Saturday, 28 January 2017

A real 'Mixed Up' Saturday, lovely Lace, Crafty Buys & Cute card

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

We have a lot to get through today, so I won't keep you 
In suspense any longer........

Janet's Stunning Heart Plaque

We haven't seen any of Janet's amazing lace crafts for some time, 
I believe the last one was the absolutely stunning lace Napkin Holder, 
Like this heart plaque here Janet's sewing skills are exquisite.
This is a real work of art Janet, the stunning lace around the outside
Looks so pretty, I love the detail of the Bird carrying the Key too, great
For New Home or 21st Birthday, thank you so much Janet,
I am so pleased you have your sewing mojo back 

Tracy's Baby Shadow Box Card

Tracy I think your New Baby Boy card is amazing!
So Clean, Crisp and precise, every box is ticked with this card.
I adore every little character on the card, particularly the
Elephant, he is my favourite, your friend just have been blown 
Away when she opened the card, it's so beautiful.
Thank you for sharing 

Brenda's Crafty Buys

Brenda has been doing a little retail therapy while she has been
Under the weather, I think that 'retail' is the best therapy there is and 
It always seems to make us feel a little better!
The first photo has a lovely selection of dies, Sue's Noble
Circle dies and Happy Birthday, a Justrite Happy Birthday
And Amazing Meadow stamps, your faux 'misti' will
Come In very useful with those!
The second photo is if Brenda's new Ribbon Storage 
From Ali Reeve at Clevercut, Brenda it looks amazing,
You can get such a lot in it, Ali's products are all really well
Made and sturdy, I have the Ribbon Wheel which is really 
Robust, have fun filling up all those spools Brenda, I wish
I was close enough to come and help you!
Thank you for Sharing 

Margaret's Crafty Buys

Margaret has bought a lovely, varied collection of Dies
From Craft Stash once again, (I think you might be their by best Customer)!
All of the dies were on a Special offer, the Creative dies were
5 for £24 and the others were £22 for 4
So quite a good deal there ladies, might be worth a visit!
The first dies are a fantastic Collection of Label and Tag dies, 
Perfect for adding sentiments tonight cards.
The second photo is of that lovely Windmill Scene die,
I could picture that in the background with Daffodils and Tulips
In the foreground, what do you think?
Last up is a great collection of shapes dies for adding
Decoration of framing your work.
You chose wisely Margaret, I can't wait for the cards!
Thank you for sharing 

Have a lovely weekend, oh don't forget your 
Sketch cards!

Love and hugs



  1. Hi Sandra and sll in the Cafe today.
    Your card was wonderful, those succulents looked so real, that tiny flash of red on the tips of the leaves is the perfect finishing touch. You had made a beautiful card to show them off perfectly, I love the papers too. I hope you have a good weekend with the girls, and Paul (I can't if he is working or not)
    Janet, what a fabulous heart plaque. There are so many beautiful embellishments to enjoy. Thank you for sharing it with us all 😊 Goodness me, I can't believe you are on the few days of your break already. 2017 is going to fly by just as fast as 2016 it seems. We will all be waiting to see what delicious creation you and Jim enjoyed yesterday. I wonder, do the shop that you get the cakes from know that they have a keen following in the UK, just from your fantastic description each week? I can just imagine their reaction if you told them that you visit the Cafe on the internet. I think it would be something like "Those mad English" 😊 What a relief Jim was able to fix the log burner, you certainly have needed it, haven't you! Wrap up warm and take care if you are out today x
    Lynda, I'm glad you are starting to enjoy the exercise class, well done to you for keeping them up at home in between classes so you don't size up, and doing them at home also means that Terry can show his encouragement by joining in too, hehe. I can just hear his reply to that suggestion!!! 😁😁😁 Hugs are on their way for you both x
    Brenda, I'm glad the funeral went as well as it could. I hope you can stay in and relax today. Hugs are on their way x
    Maria, it sounds like you are having a lovely time. Did you have an outdoor dip yesterday? Will you send some photos, please. Hugs are flying to you x
    Val, I hope this finds you safely back home and with warmer weather now. I hope you manage to quickly shake off the bugs that you have picked up on your travels. I agree about the air on planes, it's a germ soup isn't it! Hugs are flying off to you x
    We have all of the grandchildren here today. Eldest son and DIL to be have just started toilet training Little Chris and asked if our very own Mary Poppins (Phoebe, our eldest granddaughter aged 7) would help with the toilet training as Little Chris happily does anything she asks of him, it is so sweet to see how much they adore each other 😊 We are expecting a few mishaps so are all ready with the "little accidents" kit so I don't think I will get much crafting done today, will I!
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Janet-another gorgeous crafty creation from you-so pretty.

    Tracy-love your card, the cute animals all look great in the shadow box.

    Brenda-great purchases & brilliant storage idea.

    Margaret-lovely dies, looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

    We have a very wet start to the day here-I have a hair appointment at 9.30 then I'm meeting my disorganised friend for coffee at Dobbies. My brother & sister in law are coming for the weekend-they stay at Dads and we usually end up having a Chinese takeaway here for dinner. They're always late or last minute so I have explained it's Chinese New Year do the restaurant where we order from could be very busy. Fingers crossed they're more organised this time.

    Just hmgot to pop to the shops before going to the hairdressers so I'd better move from the kitchen!


    1. Hi Michele
      I hope your brother and his wife are better organised this evening.

  3. Morning The plaque is so pretty JANET Some great purchases too MARGARET and BRENDA I love your shadow box card TRACY I have this set and used it once for a New Baby and once for a 50ish Bridge player! It is great fun to use and the apertures cut out all in one I just need to get the correct "frames" now
    Catching up with Tracy Horton's shows on Hochanda as she's demo-Ing the HAPPY dies

    1. Hi Karen. It was made using different noble squares not the all in one die I couldn't source it so I made my own version lol turned out well x

    2. Hopefully I'm recording these while we're away Karen.

  4. Morning Everyone
    Sorry I'm late this morning - I didn't wake up at my normal time and so things are all upside down. I hate it as I need to get things done and out of the way in a morning so that I can relax and do the nice things in an afternoon of course according to Jim it really doesn't matter whether jobs are done morning or afternoon or sometimes they're not needed at all. I wonder if any of you have the same problem lol.

    It was lovely to get to know my laces and materials again. It has been a long time but now I have more than one or two ideas I want to try so my glue gun and I will be getting to know each other again lol. This heart will be going to our Friend Bernadette over here in Brittany for her birthday in March.

    TRACY - your shadow box is a delight and definitely a keepsake which will be looked at many times as the years go by.

    MARGARET- you have been busy purchasing those lovely dies. I cannot wait to see your creations.

    BRENDA- I particularly like your ribbon storage. Could you please give me an address/contact where I can purchase one please. My ribbons are in bags in a box and get so rumpled. They really do need looking after and your storage solution looks perfect.

    We had a lovely time in Corbigny yesterday morning. We didn't walk down the main street and again parked the car where we had little walking to do. The weather was horribly damp and cold. The Café was lively again and the noise levels just rise and rise. It's lovely to just sit and listen.

    Our pastries were as usual delightful. This week I left Jim in charge of going into the shop while I stayed in the car so it was a surprise for me when I opened the box last evening.

    Jim had - a FIG (well a pastry in the shape of a fig). It was a 'green fig' so a choux pastry ball covered in the very lightest and thinnest green marzipan. Inside it was filled with Patisserie Cream flavoured with Kirsch liqueur.

    Mine was aa confection of triple chocolate with a thin base of chocolate sponge topped with the lightest of dark chocolate mousse; topped with milk chocolate mousse; topped with white chocolate mousse and the finishing touch of clear glaze decorated with chocolate powder and a white chocolate button as decoration to top all.
    I have to say that reading the above it sounds as if it's 'chocolate overload' but the mousse was so light it all just melted in the mouth.

    The CAFE looks good this Saturday morning with one or two of you popping in after doing your shopping and staying for a cuppa.
    Hug to all of you with a few extras to LYNDA today for being so good at her cardio class lol. xxxx

    1. Hello Janet, Those pastries are making my mouth water, I will have to make do with the virtual pastry today !!!
      I am really pleased with my ribbon storage. I have mostly put the narrow ribbons on the little hangers and have been able to get two different ribbons on each section, six in total on each hanger, it's still a job in progress, but I am getting there.
      I got the storage box from Ali Reeve's web site - it is in the MDF section and called Double loose ribbon hanger. Cost is £19.99 but until the end of January they are offering 15% off, also items over £19.00 are free p&p.
      Keep safe and warm, love Brenda xxx

    2. SORRY Janet, I didn't comment on your beautiful lace heart. So much has gone into making this amazing gift, I just know Bernadette is going to love it. xx

    3. Hi Janet
      Your creation for your friend is fabulous. Your pastries do make my mouth water.

  5. The lacy heart is is a sure thing for a "memory box" wouldn't you just love to
    receive it? I so admire sewing skills, I find it difficult to thread a needle!! Who will be the recipient of this masterpiece Janet?
    The baby card is so sweet, beautiful design. Tracy, How was the stitch effect around the squares done? machine or special tool? whatever, , it is really effective .

    1. It was made using different sizes of sue wilsons pierced noble squares set a an b x

  6. Good Morning Sandra and all
    Just popped by to say sorry i have been AWOL on the post but i do pop by every day to have a peek at your lovely work . My son is never well after his treatment but he does have good days now and again however these last few days have really been a trial for him ,and his lovely wife Helen has had to go to work { you know how it is} so we have been helping and keeping Andrew company when we can .
    I am in awe of all the beautiful projects today and the crafty buys , the ribbon storage looks so tidy i will have to look for it when i have more time to craft.

    Take care Everyone big hugs.
    Elaine H X

    1. Hope Andrew perks up soon. Chemo is hard it gets worse before u get better. Xx

    2. Thank you Tracy , he wasn't doing too badly until the blood clot in the lung ,but it seems as if the daily injection and the Chemo disagree .
      However he was feeling a little better when we left this afternoon. xx

    3. Hi Elaine
      I hope Andrew is feeling better soon. Chemo really is a bummer if it doesn't agree with other medication. Luckily you can keep him company while Helen is at work.

  7. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra sorry didn't get in yesterday another busy day, your card is lovely love the
    Janet your heart is soo pretty will be
    Brenda I am glad I am not the only one tempted, your ribbon storage is great if only I had a craft room. Pleased to hear funeral went
    Tracy your baby card is lovely thank you for
    My excuse for buying new dies etc is that I need to get good basic stock, sounds sensible anyway.
    Taking my 91 year old friend who has just packed up driving, shopping this morning so must get on.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Loved all your buys Margaret. You must be Craftstash' s best customer.

  8. Hi everyone.
    Loads of lovely cards, crafts and purchases Uve all been busy.
    Thanks for the kind feedback. Xx

  9. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Tracey, your baby card is lovely, it looks so fresh, perfect baby card and I love those little animals.
    Margaret, you are certainly going to be busy. You have added some great dies to your collection. Enjoy using them. LOL
    My ribbon storage is great, I have my loose ribbons and lace in A5 boxes and was struggling to keep them organised. Saw Ali Reeve on Create and Craft showing some of her MDF products, this one caught my eye. It cost £19.99 + P&P. Looked on Ali's web site it cost the same but until the end of January is offering 15% off and items costing over £19.00 are post free. It was very easy to assemble and has been painted with white Gesso then with Jasmine chalk paint. I am really pleased with it. I still have 6 A5 boxes of ribbon mostly wide, that doesn't get into a mess like the narrow ribbon.

    The circle dies and stamps I saw on Hochanda, but being me I checked what I could get them for elsewhere, they were from different suppliers and cost a lot less and no p&p. The other bits just fell into my basket!!!!

    Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday.
    Take care, Love Brenda xxx

    1. Lovely buys Brenda, it always to look around for things shown on Hochanda doesn't it. I hate having to pay postage so don't if I can help it. I'll hopefully have some goodies waiting for me when we get home tomorrow.

    2. Sorry Brenda meant to say I hope the funeral went as well as can be expected.

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Lovely selection today.
    Janet just love your heart. It's so pretty and well decorated. I bet your friend will adore it. Both your cakes sound delicious. Yours with the mouse sounds particularly yummy.
    Tracy. Your card is so pretty. A real keepsake. Love the Noble frame you've put around it.
    Margaret just love All the dies and the stamps look amazing, so different. The ribbon storage is a great idea. I have my ribbons in a box and they're always getting tangled.

    We didn't arrive home until 2 am so this morning Lynn went to pick up the 3 cats from the cattery and I went to get Gracie.she hasn't left my side yet even in the bathroom bless her. She loves her new squeaky toy and looks so cute in her new leg warmers. Harvey, Olive and Kit are totally Iignoring us. It usually takes them a while to get back into te swing of things. The cases are unpacked, the. second load of washing has just finished and I've already taken photos for Sandra of my craft goodies. All in all its good to be home.
    Take care everyone and enjoy te crest of Saturday.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      I'm glad you arrived home safely. Gracie won't leave your side for awhile will she. Look forward to seeing your goodies.

  11. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Oh what lovely things on show this Saturday.
    Janet- the heart is amazing and hope the receiver will love it too.
    Tracy- such a sweet card ! Love those stitched animals.
    Margaret- you been at it again hihi some more great dies. Yes, can never have to many
    Brenda- brilliant ribbon storage unit. Something we all need. I don't use ribbons very often but the ones I got are stuffed into a box in a real mess. Hope the funeral went as well as it could be.
    Elaine- thinking of you all, hope Andrew feel better soon after all the chemo done and he and Helen can look forward. You take care too.
    Lynda- hope the exercises don't hurt and what a brilliant idea Sue for Terry to do them with her (((hugs)))!
    Janet and Pat- forget pictures of me on skies, snowboard or in a cossy LOl but I,OH and SIL had 10 min of outdoors swimming on Thursday afternoon. It was absolutely freezing to get back out but so exhilarating hihi Also walked on the lake wish is frozen over, about 2 metre thick, Can't remember when we saw that last. Sadly I had a bad morning yesterday with nausea so stayed in bed but by the early evening I was ok and this morning we went up the mountain for a wonderful day with sunshine, blue sky and only -4. Only having a quick visit in the morning to our favourite bakery/ coffee shop before going back home to the UK.
    Nearly time for dinner so I leave you to have a nice Saturday evening whatever you are up too.
    Love and hugs to you all, Maria Xxxx

  12. Hi Sandra
    A nicer day here today. It was sunny and quite warm this morning. However, when we were going out Bet spent 1 hr I kid you not in the toilet. According to her she was having a wash. This was at 1.45 so we didn't get out until gone three as it took this long for her to dress etc. Changed her clothes twice as she forgot that she'd changed them already. Couldn't change her mind on that at all.
    Janet I love your heart. Such stunning work that goes into your creations.
    Tracy love love love your card you've made.
    My word Margaret you are on a roll buying dies.
    Brenda love your buys as well. I'm waiting until we go to Farnborough.

  13. Evening All, I did pop in this morning, but my comment must have flown over to see Janet.
    Love your heart Janet, such a beautiful present.
    Tracey great card, you have given me inspiration to make my own shadow box.
    Margaret and Brenda, good to see you supporting the craft industry!!!!
    Did anybody watch the tennis this morning great match with the two William sisters.
    Time for bed so I'll wish you all a good night, hugs to all, Lilian