Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Karen's Christmas Cracker's!!!!

Good Morning Ladies,

I am so pleased that you all enjoyed reading the tale of Harley's naughtiness, I can assure you he has mastered the art of giving you those 'puppy dog eyes' so you couldn't possibly be cross with him, no matter what he did!
We seem to have become a home for pets with behaviour problems, Milo was chased 3 times around the house yesterday morning by the girls trying to retrieve the 'hide chew bone' that we have bought for our Granddogs for Christmas, he managed to sniff it out, unwrap and chew through the packaging!

Now onto Karen's cards, the first card Karen made for her Mother in law, I have copied Karen's description for you to read.....

Art Deco lady for MIL - I found some old (well ancient!) My Craft Studio card blanks and used an image from MCS Deco follies. I cut the base and decoupaged the lady on top - I tried cutting her with ScanNCut but the outside line wasn't a big enough contrast and ended up having to trim it slightly with old fashioned scissors - lesson learnt

An absolutely gorgeous card Karen, your MIL will love it, the beautifully coloured Poinsettia fits in perfectly with the colour of your card, a perfect finishing touch xx

Now onto Oscar's First Christmas card, oh Karen, this must have been such a special card for you to make this year. That TL Bear is perfect for such a special card.

Oscar - The teddy is from Tattered Lace Charisma BUT I did make his hat from ScanNCut! The text etc was created in Serif

Thank you so much Karen for sharing your very special cards with us, stay tuned there's more to come ladies! Xxx

Sue, Pat and I are off out for lunch today, we are going to the same pub that we went to last year, it was so lovely it would be a shame not to.

Val, I hope the sun shines for you today, if only for poor Gracie, so that she can enjoy a walk outside.

Janet, I was so happy to read that your Dr visit was positive, I bet you can't wait to get back to Marigny xxx

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen-two lovely cards from you.

    Goodness-yesterday was busy. We walked in to find two prescriptions waiting for us for two new patients so that was a whole lot of extra work . I'm trying to get everything planned for the next two weeks so the staff next week don't have much to worry about and the following week will help me when I get back in as I'd like to be planning for the refurbishment/shutdown.

    My crazy friend called round last night-she appeared with a huge gift bag. She's well known for her "unusual " gifts. So far I've had 2 life sized knitted dogs (a Scottie & a Westie) each in its own carry case. A knitted phone case & Kindle cover, Union Flag knitted (quite uneven + lumpy) coaster and a step ladder for spiders to get out of the bath!!!!!

    On that note-I'm off to get my lunch ready & go to work.


    1. Your friend is crazy - a stepladder for spiders! But she sounds lovely Hope you get on OK with the extra prescriptions

  2. Morning Everyone
    KAREN- your cards are just a joy to look at.

    MICHELE- What can I say! At least your 'crazy' friend keeps you on your toes lol. Good luck with the large gift bag or should I say with the contents lol.

    Had a really nice afternoon yesterday with K&N. We had a little tea party so no crafting but lots of chat and laughter (always good medicine).

    Job for today is to try and make some sense of my dining room - I may be some time................

    Have a good lunch The 3 Graces.

    To everyone have a good day. Try and get one or two coffee/tea breaks in between all the jobs to be done. Huge hugs have been despatched to you all. xxxx

  3. Morning everyone,

    Your cards are a delectable feast for our eyes, Karen. Oscar is going to love his special card as is your Mum.

    This dreaded cold lay me quite low yesterday which resulted in only one bag being created for Alexia.
    Tiegan has quite a few presents in her stocking so I will put off making hers until her birthday next year.
    A picture is on its way to Sandra.

    A quick tidy up today, that's the one thing I do enjoy about Christmas with each room festooned with decorations, nobody makes a mess (except for me in my craftroom hehe), so the swear word (housework) is not used often.

    Love & hugs to all our poorly friends,

    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      I saw the oicture of your bag, it's lovely. I hope your feeling better soon.

  4. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Karen your card for MIL is soo elegant & Oscar's soo special, you will have fun this Christmas, I can hear his chuckles
    Sandra hope the 3 of you have a lovely meal. Oh dear your pets are having
    Busy day going shopping after Petanque to get what food I can to save time Friday when I pick up turkey.
    Sending hugs to all who are suffering love

  5. Hi everyone. Two very nice cards from our Karen, MIL will love hers and Oscars special one is so cute.
    Michele- your friend have some unusual ideas for presents indeed, ladder for the spider (never) hihi Have a good day at work.
    Margaret- have a fun time with the Petanque and just try to breath going shopping, no use rushing because the cue's are still there.
    Hope you 3 Graces are having a very special lunch together, have fun !
    Well wishes to all who having a cold, migraine or are in pain and hope the day will get better.
    Will be out for a night and because of the internet or rather lack of it I want take my lappi with me so if not to tired after tomorrow I hope to pop in in the evening sometime. Love and many hugs to you all, Maria xxxx

  6. Hello All, wet and miserable, here,shortest day hooray, things can only get better. Take care everyone the weather looks as though it is going to be very stormy.
    Karen your cards look super, I've not had much luck getting my scanncut to cut out my pics these days.

    Hope the. 3 graces have a wonderful lunch, we are having home made veg soup, takes me ages chopping the veg, but lovely when done.

    Been to Asda this morning, fairly quiet when I was there, just wanted a few things for when we come home on Tuesday.

    Cheryl do hope your cold improves, plenty of hot lemon and honey.

    Hope everyone has a good day and things are all going OK.hugs Lilian

  7. Hi Sandra
    Well Karen such lovely cards today from. Love Oscars 1st Christmas card. Your really getting the best out of your Scan NCut.

  8. Thank you SANDRA for showing my cards today MIL's one became a bit of a Happy Accident ScanNCut didn't cut her brilliantly but was easy enough to trim off the extra bits and I managed to get a smudge on one of the gold edges I couldn't very well use a butterfly, so Sue Wilson's star die came to the rescue!
    I had about 3 attempts at cutting the right size hat from one of the patterns in the machine but was pleased how it ended up
    Take care everyone Salsa tonight Daughter teaching 3 classes tonight! I go to support her and be her stooge

    1. Hi Karen
      Your cards are gorgeous. Lucky lady being a stooge for your daughter. Does that mean you get free entry?, and do you stop for all three stamina. If so you must be mega fit.

  9. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Love your cards Karen, they're fabulous. I'm sure your Mum and little Oscar will love them too :-)
    Sandra, I hope you, Sue and Pat had fun and a lovely lunch today.
    I'm pleased to say I managed to make some very basic (and last minute) Christmas cards last night. I just couldn't bare the thought of giving my brothers, and Mark, Luke and James shop bought cards! Think I was spurred on a little by the surprise that I'd won a prize on Sue's blog and all the rest of my craft stash that's been sat unused lately ;-)
    Anyway, wishing you all a lovely evening and as always sending hugs to you all xxx

    1. Congratulations Sonia on winning a prize on Sues blog. I'll be interesting to see what you get.

  10. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Karen your cards are gorgeous I'm sure your MIL will love hers & little Oscar's card is so sweet. Sandra Sue & Pat hope you all enjoyed your Christmas lunch & had a good time. Sonia congratulations on your win on Sue's blog please send Sandra a picture.
    It's been sooo cold & dark all day so after housework I just curled up in my chair & with duvet & Bambie catching up on my Hochanda recordings, even had
    4o winks 😴💤💤💤💤 Got Hair cut tomorrow afternoon & having my highlights done. So think Tesco on Friday. Going to sort dinner out Spaghetti Bolognese tonight.
    Love Lynda xx