Sunday, 11 December 2016

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Good Morning ladies,

You have no idea how amazed I was to see so many challenge Cards despite the fact that you have all been either poorly or crazy busy with Christmas preparations.

Once again we have a huge range of cards, different styles for different occasions but all 'Aperture' cards.  

Brenda  I love how you have used the fantastic star die, it works so well as a 3 D feature on your card, the colours you have chosen work perfectly with it too, that holographic mirror card gives the card real Christmas Sparkle, thank you so much xxx

Cheryl, very clever idea using the aperture to represent a Christmas bauble, I like the Embossing folder you have used and the backing paper too.  I look forward to adding 
More of your Christmas cards, thank you xxx

Janet, Two stunning floral aperture cards, so beautiful, and a fabulous Christmas bauble card too, all so different, all amazing, thank you so much Janet for taking part,
I know you have been battling that horrible chest infection, please get well soon xxx

Karen, wow, you have totally, 100% changed my mind on that 'Happy' die set, your card is just perfect for a Man's 40th Birthday, there is no need to beer or football, which most men aren't that fussed about anyway!  The stars give the card that extra celebratory touch with it being for a 40th birthday, a brilliant design, I really want that die set now!  
Your second card is a fantastic Christmas card, three apertures with a pretty snowflake in each, all that's needed is that sentiment!  Thank you so much for taking part xxx

Lilian, you have used one of my favourite stamps 'Lovely as a Tree' to create a Winter scene for your card, the crisp blue sky behind the trees, the frost sparkling on the branches. A pretty silver peel off finishes your aperture, a few pretty sparkles pickibg out the detail in your embossed card front.  Thank you so much for takibg part xxx

Michele, I haven't seen one of these 'pop up' style 'Aperture' cards for a long time, perfect for Christmas cards as it folds flat to keep postage costs down, it pops straight up once removed from the envelope, giving the 'wow' factor, I live the colour you have used too, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Pat, three fantastic Christmas aperture cards from you, all , stunning, I love the die you used for the aperture and that you have stamped each card front yourself, so everything matches, thank you so much for taking part Pat xxx

Val, I love your Valentine card, I think you have used "that special touch"  Heart Mask, a fab heart die for your aperture, some beautiful gems, all topped off with a stunning red satin bow!  Thank you so much for taking part xxx

Margaret, I know you were run off of your feet this week  so I looked in my files and found a perfect aperture card, a beautiful cross stitched pansy, I absolutely adore your Cross stitched cards, last years Christmas card will be coming out again this year as decoration, thank you for always making time for Challenges xxx

Lynda, I know you wouldn't have managed a card this week, so I have chosen one for you, I loved this card that you made using Sue Wilson's Snow Globe die set, I live the scene you have created inside the globe.  Thank you Lynda for the many cards you have created for these challenges, I hope you are feeling strong enough to get into your craft room, I get it has never looked so tidy ! Haha xxx

Have a lovely Sunday ladies, I think we are off to choose a Christmas Tree!

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Everyone
    For the first time this week we have a dry start to the day and there's a little brightness in the sky!!!!

    I love sunday mornings - they are always a delightfull start to my day with all the CCs shining proudly on the display board in the Cafรฉ.

    This week I really cannot choose a favourite a Ds they cross all themes. I have to confess that the two flower cards of mine are Hunkey Dory (sorry re spelling I can never remember how to spell their name) which I've had in one of my drawers for absolutely yonks and I'd totally forgotten about the kit but found it while looking for card to make the Christmas card. I really must have a sort out in those drawers!

    It's going to be a stressful day here as I've got to wrap and then package presents to be sent to the Netherlands and France tomorrow. By the time this evening comes around I'll be sat or should I say 'flopped' in my chair and hopefully awake enough to watch the result show of Strictly semi-final.

    The Cafรฉ is open for business and on the menu for today's Sunday lunch is Roast Pork.
    Your hugs should be arriving very shortly. xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Great selection of challenge cards today. My "shadow box" card is an oldie as I didn't have much spare time to play.
    I managed to write all my Christmas cards yesterday afternoon despite not getting into Southport until much later than planned.
    The electrician arrived as arranged at 8.30 but hubby decided he needed to do some paperwork so I stayed in until the electrician had finished which was 10am. Quick drink then called at two shops in the village then onto Southport. I was there long and to be honest, it wasn't as busy as I'd feared! Got everything I had on my list including the last couple of Christmas gifts. I'll wrap them all during the week-a few each evening.

    Not much planned for today (nice lie in and a leisurely breakfast which is a real treat). I must tidy away the Christmas craft stuff that seems to be everywhere in my craft room-nice job for this afternoon.


  3. Another WOWSER display of cards I love to see what people do You inspire me so much ladies I must admit my HAPPY card was inspired by SW I use this die a lot I love it I bought SMILE and LOVE when they were reduced from somewhere but never used them (so far) Instead of stars I've also used table confetti of 30 40 etc
    Hopefully we are actually going shopping today and to top it off it is a beautiful bright sunny day

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    Yet again a lovely Sunday collection of cards. All so special and so pretty.

    Had such a bad night last night.My back ache has now gone down my leg to my foot. Don't know if it's sciatica but whatever it is its pretty painful.

    We're leaving to pick Barrie up from the Airport at 11 and then having lunch out before we come back home. Nothing much else planned today as he left his house really early this morning and it was his Firms Christmas night out last night so I bet he's tired.

    Michele, glad you can have a well deserved rest today. Enjoy it. Xxx

    Have a good Sunday everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      I hope your pain soon eases and it isn't sciatica as that's so painful. Hope you enjoy your time with Barrie.

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafรฉ today. What a wonderful selection of CC's for me to enjoy. Thank you all for sharing.
    Yesterday's mix were good to see, you good a great bargain with that mag set didn't you my lovely ๐Ÿ˜Š I bet you
    will have fun with your new toy Karen and those cards are right upy street, lovely๐Ÿ˜Š I love the Business card Michele, a perfect card for the men ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Janet the notebook is gorgeous. I wonder if your hairdresser will be able to bring herself to use it, or will it just be stroked ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope everyone with coughed and colds are looking after themselves and shake the bugs off soon. I have a whole day at home, and on my own until late afternoon today so once I have fed Dot and Juney I will be crafting, for the first time since I last saw Sandra and Pat! No guesses needed to know what I will be making.
    Maria, I hope you are having a lovely time x Lynda, I hope you are able to do more without suffering now x
    Good luck finding a nice tree Sandra.
    Sending love and hugs to you with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  6. Hello Sandra and all the coffee shop visitors,

    What a lovely selection of Challenge cards, it's wonderful to see how many different designs everyone comes up with. Mine I managed to make the layers go wonky, then I took the picture in very poor light. Looking at it now I should have used navy card not periwinkle, but hay ho, we often say - if only.

    Hope everyone is having a good day, sending love and hugs to all,
    Love Brenda xxx

    1. Brenda your card looks great anyway, even if the star was put on wonky it doesn't look like it is.

  7. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a lovely lot of cards once again I love them all, given me some great ideas. Thank you for showing my cross stitch pansy that was a surprise. Hope you manage to find a lovely
    Hopefully I can send more time at home this week, last week was non stop, so hope I can join in challenge.
    Just family cards to finish now plus a couple get well cards & birthday card.
    Sending hugs to all who are still suffering love

  8. Hello All, lovely bright day here, very chilly.
    Just love all the challenge cards, you are all so clever.

    We are just home from the annual church Carol service, O/H plays the organ, lovely to see the big church almost full, people always sing with gusto when it's carols.

    Not much else on need to write some cards, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      I hope you enjoyed your Carol Service.

  9. Hi Sandra
    I hope you managed to find a lovely tree. I bet the cats will have a whale of a time with it. Just like Karen's cats.
    A lovely selection of cards using an aperture today Sandra
    Isn't it amazing that not one card is the same. I've finished making cards but seem to be on a roll. I just want to keep going now. This week will be just as busy as last week. Monday they should deliver our new hard drive recorder. So many problems with the one we have and it's only 2 weeks old. Doreen needs to prove who she is with the bank. She's 86 and has banked with the same bank since she started work at 14. Wednesday we're off to a Christmas concert at the secondary school where Amber is in the choir. Olivia was, but it's to much now she's doing GCSEs and she has Dislyxia. Thurs I'm off to Winter Wonderland in London. Friday we're off to our clubs Christmas Party. How on earth did I find the time to work I wonder.
    Take care all those with colds, and Lynda take care of your wrist.

  10. Hi Sandra & everyone
    I don't know where my day has gone spent most of the day in my craft room I had two birthday cards to make as well which I did. I have more Christmas cards to do only I had enough by 7 pm & my arm was hurting think I have overdone it so stopped craft room is a tip ๐Ÿ˜ณ Tomorrow morning Terry has doctors & I have heart opp rehabilitation appointment whatever that is HaHa I did ask my doctor she just said they just check if everything is going ok do blood pressure & ask if I have any worries extra.thats at 2 o'clock. I have lots of posting tomorrow
    I love all the fabulous challenge cards well done everyone shocked to see one of mine thank you Sandra
    ( but sorry Sandra it's the card I have sent you ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜)Xxxx
    Love Lynda xxxx๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

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