Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Janet's next Vintage Lady Card

Good Morning Ladies,

Another of Janet's stunning Vintage Lady cards for you today, the lady herself is just so beautful, it looks like 'natural beauty' too, she isn't caked in make up, no injected lips or eyebrows pencilled on so heavy it draws your attention to them and not the rest of the face, I would love for girls today to go back to this style, so sophisticated!
I adore the die you have used to frame your stunning lady Janet, so swirly and stylish, I think that you have used the Floral Muse papers for the backgroundm the pearl spray embellishment, do delicate, you have used an Applique to sit your focal element on, upon which you have created that pretty tassel, topped with a Resin Fan, the top corner has a multi layered flower delicately places upon it, your eye is drawn in from the outer edges of the card, which is exactly what you want to achieve.
I absolutely adore this card Janet, thank you so very much for sharing it with us xxxx

I hope that you ladies are all well and taking care of the cafe, I hope you get some new visitors!

Love and Hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Janet-what a gorgeous card. I live that era for its elegance-I think I was born in the wrong era as I would love to have just read, done some sewing & had afternoon tea...!! Mind you I don't think gruesome murder books would have been deemed suitable reading material-ha ha!!

    Yesterday turned out quite busy at work. I then had to go to the Post Office then Tesco where I bumped into hubby's old golf partner. We chatted for over 20 minutes then I managed to escape. By the time I'd sorted out tea & we'd eaten is was 8pm. Popped up to the greenhouse then collapsed on the sofa to read my murder book. Let's hope today isn't quite so hectic!


    1. Hi Michele. I hope you're not as busy as yesterday too, I'm not surprised that all you did was read your book last night! It's hard to put down murder mysteries isn't it, especially when you get nearer to finding out who did it : ) Take care x

    2. Hi Michele
      Hope today wasn't so hectic. I also like murder mysteries.

  2. Hello All, bit better weather here today, so hopefully washing can go out.

    Janet you card is beautiful, very elegant, the background paper is the perfect foil for your lady.

    Trying to catch up on some work today, the trouble is when they are not pressing for work I tend to go on a go slow.

    Janet hope everything ready for tomorrow, and that all goes well, do you leave meals ready, I did this but other half took opportunity to have all things he shouldn't, eg. fish and chips.

    Lorraine, Lynda, Maria, and Val, hope you will soon be well again, thinking of you and sending healing hugs.

    Sandra many thanks for all the blogs you have prepared ahead for us, hope the holiday is going well, and the weather is kind.

    Mr Tesco comming earlier today, gosh food seems to be rising in price ever week, still have to eat, be rich if we didn't, and thin, neither of which I am likely to be , still must be thankful for what we have.

    Have a great day everyone, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian. Food has gone up so much in the last few years hasn't it, especially things that are produced in this country, which is such a shame. Have a good day whatever you do. Take care x

    2. Hi Lilian enjoy your go slow while you can, your bound to get busier sooner or later.

  3. Good Morning Everyone.
    What a beutiful card Janet. Love the lady image, the doe and the pretty paper and adornments. In fact all of it. Bet you're really organised for tomorrow and do hope everything goes well for you. Will be thinking of you.

    Very short comment as just off to La Zena, a big shopping complex about 40 minutes away. I'll be heading for Primark and C+A. Lynn needs new towels and some sandles. The upstairs in the complex is filled with different restaurants so it will be great to choose for lunch.
    Will call in Later.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val. Have a lovely time with Lynn at the shopping centre. I wish we still had C & A here, it was such a good shop. Enjoy your lunch, whatever you decide on : ) Take care x

    2. Hi Val hope you enjoyed your shopping with Lynn. Wish we still had a C & A's.

  4. Good morning Ladies,
    Janet your card is absolutely gorgeous , the image of the lady is beautiful and the frame around so perfect, I love the pearl trims and the paper is lovely, the recipient of this card will be very lucky! Hope all goes well for you tomorrow.xo.
    I managed to get my cc done yesterday and use my bargain stamps from Anna Marie , she has some good buys at the moment, I also got the baking done.
    So I am now wondering whether to go to golf or do housework ? I know what I'd prefer to do but I don't have much energy or inclination for housework come the afternoon, need a maid lol!
    Tollie having fun with my straw sun hat so I better go and rescue it!
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne. You did get on well yesterday didn't you. I wonder you decided to do, golf or house work? I hope the golf won, much more fun than cleaning : ) Take care x

    2. Ooops, forgot to say that I hope that your sun hat survived Tollie's needle sharp puppy teeth! x

    3. Hi Sue,
      Well I went and played 9 holes which I really enjoyed I was out in a threesome and we were out first so I was back home early , I have run around and cleaned two bathrooms and the front room so I'm quite happy , I thought I'd better do it before sitting down or it wouldn't have got done !
      Sun hat still intact lol! Xo

    4. Hi Anne
      Hope the golf won while the weather is nice.

  5. Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Gorgeous card Janet, love the style and your embellishments are so right. Love the little fan.
    Hope you have a calmer day Michele but you are a person in demand so not likely, try to have some time for yourself. Lilian, nice you had a good day. Don't work to hard, you must take care of your hands. Unfortunately we have to eat to live and live to eat or something in that way :-) Hoped to come back in yesterday but the day went past me and bed called early so that was it. This morning I woke at 6 and couldn't go back so went for my walk around the lake, it's going to be a warm and humid day.
    Sue, glad you not had any problems for some weeks and you have some triggers to warn when one coming. Take care.
    Lorraine, hope your chest feel better and you have a better day. Hope to see you in later. Oh Lynda, how lovely of Harry to talk on the phone, hihi Give him a big hug from auntie Maria when you see him next time :-)
    SIL is coming for the day so best go and tidy up a bit. Lunch at Frost, over 60's 2 course lunch. Wonder if I get the pudding this time too hihi
    Wish you all a nice day whatever you are doing. Love and hugs to you all, Maria xxxx

    1. Hi Maria. Sorry you had an early start but I bet walking round the lake at that time was lovely. Have a good time with your SIL. Take care x

    2. Hi Maria
      I hope you enjoyed your 2 course lunch. Puddings win it for me every time.

  6. Morning Everyone
    We have sunshine but still a little on the windy side but most of all it's DRY.

    I was surprised to see one of my Vintage cards this morning. I too love this era and like you Michele I'm convinced I was born in the wrong era.lol.

    The backing paper is Floral Muse and the lady came from 'Free' printables on Pinterest. The die is the same one I used on all of my vintage cards (Tonic) but this time I didn't take out all of the bits. I just wanted to see what it would look like. I think it suited the image this time but wouldn't use it on all vintage images. The resin Fan came from a lady called Anita Blake who makes some beautiful resin images and the tassel I made from that crochet cotton I bought in France. The glitzy spray are from my stash.

    I've a busy day ahead of me. I've still one or two things which need attention. The washer is once again churning away so hopefully I'll leave an empty laundry basket. I have to telephone my Consultant's Secretary this afternoon to find out whether I'm on the morning or afternoon list tomorrow and then I start taking my pre-op glucose drinks. These are part of an 'Enhanced Recovery' programme. I've not had these before.
    Anyway better get going and keep myself busy. I have to say that I'm very jittery.

    The Café is looking spick and span and more than ready for you all to pop in and sit a while. Hugs and lots of them are on their way to you all. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. Your card is gorgeous, the lady looks beautiful. The frame is so pretty, it works perfectly. Are the tassels easy to make, I would like to have a go at making them. I agree with Sandra about the make up looking so natural, unlike some of the girls, and some boys!, make up now! I hope you can keep yourself busy today, without doing too much. Of course you will be feeling jittery, that's only to be expected, just keep on thinking of how much better you will feel after tomorrow. We will all look after the Cafe while you are away. I'm sending you extra big hugs and will be wishing you a very speedy recovery. Take care x

    2. Hello Janet, thinking of you and praying all goes well. How long are you likely to be in hospital?
      Don't go working yourself to hard today make sure you get some 'me time' also plenty of deep breathing. Will be thinking about you.LOL xx

    3. Hi Janet,
      Your card is beautiful what more can I say. I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow & you are on morning list. Will be thinking of you & sending gentle hugs look forward to hearing you are on the mend. Take care xxx

    4. Hi Janet
      Love today's card. Your vintage lady looks lovely with the frame around it.
      I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, hope you didn't go mad and do to much today.

  7. Good Morning Ladies,
    Not a cloud in the sky this morning, its burning hot already!
    We will be off to the beach shortly!!
    Janet, I well be thinking of you tomorrow my lovely, I wish that J could pop in and let us know all went ok!!
    I hope you are on the morning list, so its all over and done with, no waiting around!!
    Are you having general Anesthetic?
    Thank you for making the cafe look so pretty Janet, now sit back, relax and prepare to recover super quick!! Xxxx

    Lorraine I have emailed you, regarding your emails, found your email on your blog, hope you received it ok.
    Off to pack beach bag,
    Love and hugs all round,
    Sandra xxxxx

    1. Hi Sandra. It sounds like you are in for a very hot day today. What sort of temp will it be? Have a lovely time on the beach and I hope you manage to have a swim too. We have blue skies with just a few little clouds and a light breeze so a lovely summer day, fingers crossed it stays this way now. Love and hugs to you xx

    2. Hi Sandra
      I hope you enjoyed your relaxing day at the beach. Wonder if you managed to get a swim today.

  8. And a very good morning from sunny Somerset to
    you all.

    A card after my own heart Janet. I love all things vintage and have pinned some decorated bottles to my board on Pinterest that I might have ago at later on in the year.
    Sewing almost finished, Jamie popped into Lisa's Trimmings for 1" double scalloped lace for me. I have decided to edge the felt pages with it instead of the crochet flowers and I might also do the same for the book covers.
    Then onto my Challenge cards and a spot of gardening and vinegar weed killer spraying. Have to get that done whilst it is sunny as it works better.

    Gurt big hugs to Janet, Maria, Loraine, Lynda and Val. I know you have all been under the weather lately and I hope your day will become kinder to you.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxxx

    1. Hi Cheryl. I can't wait to see your finished sewn goodies, I know they will be gorgeous. Have a good day both crafting and gardening. Don't forget the sun block though! I haven't heard about using vinegar as weed killer, I use it a lot for cleaning etc. indoors. Please can you tell me if you use it neat etc. Take care x

    2. Hi Cheryl
      Hope we get to see your sewing. Enjoy your time in the garden. Pete also uses the vinegar method as a weed killer.

  9. Replies
    1. Hi Laura. It's great to see you here in the Cafe. Please stay and enjoy a calorie free cake and a drink. Take care x

    2. Hi Laura,
      Good to see you in cafe, hope to see you again.

    3. Hi Laura
      Lovely to see you in the cafe today.

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a gorgeous card to greet us today.
    Janet, you have such a flair with all things vintage, thank you for sharing : )
    Lynda, I hope you are having a good time at Margarets, and your toe isn't causing you too much pain now.
    Lorraine, I hope you are on the up, and your chest is better.
    We have little Chris today so I probably won't get too much crafting done, but have two cards to finish. I hope the sun is out wherever you are, as it is here. Summer is back, I wonder how long for? Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Maria, Lorraine and all in need. And special hugs for our lovely Janet. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue
      Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Remind me to get Pete to tell you how he uses vinegar to kill the weeds.

  11. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Janet your card is just perfect, I think ladies of this era really had a certain calmness and grace about them, love the frame and the papers you have used. It's all so beautiful.
    Lynda, Harry sounds a real bundle of fun. Infect of real pickle!!! xx
    Lorraine, hope all is well with you, thinking of you And all of our friends in pain. xx
    We are going into Croydon today I've got to have my INR checked - again! And John will go to the shop to collect the sewing machine. Ciara is coming with us. She is a born shopper. Could be a long day!

    Sandra enjoy your day on the beach, hopefully you will get to go in the sea again. LOL

    Must dash will check in later. Hope everyone is having a good day.
    Love and Hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I hope you enjoyed your day shopping with Ciara.

  12. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope you have a lovely day on the beach & get to go in sea.xxx
    Quick visit today played Petanque this morning & now have myb6 week chiropractor check up so must get a move on. Hope you all enjoy the sun sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret.xxxx

  13. Hi Sandra
    Love the vintage card that Janet's made, just love the die she's used. Frames the picture like a dream. Love the background paper as well Janet.

  14. Hello All I hope I'm not too late to catch some of you I love your card JANET and hope it all went OK today
    MARIA LORRAINE and LYNDA I hope the aches and pains are easing I can't wait to see your sewing makes Still no laptop and have so many projects I'd like to start!
    Am spending my crafty time knitting and tidying my craft room I have just spent the afternoon cutting up my die packaging I hope to use it instead of acetate to make shaker cards with SW's Perspective dies... If anyone wants some let me know I don't think it'll emboss or die cut and some strips are quite narrow but are big enough for the HAPPY and SMILE DIES I own
    PS I'm not sure if West Coast Swing is like Swing... it depends on which kind of Swing you mean MRS B!

  15. Evening everyone
    Thank you for all your lovely comments re my card and good wishes for tomorrow. I'm on the afternoon Operating List so have to be at the hospital for 10.30 in the morning. Fingers crossed I'll be back home by the week-end. I know I'm leaving the Café in good hands. Hugs for you all xxxx

    1. Will be thinking of you.LOLxxx

    2. Healing Hugs for tomorrow Janet

  16. Just a quick post to say hello to everyone. Thanks Sandra for the email, I think it's my phone that's the problem but of course that's where the photos are.
    I am much better thank you all for the good wishes.

  17. Hello SANDRA & friends
    JANET your card is Gorgeous I love those vintage ladies I have got some from Pinserest too some nice free ones. I will be thinking of you tomorrow my friend I hope all goes well. Shame your on the afternoon list but sure by the time you have settled in it won't be long Hope you have a good nights sleep sending you BIG HUG'S xx
    SANDRA hope you had a good day on the beach & you got a swim. Hope your putting plenty of sun screen on. It's been really hot today had nice day round my friends. We went for walk first then Terry dropped me off & he took Bambi home & cleaned the car out. My toe is almost ok now I hapened to read the book I got with the Methotrexate tablets for my R/A that it can take longer for wounds to heal when on this medication. BRENDA hope your INR was ok,& you had a good Shopping trip & Ciara had a good time too did you spoil her. Are ther any craft shops in Croydon we went there a few times when we lived a Abbeywood.
    Val hope you had a good day Shipping with Lynn C & A that brought back memories I used to love that shop. Did you enjoy you lunch too.x
    MARIA I bet it was lovely walking round the lake at 6am this morning did you leave Rick in bed or wake him to go with you. Hope you had good lunch at the frost over 60's restraunt HiHi.
    SUE hope you had a lovely time with little Chris It's the best thing being a Nannie hope your not to worn out Hug's xx
    CHERYL looking forward to seeing your sewing book
    Hope you have all had a good day
    Love Lynda xx