Saturday, 17 December 2016

Saturday Bits & Bob's

Good Morning Ladies,

Well I have a bit of a 'mixed bag' of a blog post today, but variety is the spice of life they say, so here goes!.....

First up today are some Gift Boxes I have been playing with, I started with a 6 inch wide piece of red/green card from my scrap box, I then used the 'We R Memory Keepers' 'Pillow Box' Board to create the pillow boxes that you can see above, now I am going to be completely honest with you here, I have had this board a few years and I am not really that impressed with it, (pictured below)
You cut your card to 6 inches wide and it can be between 4 & 12 inches long, you then place it in indicated place punch and score, then over and repeat. Pop it in opening on the end and punch out finger lift tab, burnish your folds trim the excess off flap and glue together. 
The main problem I found is where you score the curves for the pillow box ends on both sides, it isn't a deep enough score so the food is a bit naff, in my opinion , because it is curved precisely you can't burnish the creases like you can a straight edge, you therefore end up with the ends looking a little untidy.  I'm maybe it's just me, I have watched tutorials etc though and they do same as I do, never mind, hopefully the decorations cover up the imperfections, but given the choice over again I wouldn't bother, it was about £12 on offer when I bought it, the idea is good, quick and simple. 
I decided to use so of my pre-cut embellishments, (I went crazy cutting pat's Poinsettia's the other day)!  I thought that the Poinsettia's worked well with the colour of my boxes, the Red box has a lovely Fir and Sowflake die cut in green, topped with a pretty Poinsettia, I added some Mirror Gold leaves for a little touch of luxury.
The green box decorations started with me tying some Gold glitter ribbon around the box, I then added a couple of Sue Wilson's Pine Twig die's cut in Gold, with a lovely Poinsettia placed in the centre.  
I think that these are a great idea for when you are giving a Gift Card or Cash as a gift, as it looks a lot more exciting than an envelope! 
I hope you like them xx

Next up today I am excited to share with you my baby Sister Emily's first crafting venture , she has loved fragranced candles for years and this summer she decided that she would like to have a go at making them herself.  So she started collecting jars, searched out good quality wax that burns correctly to make the most of the added fragrances.  She has sold loads to colleagues and she has had fantastic feed back, she has sent me a couple of photos of the candles in production in my Mum's kitchen and also a couple of the finished product.  I am amazed at how incredibly professional they look, the name 'Mable & Florence' comes from Emily's Guinea Pigs, which is very cute. Emily's partner Matt helped design, print be hand cut those fab labels too, he did a great job! I am going to take my Cuttlebug over next week and maybe get them a couple of basic die sets for Christmas, so they can die cut the labels. 
I feel very proud that my sister is joining me in crafting, at least someone in the family will Understand how passionate I get about all things craft related! 
Thank you for sharing your photos Emily xxxx

Last but not least we have Lynda's craft purchases for this past week, I didn't get the email in time to add the buys onto yesterday's post so I will add them today, 
I have to say I can't blame you for wanting that Heartfelt Creations, 'Warmest Wishes' Background stamp, I absolutely love it, I used my 'stamping Frame' when stamping it as I needed a couple of goes to get the best coverage, but being red rubber it stamps really well anyway, you will love this stamp Lynda, I think I will buy my own as I can see that I will use it a lot.  The Stampers Anonymous stamp set looks great too, I particularly like that 'Hessian/Burlao' background stamp, it has such great texture, the flowers look fab too, I look forward to seeing what you create. 
The second photo has the Making Cards magazine that has the free Altenew Die and 
Stamp set included, I have been looking at it, but not put it in the trolley so far! 
I think I can see the Sizzix Thinlets Foliage die set in the back of the photo, this is a lovely set that's on my wish list, then last up the Woodware Christmas Tree stamps , another stamp set I have seen used loads on Pinterest, I think Pat has it too, they make great background stamps as well.  
Thank you so much Lynda for sharing your buys with us, I will share your cards tomorrow. Xxx

I would love to see a photos of your Christmas trees too ladies, if you get the chance.

Have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs


  1. Morning Sandra,

    Lovely little pillow boxes. Perhaps you should have bought the Xcut pillow dies or the Sizzix ones instead. Got mine in the Range at a reasonable price and so easy to use as every score line is perfect. I looked at the Memory Keepers gadget and decided it looked too fiddly and faffy to accomplish good enough creases.

    I can now reveal some exciting news that I have kept close for a couple of weeks due to Family Court being involved. The Judge read and listened to Tiegan's request which was very eloquent and said 'YES! she can live with her Dad'. She has always said she would like to live here when she was 10 but they don't listen to children at that age. Robin collected her from her home in Dorset yesterday afternoon and we had a surprize tea party for her on her arrival to Somerset. Great Christmas present for us all.

    Thank you for all your beautiful Christmas cards, with everything that has happened this week, some things not nice, I did not get round to finishing my cards and I can't see me getting them done and posted in time, so I am going to follow Karen and make a donation to Cardiomyopathy this year. I'll be on the ball next year though.

    We're off shopping this morning, alarm due to go off in 10 minutes so I'll bagging the shower first!

    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. What a brilliant Christmas you will have, great, great news. Please don't worry about the

    2. Fantastic News, I have been waiting to find out what it was going to be, but this news is better than I imagined, you must be over the moon!
      Enjoy your shopping

    3. What a lovely Christmas you will all have. I'm so pleased for you and your son... Absolutely Brilliant news xxx
      Please don't worry about Christmas cards, enjoy your family time LOL

    4. Sounds like wonderful news Cheryl. Your Christmas will be extra special this year. XXX

    5. Lovely news Cheryl, you must be over the moon

    6. Hi Cheryl
      Fabulous news for you and your son Cheryl. I bet your son is beside himself with joy. I know Pete was when it was ruled that Craig could come and live with us instead of being moved to Devon, which ge didn't want to do anyway. I bet Tegan is overjoyed as well. You'll all have a fabulous Christmas this year. No worries re Christmas cards, get ready to have plenty of fun this Christmas with Tegan.

    7. Fabulous news Cheryl, you will have such a wonderful Christmas together ! Enjoy your shopping trip xx

    8. What a fantastic early Christmas present for you all 😁 x

    9. Hi Cheryl
      Brilliant news so pleased for your son & of course Tiegan hope she enjoyed her surprise tea party.& you enjoyed your shopping trip.
      Love Lynda xx

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  3. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-the pillow boxes look lovely. Your sisters candles look fantastic-I hope she does well selling them.
    Lynda-great crafty purchases.

    We went out for dinner last night with a friend of hubby's. We had a drink at the friends house then walked to the restaurant, had a lovely meal. The plan was to go back to Barrie's house for a drink then we'd get a taxi home but I was so tired that we asked the restaurant to order the taxi. We got home about 11pm and I was shattered.

    I have a couple of little jobs to do this morning then I plan to wrap all the presents. My brother & sister in law are paying my Dad a quick visit so they'll all come here this evening for dinner-probably a takeaway. I ordered a gift set (12gins of Christmas) for my Sister in Law over a month ago only to get a message that it will be delivered on Monday which is completely useless as they'll be back in Scotland. I'm very annoyed at the poor service & will be emailing them to complain.


    1. That is so annoying I would tell them to deliver direct to your SIL as compensation & keep hers yourself. Hope you get time to relax at

    2. How annoying is that when you ordered it so long ago, hope it gets sorted. Have a rest this weekend when you can, take care xx

    3. Thank you Michele can't wait to have a play with them next year.
      Enjoy your takeaway so annoying your SIL present didn't arrive after ordering them over a month ago.
      Take care try & chill out over weekend.Hug's xx

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone.

    Lovely pillow boxes Sandra and beautifully decorated. Lovely professional candles your sister has made. Very pretty.

    Love all your stamps Lynda and great free die with your magazine. The very large Warmest Wishes stamp is beautiful.

    We've been given a weather warning for this weekend and wow has is come true this morning. We have thunder and lightening and torrential rain. I'm not stirring out of the house today. I'm having a craft room day. Wonderful.

    Enjoy your day everyone and if you're tickling those shop just be careful and don't get hurt in te crush.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Oh dear poor Gracie!!! Enjoy your day

    2. Oh poor you and Gracie bless her, have fun making amazing cards in the craft room xx

    3. Hi Val
      Thank you it's Pat's fault I got the big warmest wishes stamp when Sandra showed her card a few weeks back,but won't be useing it now till next year not long to wait HaHa
      What terrible weather you have Poor Gracie she will be crossing her paws. Hug's xx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra your boxes look fine to me, I really must have a go at boxes etc, challenge for new year. Well done to Emily her candles look lovely, thank you for sharing with
    Lynda your buys look brilliant love the big
    Hope to get decorations out today, well that's the plan.
    Sending hugs to all who are suffering, cafe is open to visitors please call in, love

    1. Have a nice Saturday decorating your house and then a well earned rest is counted for infront of the lovely tree xx

    2. Thank you Margaret I'm looking forward to useing them. the new Christmas stamps will go away till next year.
      Enjoy decorating your house but don't over do it.
      Love Lynda xx

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Sandra your boxes look lovely. I have never tried making this shape, must put it on my to do list!
    Emily's candles look lovely, she has made the presentation look really professional. Good luck Emily, hope you sell loads.

    I am waiting for a phone call then will pop into Croydon. Must try and sort out some Christmas gifts. No one seems to have any ideas this year, so they will just have to have a surprise (and the gift receipt) oh dear - That sounds really Bar Humbug.

    Love and Hugs to all,
    Brenda xxx

    1. Oops I didn't comment on Lynda's shopping,
      Wow that stamp looks big, can't wait to see the results. It may just go on my wish list. I have the same magazine with these stamps on, haven't had chance to play with them yet.
      Hope you are still taking things easy and Terry is looking after you. LOL

    2. Hi Brenda, Hope you managed to make a dent in the shopping list today. So hard when they can't tell you what they want. Wonder if Sandra got hold of anything for her girls. The real surprise and Bar Humbug would be "no presents at all " like us :-) xx

    3. Hi Brenda thank you I won't be useing them till next year then I will be having a play. Hope shopping went well Hug's xx

  7. Hello All, dry here today, very mild. Washing on the line, but no wind so not likely to dry much.

    Sandra love your boxes, tried years ago with a plastic template, but the end of mine were really terrible.
    Your Sisters candles you super, hope she has great sales.
    Lynda your shopping looks great, after seeing the mag this morning, when I was at Asda popped one in my basket, as you do !!!!

    Thanks to you showing Karen's Serrif card, I thought I'd use mine again, luckily computer worked ok, as its ages since I used it am quite pleased. Will send pic to Sandra.
    Just about finished my Christmas shopping, just as well the pot is getting very low, it's surprising how much little extras cost.
    Just have to make my last two cards to make for my crafting Freinds, then I shall put everything back in the loft.
    Have a lovely rest of the day, hugs Lilian

    1. Have a good Saturday Lilian and happy crafting. Take care xx

    2. Thanks Lilian sorry for making you spend buying the mag enjoy useing the Die/stamp.good spend. Hope you got all your cards finished.xx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. Just a quick hi as I have just realised what the time is, I had just came onto the blog when the house phone rang, it's always the same isn't it, just when you try to grab 5ins to yourself, either the phone or door bell goes ☺ Emily's candles and her labels look wonderful. You will be able to enjoy chatting to her about all things crafty now ☺
    I did read Cheryl's great news, but must get a move on now so will pop in later tonight to catch up with all that is going on. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need
    Take care xx

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe today.
    Love the little boxes you made Sandra, good for little prezzies like jewellery perhaps. Have you made any for a while, you made some lovely earrings and necklaces once. Wonderful made candles from your sister and very professional with the stickers, hope she sell well.
    Sonia, hope you ok ? thank you for the card, it's gorgeous and thank you to Michele, very sweet card.
    Cheryl- don't worry about cards, the time must have gone you by, Save them for next year, then you way ahead :-)
    Lynda- oh thank Terry for the hugs, they made me go weak in the knees Lol You know how to shop , only problem with Sandra showing them is you do get very tempted to buy them yourself. I had a good time at Ikea yesterday but didn't see any Trolley,you all welcome otherwise to the MK store for a look around and free coffee (week days) anytime ! No Julmust(special fizz) for Christmas and no Saffron buns either so little disappointed they already stopped selling it and their Christmas decorations on half price if it was any left, crazy !
    Written the neighbours cards today so will go around posting them tonight, also got a couple of pets to look after. Poor Poppy the cat have hardly got any teeth left, eating for her goes a bit slower so I stay until she got some in her to make sure and then leave a few lamps on. The Bunny tried to bite when I put her food in, got a few scratches so might let her starve tomorrow ( no I won't)
    Need to put the heating on, it is very raw day here today. Hope you all doing alright. Warm hugs and love, Maria Xoxo

    1. Thank you Maria I know what you mean about seeing the crafty buys the large stamp & the trees stamp I fell in love with them When Sandra showed Pat's cards so I blame them both HaHa.
      Love Lynda xx

  10. Hello Sandra & everyone
    Just lost my comment it just disappeared as I was here's hoping.
    Sandra thank you for my gorgeous card I received this morning along with
    Sonia 's one thank you too. I have commented on way down.
    Sandra love your boxes & wow how lovely are your sisters candles they look so professional with the labels well done Emily.
    We have had fog all day & getting thicker as the day goes on I just hope there aren't any idiot drivers on the roads tonight. Haven't done much today just being lazy. I hope you have all finished making your Christmas cards now & can relax.
    Enjoy your evening love Lynda xx