Sunday, 21 August 2016

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Good Morning Ladies,

Thank you all for taking part in this week's challenge card, so many different styles again this week, 
I love all of them, 

Anne, I love your funny card, I had to read the comment twice, which I think is the whole point, you have some amazingly funny stamps in your collection Anne, this would be a perfect card for an older man, such a change to golf, beer etc, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Janet, I just love that gorgeous flower on your card this week, and that decorative corner, making the perfect pocket, is it a Justrite Die? A lovely verse finishes your card, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Lynda, WOW, I absolutely love your card this week, the delicate, pretty pink paper you have used, the lovely verses on your tags, most of all that absolutely gorgeous floral spray, such a beautiful card Lynda, you are going to make somebody's day when they open that card! thank you so much for taking part xxx

Margaret, such a pretty card from you this week, I absolutely love that delicate floral paper, along with the contrasting plain card, works so well, the patchwork pattern on the tag brings it all together, the lace trim and pretty corner flourish finish the card perfectly, thank you so much xxx

Maria, both a beautiful card and a perfect way to give a gift from you this week, I love the colours you have chosen and layout, those little flag banners give the perfect amount of detail and the pretty little flower finishes it perfectly, I would love to see that show too, I have seen the film and loved it!
Thank you Maria for taking part this week xxx

Val, another gorgeous Christmas card from you this week, I love the design you have used and that verse is so lovely is it a stamp?? (Val turned the card on an angle so we could read the tag), thank you so much Val for taking part xxx

PAT !!!!  I feel so privileged to have your name on my challenge card list, I know that you will be surprised too, you sent me this card just before I came on holiday and I was amazed that you had created a card that fit this sketch perfectly!!!!  I love the papers you have used, the pretty edging too and the tag, thank you so much Pat for taking part in this weeks challenge xxxx

What a stunning range of cards, thank you again, tomorrow's challenge is all loaded ready for you tomorrow, I hope you like it and find it a fun challenge.  I can't wait to open your emails and see what you have created.

Thanks again ladies, I am as always so very grateful that you take the time to take part in the challenges xxxxxx

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Lovely challenge cards, Anne-I really like the quote on your tag!
    No challenge card from me this week as I simply ran out of time. I usually ponder all week on the sketch then create a card on Saturday. I'll have the same problem this week as I'm out all day Saturday with my Mother in Law at the Sincerely Yours craft show at Leigh.
    It was lovely meeting up with Radhika yesterday, she looks so well & just a tiny bump at the moment. My crazy friend lived up to her name & appeared in a Kaftan!! Good job no-one knew us in the cafe. The cafe was nicely decorated but the staff weren't dressed up. We have a very similar cafe in the village called The Mad Hatters Tea Shop. We weren't too late home , hubby got a phone call from the golf club to say he'd won the match (which was a up match) so he gets his name engraved on the board in the clubhouse & on the trophy. We decided to order a takeaway for tea (Chinese) and had a bottle of wine to celebrate. All I wanted to do after that was sit & read!

    It's still very windy here today, we're hoping it stays fine so we can walk down to the beach after high tide and go beach combing.


    1. Hi Michele, shame the staff didn't dress up but sounds like you had a good time with your friends.
      Well done to hubby on winning the match and enjoy your day off work. Xx

    2. Hi Michele
      What a shame the staff weren't dress d up this time. Congratulations to hubby on his win.

    3. Hi Michele. Congratulations to your hubby on his golfing win, what a lovely phone call to have : ) I hope you managed to get to the beach. I could spend all day just wandering along the shore line, collecting shells, pebbles etc. I can walk much further on the firm sand on the shore line with much less pain, I wish all of our pavements etc felt the same! Hope you have a nice relaxing evening. Take care x

  2. Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful set of CCs this week. All completely different in every way but all spreading smiles and happiness.

    MICHELE- what a disappointment that the staff weren't dressed up but I suppose that really didn't matter as you went to meet your Friend and not the scenery in the Café. Hope you get your walk on the beach today and find gold lol. Congratulations to your Hubby on winning the match and trophy.

    Our BBQ turned into an indoor buffet as the weather was horrible. Torrential rain all morning so it just wasn't possible to eat outside. The children did manage to get out in between the heavy showers to play on the swings and slide with wet gear on and then off before coming back into the house. We had a lovely afternoon with just close family. We really don't get enough of that these days.

    I'm not sure what's on the agenda for today other than it's roast pork and all the trimmings for tea tonight.

    The CAFE IS OPEN so please pop in and have a look at all the beautiful cards from this week. I've left a large 'Death by Chocolate' cake in the fridge for this afternoon so help yourselves.

    Have a good day everyone whatever you have planned. Hugs to you all. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet,sorry the weather wasn't good for your family gathering but glad you had such a lovely afternoon. Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do. XX

    2. Hi Janet
      What a shame you weren't able to have your BBQ outside, but it sounds like you all had a lovely time.

    3. Hi JANET sorry the weather wasn't kind for you to have a BBQ but sounds like you had a good time anyway. Hope your having a good Sunday.
      Hug's xx

    4. Hi Janet. I'm sorry that the rain spoiled the BBQ, but just having the family together makes up for it. Yum, your roast pork sounds lovely. We were invited yesterday afternoon to a friends last night for a lovely roast lamb dinner which was an unexpected treat.
      Have a nice evening, relaxing. Take care x

    5. Sorry, Janet. I forgot to say how lovely your cc is and what a beautiful flower you have used x

    6. Hi Janet ,pity you had to have the bbq indoors but with this silly summer we have/ had ,it's not often we have been able to sit outside in the warmer evenings. Glad you all had a nice day together anyway xx

  3. Good morning Ladies,
    I just love seeing all the gorgeous cards on a Sunday morning , I love them all but have a special fondness for the papers used in Maria and Pat's cards , the colours and patterns are just "my cup of tea"!
    Looking forward to see what sketch you have for us tomorrow Sandra, I try to use the sketch to make a card I need to make anyway ( great motovation) .
    I expect you and the family have got into relaxation mode by now Sandra and are thoroughly enjoying just spending time together, hope the sun shines for you today.
    We are visiting an open garden today, one of my favourite things to do and they have tea and home baking, what more could you wish for lol!
    I did comment late yesterday about our exploits and the crazy woman, she certainly lived up to her reputation!
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne, I did see your comment on crazy woman. Really should be reported cos she sounds as though she needs help.
      Enjoy your garden visit today and the yummy teat and cake. XX

    2. Hi ANNE I agree with Val the crazy woman should be reported.
      Hope you enjoyed your visit to the open garden & lots of home baking. Xx

    3. She is being reported but she has been before and so far they haven't dealt with her ?
      The garden , tea and cakes were wonderful and delicious , I had a big slice of sponge with fresh strawberries and cream, Iain had a huge meringue with fresh cream so we were both very happy!

    4. Hi Anne. I love your cc. You always make wonderful mens cards and this week's is no different. I love the caption : ) Sorry to hear you had to deal with the crazy lady, such a shame, why isn't she getting the help she clearly needs before she causes harm to someone? It's good to hear she didn't spoil your time at such a lovely place though. I'm glad that you had a lovely time today, those cakes sounds delicious. Take care x

    5. Hi Anne, omg she really is a crazy woman. Hope someone can stop her behaviour. Glad you still had a nice and enjoyable walk. Mmmmm I like the sound of those cakes hihi and the open garden xx

  4. Good Morning Everyone.
    Such a lovely selection of cards again. Every one so pretty. Do so enjoy these challenges and looking forward to tomorrows sketch.

    Hope you managed to get out for a walk yesterday Lynda. Do you take Bambi with you on your walks?

    Your trip to see the Queens dresses sounds so interesting Lilian. Bet it was such a lovely day out. Enjoy your day today with the family.

    It's very windy here today but its a hot wind so really strange. Must get the washing out quickly and peg in down well. It will be dry in 5 minutes.

    I think I'm in love with Mo Farah. What a man, what an athlete. I really was expecting him to get another gold last night but I was still jumping up and down during the last lap. So sad the Olympics have now finished but glad I can get back to my normal bed time. I've enjoyed every minute of the last two weeks and although I'm living in Spain I'm so proud to be British.

    I didn't get round to using my Stampeazee yesterday so after cleaning living room and downstairs bathroom I'm off to my craft room for a few hours. I really should get my sewing machine out as I have two dresses and a pair of cut off trousers cut out just waiting to be sewn. Just can't summon up any enthusiasm at the moment. I have 4 weeks until I go away so plenty of time!!

    Hope your continuing to have a wonderful holiday Sandra.

    Enjoy your Sunday Ladies.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val yes we did get a walk yesterday & just got bake from Todays walk & we always take Bambi she is the main reason we go for walks She loves running up the park & she is good off her lead.
      Hope you got to use your Stampeazee I love mine so much easier to line stamps up. Hope you have had a good day. Love Lynda xx

    2. Hi Val. What a beautiful cc, I will be enlarging it to read the verse. You won't know what to do with yourself now the Olympics have finished! Maybe you will get the sewing done while your body clock settles back to normal. How is your leg now. Have the antibiotics started to do their job, I hope so. Take care x

    3. Hi Val. I don't normally watching much of the Olympics but have done so these few weeks and I'm proud to live in GB :-) Do you make your own clothes as well as fantastic cards ? hugs xx

  5. Hi Sandra and all.
    Wow I love your CC's girls !
    Have the stamp Anne but never used it, love the saying. hihi Lynda, yours are so pretty and with the fold and Margaret your card is lovely with that paper. Must talk about that at AP . CC from Pat ! well done :-)
    Must dash, weigh-in and then seeing ex friend for the day so not sure when be back in but I wish you all a lovely Sunday and enjoy the sunshine after yesterdays autumny day. love and hugs to you all, extra ones to the ones not feeling so good, Maria Xxxx

    1. Hi Maria
      I to have bought stamps that I haven't used Maria. But that would be back in the days when I first started. Wish I'd seen this stamp though that Anne has used.

    2. Hi MARIA thank you for liking my card. Loved yours too papers very pretty. Hope you get Doctor appointment tomorrow take car my friend
      Love Lynda xx

    3. Hi Maria. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous card, the papers are lovely. I hope the weigh in went well and that you get an appointment tomorrow. If not please go to Minor Injuries or A & E, you must get your leg looked at very soon. Hope you hada good time today. Take care x

    4. Hi , the 6x6 papers came with the cardmaking and papercraft magazine one time and been laying in a box for ages/ years. I dug them out and trying to make cards with them all to make some room for new ones. Lost another lbs so happy with that as the week haven't been to good and I flipped last night with my son sitting with a doorstep size of cake in front of me and telling me to be strong. I didn't wanted to be strong ,I wanted cake ! hihi He had it later out of my sight. Alarm sat for 7.50 and the day was not too bad after all,hugs xx

  6. Like MICHELE I just ran out of time I, too, had a few ideas mulling around with the intention of making a card on Friday afternoon - lunch turned out to be for longer than we all thought but it was great fun
    Your cards are great, each and everyone of them ANNE that saying made me smile
    Must dash battery dieing on iPod and the replay of Mo is about to start

    1. Hi Karen. Snap, I ran out of time too, had visitors then unexpected invite out yesterday afternoon/evening so am just going to finish it once I leave the Cafe. Like Val you are going to miss the Olympics aren't you. Take care x

  7. Hi Sandra
    Wow wow wow what a lovely array of cards for the challenge card. Love Anne's funny card, but then I like this sort of card. It's quite a job trying to make cards for men. All the cards are fabulous. I'd made this card a few weeks ago. It actually has two pockets. I'd found the template had some papers that I didn't much like so had a go. Didn't even think of your challenge cards Sandra. I actually managed to follow a template. Must find this out and have another go.

    1. Hi Pat. I'm glad that Sophie is not quite so upset now. Your card is lovely, fancy making it before Sandra had given us the c c : ) I hope the hip is better each day. Take care x

  8. Morning one and all,

    Another gorgeous display of card craftiness. All of them are so different and beautiful in their own right,well done ladies.

    Still have my challenge cards to do, I spent so much time faffing about trying to make a pocket for my sister's needle book. First I tried lace on satin and found that it slid too much even when pinned on the felt page, my machine then decided it was going to jam up the threads, how the cotton can jump out of the hole that feeds it through the needle yet still stitches, I cannot fathom out! Then I slightly tore the felt trying to undo the cotton tangle. Finally I made one using a scrap of the linen that is the front and back of the case, sewed the lace on then made a big gap between the bottom of the pocket and the felt, which seemed to work, to which I will be hand sewing some tiny crochet flower trim, not going to chance the machine again. That was 4 hours later, ooooh! not making that mistake again in a hurry. Then it started to rain and rain and rain, by which time I was so fed up I watched some Olympics, Synchronised team swimming and the Diving, and oh my goodness, Tom Daley was certainly not at his best. To not get through after he was top of the leaderboard going into yesterday's semifinal must have been heartbreaking for him.

    Val: the rice bags are similar to the Wheaties. A long cotton bag filled with rice instead, which you then heat up in the microwave to use in place of a water bottle. Very good for your aching joints too. I received some bags from one of our lovely Café ladies, they are a good seller at Fetes etc.

    Off out for a spot of shopping, I don't normally like to shop on Sundays but I need some knee length shorts for my holidays and it will be much quieter today. The rest of the week is filled to the brim of busyness and Superwoman I may be at times, this week is going to stretch me to the limits.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      I managed to get some shorts from M and Co the other week, because everything coming in now is for the winter. I wanted some patterned trousers, but even the 5ft 3 ins petite were to long for me. I'm five foot two and a half inches so they're way off.
      Take care Cheryl enjoy whatever your doing. Well apart from the sewing.

    2. Thanks for the info on the rice bags Cheryl. Sound a good idea and great for selling. Hope you enjoy the shopping and manage to get what you want. I'm like Pat regarding trousers. I'm 5ft 2inch and shorts, cut offs and trousers are all too big. I do tend to make most of my own so I can get a good fit. So upset about Tom Daley. Definitely an off day for him.
      Take carexx

    3. Hi CHERYL
      Hope you managed to get some trousers/ shorts. When I worked in BHS years ago now the summer cloths ended in July & winter ones came in. Mind you they did reduce them so I got a few summer bargains. Have a good evening. Hug's xxx

    4. Hi Cheryl. I can second your recommendation of the rice bags, I add some dried lavender, which I get from Mum each year so you get that lovely relaxing smell as well as the heat. I hope you managed to get some shorts. It's so annoying when you want to buy summer clothes in the summer and all you can find are thick winter clothes. I am only 5'2" so usually have to take trousers etc. up. Pat, I am happy to do that for you any time. Cheryl, It sounds like you are going to be super busy, please don't over do it though. Take care x

    5. Hope you wont be dreaming of tricky sewing machines and water everywhere tonight :-) Had any luck finding the shorts ? You must be so excited nearing the holiday, wish I could join you. It sound all so fantastic. Don't overdo things next week, take care xx

  9. Good morning
    What a beautiful array of challenge cards, they are great.
    Disappointed not to see mine there as I sent in plenty of time. SANDRA please could you check if my stuff is going to your junk folder.
    Went up my Mum's yesterday for our family get together but I didn't get a chance to chat with my sister or nieces. Also couldn't hold gr8 grandson as my chest was feeling delicate.
    There were fourteen of us in my Mum's sitting room.
    Came back and I finally had the chat with Hubby about him hurting my feelings. He presumed I didn't want to go if people were drinking as I can't because of my meds. Told him I am used to it now so it doesn't bother me. Why he can't ask me I do not know.
    Anyway we got that sorted and then booked a hotel for one night next weekend to celebrate our anniversary. He was worried about booking anything due to not knowing if I will be ok but we can cancel up to the 26th. Told him if we don't book things we definitely won't do things and then it doesn't matter how well I am.
    Hoping to have another play at my craft table today.
    Hoping you all have good days whatever you do.
    Bye for now

    1. Lorraine I am so sorry, I haven't received any emails from you my lovely, try sending them again to
      I don't have your email address or I would contact you direct, sorry my lovely, when I get your card, it will have a day of its own xxx

    2. Hi Lorraine. It sounds like you had a good time yesterday with your family. It's lovely how so many people can fit into one room isn't it, reminds me of Chris's Mum's lounge when we all got together : )
      Glad that you have cleared the air with hubby, and that you have a night away to look forward to. You are sop right about booking things otherwise you would end up missing out. I hope you had a good crafty day. Looking forward to seeing your cc. Take care x

  10. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra a lovely selection of cards again, good to see one from Pat. Hope the sun is shining for you look forward to tomorrows
    Janet pleased you enjoyed your family gathering shame about
    Michele shame the waitresses were not dressed up, congratulations to hubby on his win. You are lucky having the coast nearby love walking by the
    Maria good luck with weighin & enjoy your day with
    Hope you all have a lovely day aending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Mum. I love how your card turned out, that tag look great : ) I hope you have had a nice relaxing day. Take care. Love you xx

  11. Hello Sandra and Coffee Shop Friends,

    Ladies you have certainly done Sandra proud once again, today's cards are gorgeous.
    Anne, your card is brilliant - love the stamp.
    Lynda, Beautiful card, love the folded back corner.
    Matgaret, Your card is brilliantly coordinated, love how the patchwork paper matches the floral one, it's lovely.
    Maria, love the papers you have chosen. Your design is a great way to give theatre tickets etc.
    Val love your card, what a lovely design, your cards are always so inspiring.
    Pat lovely card and a great way to use papers we are not to sure about, in fact that could be a challenge in its self. I'm sure we have all got some papers we are not sure about.

    Sandra I hope you are all enjoying your time in the sun and are really getting into relaxing mode, sending love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda. I hope you are managing to relax and have some "me" time dear friend. I certainly have some papers that I am not sure of, it would be a real challenge to use them, that's for sure : ) I hope you are having a good evening. Take care x

  12. Hi SANDRA & friends
    What lovely cc today they are all so lovely & so different wow lovely to see one from you Pat I liked the paper you used it's pretty.Thank you BRENDA for liking mine I did two before that one but they endid up in the bin wasn't happy with them. Got there in the end. I made a start on tideing craft room sorted out 6 draws but as yet haven't thrown anything away yet haha but I will honest.
    Went for our walk earlier up the park I'm getting used to my stick I have got better cordinations now I think & it dose give me a bit more confidents.
    We still have some lovely sunshine. Sue hope your ok xx Well I had better start dinner now. Will pop in later. Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda. Your cc is gorgeous, I love it all but especially those beautiful flowers : )I'm glad that you are getting used to your stick, it does take a while. I had a late start to my day so my usual routine went out of the window, then went to see Phoebe as she is 7 today! Where did those last 7 years go? She asked Paige to help her open her presents "Because she will feel left out otherwise", she really is such a kind and thoughtful little girl, bless her : ) Well, I hope your toe is starting to feel better, do you think the antibiotics are starting to work? I do hope so. Have a nice relaxing evening. Take care x

  13. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe tonight. Had a late start and then visited Phoebe on her 7th birthday, bless her : )
    It is lovely to see all of the beautiful CC's. Mine is nearly finished, yesterday turned out not to be the craft day I had hoped for so didn't get a chance to finish it in time!
    Sandra, my lovely, I hope you have had a good sunny day today, relaxing on the beach. What books are you reading this time?
    Missing you, but thank you for taking the time to come into the Cafe each day. Have a lovely evening x
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Maria, Lynda, Lorraine and all in need. Take care xx

  14. Hello, I have comment on the way down but then the reply button didn't wanted to play anymore so
    Lorraine, good you had chat and you going away together.
    Hope he ask you next time he goes out if you like to join, then if you feeling ok then go out and have fun,no alcohol needed and forget about the pain for a little while. sending you some special hugs.
    Brenda, I have plenty of papers I should really stick in the recycling bin but who knows I might need it one day even if I don't like it now or...I'll bin it tomorrow or.... hihi Have a good night.
    Lynda, glad you managed to have some walks. Love to see where you live one day so near the sea. Glad Bambi is ok, do you still have a dog you looking after ? Hope toe is better and you are alright, hugs.
    Sue, hope Phoebe had a nice day. So sweet to ask Paige to help her. Sending you a big hug back and hope you are fine from any migraines at the moment, can you feel when one is coming so you can maybe not stop it but not letting it go too a full one ?
    Wasn't looking forward to today but all wasn't too bad so roll on Monday, new sketch for CC and healthy eating for another week. Good night all,xxxx