the Dr yet. Don't want your hip to get so bad you won't be able to walk at all.
    No, I didn't spot the mistake either. Enjoy your crafting.

  8. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for passing on Val's message, sounds perfect glad you are having a lovely time Val. Hope you Sandra have a lovely crafty weekend. Yes I did notice you used Matt on your card, pleased he is feeling
    Michele your dies look very interesting & such good value, look forward to seeing your
    Angela your rocker cards are brilliant,oh dear there is soo much for me to learn I never realised there were soo many shapes you could do,at least 8 will not have time to get bored.he
    Lovely sunny but very frosty day here, hope the cold will kill off some of these flu hugs.
    Janet pastries were lovely & the one you had sounded divine, thank you for making my mouth
    Maria hope you got some sleep, when do you go on holiday?Xxx
    Lynda sounds as if you had fun sorting Margaret's goodies out, keep in the
    Brenda sounds as if you are on the road to recovery but please take
    Karen enjoy your knitting & TV does us all good to have days like that, pleased to hear cold is
    Lilian your cards are beautiful, we all have our different styles, you are an artist. Hope knee is easier
    Must get on sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  9. Morning All, grey and cold here.
    Just finished my ironing which I normally hate, but it was lovely and warm and I had the tennis on the telly, the Brits are doing really well.
    Angela your rockers are great, the grandchildren would love them.
    Good dies Michele, I'm resisting looking as I've spent to much on craft, but end up using old dies.
    Val glad to hear you are having a good holiday.
    Janet the pastries sound yummy, I weighed this morning first time since Christmas, oh dear, not a good reading, will have to do something or else GP will not be happy.
    Sandra, goes to show you had your mind on your son when you were typing.

    Well I'd better go and put away the 9shirts I've just ironed , have a lovely Saturday all, hugs Lilian

    1. One of my pet hates ironing shirts. Well ironing full stop really. I also put on weight over Christmas. Well it's a shame to waste the chocolates isn't it.

  10. Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Lovely Rocker cards Angela, never made one before.
    Michele- your new dies are great once again. Like the motorbike,the circle die and the prices are amazing.
    Have just had a cup of a 2nd teabag used hihi and dreamed and got the taste for a little while of your pastries Janet, they sound real yummy. Can't wait to put my teeth into a real one tomorrow afternoon tihi.
    Sandra,Brenda, Karen, Lynda, Elaine and to anyone not feeling to good, I wish you better and hope the weekend will give you some rest.
    Lovely to hear from Val and she is having a nice holiday.
    I posted a comment late last night, sat here to about 3 am and then woke at 6.30 am when son came home from work. OH snoring loudly next to me made me get downstairs and started slowly packing. The pill box is filled for us both, still amazed they not stopped us at the security control, only been told to delete the photo I took of my siste-in-law when in the area oops hihi
    Have a nice Saturday everyone. Many warm hugs, Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria
      Sounds like your going away soon. We're off up to Bet's Wed morning until Sunday. We're going to have a meal on Sunday at a restaurant by Gnome Magic. Which is just before you hit the A120 going to Harwich coming from Colchester.

  11. Morning everyone.

    Angela the rocker cards look fab. Michelle I'll need to look back and try the link for the bargain dies. Really love the circles and the houses too.

    Still in bed Janice was over last night forcheering up so I'm a little hung over lol poor graeme had to go back to work this morning he wasn't looking forward to it.
    She took me to craft shop again this week that's two trips and another £40 spent. It's so easy in there well she picked what she wanted me to use plus a few other things. Lol aye a very expensive card I hear u say just as well I can use them for others hee hee. Surprised graeme didn't say anything but I guess as we had the good news of just cysts he let me off with it!! Lol.

    Love to all xx

    1. Sounds like you having a big spend up Tracy, enjoy.

  12. Hi Sandra so pleased Matt is feeling better , and i hope your sciatica is easier too ? .
    Beautiful rocker cards , i have never made one of these Mmmm maybe i will try one soon.
    OMGoodness those bargain dies are to die for , i love them all Andrew my son is motorbike mad i must try to get this die .
    So pleased Val is having a fab holiday.
    Stay warm everyone and big hugs to all. xx
    Elaine H X

  13. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. As I forgot to comment yesterday I have to tell you how much I loved your hexagonal card. You have such a talent for making your cards look stunning, and I wish I could match colours like you do. I'm glad that Matt is feeling better, (and isn't blue like he was yesterday 😊) let's hope they get his results to him ASAP, the waiting is always the worst bit I think. I hope your sciatica is improvingy and you are managing to rest my lovely x
    Thank you for all of the lovely comments about my card. I am planning on crafting today after doing the small basket of ironing. I find it disappears more quickly if I know I have crafting to look forward to 😊
    Maria, when do you go away? I bet your suitcase will be stuffed full of warm clothes, but then we need them here today don't we. At least we have a lovely blue sky and sunshine to go with the very thick frost, Much as I hate the cold I do love the wonderful sight of frost on cobwebs on the bushes etc.x
    Brenda, I hope you are still taking it very easy, and wrapping up well if you go out x
    Lilian, sorry to hear you are still struggling, I think we would manage to have quite a sizeable amount of titanium to sell, I don't think we would have to think to hard of what to buy with the money would we, craft stash for all of us I think 😊. Back to being serious, please rest up now you have got the ironing out of the way x
    Lynda, I hope you are ok, have you finished emptying your goodie bag from Margaret, you lucky thing? X
    Janet, my mouth was watering reading of your yummy pastries, I would have gone for your one this week,vexcept for the marzipan base as I really don't like it. Stay snug and warm x
    Tracy, I'm so glad that your results were good x
    Mum, Pop and I had a lovely day catching up yesterday. Mum and I popped to The Works, we didn't buy any craft items but Mum did manage to get some great books and craft kits for the grandchildren at bargain price. We then went to the Range as I wanted to get some Docraft watercolour pens, while we were having a mooch around we saw some craft trolleys, one of which is made by Papers is and on special offer of £29.95 instead of £49.95! Guess who was spoilt and had one bought for her as an early birthday present? Me of course, thank you again Mum 😊 we have been looking at them for a few years and that was the cheapest we had ever seen them. I will send you a picture of it Sandra.
    I hope you all have a good day, wrap up if you venture out. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda Brenda, Lilian and all in need. Take care xx

  14. Hi Sandra
    Really must learn to read it's Angela's lovely rocker cards and Michele's new dies.
    Sorry Angela. I'm glad to hear that Val is having a lovely time on holiday. It'll be a shock coming back to Wales though.

  15. Well ladies I will admit to that I hadn't noticed the 'Blue Matt' error, I'm guessing I was meaning blue mat as in "mat and layer"!
    The mistake that none of you have noticed is..........
    The name that I signed off with......How on earth that happened I do not understand, but I have to say I really don't mind being "Brenda" !!!!
    I don't fancy your chances of becoming a defective Ladies, hahaha x
    Now for tomorrow's blog I am putting the cards up without the names, so that you can have a guess at who created each card, are you all happy with that?
    I will add the names later in the day!!
    Love to you all

    1. Great idea Sandra I wpnder hpw many we will get right, I still have to finish mine.

    2. I am looking forward to the guessing game tomorrow, I think it is a great fun idea. Thank you for doing it Sandra. Xx

    3. Well I'll be hopeless as I think they all look fab, hope you had mine Sandra, used computer instead of iPad.
      Have spent the whole day trying to do one of Janet's double zigzag cards, just finished when I turned it over noticed ink on the back, ah well at least it won't show in the photo when I send it to you.

  16. Hello Everyone again -

    MICHELE - well you have really wetted my buying genes and I've spent all afternoon on ebay looking at dies from China. YES I fell and have ordered some - mainly boxes but one or two others as well. They will be delivered to the UK so I have something to look forward to arriving in the post when I get back. I'll let you know when they arrive in a few week's time. Hugs xxxx

  17. Hi Angela. I'm so sorry that I didn't mention your lovely rocker cards earlier. Thank you for sharing how they can be made for so many occasions too x
    Michele, what another wonderful selection of dies, you are really tempting me to have a look on eBay for dies as you have a great bargain again. And thank you for showing the actual die cuts as sometimes it can be hard to see exactly what they will look like from just the die. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with them. 😊
    Predictive text strikes again! Just to clarify, the make of my lovely new craft trolley is Papermania. And I should have said that only the blue floral one is the only one at the special price.
    Has anyone else seen the new We are memory keepers stamping tool that was on Create and Craft a short while ago? It is £35+P&p from them at the moment, or £75ish with some layered stamps and ink pads. Nothing anywhere as near as good as our ones, and you need special stamps if you want to layer them! Have a look and you will see what I mean. Xx

    1. Yes I saw that show, thought they looked a bit of a splodgey mess, they said it was the only one like it, but there are several on the market now.

  18. Hi Sandra & everyone love
    Sandra sorry I didn't say how lovely your card was yesterday loved it.
    Angela your rocker cards a beautiful I have never made any but will have a go.
    Michele love all your Dies the box one looks good What size is it. Bargain.
    We had sun & frost today went for a walk but it was sooo cold we cut it short even Bambie climbed up Terry's leg asking to be picked came home.
    I have started sorting through my free craft goodies so many new unused items
    Lot's of Sheena Douglas stamps & two of her DVD'S I'm not even half way through yet such a chore hehe.
    Sandra how is your sciatica hope it's been easier today I'm just praying I'm not in for another bout of it as my left leg is really aching today.
    How is Matt hope he is feeling better has the antibiotics helped his face. Hope he gets the scan results soon.Sending you both some Hug's.x
    Janet your cakes sounded lovely you describe them beautifully. Keep warm & relax crafting.Sending you both some very warm Hug's xx
    Maria when do you go on holiday are you going somewhere warm. I hope your tummy has settled down a bit.warm Hug's for you too.
    Tracy another good trip to craft world did they have any of Sue's new Dies in yet.they are showing them on the web.
    Sue what a lovely Mum you have buying you a craft trolley look forward to seeing it. Hug's xx
    Margaret glad you had a nice day with Sue yesterday & got some crafty goodies
    Hug's xx
    Must go & dish dinner Lynda xx😘

    1. They are only in pre order the now lynda they don't release them till the 26th so I guess they will be on sale in the shop at the end of the month. They didn't have the lattice frames and the striped narstitiums that's what I really wanted. I'll get them at some point lol xx