Sunday, 28 August 2016

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Good Morning Ladies,

I am going to keep this as brief as possible today as I started with a horrible sore throat/ fever last night so I needed an early night, so that I have every chance of feeling better today, as I type this we have just finished a lovely homemade paella, it's Paul and the girls favourite dinner while we are here on holiday, the huge langostines (big prawns) and mussels are so fresh and fairly priced here it would be a shame not to make a meal out of them!

What an amazing range of cards from all of you this week, 

Anne has used all things Anne Marie Designs for her card along with a Spellbinder Edgibilities die for the fancy edge, a gorgeous card, trimmed with a neat black bow, perfect xxx

Cheryl managed to make two challenge cards this week, both very different and both equally as beautiful, I love that rose paper you have used Cheryl, the pearl trim on the second card really finished the look of the card too, xxx

Janet turned the design sideways to make her challenge card, it works just as well too, Janer I love that spray of lillies, it is so pretty, as is the patterned card you have used in the background. Such a pretty card xxx

Karen, I love your little gift card, I believe you said you created it from an envelope, ( I may just have dreamt that though)! I love the image you have used on the front too, it works perfectly with your design, I also love the embossing folder you have used for the flap of the card, perfect little Christmas gift card xxx

Lilian, I love your design for this weeks challenge, it looks like a perfect little clutch bag, that pretty pearl trim works so well around your card, giving it a luxury handbag feel, the buckle is a genius touch too. xxx

Lynda, such a pretty coloured Christmas card, I love your design, It looks as though you have used the CE California Collection for the top section of your card, it works really well too, the pretty christmas tree trimming that pretty white ribbon and bow, finishes your card perfectly xxx

Margaret,  once again you have used some beautiful papers for your card, the scalloped die you have used for the top section of your card works so well, your little ribbon bow is so neat and finishing it with the little flower works perfectly xxx

Maria has used some really pretty floral paper for her card. it looks like you have used a square die for the top of your card, it works so well, Maria has left her card blank so that it is ready to be personalised for its reciprient, I love your card Maria, thank you for taking part xxx

Michele also used the sketch sideways to create her very modern and stylish looking Christmas card, I have to say Michele I absolutely love that black Christmas paper, it looks so modern and fresh, as does your design, not sure why you weren't happy with it, its perfect xxx

Val, om my what a stunning anniversary card, the intricate die you have used for the top part of your card is gorgeous, as is the background paper, I am in love with that embellishment you have used too, it compliments your card perfectly xxx

I just want to thank all of you amazing ladies for making the time to take part in my challenge each week, it means the world, thank you very, very much xxxx

Ps: If I have missed your card, just message me and I will rectify it, our mailbox hasn't work brilliantly our here so fingers crossed they all got through!!  It is currently 11.37pm and I am about to post this blog, so I am guessing that If I haven't received your email by now, they aren't coming, as I said before I will post any that are late, its no problem, thank you all again ladies xxxx

Love and hugs
Sandra xxxxxxxx


    I have everything crossed that you have managed to sleep off the fever and sore throat my lovely. We don't want you ill at anytime bit especially not on your birthday. Wishing you a day doing whatever you want and letting Paul and the girls spoil you. Sit back and enjoy, you deserve it xxxx☺

  2. Great Big Birthday Wishes coming your way Sandra! I hope you have a really happy day and a wonderful year ahead.
    Like Sue I have my fingers crossed your fever and sore throat has disappeared overnight and you feel well today and able to be spoiled and pampered like you deserve.xoxo

  3. Morning Ladies

    Happy Birthday Sandra 🎉🎉🎉🎉🍰🍰🍰🍰

    What a really lovely selection of challenge cards. All so different but all from the same sketch.

    I had a great time at the craft show yesterday, we got there quite early so it wasn't too busy. I bought my paper pad(same as I used on my challenge card-that sheet was a free sample) plus a lovely hedgehog die and 10 rolls of D/S tape. I'll send a photo to Sandra, my M in L bought more than me but she was spending birthday money!!


    1. Hi Michelle
      I'm glad you enjoyed the craft show. Sounds like you didn't break the bank after all.

  4. Hello All, wet here today.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA, hope it's a lovely one and that you have some lovely treats today. Hope that sore throat has disappeared this morning.

    Lovely selection of cards to day, all such different designs.

    Big mound of ironing to do this morning, I've been leaving it as the weather has been too warm to do it.

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Our weather can't make up its mind what it wants to do today. First sun and then heavy rain, at least we haven't had a huge thunderstorm like we did yesterday.

  5. Good morning Ladies,
    Isn't it wonderful how we all interpret the design differently , a great challenge and all the cards are beautiful giving us all more and more ideas!
    Janet , it seems so strange not seeing you at the top of our comment page, I hope you are convalescing well and will be able to join us again soon xo.
    Thanks for the good wishes and fingers crossed for me yesterday girls ( it worked, ) I won the cup (it's slightly tarnished just bigger than an egg cup lol!) with 5 firsts 3 seconds and 1 third , not bad out of my 11 entries, but in fairness there wasn't that much competition after having so much rain and storms in the past couple of weeks it wrecked the gardens and put people off entering, I couldn't bear to cut my big lilies as I enjoy seeing them in the garden so much, I've sent photos to Sandra so she can share them with you.
    We then had a delicious barbecue at a friends garden , the perfect end to a busy day and so enjoyed.
    Hope you don't feel too stiff today Lillian after all your gardening?
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Congratulations on your wins.
      My giant lilies are all finished

    2. Congratulations Anne on your wins at the flower show. My Lillies have all died off now. And like you I could not cut them. I just enjoy seeing them blooming in the garden, they are so perfect.

    3. Congratulations Anne on your wins at the flower show.

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    I Hope your sore throat hasn't developed into something more worse. LOL
    I'm sure Paul and the girls will spoil you on this your special day. xxx

    Sorry I didn't get a CC made, thought I would get one done yesterday, but the day just didn't go to plan.

    Ladies your cards are lovely and so inspiring, you should all be very proud of yourselves, you are such a gifted and talented group. xxx

    Will pop in later, just wanted to be in early to wish our lovely Sandra a HAPPY BIRTHDAY xxx

    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. The Café is decorated, has fresh table cloths and flowers and lots of goodies for everyone to enjoy while celebrating your birthday Sandra. I'm just hoping you are feeling up to joining in, my lovely 😀 x
    Janet, I hope you are home and feeling better each day. I live your cc, the Iris's are gorgeous, so life like. Healing hugs are winging their way to you as I type 😃 x
    Maria, I hope your joints are being kind to you today. Your cc is lovely, and how clever to use that square die. I must remember that one 😃 x
    Pat, I bet you are busy finishing the packing. Wishing you a safe and trouble free journey and have a great holiday, it's just a shame that your flight is at silly o'clock tonight! Take care x
    Brenda, I hope you are both enjoying your quiet weekend and get some "me" time 😃 x
    Lynda, what a lovely cc. I love the rich colour. Hope you have a good day x
    Michele, love your card, at one time I wouldn't have even thought of using black on a Christmas card but you have shown how it can look stunning 😃 I hope you had a great time yesterday, what did you end up buying? X
    Karen, I love your cc. The ef is lovely, is the paper stamped or did you use your laptop to print it off? 😃X
    Val, another lovely cc. I love the die you have used, it is so pretty 😃 x
    Lilian, what a beautiful hand bag cc, the pearl embellishments are a clever touch 😃 I hope you are not in too much pain after all of the cutting down you did yesterday x
    Mum, love your cc. That paper is so pretty. Love to you both xx
    Cheryl, not one but two beautiful CCS for us to enjoy this week, I love them both, especially the "flap" shapes, more for me to member 😃 x
    Anne, a pretty cc, the "flap" die is lovely. How did you get on at the flower show? Goodness me, making 11 entries in such a short time! Had you already planned them or did youake them.up as you went along? It sounds like you can now sit back and relax after all of your visitors have gone home. How is Tillie doing? It will have been very good training for him to see so many different people of all ages coming and going but I bet he will miss all of the attention, you'd better put your sun hat out of reach in case he gets bored 😃 x
    I'd better get on, cards and camp stuff still waiting to be done. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Janet, Maria and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hello Sue The image is printed As I CDROM craft a lot if there is a gap on the page I try to fill it and it't usually a Christmas image so that I have a bit of a heads up when it comes to start making Christmas cards

  8. Happy Birthday Sandra !!
    Hope your sore throat is gone so you can eat cake and let Paul and the girls spoil you rotten :-) Have a lovely day.

    Morning all, the cafe' is open as usual and hopefully we can have a little party for Sandra later this afternoon.

    Love all the cards, so many different takes out of one sketch once again. wanted to make a little bag (love yours Lilian) after Sandra said it look like a bag but my brain wasn't working right so this was going in the bin just sent it to show I tried :-(
    Congrats Anne, glad the fingers crossed helped :-)
    Janet- sending you some gentle hugs and also some to anyone who need one. Have a nice day everyone. Love and hugs to you all, Maria xxxx

    1. Your card is lovely Maria No way should you think of putting it in the bin

    2. Hi Maria
      Your card is lovely no need to put it in the bit. Thanks for the addresses you sent me. Haven't got a clue where most be went to. I'll sort out the other one Sandra sent when I get home. Sandra knows I'm an airhead. Good job my heads attached to my body or I'd lose that as well.

  9. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Sending Happy Birthday wishes to you Sandra. Hope you have a lovely day :-) I do hope you're feeling better this morning and your fever and sore throat haven't gotten worse X
    A beautiful selection of cards today, well done ladies :-) Gutted I didn't get chance to do this one as I loved the sketch, but have saved it so hopefully when time allows I'll be having a go!
    Fabulous crafts yesterday. Karen your cake looks fabulous, a true work of art :-)
    Sorry not to be commenting much lately and on individuals news. I'm still popping in to see what you're all up to and thinking of you all :-)
    Hope everyone has a lovely day. Sending hugs to all xxx

  10. I've just lost a long post Argh!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA I hope you're well enough to celebrate and get spoilt
    Again ladies you have come up with some beautiful ideas - some I may have to borrow!
    My card looks a bit grey in the photo I'd inked the edges of a white envelope which I turned into a proper gift card (Roman is a dress shop near me)
    The image is printed SUE if I have space on a project I'm doing I usually add a Christmas image for my stash
    CHERYL did you get any of your cards done yesterday?
    A couple of you asked about my cake yesterday - which I must thank you all on the lovely comments you made LYNDA I made the roses out of fondant icing MARGARET the basket weave is piped royal icing and ANNE I don't make them anymore - there's too much choice in supermarkets these days and the price of quality cake ingredients make them expensive to do Therefore the quality may be tons better (rich fruit cake matured with brandy) I couldn't compete with the prices
    Have a great day all Take care xxx

    1. Hi Karen
      I went back and looked at your card, I usually have a second look to take them all in. No way would you think this was a printed image, I though it had been stamped and coloured.

  11. Hi Sandra and Ladies

    Sandra I have sent you an email this morning as i can't seem to get on here from my tablet. Anyway the main computer seems to be fine. I'll say again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, have a wonderful day being spoilt rotten by Paul and the girls and do hope that nasty sore throat and fever have gone this morning.
    Love everyones cards today. It never fails to amaze me how the challenge is viewed so differently by us all.
    ANNE, many congratulations on winning at the flower show. So looking forward to seeing photos and the cup of course. Hope Tollie is doing well.
    PAT have a good, safe flight this evening and have a wonderful holiday.
    JANET. hope everything is going well for you. Are you home yet?

    Finally got the sewing machine out. quite a few alterations to make on new tops. I have to taper them in. I buy size 14 because of my bust but have size 8 hips so the tops always swim
    on me around there.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely Bank Holiday and if you're driving today please be careful as the roads look really busy.

    Lots of love Valxxx

    I hope you have a very special day today. Hope your sore throat is today.
    What a fantastic display of cards today ladies. I love them all. I've said before that you are an amazing group of ladies. One design and so many variations.
    Janet, I hope you are making a speedy recovery.

  13. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Happy Birthday to you, I hope your sore throat has not developed & you have a lovely day being spoilt by Paul & the girls, you deserve it. There is a big cake with candles on waiting for us this afternoon to toast you. Sending lots of
    All the cards are lovely & Maria no way should yours go in the bin!!
    Anne congratulations on your wins at the flower show how lovely. Must get on job for this morning is defrosting the freezer, what fun.
    Sending special hugs to Janet hope to see you soon, & hugs to all who need them love

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SANDRA 💌🎂🍰🍷🎁🎉🎈 I hope your sore throat is better. Enjoy being spoiled 💐 Have & good day with Paul & girls.

    Good morning everyone little bit overcast this morning but still warm.
    PAT wishing you & Pete a lovely Holiday & safe journey. Enjoy the rest my friend. Wow lovely CC again this week they are all lovely LILIAN I love your card it's beautiful. MARIA don't throw your card in the bin it's lovely. Hope your feeling better today sending you some Special Hug's xxx
    Congratlations ANNE on all your flower entry's well done glad all the crossed fingers worked. Have a lovely day. JANET hope your improving & feeling less painful are you home now hope so. Your CC is gorgeous. Take care my friend.xx
    Not upto much today probably go for walk & then craft room ( tideing) I'm going to try Sue's background she did yesterday with alcohol inks. I might make a start on some Christmas cards. I have also got to do Terry's 70 th birthday card to make not sure what to do yet plenty of projects to get on with.
    The Sun is trying to break through. We had bad thunder storm last night it was so loud Terry & Bambi slept through it he said he never even here'd it.
    Well will catch up later with you all for Sandra's birthday celebration in the cafe'
    Love Lynda xxx

    1. Hi Lynda
      Crikey if your thunderstorm was anything like ours how on earth did Terry and Bambi sleep through it. Good luck with the tidying.

  15. Hello everyone.
    Time for party ! Wiggle those hips,ouch ! and sing the night away :-) Hope you had a fabulous day Sandra and you were feeling better over the day. Many hugs !
    Thanks for thinking my card is acceptable but it does look sad and I could have done much more. Will have to make another one. Lost another lbs so after we went to town and had breakfast at Patisserie Valerie, very nice :-) and tonight we had some Chinese, also very nice and now I'm going to have a sliver of marble cake so as you see I have celebrated your birthday all day Sandra tihi
    I hope you all have had a nice day and aches and pains to a minimum. Hope to hear how your weekend was Lorraine.
    To anyone normally working ,hope you enjoy tomorrow off.
    Vino,tea ,coffee and a tankard with something sweet liquor is on standby for anyone who coming by. Think Herman found it first hihi
    Have a good night all xoxo

  16. All so lovely. Lilian's card I want to copy and use as a birthday invitation
    for a friends request can you do me something!! She is a handbag person,
    Need one she has it, every colour and I thought this would be ideal.